24th and Dune Style Guide

24th and Dune Style Guide - student project

4. Final Product


3. Style Guide Design

Page layout elements: page numbers, headers, type style sheets, and section title pages showen as a spread.

Inside Cover Design:

Front Back Cover Design: Not sure why green color is showing like that, I'll have to check it.


2. Outline


1. Intro to Style Guides

Who will be using the guide? All those employees by 24th and Dune and vendors used by 24th and Dune.

What type of work will they be using the guide for? This style guide will be used to build a cohesive brand identity that will translate across all business collateral; from business cards and packaging to invoices and the website.

What information do the users need to implement the brand successfully? This is brand is pretty straight forward. Users need the color palette, approved font list, logo usage guidelines, and to implement one pattern per item only.

Are there any client-specific elements that fall outside of the essentials that should be included for successful usage? The client wants to utilize some hand drawn elements throughout branding. Any effort to do so is encouraged.

Who is the customer? The 24th and Dune customer is middle to upper class women and men, ages 18, who have an appreciation for tangible paper goods and are seeking out customizable products. They don't mind paying for quality products and want simple, on trend designs that still have some class to them with a twist all our own.

What is the Tone of Voice: language? Copy feel?
Copy and text should feel like a big knit blanket on a winter day and be a friendly, comfortable design experience. The language should feel like a conversation between a childhood friend that is still around age fifty and wants nothing but the best for you.

What is 24th and Dune's Belief? 24th and Dune believes that:

  • tangible paper goods will never go out of style.
  • fresh, classic, good designs are just as important as the written message.
  • it's not just about the product or profit but the whole experience.

Other information based on the Brand Identity:

Mood Board:

Logo Color Palette:


Graphic Elements:

Invoice Business Cards: You can already get a sense for the Tone of Voice based on the invoice verbage.