30-day Instagram reboot

30-day Instagram reboot - student project

I'm not new to Instagram, but I also haven't posted since November 17, 2021. (Yikes, I know.) Since Threads came out and it's linked to Instagram, I figured it's a good time to get this moving again to take advantage of the visibility I'm getting over there.


Because I have the same niche (and would post similar content) as before, I'm not going to nuke my account but instead just restart. And because going back to basics is what I tell my clients, I figured I should take my own advice and take this class. It's geared more toward beginners, but I like how actionable it is, regardless of experience level.


I'm not planning for IG to be a primary content platform and instead using it to share repurposed content ideas, but I'll reassess after the quarter.


I haven't refreshed anything yet, so here's where I'm starting:












And here's the 30-day content plan within Notion.


It's my general Track in Public Notion page with all the things, but you can find the content plan under "Instagram Posts - August" if you want to check it out. The topics will likely shift as I see what's working on other platforms and as I do more audience research on Instagram, but I wanted to get an idea of what I could create so I don't use "I don't know what to post" as an excuse.


This week, I still need to:

  • Rework my bio
  • Add a link
  • Update the story highlights create highlight covers in Canva


And I can do those while I create content since it's unlikely I'd gain traction in the first few days anyway, so there's no excuse to push off doing the actual work.


After I post the first 30 days, I'll come back here and update a new screenshot to show the growth (if I can).