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5 Classes (1 hour 32 minutes)

  • Materials

    Your voice, paper, and pen

  • Final Product

    Completed vocal recording

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Develop Your Singing Voice: Find and Foster Your Vocal Power

First, discover day-to-day habits to improve your voice health, learn about the benefits of breathing exercises and good posture, play with vocal techniques like lip trills and sirens, and understand how certain techniques affect your voice.

Unlock Your Inner Vocalist: Explore Your Voice and Vocal Range

Next, learn to strengthen your chest voice, support and explore your head voice, and hone your falsetto and belting voice, with techniques to achieve a healthy sound.

Singing with Style: Exercise and Enhance Your Voice

Now it's time to practice diction and vowel delivery, explore various vibrato speeds, move from vibrato to straight tone, and discover the importance of warming DOWN your voice.

Sing Your Heart Out: Explore Your Voice Across Musical Genres

Discover the vocal elements of seven different musical styles and genres to expand your vocal delivery and sound. You’ll learn to create and safely deliver different sounds by stretching your voice and musical knowledge to genres you might not usually sing.

Singing Like a Pro: Take Your Voice from Pastime to Professional

It's time to take what you've learned to the stage! Find out how to personalize your voice, use vocal ad-libs artfully, use your microphone properly, and work out technical kinks through a well-done soundcheck.

Congratulations! You’re All Done.

You did it! You’ve completed the full Learning Path. We can’t wait to see where these skills take you next.