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5 Classes (4 hours 35 minutes)

  • Materials

    Paper, pens, markers, or pencils. iPad (optional)

  • Final Product

    Drawings of objects, people, and botanicals

  • Level

    All Levels

1. Get Started with Drawing Fundamentals

Learn to break down your subjects into basic shapes, place your subject on your paper, work with negative space, and cultivate your artist's eye.

2. Learn Simple Approaches to Realistic Drawing

Use the grid technique for achieving accurate proportions, add value with shading for light and shadow, and learn graphite blending techniques for texture and detail.

3. Try Some Freeing Exercises to Loosen Up

Now that you've learned some classic techniques, let go of perfectionism and try some easy free-drawing exercises to practice your line work and have fun!

4. Explore Faces and Expressions

Learn the basic techniques for designing a cartoon face and explore the visual language of facial expressions by studying the look of a wide variety of popular cartoon characters.

5. Dive Into Botanical Line Drawing

Explore natural shapes through botanical line drawing. You'll draw wildflowers, leaves, and other natural objects. Learn tips for drawing natural shapes and motifs and tricks for shading and perspective that you can apply to any subject.

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