A Challenge to improve (Day 10)

A Challenge to improve (Day 10) - student project

I took this workshop to fulfill one of my goals for 2019: to stabilize a daily calligraphy practice. So, I'm going to start fresh this year, practicing and posting.

I hope we'll all enjoy the journey and improve our script.

DAY 1. I made the first exercise with 24lb Bond paper, Daniel Smith walnut ink, and a Zebra G nib on a Speedball oblique holder. 

Day one redone. Today I printed the worksheet and realized that there were more strokes to practice so, I began fulfilling them today.

Also selected a shorter sentence to give more room to the exercise.

DAY 2. Today I used black Speedball India ink with a Hunt 101 nib a more flexible one that allows making thinner upstrokes.

I played changing the slant and the shape of the body of the letters. It was fun!

DAY 3.  

I liked to play with the slant in this exercise. Today I used Walnut ink again but now with the Hunt 101 nib.



















Yesterday I couldn't upload my pics. Here they are. I made some experiments with flourishes.

DAY 5. My least favorite caps

There are several letters that I find tricky, like B, K, X and of course D & H, which I worked today:

I forgot an 'm' in "Hummingbird" trying to keep the consistency of the connectors. 


The instruments I used, from top to bottom:

1. Rotring Art Pen. 1,5 mm nib.

2. Marvy Calligraphy Marker. 2,0 mm chisel tip.

3. Vintage Platinum Desk Pen. Extra-fine nib.

4. Sharpie. Extra fine tip.

5. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.

6. Homemade Cola Pen. Tip cut 2,4 mm.

7. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen - Hard tip.

8. Speedball oblique holder with Hunt 101 nib.

9. Jinhao X750 Fountain Pen. Medium nib.

10. Pilot Parallel Pen. Nib 3,8 mm nib.

DAY 7 I need to work a lot on flourishes. 

DAY 8 - I find easier to make large size letter with a brush pen. I used a Hunt 101 nib, trying to achieve the thickest downstrokes but I had the fear of staining the page with an ink-blob.

DAY 9 This is a great exercise, it forced me to pay more attention to the chosen structure.


DAY 10 This was the more challenging exercise, but I was surprised by the result of reversing my slant. I liked it!

I will appreciate so much any comments or suggestions. Thank you very much for giving me these minutes viewing my project.

Have a beautiful week and a profitable challenge!