A Puddle Full of Stars

A Puddle Full of Stars - student project

I took a photo of a puddle and did 3 different versions to get different vibes. I first used Retouch to edit out a pole that was in the way and a piece of plastic floating in the puddle. Retouch is amazing! You can't even tell! And then I used VSCO for everything else.


With this first one, I decided to do a black and white so that it has that classy starry feel to it.


This next version I bumped up the contrast and kept the color.


For the 3rd version I gave it a purplish tone and faded out the photo quite a bit so that it has that retro/vintage-y feel to it.


Overall, it was a lot of fun playing around on VSCO.  It's my new favorite post-production tool.

Photographer, Videographer, Visual Storyteller