A fun and easy project

A fun and easy project - student project

Seeing your petroglyph journal really touched me because, those symbols have such a strong energy and I wanted to "tell a story" of my own. It also reminded me of our big journey of the USA back in 2018 when we visited several sites with petroglyphs, i.e. the valley of fire state park. 

I already know the type of binding you used and I wanted to finish fast, so I just punched two holes and bound the pages together. It would have been nicer with a piece of leather as a cover 


Here are some more images of the process: 


The pages with the "stone carvings". I had watched the class some time ago, so I made the "mistake" of coloring in the snake and the spiral all white. - I then used your style for the other symbols. 

Healthy treats for your sweet tooth!