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5 Classes (3 hours 11 minutes)

  • Materials

    Guitar, guitar pick, amp, quarter (1/4) inch cable, tuner

  • Final Product

    5 practice pieces, including 2 original compositions

  • Level


1. Start with the Basics

This class will help you tackle the basics you need to pick up that guitar and start strumming! In the class, Taylor will teach you how to hold and tune your guitar, identify its parts, and read the basic music notation you need to learn and practice new songs.

2. Build Your Foundation

Now that you're familiar with guitar anatomy and tuning, dive deeper into the fundamentals of playing as Taylor shows you the seven most important chord shapes, as well as how to transition from major to minor chords. You'll also gain further insights about tablature and guitar charts.

3. Expand Your Skills

Add to your growing guitarist's toolkit with essential music theory and techniques. In this class, Taylor walks you through the basics of barre chords, pentatonic scales, and the circle of fifths, as well as how to use a capo. By practicing these skills, you'll emerge a more relaxed and versatile player!

4. Put It All Together

Well done; you've crossed over to the intermediate level! It's time to ramp up the speed, accuracy, and flair of your playing with this course on dynamics. Taylor will introduce you to the many variations of guitar playing, from using your tremolo bar to playing power chords.

5. Find Your Style

All your attention and practice has gotten you to the fun part! In this final course, Taylor shares all the ways to bring your own unique sound and emotional color to your guitar performance. From tempo and rhythm to strumming and picking patterns, you’ll learn how to combine techniques for powerful self-expression in your music.

Congratulations! You’re All Done.

You did it! You’ve completed the full Learning Path. We can’t wait to see where these skills take you next.