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Productivity Masterclass - Principles and Tools to Boost Your Productivity

First, lay the foundation for making big changes to your productivity by rebuilding your mindset and learning the fundamental concepts you need to find the productivity approach best suited to you.

How to Organise your Workflow to Maximise Productivity

Next up, explore the systems, workflows and organization techniques we can use to maximise our output. You'll learn how to unlock the true power of to-do lists, hack motivation, overcome inertia, manage distractions, leverage artificial deadlines, and run a monthly systems check to make sure your new productivity routine is working for you.

Productivity for Creators: Systems, Organization & Workflow

This third class in Ali's series focuses on creators, especially those with multiple projects and passions. He'll start by discussing why you should start a side hustle and then talk through five questions that you can ask yourself to identify exactly what your side-project should focus on. And you'll learn how to efficiently fit your side-hustle into your busy life, and never run out of ideas for your pursuit.

Notion Masterclass: Maximise Your Productivity & Organisation

Finally, this class will give you a deep dive into the powerful tool that's essential to Ali's (and soon YOUR) projects: Notion. You'll learn how to use pages, databases and even make your own website. Throughout the course, Ali will be explaining all the features of Notion whilst building a LifeOS dashboard to organize his life, and the class project is to build one of your own!

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