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5 Classes (5 hours 19 minutes)

  • Materials

    Social media accounts, Canva, and Airtable (free software)

  • Final Product

    A business concept, strategy for success, brand story, social media content and approach, and a plan for organizing all of your business details, going forward.

  • Level

    All Levels

1. Brainstorm Your Perfect Business

Articulate your creative goals with tangible tools and insights. Create a crystal clear vision for your business future.

2. Craft Your Approach

Design a clear game plan for a business that will comfortably support your lifestyle.

3. Build Your Brand Story

4. Find an Audience

Bring your new brand story to social media and grow your business.

5. Build a Sharp, Smart Online Presence

Bring your brand story to your website and create a robust online presence beyond social media. Weave your story into your brand DNA, create a "brand bible", and learn how to measure success.

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