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Improve your Drawing Accuracy!

teacher avatar SP Van der Merwe, Illustrator & Cartoonist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      01 - Intro


    • 2.

      02 - Equipment


    • 3.

      03 - Practice number one


    • 4.

      04 - Ghosting


    • 5.

      05 - Drawing Lines


    • 6.

      06 - Fill The Shape


    • 7.

      07 - Final Exercise


    • 8.

      08 - Final Thoughts


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About This Class

If you're like me, this is you...


I've been struggling with this problem from the beginning. Even with traditional media, and especially with digital. For years I thought artists who could perfectly guide their hand where their brain intended must have had some kind of super power. Or they were using a lazy mouse. But there's no lazy mouse in traditional drawing!

That was, until I came across a couple of tips and tricks to help with just this problem. I worked on these few methods almost every day for three years, and what do you know, it got better!

I could mostly guide my hand to draw where I wanted it to go. This was amazing, and I've been drawing like a crazy person ever since.

This FREE class will teach you these daily practices, that will help you be the master of your hands in no time.

So join me, and let's conquer this beast together!

*Music by Thovo*

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

SP Van der Merwe

Illustrator & Cartoonist



Hello! My name is SP, and welcome to my home here on Skillshare!

I like being silly and drawing pictures, and even though I'm a bit camera shy, I love sharing my knowledge with people.

If you'd like to see what I draw on a more regular basis, you can follow me over at Instagram! 


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Level: Beginner

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1. 01 - Intro: my name is a spirit and welcome to my claws on improving your drawing. In this close, we will be going over a few quick daily exercises you can do to help improve your drawing accuracy and growing confidence. I've learned these techniques over the past four years for taking in events such as October March of robots, sketch dailies and just drawing a lot filling pages with seemingly pointless art every day had actually done something incredible. It had increased my drawing accuracy tenfold and made me way more confident in just getting something on the page. And it even got my heart noticed my precise drawing skills that grabbed the attention of a few buyers. This'll class is for anyone looking to improve on their drawing skills in any medium, with its fine line or pains in brushes or even digital. This course is for you. You're keen on improving your drawing accuracy, grab a pain and join me in cloth 2. 02 - Equipment: through this course you can use any pain or brush you like. I have collected a few of my favorites here just to give you a quick overview. First off, I've got a normal pain, namely a you nibble in. Keeping this pain makes nice and consistent lines great for what we are going to be doing. It is also cheap and found everywhere. Great for being a part of your daily practice. Next up, we've got the classic black Sharpie. I really like a feel of these pains, but they tend to bleed through thin paper, so just be aware of that. I've got two different paint, our pocket brash pains. These pains are great for the exercises we are going to do, especially because of their brush tips and sizes. Just be careful. Some of them can leak next up. I've got one off my favorites, especially for fine, detailed work. This is a uniph in 0.8 millimeter pain. However, you can find them in a wide variety off. Never. Sizes have also got my bamboo stylists here just to remind you guys that digital is also fine for this clause. However, I do recommend to turn off extra features available in some programs, like the lazy Mass feature. Finally, I've got a large Korean brush with some black Think changing it up between brushes and pains is a great idea to build your drawing confidence. So definitely swap your weapons of choice out every once in a while regarding the paper, any old piece off paper will do. I normally use any scrap paper I can find, especially discarded prints or old books. Remember, the goal is to work a lot, not perfectly. 3. 03 - Practice number one: All right, let's thought drawing some lines, using our shoulders, wrists and fingers. First, we will start by drawing long, straight lines across the page. Lock your wrists and fingers and only use your shoulder to draw the life. Try to draw straight up and down the page, keeping your fingers and wrists stiff as you do so Try and keep the lines equally spaced from each other as well. Next, lock your shoulder and fingers and just use your wrist to draw medium sized lines up and down the page. This one can be a bit tricky, so spend the page if you struggle like me. After drawing, these medium sized lines used only or fingers to draw short lines on the page, keeping your wrist and shoulder locked. Draw them straight up and down the page as well. That's my seems super boring, but it can actually be very relaxing if you keep on doing it. If you want some extra credit for the rest of the page. Within, lips is using only your shoulder logging your wrist and fingers as you do. So trying complete the lips is in one complete sweep 4. 04 - Ghosting: Let's move on to the next exercise. Ghosting first Maga series of dots across from each other, like them about three inches from one another. Ghost Europe in over a pair of dots. Top. Get yourself used to the field. Other line should be drawn vain driver, Connect the dots. Don't worry if you missed the DOT, just move onto the next line, ghosting over a few times before droid Theun. Increase the distance between the dot. Try and use your shoulder to draw the line as straight as possible, keeping your wrist and fingers stuff. Next. Make a few dots like this ghost over the dots to make a curved line. You might miss a few dots again, but don't worry. Keep pulling the page with these exercises, trying to get the dots every time. 5. 05 - Drawing Lines: Another good practice is to make use off parallel lines, draw to vertical lines about two inches across from each other, then fill the space between the vertical lines with perpendicular lines. Try to keep an equal spacing between these lines. Think draw horizontal line and draw parallel lines as close to original line as possible. Slowly space each line further from the other until the space in between them is quite large, then reduced displacing until the parallel lines almost touch one. Enough next, draw to vertical lines again and make a few dots on each life. Connect these dots at random. You can also try this. Draw a straight line at a random angle main. Draw another trying to intercept the middle off the line. Keep on repeating this process until you cannot fit any more lines. 6. 06 - Fill The Shape: this'll. Next exercise is my personal favorite. Start by drawing a random shape, it can be any shape you want more confusing and squiggly, the better after you have drawn the shape drawn line inside the shape while making sure not to grow outside the lines, you can draw vertical or horizontal or angled line. Add more lines inside the shape. Keep them parallel to each other as well as keeping equal spacing. Try this exercise with different pains and brushes remaining to mix it up. If you want an extra challenge, try to draw concentric circles or ellipses inside your shape while making sure to stay within the lines way. 7. 07 - Final Exercise: Now we're going to put all these drawing lines and making dots to use by drawing some boxes in three D. Draw two dots about five inches horizontally across from each other. Use the ghosting technique to connect the $2 with a line, then make it out somewhere below the line. Connect one of the dots to this dot. Do the same for the other one using ghosting. Next, draw vertical line upwards from the Intersect Point. Draw to more vertical lines anywhere along the diagonal lines. Draw a dot anywhere on the vertical line and connectors thought. Do the dots on the original horizontal line. Now connect the Intersect Point off the other two verticals with the dots on the horizon line, and there you have it. You have a box in two point perspective below the horizon line. Let's try that again. Draw the horizon line between two dots, draw diagonal line from one dot, draw another one from the other side and add a vertical at the Intersect Point and on the diagnose My good out on the first vertical and connected to the horizon line dot I'm going toe. I like the box in blue and as you can see, this box crosses the horizon line. Let's stroll box in one point perspective. Same story. Draw the rise in line draw dot or the Vanishing point lane. Draw to diagnose down from the vanishing point vain. Draw two lines parallel to the horizon line and drove verticals up from the intersecting points. Draw a dot on the vertical, then connected to the vanishing point. Continue until the box is finished. Last time we were Dropbox in perspective. If you miss a line, don't draw over it like I did. Well you are doing here is accentuating the area. You might just leave it and move on. 8. 08 - Final Thoughts: well done on making it to the end of this clause. I'll be managed to learn something new and that you have learned to steal that you can take into it, like to test out the new skills and go check out some of the other. Close is I haven't in these classes. We will use these skills with meant to draw some pretty cool drugs. Thank you for joining me on this clause and out to sea against you by