A Fresh Beginning

A Fresh Beginning - student project

C L A S S   P R O J E C T

Pattern Collection: A Fresh Beginning

Collection Story: A Fresh Beginning is the story of an artisian embarking on a unique creative journey, with each pattern expressing a step taken in discovering who she will become during this season of her life. This pattern has been inspired by the little ones she hopes to see running around in her garden in the years to come. 

Pattern Names: Rest // Awakening // Growth // Refreshment // Forest // Garden Whimsy

M O R E  I N - D E P T H  D E S C R I P T I O N
(if you're interested)

I could not be more excited about this collection!! This collection includes the first seamless pattern and/or collection I've ever created. It has been inspired by my current creative journey as I make a transition from craftswoman to designer [Awakening // Rest // Growth // Refreshment]. I've recently posted a letter on our blog to all of our current clients entitled "A Kind Farewell & A Fresh Beginning." It's a letter of resignation of sorts. Since taking these Skillshare classes, I've discovered my passion for surface pattern design, illustration and handlettering. We plan on changing our entire product line to incorporate those three focuses.

Garden Whimsy is my particular favorite from this collection. There was a gigantic tree in our garden that was struck down by lightning years ago. It now acts as the centerpiece of our garden and is home to many tiny garden critters, including crickets, snails, caterpillars and mushrooms. That's how I imagine our company transition to transpire. Something beautiful must fade away in order for its new purpose to be fulfilled. Hearing Bonnie's story of progression and focus has really encouraged me to pursue and develop my passion.

Forest is inspired by the quote "can't see the forest from the trees." It is our hope that, through this transition, we will be able focus on the big picture and examine all of the little details. 

We hope that this next season for Jitney's will also be a season of growth for our family, thus the pastel color palette. How fun would it be to use these patterns in a nursery!!! 

Since stationary and art prints are the areas I'm most interested in, I decided to include a few handlettered designs with the pattern backgrounds below. 

Thank you for teaching this class, Bonnie!!! It has been such a joy to learn new skills and to work on new designs!