50+ Topics for Persuasive Speech & Scholarship Essays 2022

50+ Topics for Persuasive Speech & Scholarship Essays 2022 - student project

Speech is a way to express one’s thoughts and feelings by delivering ideas to other people. Students choose many topics sometimes of their choice and other times they get assigned by their instructors. While choosing speech topics, you must make sure that they are persuasive and are capable of inspiring the audience. Moreover, speech topics are not general essays. 


They must influence change in the listeners and public at large. It is not an easy task to deliver a persuasive speech so you must ensure strong and convincing delivery. Here, we are going to mention over 50 speech topics that are persuasive and can help you get good results. You can also take help from an essay writer to get a guide on what topics you might use for speech. In this way, you can get an idea of how to work on persuasive speech.


Many students consider it difficult to write a persuasive speech due to lack of good writing and research skills. Such students can get an essay writing service from different websites in order to get a customized essay. This essay will help them to get good scores in school or college. If you want to develop a good speech, try to focus on good research and writing skills. Provide supporting evidence to every claim or argument which you raise in the speech. 


The success of a speech also depends upon the selection of a good topic. Some persuasive speech topics are as follows: 


Speech Topics for Students

  1. Students should enjoy campus life because it is short-lived
  2. Students can learn great things from study groups because of different ideas and perspectives
  3. Headphones or earplugs must be used by those who share rooms with other students
  4. The significant impact of changing a major in university
  5. The mystery of the Bermuda triangle
  6. Should prostitution be made legal in the country?
  7. The best answer to every problem is Smiling
  8. Listen carefully before you respond
  9. A man is known by the company he keeps
  10. Smart work is better than hard work
  11. Health risks with Fast Food
  12. Maintaining health on a diet
  13. Food for a healthy mind and body
  14. What is Life without good health?
  15. The secret to fresh and healthy skin
  16. Disadvantages of dark chocolate
  17. Alcohol and its harmful effects  
  18. Living with diabetes and dealing with it
  19. Restaurant food is not as healthy as home food
  20. Should we go vegan for the rest of our lives
  21. How world’s economy was affected by World War II
  22. How World war I started
  23. Hitler’s mega plan in World War II
  24. Role of Serbia in World War I
  25. The invention of tea bags
  26. The history of Fashion
  27. Life of a miss world
  28. Why did sanitary products come into existence?
  29. History of humans
  30. Social media friendship of students and teachers
  31. Transformation of the traditional education system
  32. Support your claim on eating in the classroom
  33. Getting a job really needs good grades
  34. The best age for schooling
  35. Who should pay for higher education?
  36. The business world is being affected by higher education. Comment
  37. Is poverty combated by education
  38. Students are not trained for the professional world in schools
  39. Why is knowledge judged based on grades?
  40. Does our education system test memory or learning?
  41. Working on debate speech
  42. The series of Harry Potter
  43. Evolution of World’s literature
  44. Importance of sex education in schools
  45. Tips for writing fiction books
  46. Are fiction stories helpful for kids
  47. Career counseling in schools
  48. Is the traditional education system better than the online system?
  49. Learning different languages enhances communication
  50. Tips for writing an argumentative essay


All these topics are excellent and can be used to write persuasive speeches. They can be written from so many angles and are a good pitch for influencing people and changing their perspectives. You can always play around with these topics as they are easy and manageable. However, if I am running out of time, I would definitely ask expert writers available online to write my essay. 


You can also get help from your family and friends. It is an easy way to turn in your assignments on time. The writing will not be confined to the topics given above but any topics assigned by your instructor will be catered to. You just have to reach out and communicate so that your work is done in due time.


Looking at each website and trying to find the best prompt for your essay can take a lot of time. Most of the time, the colleges and universities require you to write the scholarship winning essay which should be unique, as it will help you win a scholarship even in a competitive institution.


Therefore, a scholarship winning essay must be the one which would create a lasting impression on the award granting committee. As an essay writer, it is also advisable to use different prompts for different scholarship essays. You should never use the same prompt for all the scholarship essays. 


Following are some of the scholarship essay winning prompts to help you in this regard:

  1. How do you think this essay will help you in future?
  2. Describe yourself.
  3. Tell us the last time you excelled in your academics in a short period of time.
  4. What are your career or academic goals?
  5. Tell us about the last time you failed an exam and what you learned from your failure.
  6. How have you ever contributed to your community?
  7.  How has sports been beneficial in your life?
  8. Why do you think you deserve this scholarship?
  9. Do you think you can make this scholarship worthwhile by contributing in the community?
  10. Can you prove yourself to be a fruitful asset for our institute?
  11. Describe your leadership qualities.
  12. Describe your interpersonal and communication skills.
  13. Tell us when your idea or belief was challenged.
  14. Why do you want to study this particular discipline?
  15. What future prospects do you want to pursue?
  16. What job position would you be pursuing in future?
  17. How do you find yourself unique or capable of certain qualities not found in your peers?
  18. Describe your background, your religious and cultural beliefs, political views?
  19. How did you excel in your studies? What factors convinced you to continue your education?
  20. If we make you principal of this school, what changes would you most preferably like to make in the school?
  21. As an educationist or a policy maker, what changes do you suggest for improving the education system?
  22. What quality differentiates you from others? How did you get that skill developed? Did you inherit it or developed it yourself?
  23. How have movies influenced your life?
  24. How has reading improved your way of life?
  25. How did you manage to go through the most difficult time of your life? How has that difficulty changed your perspective over life?
  26. What are you striving to become now and where would you be after five years?
  27. Have you ever tried hard to succeed at something and was it worth it?
  28. What strongest personality trait do you think you have?
  29. How are you characterized by your friends and family? What would you like to write about them in your scholarship essay?
  30. What is your stance about racial and ethnic discrimination in your society?
  31. Have you ever participated in an extracurricular activity which has helped shape your personality in a certain way?
  32. How do you spend your leisure time? What extracurricular activity do you pursue in your leisure time?


Winning a scholarship is a dream for almost every student and it can be turned into reality by cracking the prompt of the essay in the right way. Aforementioned prompts would surely help you write an effective essay. Good luck with writing one.

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