# 41 From Dump to Dreamspot (part 1, the set-up)

# 41 From Dump to Dreamspot (part 1, the set-up) - student project

Part two: the first layer of paint.

It was a lot of fun doing this. At first I thought it would be too much work, but I'm really enjoying this, trying to capture our journey on and with the garden.

Still trying to gain the courage to add some line work to the portraits.


I fell in love with all the robins. Our neighbour told me that sometimes they are so hungry, they will sit on your spade. I haven't experienced this yet, but I'm calling my inner robin whisperer, so they will come and sit on my spade too.


I like how these bags with bitumen waste turned out. 



Hi Fatih, thank you for a fun, cool and relaxed class. You definitely made me curious about Warsaw (and its cakes).

I didn't go out for coffee, but decided to make a spread on the project I am doing: my man and I bought a little dump for €1,- in a large garden (also neglected), we took it down and will be building a new place and redo the garden the coming months/year(s). It will become our little datsja, on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

BTW, 41 refers to the number of the garden we obtained on a large park with more than 150 gardens.

It's great physical exercise and we are surrounded by many birds, especially robins.

Making the layout was fun and I think it will indeed help with the rest of the painting. I hope I can get the drawing of the two of us a bit better (didn't dare going in with the marker yet). Any advice on the rest? Cheers, - Lucy


Why it had to go...




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