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3 Classes (4 hours 28 minutes)

  • Materials

    A paper and pen or computer for note-taking

  • Final Product

    Defined goals broken down into daily tasks and organized by type of work to maximize time and energy

  • Level

    All Levels

1. Start Building Habits that Last

Learn to set reasonable goals, handle failure without giving up, and incorporate tools and systems that can help.

2. Organize Your Workflow

Now that you've thought through how to identify and break down goals into daily habits, learn to organize your day into different types of work to make the most of your energy and time.

3. Apply Your New Skills to a Big Idea

Mastering personal productivity can lead to big things. It's time to get serious about that project you've been considering: break it down into easy and achievable tasks, and make it happen.

Congratulations! You’re All Done.

You did it! You’ve completed the full Learning Path. We can’t wait to see where these skills take you next.