Abstract Half-Drop Pattern

Abstract Half-Drop Pattern - student project

I meant to create an abstract pattern that would match my design style for a long time! I find the half-drop repeat (brick by row or brick by column) very suitable for quirky abstract or geometrical patterns, so the class and the pattern were a match made in heaven!

For this pattern, I went straight to Illustrator, without sketching too many ideas on paper. I first created my motifs: I had in mind geometric shapes, also incorporating subtle flowers and leaves and my all time favorite element, the DOT!

I started creating the pattern from the middle of the artboard and gradually added motifs. I used the scale, rotation and smooth tools to create diversity and achieve an intricate look. When creating a half-drop pattern, I usually work on one side of the pattern at a time and then progress to the corresponding side. After I got all my motifs in place, I made sure all my artwork was within the 1000px by 1000px artboard. I then used the pattern tool and played around with the brick by row or brick by column pattern types, as well as the offset. 

To be honest, I did not start with this color palette. I originally chose shades of red and darker blues, but, when I finished designing the layout of the pattern, I played around with the recolor artwork tool and found this color combo more suitable. If you're new to the recolor artwork tool of Illustrator, have a look at my class "Easy Way to Recolor Patterns"

I think the pattern would look great on toddlers and kids apparel, wouldn't it? Just love the playful look!

I went crazy and created some coordinating patterns starting from my main motifs. 

I hope you enjoyed my class "Pattern Toolbox: Create a Half-Drop Pattern", found it easy to follow and informative! I'm looking forward to seeing your projects, patterns and experiments, so don't be shy!

Happy making!

Daniela тЪШ


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