Adam Ming's Color Project

Adam Ming's Color Project - student project

Here's the final project. I've taken odd bodies and drawing towards illustration, style class and these all add up really nicely. A mentor once told me that you need to have a process. And if you don't have a process borrow someone else's.

Tom is super generous in lending us his meticulously crafted process as a framework we can build upon. Not only is Tom a great teacher, but he willingly sacrifices a bit of himself so that his students can grow.




I've been looking forward to this class.  Every one of Tom's classes marks a challenge to step out of my own ways of working into more streamlined and professional workflows. The Primers are great for vocabulary building and re-watching. I've seen the pains that Tom puts into putting these classes together, that's why I've dropped everything to dive in as soon as the class dropped!

Here's my color inventory, (I've been working from a limited palette of 30 colors, it's less than 16 million so the process of picking 6 was not too difficult.

The following are my Color inspiration sketches


Here's the first project. There was quite some struggle fighting my natural tendencies. But being forced to pick was really interesting. I also brought in my learnings from my color inspiration studies.

Having a limited set of tools is a really good hack to expressing a personal style.





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