Augmented Reality Animation: Give Yourself Super Powers! | SP Van der Merwe | Skillshare

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Augmented Reality Animation: Give Yourself Super Powers!

teacher avatar SP Van der Merwe, Illustrator & Cartoonist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Exporting for Flash


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About This Class

Augmented reality has recently sprung into the wonderful world of intrigue and internet interest, so I decided to take it upon myself to learn some of the techniques required to create an augmented reality video.

It all started after seeing the Google doodle on Women's Day 2016. The way the lines were animated over the footage brilliantly helped tell the story of each of the women featured in the video. You can view it here.

Shortly after Women's Day 2016 and seeing this amazing use of augmenting reality, I created a similar video for my sister's Wedding Invitation. The goal of the animation was to tell the story of their love, interests and also of when and where the wedding would be held.

In this course I will be sharing the techniques I used to create this Augmented Reality video. The programs I used to create this video are Adobe Flash, Premiere Pro and After Effects, however feel free to use any other software with similar capabilities. Synfig Studio could also work instead of Flash.

What You'll Learn:

While there are many tutorials on how to animate in Flash and how to edit videos in Premiere, there isn't a tutorial which brings everything together to create your very own Augmented Reality video. This class combines all the resources and additional skills I used to create my Augmented Reality Video. 

The topics we will be covering are:

  • Storyboarding. The blueprint of your video.
  • Directing your "actors". I will talk about how to enforce your storyboard and ensure your scenes turn out correctly according to your storyboard.
  • Base Video Editing. I will show you how to edit your videos in such a way as to allow your animation lines to pop out in your scenes.
  • Exporting & Importing. You will learn how to export your edited video file and import it into the animator.
  • Animation. I will teach you how to animate over your edited footage to create Augmented Reality.
  • Exporting & Publishing. Finally we will go through the process of exporting the animation and composing the entire video in After Effects.

What you'll do:

You will be building your own Augmented Reality video from scratch. We will only be creating a short animation, one where you will showcase one of your Super Powers! You will then be able to use the lessons learnt in this class to create a full length Augmented Reality Animation for whatever project or idea you choose.

So let's jump on in and get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

SP Van der Merwe

Illustrator & Cartoonist



Hello! My name is SP, and welcome to my home here on Skillshare!

I like being silly and drawing pictures, and even though I'm a bit camera shy, I love sharing my knowledge with people.

If you'd like to see what I draw on a more regular basis, you can follow me over at Instagram! 


