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XR DESIGN: Create a floating island in augmented reality

teacher avatar Ardwin Hernandez, Designer and Digital Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Workflow and tools


    • 2.

      Designing the 3D Island


    • 3.

      Exporting from VR to Mac/pc


    • 4.



    • 5.

      Exporting to Augmented Reality


    • 6.

      Adding animation


    • 7.

      Final Thoughts


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About This Class

In this class, you would learn my process to create using an Extended Reality Workflow for design. We are going to navigate from using virtual reality as a creative medium and by the end of the class, we will have an augmented reality project!

Isn't that awesome?

  • This class is for designers with a certain level of fluidity with design tools and people who love to learn new digital creation workflows.
  • You don't need any experience in code or programming
  • You need to own a modern phone that can use augmented reality
  • We are going to use a method that just requires certain adobe tools and mobile apps, some online free platforms, and 3D design software.
  • If you own adobe creative cloud, you can use Cinema 4D lite to manipulate the 3D model, or you can use my all-time favorite Blender which is and will always be FREE to use! :D


3D Creation software recommended

Adobe Dimension

Adobe Aero

Sketchfab: With this tool, we will export our creation from VR to the Mac/PC

I choose to design in virtual reality but if you don't own a VR headset, it's fine, you can use one of the 3D creation software that I just mentioned.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ardwin Hernandez

Designer and Digital Creator


A curious motivated mind navigating through design, strategy, and technology. I am always learning from the changing digital landscape. With a focus on delivering impactful and memorable interactive
experiences following a user-centered design approach.

MA in Interaction Design with experience in Visual Design and Marketing Communications. I am also teaching workshops, speaking in universities, and managing my personal e-commerce.


