31st of December morning

31st of December morning - student project

Hello Chris and class!

Beautiful very inspirational class!

I really, really wanted to make this project still in 2016, but as it happens, managed to postpone it until last day.

Date: 31st December

Location: Somewhere near Almaty, Kazakhstan

The weather did not really want to cooperate, hence the post-apocaliptic gloomy feel of the images =D Although I'm not sure this construction site would look particularly cheerful in full sunrise sun anyway, so probably the weather fit the location rather nicely. 

Actually it was still really nice to get out of the house and drive a bit. 

My dog, who doesn't really think highly of me for taking him outside this early in the morning :)

And one more

Here, is actually the place I usually go, for sunrise pictures, because sun rises from the mountains...which you can't see here =D

Just to show, that mountains are there, here is a picture taken a few days ago from the car :)

Thank you for the class and motivation to meet sunrise outside :)