100 Days of Mindful Animals to Cheer On Your Creative Souls!

100 Days of Mindful Animals to Cheer On Your Creative Souls! - student project

Hey all!

So, originally I had another idea for my 100 Day Project, but Rich's advice really made me hone in on what I'd like to accomplish with it, and after some reflection, I realized that I was definitely planning on doing a 'SHOULD' project: as in, I had plans to do something I thought I *should* be doing, rather than something I actually really wanted to do. I think we have enough Should Projects in our lives, so I did an about face and with Rich's tips here I came up with something that felt extremely fun, freeing, and expansive (rather than constricted and quasi-not-looking-forward-to-it.)

With that in mind, I realized I wanted to do a project to cheer on OTHER people: I want to send out good vibes and cheer on all the other artists out there, while still growing my own skills. I'm a children's book author/illustrator and zoologist, so the combination was too good to pass up: I decided upon 100 Days of Mindful Animals to Cheer on Your Creative Souls!

Each day, I'll be posting a new animal, with a short but sweet message about creativity and mindfulness. My goal with these was really simple: I wanted to introduce people to creatures they might not know about yet, *and* give them a little creative pep talk to help them on their own journeys.

I'm loving working on these pieces every day, and it's also a nice reminder for me about some of the simple but very useful gems that can help us on our creative paths. I'm finding them just as much of a reminder to myself, and have really loved connecting with some new creatives out there already. Here are a handful from the first week (and of course, if creativity and mindfulness and good vibes are your thing -- feel free to find me on IG at JessKeatingBooks -- I'd love to meet some of my Skillshare buddies there!)

Thanks so much, Rich, for a great class -- and most importantly the reminder that these projects are all about the FUN of it! Such an important message we all need to hear!

Take care, can't wait to see your creative projects, guys!


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