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Level: Intermediate

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1. Workflow and tools: okay, We're life. I think we are. Okay, My eyes. Welcome to the workshop. Let's try to do as much as possible because we have a little time for the kind off prayed that we want to do. So let's go. Well, let me introduce myself. My name is hard when I am an interaction designer and I'm focusing right now. Privates are more into the ex art area of the same, which means X art means extended reality. Extended reality encloses everything that, you know that is like trending. Right now that is like emerging, which is br a R and R. Virtual reality augmented Reality makes a reality, so that just was put an X there and that's it, and we have it. So let's try to create something that you can all experience with your own, your own house or something that you can quickly create. We don't there are available for most of the people, so we let me discuss a little bit of tools. I'll be using my laptop, which is a Mac food. My phone, which is toe watched that a our experience there and we can in We're going to trade something with my BR headset in the application that we will use here is to brush. Let's see how it goes, how it blows and let's get started with my phone. I will do. I will use the application called Adobe, which is an application to you So you can like open files doesn't have to be treating file can be a to five. You can like separate layers. And if it's a training file, you can, like, move around and see how it looks in their different perspectives. So let me share my screen so you can see on the presentation and quickly, let's go and jump into the suffering that we're going to use so 2. Designing the 3D Island: Okay, lets go. Unless go and try. Let's jump into till brush till lunch is fine. Okay, so for you don't even you don't have toe own a VR headset to create the contents that you want to explain? A are. But this is the way that I prefer to use its Let me create a new sketch. And this is the interface. The tools. This is my brush hand. It can draw entreaty. I can't do what I do. Hear. Clicking on the undo button can change colors. We have everything we need here. Eraser Selectors, we can teleport in the treaty area. We can change the environment. Okay, let's do that right now. Let's put something more more color for here. We are this nice and let me build something with the brushes are more off volume because the to brush has a lot of tools A lot of colors rain, bows, fire all kinds off effects. But for our purposes, let's use this kind of brushes are more to create volume in treating their more easy to to edit later in treaty software. If you wanna like at textures and like food, some grassy texture on this platform that I'm building. You can do it. He's easier. So I will try to go to recreate a dream that I have your tonight. I don't know you, but I've been lately having a lot off like very big dreams because off the confinement I read the other day well, yesterday I read the study about this about this that is happening with the dreams, which is called Corona Dreams. And it's very interesting. You should check it out. This say, is that we are trying toe to process the day that we're having. And we are looking for other memories in our like our kite to try to go struck something very so riel and yeah, me having we could you can choose to have this as an expiration. Well, yeah, so xar I want to explain a little bit What xar means already said that it's extended reality, but, um, it's basically all this. All this ways that you can create content or an experience for users toe to play with it in real life or or it doesn't have to be a screen doesn't have to be in the middle of the experience of the user so you can creates content like this have put it in the real world. And we technologies like augmented reality or mixing reality. And I'm tryingto build my own workflow, which is using virtual reality aside, creation toe and try toe work in this environment because there is no other way. There is not know if Picasso was still life today. I think that he will try to He will be a fan of cultural reality. A secure a Shinto. So what I did there is I was selecting all the up gets and making it a group because it's more is easier to add it later. Let me select. This hold is grassy in group two. Yeah, I wanna put like an extra elevation here. No, put like something interesting there that I that I saw in my dream he was very similar. What? The inspiration for this, and apart from the dream, is that that we eat Reminds me of the painting made by the painting that is called the garden off early the lights and is like a garden Beautiful that off grass and animals and people enjoying life without knowing, Like what the future is bringing to them so But there is an element. There is very interesting in that in that painting. And I will try to recreate something similar there. Put some water here. Let me group this. - These are guides are they are very helpful for for you to create basic shapes like cubes and spheres. Cylinders? I've used this one here. - Oh , wait. We can use this again. - We don't need this anymore. Don't forget to grip things. This is very, very helpful. - Okay , so what are the tools that we were used later? After I finished This are Adobe Eido and another dimension. I shows these tools because they're busy very, very easy to get. Everyone can don't love that. The trial version of them their computers will be wet, sighing, downloaded in online. I mean, in the app store, you can find a lot of maps like this one that I'm sure you here from the presentation which are so you can play with mental reality. You can draw in the air in the air. With tools like this, you can put your own content. You can upload their your photo shop files there to the even separate layers and at some dimension to it. But I will be using this to Okay, there it iss this is They put a grassy environment here as you're going to see. Tilt brush is amazing. It's amazing to you can create a lot of things here. You need to know which brushes are, like, actually helpful for you to export them. Export the whole fire on their work. Similar. And you can if you are truly artists or you like to experiment with treaty. You can added this in applications like blender or cinema 40. You can edit the geometry there in, like do some additional anything. Okay, so my drink back to it. Are you trying to guess? Well already Say is practically basically the painting off the garden of earthly delights. Well, the quick version, of course. Okay, the water There's the water because painting there is like a fountain. I'm telling you, this is exactly what I was dreaming. A very, really like shiny red fountain with water flowing. It was like a no beautiful, beautiful plane. And well, I think this is perfect. Quite This is quite perfect for Listen up, prolonging much. Let me say this 3. Exporting from VR to Mac/pc: listen up. Prolonging much. Let me say this. And this uploaded, Of course, because we need to download it from sketch fat now. Okay, cool. Got its. Okay. Well, this is lonely. Let me go to my computer. Now have this connected on my I will be in my Oculus app. So this is the way that I'm casting. And now let's go to sketch for make sure that your file is ready to be downloaded in this format. Lest inspected, it looks quite good. Quite essentially one. What we intended to have soul is downloaded in the l. The G L T F