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4 Classes (3 hours 40 minutes)

  • Materials

    A DSLR or phone camera

  • Final Product

    4 photo portraits

  • Level

    All Levels

1. Tell Your Story With a Self-Portrait

Begin by finding the story you want to tell with your portrait, then learn how to arrange your set, manage light, and use your camera to capture a great image.

2. Capture Your Life

Now, expand your horizons and look to your daily life for inspiration as you capture images of the people around you. Learn to take portraits, not selfies; to make small edits with big impact; and to think through your shots with sharing and social media in mind.

3. Focus on the Lighting

Now that you've gotten comfortable taking a variety of portraits in different settings, dive deeper into light and learn the power it has to transform an ok photo into a masterpiece. You'll be taking pictures outside for this class, so start thinking locations!

4. Bring Out Your Subject's Personality

Work with your subject in their own environment to bring out their personality. In this class, you'll bring together everything you've learned so far -- from taking your own personal portrait to capturing impromptu moments to exploring light -- to create a portrait that is truly special.

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