7 days Challenge - Day 2 - Succulents

7 days Challenge - Day 2 - Succulents - student project

Hi there Juliet!

This is the day 1 of the challenge and we are supposed to paint a donut :)

So for the project I painted with watercolor several donuts and to end the project I created a pattern :)


This is the paint: 



This is the pattern with application:



and the stand alone pattern:



This morning I was in a street fair and I found a little "store" selling a lot of succulents. They were so cute, so I will have a lot of reference photos to create my day 2 challenge.

See you soon!






Hi again Juliet!

I am back with an update of my project: Day 2 - Succulents.


As I told yesterday, I was in a street fair 2 steps away from my apartment and I found a huge seller of succulents, so I asked him if I could take some photos for inspiration :)

 Below some of the photos:





And those are baby succulents :) They were something like 2 cm high :D



And those are my watercolors ( I usually use mix media in my pieces, so I added the black line with my Micron 05):




And this is the finished version. I created a illustration to use the succulents I paint :)



See you soon!!! :D



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