Aboard the Train

Aboard the Train - student project

FINALLY dug in and animated a scene I illustrated: a moment on a train car

Aboard the Train - image 1 - student project

At first I started to dream really big and imagined the whole car slightly moving, the knitting needles moving back and forth, the cat wiggling a bit, etc. But in the spirit of wanting to actually move through the project, I lowered my expectations a bit and decided to focus on animating the outside world going by. The elements I needed for animation were the various levels of background, which I wanted to more at different speeds to hint at real physics.

Aboard the Train - image 2 - student project

Before the big reveal, here are a few of my favorite details from the illo itself 

Aboard the Train - image 3 - student project

And the final piece! Thanks for an excellent class, as per usual, Jamie!

Aboard the Train - image 4 - student project


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