14 days of Sketching

14 days of Sketching - student project

I am in for this challenge! Have started with some simple sketches, my min goal for this challenge is to keep practising for 14 days.

At the moment for these 3 days I have noticed that I try to sketch quite quickly without paying too much attention to details.

What I like -  when I draw quickly the lines a more alive, BUT I have some problems with perspective.




 Adding Day 4-5 sketches. What I have noticed these days is that timer really helps to use time efficiently and to avoid procrastination. I have a small child who has a day nap for 40mins-1h and I usually feel quite stressed whether to start painting something or to eat, as it seems soo little time that at the end I don´t do anything, just doing nothing and waiting till he wakes up. So I have decided to dedicate first 10mins of his nap for my sketching, just to keep on practicing every day! And that´s really great feeling to draw at least something. To have a list with objects to sketch prepared also helps a lot, just set the timer - and create! Enjoy 10 mins for creating!

Another thing which have noticed is the time, I try to do sketch quickly, so on average I need 4 mins, and then 2 mins no idea what to do - to make another sketch from another angle (not enough time) or to dd details (then the sketch get overdetailed).

 Adding Days 6-7 sketches (it has passed already one week!!). Now when sleeping my child I am looking forward for my 6 mins sketching time. Have decided to focus on line variations and relax of shape/proportions. I think that somehow I am afraid of drawing not "realistic", so try to enjoy these imperfections of shape and lines but to transmit the energy of joy and make the sketch vivid. With the bottle I should have stopped a bit earlier, I think the sketch was better and understandable without those details of straw and level of water (will pay attention to these in my future sketches).

With brushes I enjoyed a lot transmitting the texture and character of each one!


I have placed my sketches from the first week of challenge and yes, like this it is noticeable the improvement in the quality of lines.

Adding Day 8. As today´s object was more complex, box of  musical pencils, and I had some kind of expectations to enjoy my process, but something went wrong with the lines and I am not happy with the result, not as much line variations as I would like))). Maybe my brush pen needs to be recharged. I like the overall shape and the best thing I´ve done it!!

 Actually Day 8 was quite inspiring for me for another extremely quick sketch. I adore my son and always eager to sketch him, but then I think... till I get up and take my sketchbook he will change 5 times his activity, what´s the point? But yesterday I decided to reach my sketchbook quickly and I enjoyed a lot sketching )))

 DAY 9. Applying what I have learned how to keep with X days challenges, this spring again I decided to make my Spring flowers challenge. But this time I have prepared the plan for each day and references. So today was my ever challenge to paint freesias in watercolors, especially now I have them on my balcony in blossom and the smell is just divine. It was a real struggle painting them and not to give up. I find it quite complicated to paint yellow flowers and be able to show the play of light. I feel so happy that I didn´t give up and have tried again and again with one more flower. Ohn Mar, thank you for such inspiring class!

As then during my son´s nap time I have dedicated 10 mins for sketching with brushpen. I think I have chosen very challenging object, too much of geometry which I don´t like, but at the end somehow I have enjoyed it! I have made 4 tries and at the end decided also to try watercolors on the printer paper. I like version 4, nice contrast. And probably making smaller scale helps better to transmit the relation between the objects (however, it is not noticeable the difference in size of cubes).

 DAY 10. Originally I was going to play with paper clip, but it was so boring for me that I decided to change the object once I will make any sketch of clip. I have enjoed a lot with a spray for cleaning glasses, I love version #2 and all those curve lines, also the angle of the object. Takeaway -  I like more object with curve lines and I get bored when I need to draw something with straight precise lines.

 My Day 11, complete joy! Many straight lines which I don´t like, but I have totally enjoyed the creating process! Probable less details and more expressive lines would make it more dynamic.

 My Day 12 motto was Keep calm and keep on creating and I have enjoyed a lot playing with sea shells and working out how all those lines go. I am happy with number 4 try, really like the texture of the shell.

 Day 13. Potato peeler. My main conclusion: if the object is boring for me, I am not enjoying the process of painting.

 Day 14! Oh-oh, today my son decided not to have his day nap, so all my expectations about my 10 mins sketch have got into frustration of not being able to finish the challenge. Luckily I have found 10 mins in the evening and have totally enjoyed painting perfume bottles. I like brush pen for its possibility to vary the line thickness and it allows to correct the shape of the initial drawing. I feel happy that I have managed to finish these 14 days challenge and now I have clearer idea how to reach these X days of painting.

One more takeaway is that it is easier to stick to X days challenge when you share your daily art practice, then you feel like obliged to keep on moving forward and the possibility of getting feedback from your fellows inspires to be brave and contributes to the confidence.

Ohn Mar, thank you for sharing your experience and for such a great class! Creative friends, thank you for your comments, kind words and support during this challenge!

Artist, Loose Watercolor classes