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5 Classes (5 hours 45 minutes)

  • Materials

    Drawing paper, graphite pencils, eraser, flat brushes, colored pencils, water-based brush markers.

  • Final Product

    Two portraits in a realistic style.

  • Level

    All Levels

1. Introduction to Facial Features

Start your realism journey with the human face. This class will guide you through drawing eyes, noses, lips, and ears accurately using a reference photo.

2. Add a Bit of Texture

Texture is critical for creating a realistic look. Focus on the textural elements of skin -- wrinkles, freckles, and even pores -- and make it look real with colored pencil.

3. Develop Your Shading Technique

This class will introduce you to a crucial aspect of making any drawing appear more realistic: how to apply value and shading to your drawings. You will learn how to use darks, lights, and shadows to give your drawings weight and dimension in order for them to look more real.

4. Bring Your Drawings to Life with Color

Using colored pencils and other mixed media, learn how to use color to capture dynamic, real-life hues.

5. Put It All Together and Draw a Realistic Portrait

Use every technique you have learned so far to draw a realistic portrait from a reference photo. This class will focus on broadening your abilities to use colored pencil and markers to make your drawing look realistic.

Congratulations! You’re All Done.

You did it! You’ve completed the full Learning Path. We can’t wait to see where these skills take you next.