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4 Classes (5 hours 43 minutes)

  • Materials

    Paper or sketchbook, drawing tool pencil, pen, or charcoal

  • Final Product

    28 sketches of people, animals, architecture, and icons

  • Level

    All Levels

1. Refresh Your Linework Skills

Reinforce your existing line drawing techniques with these fun exercises designed to shake you out of a rut and get you drawing freely.

2. Simplify Complex Shapes

Now that you're warmed up, it's time to practice some cool techniques to simplify even the most complex scene. Practice quick, accurate drawings of inanimate objects and people.

3. Capture Gestures & Movement

With timed exercises, you'll learn to perfectly express the motion and personality of living figures from all sides and angles.

4. Build Your Sketchbook Habit

You've got the techniques, now there's only one thing left to do: PRACTICE! For one week, practice drawing in your sketchbook every day. You'll have it filled in no time!

Congratulations! You’re All Done.

You did it! You’ve completed the full Learning Path. We can’t wait to see where these skills take you next.