Abroham Lincoln Quote

Abroham Lincoln Quote - student project

Abe Lincoln has so many inspirational sayings (many he didnt actually say) but this is my favorite.  As a child of the 80's/90's I loved Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures, I decided to carve this t-shirt design I had previously done as my first attempt at block printing. 

This might look bigger than it is but it's only a 4"x5" block.  Turns out the letters were pretty small so it made it tricky to carve.  

The overal process was stressful but lots of fun.  I was close to impaling myself with the carver a few times and I may have dropped more F bombs than I care to admit. I thought I completely ruined the carving several times but it ended up turning out ok.  

I tried using a super fine Dremmel bit for the tiny letters but the dremmel was pretty squirly so I abandoned it pretty quick. 

Next I plan to carve a few 18x24 posters.  Wish me luck ;)  

Thanks for the great class Jon!