AM/PM Drawing Yoga

AM/PM Drawing Yoga - student project

I absolutely adored this course, as I do any Maria Avramova course I've taken. I used this course like those AM/PM yoga recordings where you do one workout in the morning and do the PM one before bed. I did a blue sketch in the morning...that was my ikigai...the reason I got out of bed each day. Then came the "final" black line copy in the evening, after a long day. What a pleasant month it was to start and end each day with the Maria drawing workouts!

I tried cutting up the sketches, digitally, and put the characters together to see if they could relate with each other.

Grandpa is trying to impress that hottie with his soccer skills and it seems to be working...however...putting the character drawings together, if she wasn't so impressed and smiling she'd be saying, " eyes are up here!" (This is an illustration issue not often discussed...the unintended circumstances that show up that the illustrator only finds out too late. I kept it in to start a conversation cuz that issue is real. I've heard stories and also have a few of my own.)


In the bottom post.... I put the contrasty husband and wife team in a family portrait that included their son having a tantrum. I love how the parents are totally ignoring their son's ranting. They look oblivious, but they're actually following today's current child raising standards. Much patience required!


I always enjoy Maria's classes. And this course was like having a gifted artist and instructor right there with me, discussing the intention of every step of the drawing process of each character. Morning and evening!