5 Reasons to Start an Art Blog

5 Reasons to Start an Art Blog - student project

Reason #1: I'm an Artist

I started this year working as an Artist full-time for the first time in my life and I have never felt so empowered and frightened at the same time.  It’s quite thrilling, to be honest.  I had my fair share of panic attacks but I realized that if I don’t give it a shot right now, while all of my stars are aligned to do so, then when will I?!  I know that this is what I want to be spending my time doing: making beautiful things to share with others.  Its an intuitive draw.  I cant deny it any longer.  I’m like a moth to flame.  Can’t.  Stop.  Must.  Keep.  Painting. 

Reason #2: Perspective

Art is an amazing thing.  Two people can be standing in front of the same piece of work and have two completely different things to say about it.  I want to share my perspective and I want you to be able to freely share yours too. I am excited to show you what draws me in and what excites me. As well as my secrets: the how and why I create the things I do.  I am going to explain what I like and even what I don’t like about art.  But most of all, I am looking forward to hearing your perspective because there is no right or wrong answer.  That’s the beauty of art!

 Reason #3 : Experimentation

Every artist has a different method to their madness and I am no different.  I am looking forward to giving you sneak peeks into what I feel compelled to make and why.  I am not perfect, and I would never want to be, where is the fun in that?  I am curious about different processes and I will be unabashedly trying new techniques that may or may not work.  It might get weird for awhile, but stick with me because when its all said and done there might be some pretty awesome accidents.                                           

Reason #4: I love to journal

I have kept journals ever since I could write.  I have quite an eclectic collection now and I still cherish them all.  But this blog is still a pretty big leap for me: publishing my thoughts on the internet.  I feel exposed but at the same time, I feel safe in this little art blog bubble.  Deep down I know that letting my thoughts out into the world will only help me grow.  I am by no means an amazing writer.  In fact, I’m surprised you are still reading this.  Kudos to you.  You’re my new best friend. 

 #5 Community

I must confess, I have a track record of procrastination.  (Just ask my husband: after we got married it took me three years to simply change my last name).  But to combat my “eventually” tendencies, I also have this weird thing called optimism that has been an unrelenting constant in my life.  I love seeing the glass half full in most situations.  So with this blog as momentum, I am compelled to keep moving forward.  I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from letting it all hang out here.  Its going to be a bumpy road but that’s because I am purposely taking the scenic route.  So I encourage you, dear reader, whoever you may be, to follow me along on this little journey.  I will need this community just as much as you will need to know whether or not I have completely lost my marbles.  So with that in mind, you can sign up for my newsletter to check in on me periodically, just in case.......Now enough about me!  

What is your opinion on art these days? What is your favorite style of art?

I would love to hear your opinion in the comments! 

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