Acrylic color & brush play

Acrylic color & brush play - student project

So this was an interesting experiment. I didn't feel like looking for "red, blue and yellow" today. The turquoise grabbed me and I thought, well, this "orange" should be an opposite color. First I tried the tinting and immediately thought this is harder than it looks! From the white side I realized I need to start with white & then add a touch of the turquoise for it to be light enough and then the opposite for the least tinted. Then I tried the shade. This went ok but I realized that there is an added challenge with acrylics because with water you have a more watercolor wash, which changes what it looks like. It's also hard to get 6 variations as my middle shades look pretty much alike. Then I dared to try the tone. It was really interesting to see how differently the turquoise and Indian yellow (orange) behaved when I tried to neutralize the turquoise. I really like the colours even though I'm not sure its what the exercise called for. It's given me inspiration for jungle design.  

Then I played around with different brushes and marks. Here I notice the difference between how much paint I had on the brush, how much water and the size and style of the brush. It's so different to watercolor where you don't need a lot of pigment to paint. I like the marks from the fan brush and got frustrated with a stiff brush that had messy hairs sticking out. Now I'm on the lookout for a brush that makes a really nice clean edge :-) This was a fun exercise, thanks Bonnie.