100 Birds

100 Birds - student project



  • Birds look beautiful without any makeup;
  • Speak better English than a toddler;
  • Build incredibly small houses out of whatever;
  • Pigeons can learn to distinguish a painting by Picasso from one by Monet;
  • Fly far without complaining;
  • Birds are social, communicate with visual signals, calls and songs;
  • A bird's normal body temperature is usually 7-8 degrees hotter than a human's. Up to three-quarters of the air a bird breathes is used just for cooling down since they are unable to sweat;
  • An ostrich egg needs to be boiled for 2 hours to get a hard-boiled egg;
  • The world's only wingless bird is the kiwi of New Zealand;
  • Feathers are made of keratin, just like human fingernails and hair;
  • Several bird species make and use tools and many social species pass on knowledge across generations;
  • Parrots are among the most intelligent animals;
  • 120-130 species have become extinct due to human activity since 17th century



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