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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is a spear and welcome to my clothes on animating with augmented reality. In this close, I will be teaching you how to give yourself superpowers using augmented reality animation. Augmented reality animation consists of normal video footage, which has been animated over in post. This animation technique can be used to create fun and interesting animations with minimal equipment or fancy three D graphics. We will build your storyboard, film this scene and then animate over the footage before finally exporting the finished video. So join me in this clause, and soon you'll be shooting lightning bolts out of your hands, just like Darth Sidious. 2. Equipment: Let's go over the equipment, you will need to complete this close Number one tablet. I recommend using any kind of pressure sensitive tablet because drawing with your mouse can get irritating off through the first few minutes. Number two Video camera. Any camera with video recording capabilities will work. You can even use your phone number three pen and paper and pen, and a piece of paper is all you need to create your story board. You'll also need flesh after fakes and from year don't feel obligated to use only thes programs to complete the close. There are a few alternatives out there which can do the job just as well. In the next video, we will discuss story boarding and its importance. 3. Storyboarding: The storyboard serves as your blueprint, guiding you through the scenes of your animation and ensuring your compositions or shortening the white that you want them to. You can create a storyboard by using a pain and a piece of paper, drew a couple of squares on the paper and start pulling them with your scenes. I think about how your actors will interact with the animated lines. You will later add over the footage. You don't have to create a storyboard for this close as we will only be making short animation with one scene, but it is essential when creating a lengthy augmented reality, and especially when you're shooting in the field, I need to direct your actors. In the next close, we will talk about how to film or seat. 4. Filming: foaming is pretty straightforward, so if you have a forming method, you're used to go ahead and use it for your project. For the Symbol video, I had my DSLR camera on a tripod and showed the film outside in my garden. If you really want to save time, however, you can record yourself selfie style with your phone camera. When sitting up you're seeing for foaming. Remember to keep the following things in. Does your composition allow space for the animated lines, which will be added in post? Is your scene too bright? It depends on the color of the lines you'll be animating over the scene. But if you're using white lines for your animation, try to find a darker seen or background. Also remember that the more motion you including your seen, the more animating you will have to do. Normally, I prefer to extend one animation frame over to video frames. However, if the motion in the scene is too forced, I reduce it to one friend. Remember to post your base video on the project page. In the next video, we will go over how to prepare the footage for use in flesh 5. Exporting for Flash: before starting to animate in flesh, we will have to export our vice video s and f l the file. Firstly, make sure you have your sequence. Selective thing. Good to file export media under the format. Drop down list Jews if l v train under the preset dropped unless choose the resolution. Your video is at minus at 7 20 piece. I'm gonna choose thin under output name. Choose where you'd like to export your video to. I'm just gonna say it on this and then just make sure your resolution here at the bottom, the same as the one you chose that talk. And then you can get a big sport. In the next video, we will import the video into flesh and start animating. 6. Animating: author. You have exported the F every file open flesh. Create a new action script three at the resolution. Your F L V video is that mine is at 7 20 feet, 25 frames per second, then go to file import in 40 stage. Select the F four V video grace open a box will then for about asking you what you would like to do with the F. O. V video fall. Choose invade it will be and who's next? Then make sure everything is ticked. Click next and finish. Your video is now imported onto its own layer into the timeline. Yeah, first, let's create a new layer double click on the ladder to rename Let's name this one volts thing. Drag the timeline of you to the point food you would like to start animating. Mine is about here. Click on is the layer and right click. Choose Insert key Frank. You can also praise if six with a key frame selected. Choose your brush to and start growing a couple of points or lines where you would like the animation to happen. As there is little motion in this part of the video, I'm going to create a new key. Print two friends away from the first friend, this right click and say, converted blankie friend. And then you can start drawing on this new friends. But now you can't see where your previous frames blinds are. So what you can do is switch on onion skinning here at the bottom of the screen, and now you can see where the lines were off the first frame. You can adjust the onion skin length by dragging these sliders here, and then you can start drawing further just a few tips when you want to copy multiple G friends, you can't use the shortcut, command or control. See like you normally do. You have to right click copy frames. Select the Keeper and we want to paste them right click paced frames. And then you also have to cut off the extended lost frame by inserting a blankie friend. If you wanted to lead frames, selecting them and pressing, delete or backspace on a Mac world work, it will just lead the lost keep from, So you have to right click remove frames, a couple of any shortcuts or the Kama and the full stop that is to move backwards and forwards of frame then. Q. This is the free transform, too. So if I select a key frame que or the budget up here, you can move around everything that you drew on the frame. Then if you want to copy something, they just littered with the free transform to you can just press, command, see or control. See, and then, if you want to place it on the exact same position in a new key friend first, select the enter key from the new press command or control shift B, and it tastes it in exactly the same position as we copied it from. Right. So here you are, with the final animation, as you can see where the motion is more station your animated over every second frame and really motion is forced the animated over every single friend like against he. Yeah, so if you're happy with your animation, it's time to export right, So to export, hide your dear layer, creating new layer. Make sure that layer is underneath all your animated layers. Use the rectangle to to draw a rectangle over the stage. Make sure the rectangle is black just make sure your entire animation is still inside the stage. Okay, that looks fine. So they incur too. Foil export movie. Cheers, buddy. You'd like to save or in which folder, preferably a folder. You'd like to save the the images. Make sure you're format these j pic sequence being braced safe. Then year. You make sure your resolution is correct. The quality always put it to 100. Empress. Okay, if you don't have after fix or you would like to save even more time, you can always export the sequence as a quick time movie. So then, instead of Jay Peak sequence here, you select a quick time to your folder and research. Then just make sure everything is correct. Yeah. Grace export. Sometimes my PC bombs out when I tried to do this. So that's why I use the J pic sequence. Myth it. But if yours isn't a scrappy is mind, you can try to export the quick time movie, right? So after you've exported all of the images going to alter, fix, create a folder to school it image, take all the images, drag him into the folder. Might take a while for you. Computer to process this After you've imported all of the images import video that you shot without the animation, the base video. Then create a composition at the resolution off your base video track your image folder from your project to your composition might take a while, depending on how many images you have. Then with all of them selected produce all of them too. The length off one frame. You might have to zoom in quite a bit. They were all one frame. Drag him down to one frame. Okay? And then with all of them still selected, right click Got a key frame assistant sequence layers. Make sure overlap is not ticked. Pres. Okay, off to your images have been sequenced. Scrub over the time line to make sure that the images have been sequenced in the right order. Mine looks fine, but normally it's back to front. So But you can do then is just pre composed all the selected we just into one composition thing good to time. Enable time re mapping. Take the key frame at the back, dragged to the front and one at the front. Drag it to the back, then drag your vice video underneath that pre composition with all of the images, then you still see it's still black. So we'll have to do then is go to your composition If you can't see modes here destroyed like columns. My words switch the mode of your image composition to screen, and then you will see your face me dear underneath the animated pre composition. So then the most important thing chick is just that you're animation lines. Overlap with your video at the correct pointing time, and if you're satisfied, you can reduce the pre composition to the same length as your base video. Dream it down crumpet, and then you can export export at their insecure, and you can export any settings you like savings you normally use. I normally use going to 64 on, and that's it. 7. Final Thoughts: Now that you have exported your animated video, go ahead and post it to the project page. Thank you so much for joining me in this close. I hope he managed to learn a new skill. But most importantly, I hope you had fun. So that's all from my side. Time to go practice Mike of Mamiya by