100 Days of Creativity

100 Days of Creativity - student project

Creativity Blast has been a daily practice that I have built into a creative habit.



I wanted to develop structure into my creative practice and do a little project each day. So I set out to find the best way for me to strengthen my creative muscles that I could work into my daily routine.

I Narrowed down my creative pursuits into their simples forms and created exercises that would help develop key creative foundations such as: Finding connections, overcoming fatigue, problem solving, building up my visual library and using my imagination. For this class class I gave them each a name: 


The Timer

Before using a timer I felt compelled to sketch to perfection. It had to be "good". And because of this, I spent longer doing my practice, was disappointed when it wasn't up to my standard and found it was too hard to maintain a consistent practice. So my creative practice was never sustainable. 

I decided that I would only do my practice for only 10 minutes, so I bought a timer. After getting the timer I felt free to just sketch and challenge myself but also I had no shame in the result, I was happy that I was able to complete my session.  The timer gave me a sense of freedom to just go with the flow and let go of any pressure for perfection. 


The Practice

I've firmly established this creative practice into my daily routine. After I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth, drink a glass of water, flip my hour glass and meditate for 8 minutes. After the hour glass runs down that is a prompt I use to set my Time Timer to 10 minutes, I grab my sketch book and pen and start one of the creative exercises. 

The variety of exercises allows this practice to not become boring and repetitive, if I don't feel like doing one, I have 4 other options. Usually if I'm just not feeling creative I just pick a reference image and do a quick reference blast. 

Here are 100 "BLASTS" that I have done over the last 3 months.  

(they are in categories but not necessarily done in succession)

Word Blast


Shape Blast


Reference Blast


Sketch Blast


Creativity Blast



I'm not perfect and there are days that I don't end up doing my practice but the fact that I've established this Habit association allows me to start my routine up again with out too much effort.  


I'm thankful that I can share my personal creative process with you, I hope that you develop your own practice and that some of my experiences and tips may help you on your journey! 


Wishing you all the best on your creative journey, 



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