A Stitched Stitch

A Stitched Stitch - student project


I did this as a fun Birthday gift for a friend, who loves this character and purple!

I used Pearl Cotton, white Aida cloth (14 count), and lots and lots of patience when the frog came for a visit!!

I wanted him more centred near the bottom then the top. The first row row was a pain since his left side was down lower then his right so I had to make sure I was counting correctly when making the first stitches. But I did miss count and finally figured out that I needed 12 white squares from the hoop to the first stitch instead of 11. Whoops!

These are the first row and the beginning of the second for his left foot.

A Stitched Stitch - image 1 - student project

And here is the row beginning the bottom of the heart and his other foot.

A Stitched Stitch - image 2 - student project

More rows completed!

A Stitched Stitch - image 3 - student project

A Stitched Stitch - image 4 - student project

A Stitched Stitch - image 5 - student project

Here he is soaking in water. I backstitched the lettering using the technique that was taught in the other class!

A Stitched Stitch - image 6 - student project

 And he’s back in the frame ready for the backing!

A Stitched Stitch - image 7 - student project

I have a bad habit of cutting in the wrong place so the bottoms are a bit short, so that made the sewing of the fabric a bit of a challenge.

A Stitched Stitch - image 8 - student projectA Stitched Stitch - image 9 - student project

And here is the backing all finished!! 

A Stitched Stitch - image 10 - student project


Thank you very much Dana Batho for making cross stitch easy to understand and to put into practice!! 

Emma Richmond

Artist & Illustrator