formats is the one that will work for us. This this is a format for a lovely dimension. Well, interpret it. 4. Texturing: and we will have all the elements that were grouped. Remember that we were grouping All these elements will be added in creditable with the same texture. So here it ISS This is our model. As you can see, we lost her colors. We were using them. Yes s a guy because here is where we where we will add the rial colors. So lets navigate here this all the material that we can apply to the different layers. We can start with the rocks on the bottom. Oh, here selected. And now that we have access to the rock let's put this you can modify the the material with this settings here. So let's drop this Simmons with the real. And here let's drop something for the first layer of grass. This, remember was the dark in tone. So let's put this material that is like a cardboard material. Make sure to select their layer. Of course, we don't have one. The material in the whole piece It's okay now let's use this car bore and put it on like a greenish darker greenish texture. You can change the roughness. Let's boot like minimal rob one. We don't want it to be shining like some metal or something like that in for this grass. We want something like brighter, more color, same material but a lighter green as you're gonna see here. The workflow on the presentation is that I'm going from BR Houston's Till brush. Then I'm moving to sketch fat so I can export my piece. And we could have perfectly done this with it. Gravity sketch, which is the same a still brush treaty creation tool, NPR. And the reason that I chose still brushes because it's more colorful, more expressive revenues. Carriage, gravity sketch. Sorry, it's more like accurate. So it helps you with the geometry and that things are more for production so you can use this treaty files for for your next video game or you're really movie, I don't know, but it is more for production. That's the difference. And the gravity sketch has his own platform that you can export the file. And now, right now, I'm in the local stage. I'm in my laptop and anything that textures in dimension. We could have a perfectly opening like this file in blend their Dimension or in Cinema four D. But we jumped right away to other dimension because we don't wanna edit the the geometry in this case, we don't have that time. Let me put the grass texture for it. Try to make it as much as grassy as possible. This rocks here are containing like the pound. We could have something. I think I don't remember the color that we used there, But let's try to see you Something like stony, like a stone texture Lest use I believe his wife. It was like a being more a tone like this. Okay, we got that. Let's start meaning or fountain were found in a few. We don't have to use the same texture for the fountain because he has different layers. Yes. You see, I I created in separate layers so we can use something more like like metallic or something more like ceramic. In this part. They use something like very, very metallic and shiny because my dream I remember that it was like very, very metallic like you. Just like like very Chris. Um, And this elevation here was something green to put this texture with these cardboard, the same one that we use in the grass this good bring, and I think it was dark. Okay, we still have stones here. Let's no the dark course and have his own great. It's also important to know where we are doing this work. Is that for you to render it in a meta reality, you need to think about that. It doesn't have to be so complicated or you have had too many PolyGram's in this case, I don't have too many politicians. It's ah so simple. Treat the island well, it's low, Polly. 5. Exporting to Augmented Reality: But we can export this this file because for our mental reality wear depending on the processor off mobile phones. So sometimes I get my phone very heat, very hot, because he's trying to interpret the treaty file. Sometimes I've gotten very crazy and designer like something very complex, and my phone is like screaming for help because it's trying to render it in real time. Okay, so let's upload this in weights is a good way of the files, not too heavy. So now let's start or process to transform this into another mental reality file, you can copy the link and see it in treaty in the browser. But we want to say to exports, uh, for this already from this APS already have, like, good communication because they own. But they're all belonged to Bobby. Although he's not paying me for this word ship off course. Okay, it's exploit, and I still have my mobile phone connected to the computer with quick time. So let me say this here. That's Red Mountain and go to my phone now, when this is ready. Okay, 6. Adding animation: Okay, let's start with other Idol. So he's a very simple app, and it's available for free. Let's hit the Create New and Les at some interactivity to our peace. First, we need to, like, scan the surface. So with our camera, we moved the camera so the surfaces expand it. And when we have a let's Anchorage, so our pieces not like, glitch in and moving a lot, so he's anchor it to the surface this little our file. And here it is looking good, though now we can position in here Normally you want it is. If it was like a very simple shape or model, they wouldn't have this like noise in the surface. But don't worry about that. We can. When we export this as a final, it won't. It will be just fine. So here you can see in the lower menu we can see click the Behaviors. Let's click here behavior and we at a trigger. The truth can be that when the animation starts, it starts. We don't have to click it here. We think we have a lot off animation that we can put on this. Select the spin that it's Spain's spends in the white access adoration We wanted to go, like, a little slower. So let's add more time here. We can add, like, 20 seconds. So 20 seconds, it will complete a spin. Mm. You see, Well, let's put it infinite, because we don't want it to stop. And there it iss this review it. He previewed a button here on the top, and now we can see the effect that we apply. Oh, yeah. And the music is matching. Yeah. It was more scary on my dream, I swear. Okay, let's exploit this. We can export injuries in this tree. Types of files. Let's choose reality that reality. This our files that you can open on your mobile phone. And okay, let's save it on the same folder in the computer. So we have really organized this name. It's red fountain. Or maybe not yet. Fountain. They are. Okay, so now we can go in exporting other files. And let's open the file that we already created here Really file. Is that reality? Yes, to a test. Let's hope it didn't crash. That will be set. Okay, let's scan the surface. And here it is. It's looking quite good. Well, yeah. Yep, yep. It's looking quite good. We have a floating island that we created 7. Final Thoughts: Okay, So I hope this was helpful for you guys. So you can use it for your work photo. Create something fun. Something like inspiring. I don't know if you have an idea in your head right now after this off. Something that you can put it on a table like this and create unexperienced is a good time to reinvent ourselves and think how we can, like, go farther even in the actual situation. Like go farther with our products and the restate we can we can have. So that's all. Thank you for your for being here. My name is Art Win. And you can check my contact there. And that's it. Have fun. Bye bye.