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5 Classes (7 hours 34 minutes)

  • Materials

    Pencils, markers, scissors, glue, colored paper, stickers

  • Final Product

    Series of abstract art pieces

  • Level

    All Levels

Daily Meditative Art Practice: Pen, Paper, and Patterns

In this class, you'll practice drawing unique repeat patterns to help empty your mind and fill your sketchbook. Experience a state of calm, get a therapeutic tool to help ground you in the present, and cultivate a playful and non-judgmental attitude towards art.

Mindful Mandala: 7 Days of Relaxation & Creative Play

From paint to stickers to yarn, in this class you'll create a series of unique mandalas (a style of circular patterned artwork originally designed as a meditative practice). Give yourself some low-pressure creative downtime to play with supplies and cultivate mindfulness. Feel free to focus on the exercises that utilize your favorite supplies.

Meditative Bedtime Routine: Mindful Patterns & Affirmations for Better Sleep

Combine pattern-drawing with affirmations in this class specifically designed to help prepare your mind for sleep or quiet rest. You'll be given 8 affirmation prompts to use as inspiration to create 8 pattern drawings. This experience is all about quiet concentration and positive self-messaging after a stressful day.

Abstract Pattern Collages: Mindful Drawing + Intuitive Collage for Self-Care

This series of vibrantly colorful art projects will combine mindful pattern drawing and intuitive collage to promote a sense of calm and connection. This class will give you the opportunity to play with layered, tactile shapes and consistently tune back into your own senses.

Mindful Digital Art: 5 Creative Prompts to Reflect and Meditate

BONUS: If you prefer digital art over traditional supplies, you'll love this class all about using an iPad+stylus or your smartphone+finger to complete simple, satisfying drawing exercises. By the end, you’ll have five one-of-a-kind art pieces to share with the world or treasure for yourself—plus the tools to make every day a little bit more centered and creative.

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