About Video: Audrey Bee

About Video: Audrey Bee - student project



This class was so timely! I am a marketing manager for a North American machinery brand and I was told to work on my video skills. I really have not enjoyed video historically, so I've ignored it. But then I found your class and decided to do my own personal ABOUT video to get more familiar with basic software and certain techniques.

It was fun for me to experiment with different angles and this class has made me slow down and think about how visually interesting the "mundane" steps of my process can be. 

This is CLEARLY a first try and I have so much more to learn. It was fun and it was an exercise for my brain that will continue to be a cool creative outlook as I continue to learn, but will also heme in my career. Dogs are cuter than machinery, though!

Some things I'd love to work more on:

- creative angles/B-roll

- steady lighting

- storytelling and timing the voice with the shots so that it flows more like a story and less like a book report

- interviewing/speaking on camera

- I wish I had more video of my finished work to show. I have a lot of photos but can't make video because most of my work is commissioned and thus already mailed out. I'll get video before I mail them in the future though, if this continues to be a medium I use to let my audience connect with my work.


Some creative choices I purposefully made:

- I wore sweatpants and a messy bun and a wrinkly shirt because that is my uniform when I'm at home and I really didn't want to get all dressed up for a video when it wasn't really me. My home life inspires my work, and I wanted people to see that.

- All the video I did of myself talking AT the camera felt so awkward so I didn't include it. 



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