100 Days of Small Illustrations - Finished

100 Days of Small Illustrations - Finished - student project

I decided to draw or paint small illustrations for my 100 day project.

I am planning to start on 10 Aug 2020. This means I have two days to finalise the project details and prepare.


My project details

  • Planned project start date: 10. Aug 2020.
  • Time of the day: Mostly after work but not set in stone. No more than 30 minutes at a time.
  • Subject matter: Not fixed.
  • Skipping days: Skipping is okey (but not preferred) if I finish the skipped illustration in a couple of days.
  • Materials: I am planning to use my small Legion paper sample packs. I think it will force me to make more simple illustrations and help me to stick to the time limit. I don't think I am going to limit other supplies.
  • Sharing my work: On instagram @yllet.art and under this project. I have shared the first illustrations here as soon as I completed them but I think that I am going to add the rest of them by groups of nine to avoid long scrolling on the project. But I am going to try to update my instagram every day.


TODO before starting the project

  • Determine if I want to stick to a theme or limit my subject matter. (Done - no limit)
  • Organise my workspace and supplies before starting my project. (Done)
  • Maybe create an Instagram account to share my work? Hastag? (Time to get over my art sharing anxiety - I finally crated an account @yllet.art  and I used the tag #100daysofsmallillustrations)


Day 1 illustration


Day 2 illustration


Day 3 illustration


Day 4 illustration



Day 5 illustration


Day 6 illustration


Day 7 illustration


Day 8 illustration


Day 9 illustration


Day 10 - 18 illustrations

It is slowly getting harder but I am haven't skipped a day yet. 
I am running out of my small watercolour paper packs so I soon have to change styles - I have no idea what I am gonna do next.

I have to admit I haven't really sticked to the 30min time limit I gave myself but at the same time I have been enjoying myself.


Day 19 - 27 illustrations


Day 28 - 36 illustrations


Day 37 - 45 illustrations


Day 46 -  54 illustrations


Day 55 - 63 illustrations


Day 64 - 72 illustrations



Day 73 - 81 illustrations


Day 82 - 90 illustrations


Day 91 - 99 illustrations


Day 100 - final illustration