Ádám Zsíros

Ádám Zsíros - student project

As soon as I listened to to class project I hurried to open my saved folder on Instagram, I am very glad to share my inspiration here! (Unfortunately I couldn't stop at 3 images, I hope it's not a problem :D)

1) I love how the tones are greenish, making the scene to feel a little unfriendly, pairing it with the models pose, expression and styling makes it a very nice portrait. Also the background is very creatively chosen, I would have never thought of putting a model in front of bottles of shampoo and alcohol.

2) This photographer's work always amazes me, how he makes his models do weird, twisty poses fascinates me. On this photo he pairs this with yellow balloons which are completely associated happiness, which is totally opposite of the mood the pose created.

3) I love the emphasized reds of the skin, the dynamic. The dark blues and harsh lighting makes this image to be very dramatic which I'm fond of, this compliments the model's beautiful features so nicely.

4) Lovely atmosphere on this one, a couple shot during blue hour with mountains in the background. This photo tells such a great story.

5-6) I am a huge fan of Alessio Albi, by now he developed his certain style with teal and orange, and he makes it work every single time, whether he makes it warm or cold looking. Water or harsh light/light beams are often a part of his work, he is one of the most innovative artists I follow.