A little Illustration Shop

A little Illustration Shop - student project

Hi! I'm a chatty, curly haired artist from Colorado! It's been dangerously dry here and temperatures have been at an all time high for March (80s)... but as I type I'm watching the snow whip around in the crazy wind! ...and it kinda feels like my life. I am a graphic designer by day and dreamer by night. I have my BFA in graphic design and I've spent the last 12 years working in the trade and refining my skills. However, I don't feel it's my true calling. I always have this nagging desire to to start an illustration shop where I can sell my illustrations. Specifically, I like drawing animals that have human characteristics.

Yet, I've never wrapped my head around what my business could look like because the desire to make more money for my family always wins out. I'm at a bit of a crossroads...we've recently moved cities and I'm looking for a new job. I've thought about freelancing full-time because I already have a few clients and then I would have more time to illustrate...possibly open a Shop...which sounds wonderful when I'm daydreaming and terrifying when I break it down realistically! Here are my worksheets: 

My support system is amazing! My friends and family think I'm a gifted artist and always encourage me to pursue it more. My 3 year old little girl is probably a better artist than me and she's never too busy to create art with me! Ha! My husband supports me 100% :) My graphic design friends also only have encouraging things to say....I am my biggest critic of course. I'm in the process of updating my design website and every time I think about gearing it towards illustration more...I talk myself out of it. I guess...another part of the fear is that my illustrations are much more personal and apart of me than the graphic design work I do. So putting it out there makes me much more vulnerable! 


Self-Made Creative Statement:

I want to: Open An Illustration Shop

I will NOT let the fear of FAILING hold me back from TRYING!

If I become paralyzed by fear I will remember: It doesn't hurt to try!

When I am afraid or overwhelmed, I will turn to: My husband!

If I am not sure what to do next, or how to solve a problem....I will turn to: Other Artists!

To start on the path today, I will: Start Creating!


Sounds so easy and simple when I write it down, but there's always the devil on my shoulder telling me negative things....I am going to just follow my bliss and see where it takes me! I want to make good art and follow the yellow brick road...see where it leads!! Or else... I'll always regret it!!! 

If you've made it down this far...thank you for reading my artistic story and goals! You can find me at: