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Wix Masterclass: Create a Stunning Wix Site

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Your Wix Masterclass


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    • 3.

      My Experience with Wix


    • 4.

      Wix Platform Overview


    • 5.

      Sign Up


    • 6.

      Purchasing and Hosting


    • 7.

      Choosing a Template


    • 8.

      Header, Footer and Menu


    • 9.

      Adding Icons and Shapes


    • 10.

      Importing Photos and Videos


    • 11.

      Lightbox Popups


    • 12.

      Contact Form


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    • 14.

      Wix Store


    • 15.

      Mobile Optimization


    • 16.

      Search Console


    • 17.

      Wix SEO


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About This Class

Do you want to create a stunning Wix site? If you do, this is the course for you! 

In this course, you'll learn: 

  • How to create a Wix site 
  • How to edit headers, footers, titles and text 
  • How to import photos and videos 
  • How to do Wix SEO 
  • How to get backlinks to your site 
  • The best design tips and tricks for a stunning website 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

Level: Beginner

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1. Your Wix Masterclass: Hey there, my name's not or not in a jod, and I'm a producer of three D animations in dramatic short films and also a marketing expert. And I've launched my marketing agency on the weeks platform, which every single month is Bree me in new clients and bringing me new opportunities. I've designed dozens of wick signs, and I own a couple myself, and I find these sites very useful, very easy to optimize. And I feel like anybody making a website who want simplicity, ease of use and wants to unlock new potential in their brand should use wicks. Which is why I mean this course it may seem like wakes is a simple dragon drop site, but there's so many different things you couldn't unlock. There's so many ways you can optimize wigs to make it that more beneficial to you and your brand. Take this course and you'll learn everything there is to know about wigs from the beginner stuff all the way to the advanced. And if you have any questions, be sure to ask me the Q and A section. You have lifetime access to the scores and I can't wait to show you everything I know about Wix 2. Welcome : Are you ready? You better be ready because we're going to create a stunning wick site. We're gonna create the website you want from scratch, and I'm gonna make this course as fun as we can possibly make it. I'm gonna be as high energy as possible. Do me a massive favour. You have a lifetime access to this course. If anything is not covered by the course, just let me know in the q and a section what you like to see or what you expected to see, and I respond within 24 hours. So this isn't just, you know, consumed the course and I'm gonna teach you everything. Then you go away. It's it's very interactive. This is like a classroom, and we empower each other when we ask questions. So I'm gonna help you create a wick site from scratch. Now, weeks is pretty self explanatory. They say that anybody can drag and drop, you know, figure things out. But I'm going to give me some really good tips so that you could hold it in and make the best wick site possible, make it stand out among the other sites and compete with people who aren't using wakes. My main goal is to, you know, help you use the tools on weeks toe. Optimize it to get your desired result because you could make a good looking website. But if you don't know the tips and tricks to get your desired results, all else is lost, and I'm gonna help you learn everything from beginner to expert when it comes to the Wicks platform and again one more time. If anything isn't covered, feel free to ask me your questions. Make me happy. I'm happy to answer them. I'm happy to be there for you, so let's continue and learn more about creating a beautiful, stunning wake site. 3. My Experience with Wix : your unique potential to dominate the media. And if you didn't catch that, I have a little guy in the quarter of my weak side. This is a wick site. This is what a week site could do When you have literally no web development experience, you can create a website, optimize it, showcase your services, have links, have hundreds of pages, and bad videos have called toe actions on your page that redirect other parts of the page to get people to contact. You see, this is an example of the site. This is my experience with Wix. My name's not are not in a Jet and I'm running my marketing agency off of the weeks platform when every single other marketing agency in the area is using things like WordPress on the higher developers. I started when I was young. I wanted to use a weeks is a platform. And I told myself, If I'm gonna go with weeks, I'm gonna get as much leverage out of weeks as I possibly can. I'm gonna make this site look stellar so that if somebody wanted to recreate it without a budget of thousands and thousands of dollars, they would have a massively hard time. I'm gonna put moving videos. I'm gonna put, you know, embed videos. I'm gonna put services that are animated. I'm gonna put ah dozens of pages on the site. I'm gonna explain who I am. I'm gonna have testimonials. I'm gonna have, you know, strips as we call it here and fun facts and the best contact form. And I'm even gonna link myself on the map. And you know, not only my Twitter, instagram and Facebook, but I'm gonna link up interest in the yelp in, you know, a linked in a Google plus and I'm gonna have a chat. So whenever somebody lands on my site, it's going to say you have a visitor from this location and I can chat with them instantly , and that's what I did. And I've been using weeks now for around three years just for this Sinaloan. Two years to be exact, going on 30 years and I'm bringing in clients all the time. People from China, people from other countries. So whoever says Weeks s CEO doesn't work. That's not true. And honestly, people are spending more time on my site. And Google sees that because It's a beautiful sight on This is just an example of so many of the websites I'm I'm creating. But this is probably the example of the best one. The most successful one for myself that I have created that is working really well and I want to help you design it the way you want. You may not like this design. I love this design, but you may not like this design. We're gonna help you create the design that you love. We're gonna help you integrate a block. So my experience runs a deep with awakes platform because I use it. I depend on it for my livelihood. And what are you doing that? Or you just want to start a website for fun or a hobby or a blogged. I could help you out. And you can integrate abs like that. New things that people can do on other platforms. So it's gonna be an amazing experience, and I can't wait to show you everything I know. So let's get on to the practical stuff. Just a quick warning. It's going to start very simple. We're going to start with editing, text, editing paragraphs, doing simple stuff That doesn't mean the whole course is gonna be simple. If you find at any time something is too simple for you or you would like you'd like me to go deeper or, you know, you may get to the end of the course And you may say I was looking for more advanced stuff . Tell me what you would like, and within 24 to 48 hours, I will go in and I will help you. I'm passionate about stuff, so I expect the same level of passion and commitment from you. And let's do this thing. I can't wait. 4. Wix Platform Overview: Let's do an overview of the Wicks platform and what I mean by an overview is just learning where everything pretty much is. So when you're on wicks, just drag your cursor over anything as you can see a dragon over here. And I realize this ice cream is clip art. I can move it around, so that's really cool. I could drag other pieces of clip art there. Anything that I hover over it will be highlighted by a bark. So that's text double click it. I can edit it. So we're gonna call this, um, I scream for ice cream. See, that might not look the best to you. So you can use maybe an acronym. You can dio. I don't know the best ice cream that looks pretty good. So the best ice When you've edited that scrolling down, we can edit anything. It's just very simple. Anything you click on you can edit. I hit this and I realized it to strip background. I can change the background. We're going to get into this specifically, but places that you're really going to need to look for many is in pages. You hit this and you can edit any single page on your site, the flavors broken event and about. And if you notice, your site menu is actually located at the top right here near the header. So if you want to edit thes itself, just double clicking them, head into the menus and pages. Page transitions will, you know, be animations that pop up when you're actually changing pages that's optional. Over here, you see the background so you can change the general background of your site. It's not going to change everything, but if you have a picture of movements that you have this removed, the background would show here. So it's just something really Ah, toe look at if you want, you know, a moving video background. You can add a whole bunch of elements here from text image gallery vector art shape interactive features like headers as you saw down there. So that's what this menus for. Also adding, your blog's adding your store. That's all. Here. We're going to get into the specifics how to optimize your site in terms of your at market your applications. Air found here uploads. You get to upload stuff, whether that's images vector art, but later on, you can import that on your site. Wicks Bookings are a great way to get bookings on your site for people to book you for events, and right over here you can again. It's a button to create your weeks blog's. So that's where everything's pretty much located in terms of the website. It's very straightforward. Anything you want to edit on page click, it's probably edit herbal if it doesn't edit immediately. For example, Social Media handles hit settings and you'll get to actually manage your social bar. The design, which sort of bar you want. So everything's two per customizable just by clicking around. Which is why Weeks is such a powerful website builder, and I really hope that help you about. So that's basically our overview. I know it's very basic. Here's a chat bar. The bottom. It's actually an application. I don't know it's there right now, but it's also really great for getting getting leads if you have a service based business, so let's continue 5. Sign Up : Let's talk about signing up on Wix now. This is very simple. Just head on over toe wicks dot com and hit Get started. Now, when you start, this landing page might not be here, so simply go over to the top right hit sign in and then you'll have an option toe log in. See, you can continue with Facebook and Google. I suggest you sign up and then continue with either Facebook or Google or just put in your email so your name at your domain dot com and whatever your email is, you type of email again or copy and paste it. You make up a password retyping password and he had signed up. Then you go to email and click the link, and then you'll be able to log in Simply log in here. Now I'm going to continue and, you know, log in with my Facebook and Google so I can demonstrate creating a Web site from scratch, because if I started with my fully formed marketing agency website, it wouldn't be fair. It's already created. We got to start from scratch so you can follow along. And if you have any questions, Q and A's there every single moment of this course. And I can also come back and help you any time old. So know that I'm going to be bouncing back and forth between my marketing agency site and the new site that we're building so you can kind of build on seeing what a fully completed side looks like. And what a sight we're starting to build Looks like. So I think this is pretty general pretty self explanatory. Go ahead and sign up and continue on to the next lecture when you're ready. 6. Purchasing and Hosting : Let's talk about purchasing and hosting your domain. Now, this might be a little bit early for you at the moment, but what we're going to be doing is editing a site. So you're going to be choosing a template any of the ones that you know we've been looking through, or just choose something that's really appealing to you. They're already pretty much customized to look brilliant, but you want to personalize it and drag in the apse and features that are gonna make Wicks the most useful platform to you. So what we're gonna do is edit the site first, but in advance, I want to show you how to upgrade your wake site to remove ads and have a domain. And your domain is whatever you want dot com again. Www. You get you know, choose a domain name dot com or dot c A. We can have vanity, your bells like dot cafe, um dot store or shop. So what we're gonna do is when you're ready, you're gonna hit upgrade. Now, you can do this before you start editing, because you can always use the weeks editor, But I'm going to show you this in advance. If you want to go ahead and turn this into a real site. You hit upgrade now. And it says to check out our premium features first click safe site and then come back again. So you actually gonna save the site? Because I haven't saved this site yet, so we're gonna instantly save it. Um, right now, the link is not in a jat media dot weeks i dot com slash my sight. I'm going to call this example. Site. Um, so that's your wicks domain. What you can do is connect your own customized domain. So you click here, you go to saving. Continue. It's gonna bring you on to a new page. I'm not going to do it because my credit card is actually attached. Um, and I don't want to, you know, purchase this site for riel. But one great thing to do is to simply, you know, create your own. I don't mean I'll take you on another page. You choose your domain name, it will give you a price. It's very simple. Ah, it will just make sure the domain name is available. So your website name is available, and then you'll have options for a week's account to buy yearly or bi monthly. What I recommend doing is just buying monthly to see if you like. At first it's very simple that will walk you through it. But it's simply this upgrade now, but in. And that's how you remove the editor dot wicks dot com. That's how you get your riel UIC site. You know www dot your site name dot com. Now, as we progress, we're going to be looking through, you know, customizing some of these things, building your pictures, adding paragraphs, looking at our header in footers. If you have any question about turning your site into a real domain site, just ask me in the Q and a section I could make a more comprehensive lecture. Hope that was self explanatory enough. I know I didn't check out and actually by the site myself, but it's pretty simple just to keep moving forward hit up. Great. Now choose your website domain. Choose your plan hit, enter, insert your card and it's that simple. So let's continue making our wick site 7. Choosing a Template : for the sake of this course, instead of starting brand new from scratch, I can actually just navigate when I'm logged into a media company site over to my sights and then just simply hit, create a new site, and then we can create a site together. So when you log and you'll have the option to create a site, will secret your first sight or what kind of website do you want to create? Chances are this page is gonna pop up and ask yourself, Remember, how do you plan at the beginning, you can create a blogger, you know? Ah, general business. An online store to do e commerce, photography, music, a designer restaurant, food, accommodation, advance block. So I know there's a lot of bloggers out there. There's a lot of business owners out there, obviously restaurants, people offering accommodation. They're all, you know, pretty pretty important. So let's go ahead and let's check out the portfolio and see vehicles. Lots of people wanna, you know, market themselves as individuals. I'm going to create one on and let's just move over and see what that's like. So you can let the Weeks 80 I create a website for you. Answer a few simple questions and it craze on for you. I don't like this personally, just to be honest with you. I don't really like that. I find that the tool is kind of new. Actually, I think it's more than a year old. Last time I saw this, but still, that's pretty new. It's it's not 100% accurate spot on it. Can't read your mind. It's just pretty general starting from Ah, you know, scratch with a template is I find gonna be a lot easier. And some of you may be wondering Hey, daughter, I want to build a website completely from blank. Okay, you can do that. You can create a website without starting with a template, but I recommend you start with one. If you don't like it, completely, erase everything, but start with a template. I like to have, you know, everything laid out for me. It's not like drawing a picture where you can't, you know, wicks itself. The creativity that you can apply is strips and paragraphs and words and your own pictures and your own designs. But even templates are going to, you know, have the exact same design. In the end, it's a blank template because you're dragging the same elements on so again we're going to choose a template. So look at this. There's a whole bunch of different sites that weaken Dio. I'm going to go for big and bold. Let's say when I first started, you know, trying to choose something. When I was doing my planning stage, I was thinking, Hey, when I teach this course, I'm going to go for a big and bold site I didn't know it was gonna be portfolio. Let's look at portfolio. So, for example, what I would do is I would look for something very colorful and unique. I think this looks like a lot of blue. You know, I I might just be a little bit fussy. I mean, it's a blue theme, but the theme doesn't look colorful. If the colors don't pop to me, that's telling me it's using just kind of, ah, mediocre color palette. And that sounds silly because I can change it to any color I want. But I like to start with a template that pops to this image. Pasta. I like words. The pop to me, this pops like that, Pops. Um, this green looks good. It looks pretty professional. The black and the green together almost looks like a professionally designed WordPress. Let's keep going. Um, street life looks pretty basic. Kind of looks like a squarespace site. This is pretty nice. This is interesting. See, it's very news. Themed. Um, so portfolio and C v I would do that. I know I said I was gonna new portfolio on TV, but I wanna I want to navigate out a little bit. And I want to do restaurants and food because we're gonna be showcasing products here. And even if you're doing, you know, a portfolio site, you're gonna be showcasing the work. So let's do Let's look for something colorful, okay? You might not like colorful. You could just like something else. That's fine. Let's do something. Like also in the Q and a section. Let me know what website you would like to create, and I can help you. Let's do this ice cream one. Okay, let's do the ice cream. One that looks colorful as it is. And that is simply how you pick a template. It's as simple as that. Just navigating around looking and I didn't want to, you know, have it preplanned. I wanted to look around and naturally find things that I thought looked nice. Look at that. All the strips are designed for you. You can go ahead, edit the paragraphs, add things. Everything is there. There's even this beautiful ice cream color collection. It is amazing. This is great. You can have your address right up here that links with Google Maps. You can book an event Flavors of ice cream. This is excellent. So this is your template. If you want to scroll through and click around, simply hit preview in the top right hand corner and you could go exploring. This is your site. This is a new site that you're creating. Isn't that fun? So go around, click around and check that out because we're going to start creating this website. Let's get ready 8. Header, Footer and Menu: header footer and menu. I want to go over those things more in detail. I know in the overview I basically talked about them, but your header is the top of your site. This whole part is the header of your site, including your menu. You know, the text that you're having up and you can edit this text is, well, eso We're gonna talk about adding the header, why it's important and adding the editing the footer. Now, these two things are very important because they need to be customized. When you have a weak sight, they're going to see random things before you actually go ahead and customize it. So let's look at the menu first of all, so your menu you want to make sure that you have pages that are customized, you might not want to book an event page or an about page. I recommend having a home having an about page and ah, I don't know if you're an ice cream parlor, you can do your flavors. So what I recommend doing is just saying, Hey, I want a page. It talks about our history. It's called our history or history eso management. You all you do again, you click the header and your header might be located here or here. Or, you know, I mean your menu. Actual menu on your header will be located somewhere at the top. Just click on it and hit management you. And then what you can do is actually go in here and individually see the pages by clicking so we can see the pages there already made for us so we can go in. And when we talk about editing, paragraphs will show you how to edit. These simple is clicking, but what you might want to do is change flavors into, I don't know, like, let's say, our history. So you know, the history of you know, either the company or how you got started our history. Sagan done. Let's look at the menu and now the menu says our history so you can change that for yourself. That's the beauty of selecting and template, not having to do it from scratch. But as you can see, these Ah, these flavors look very nice. This is This is a really nice site, but in terms, if you're going to be doing your history, you may want to get rid of the ice cream flavors simply by hitting that and then deleting. So this again hit this and in order to the lead, as you can see here, you have to delete the full page from your site. So you go to the pages menu, hover over our history and click the you know, this icon and then hit delete. So what you're gonna do is we're gonna go to your pages when you were gonna hit this and you're going to have to hit delete. That's actually going to completely remove it. And in that case, if you can edit the page, that needs to be done sometimes and see, that's why I wanted to actually take you over this to show you simply hit the menu again. If you want to create the page, manage menu and add page, and then you could go on create in our history page. Done as simple as that. Now you haven't our history page and maybe blank, but we can start designing that from scratch later. So let's navigate over to the menu and go back to our home. So we're taking a look at the menu we see how it works. We have a header over here, and what you may want to do is actually important logo. So if you want to do that, you hit ad and then you would import either image or vector art. So let's say factor art was your logo, or you can actually go to my image uploads, and you'll probably see stuff from my website here. But what you're going to do is simply go to upload images and upload your logo, and then you can drag it onto your site. Otherwise, we're just going to use an example using vector art. You would just use the vector art Delete this. Drag the vector art up, make sure it's within the header. So click here. Sure, the head of the headers in this area. Keep that there. Go to a preview. That's what your image would look like up there. Obviously doesn't like the best. It's not ice cream logo. Um, you hit Publish. In this case, we don't want to do that, but that's what you would do if you wanted to import your very own logo on. That makes it simple. You don't need to know any, you know, development or coding or it's It's very easy. So let's look at our footer. So the footer is often going to say your copy, right? So who owns the website? Proudly created by who? I have other websites, and when you link other websites, it's good for S CEO. It's good for back linking. So what? I'll actually Dio is all right the year it was created in. And I'll actually put my personal websites to 2018 by not are not and Dad and then probably created or uneven, right? Like visit not in a j dot com. A simple Is that it? Is it not in a job dot com o highlight. This will hit the link button again. I want to show you I've removed the previous copyright and the lit the Wicks credit have added my other website. I'm going to highlight this and this many was gonna pop up for text settings. I'm gonna hit link and I'm actually going to go down to instead of anchor Web address and I'm typing my other website. Now you might want to type in your social media, but if you have another website, it's a great way to generate back links for that site, so this side is going to be connected to that site. Google's going to see this higher authority. So is creating 28 18 by not it out and jet visit, not an Najah dot com. Contact out up that. My contact info here address here hours here and mailing list. If this is in your footer, you need to click it, hit settings and then go ahead and actually manager email. This is going to allow people to actually message you it's located in settings and get weak subscribers and where notification should be sent. You're gonna actually edit that here. So this is gonna be editing your contact form a sign up form, and you can get email subscribers that you can notify about new developments, new deals, new offers. It's a great way to make more money at your business and get clients coming back. So that's a very general overview. One last tip I want to leave you with is make sure the address contact and hours make sure they reflect. If you have a Google business, make sure they reflect the same thing. A Google mind. Business is basically when you go to Google and you set up your business there, you know, you google a business and it pops up like your local ice cream shop. Make sure if you're on Google, my business, your address, your contact hours, they all match. It will give you higher search ranking. You know, it's better for S E O. So those are my tips. I don't make this too long, but that's an overview of the first place. You should start edit those two things. Most people do them last, but it's best to edit those first, so we'll see in the next lesson. 9. Adding Icons and Shapes: adding shapes and icons. This is pretty easy, so I don't want to take too long, you know, going over the stuff. But when you're adding shapes and icons, all you really have to do is go to add and then shoes shapes. It is that simple, So you can simply just, you know, look around and add whatever shapes or icons you like, and this could be really cool. Let's try to find an example of what sort of shape you know you may want to use on your site. So there's basic shapes is more advanced shapes. Um, let's look for more basic shapes. So, as you can see, they have boxes here. A good option maybe, you know, to add something that could, you know, serve as a background. So we're gonna add this rectangle to the page. We are going to that here. We're going. Teoh do the settings for the shape. When that see, we can add a link to the shape we can keep the original proportions weaken, edit the design, the animation. Let's edit the design and let's at it the opacity. So when edit the opacity and we're going to bring it down a little bit. And as you can see, we can have dog boarding. And you know that might not be the best design option you want to do. You may even want to change the color. So had a design you don't you can use ah, purple design or a pink design. It is going to change, depending on the background that you have. A good option may be to do, Let's say, like I don't know, like a white background and then drag it onto. Let's see if we find another darker background. We're gonna take this White Square and move it to here. We could move it here. Events. We can almost highlight events. It's just a small change. But as you can see, look at how events looks. Now again, let's do the difference. Events or events. See, some people might not like that. It just really depends on Ah, it depends on what you like, so you can display a border. There's so many different things that you can do, but that's as simple as it is again when you want to add an icon of shape Goto ad, go down to shape and simply add your shape. It's a simple is that used to spice up your site. It's just another added feature that may help you. Let's continue. 10. Importing Photos and Videos: Let's look at adding photos and videos. This is the fun part again. If you want to know what's a photo on once a part of the strip, just simply hover your cursor. You can see this is clip art. We can actually move it around. We can change it. So there's so many different things we can do with it. Scroll down a little more. Let's say let's say your ah dog boarding kennel and you wanna, you know, put pictures of dogs in their simple we're gonna change everything from scratch. I'm even gonna do it pretty fast cause I think I've been moving quite slowly. So we're gonna remove all the ice cream stuff, starting with a title. OK, so, um, let's say a fetching place. That's a good pun. We're going to remove the ice cream. Um, we love dogs, not bring your dog when I put, um, dog boarding. Okay, so ah, dog boarding kennel. We're going to do that importing pictures. Okay, so you have strips. You can hit any picture on the strip, and you can change the column backgrounds. So let's say we are a dog boarding kennel going images, and you can upload your own images on upload images. Here. See, I've uploaded my own. You can also choose social images, so import them from Facebook. Instagram Dropbox. I'm gonna revert and show you exactly what did this again. I know it's kind of annoying for people who know it, but let's go back, click on the image you want to go to change column background, and then you're gonna hit image. Okay, so you get. Like I said, my images, social images, free images from Wickes. See these air great free images that are copyright free that will they come along with your weeks purchase? I showed you how to register your weeks account, how to go and get your domain and and by hosting, so we look for dogs and look at how many images we have. Okay, so this looks pretty cute. I'm going to hit that and I'm gonna change the background. As you can see, we love dogs. Dog boarding. We're gonna add clip art. So hit ad. We're going to go down to Vector art, which is Ah, you know, that's not so. Bible use Vector are actually and, um let's scroll down and see if we can find something dog related, huh? So we can keep looking. Um, you probably want to find something along the line of dogs. It's a dog right there. Girl in her dogs. You can add this to the page right there. A fetching place. We love dogs, dog boarding. You know, this might be a little bit too big. Now you can edit the text. See, I'm I'm using previous lessons so that we can, ah apply all the knowledge that we know, maybe go down to the effects and change it to something that's a little bit more. Yeah, Looks pretty good. I mean, we can always change us in the future. Bring me about bar a little bit more up so that it's more, you know, lined up. Also, when you're lining text up. You see that line that's appearing that line, make sure everything is lined up a swell. So that line is actually measuring it for you. A great a great part of dragon drop websites that other websites don't measure for you. So, as you see, we edited those images. It's very easy to edit any image, whether it's clip art or strip backgrounds or blocks. You could just simply head into image and even grab them from shutter stock. These you have to buy, but you can import your own. There's so many different options, its ease of access, it's easy to use. And that's all it comes down to when you're changing different images. If you have any questions about adding photos, let me know in terms of videos. I didn't go over that too much, but it's just a simple head into video. And then you can, ah, add the's videos. Or you can upload your very own video. So those are some really great ideas. That's what happens when you're importing videos to the site. So it's very easy to do that. We can even look for, you know, a dog video or something. So let's go down. Let's say you want to make this into a video. We're gonna click here. We're going to manage columns. Well, that's actually sorry Change calling background, and we're gonna add a video and then we're going to go into Let's see. Let's see, we could find a dog video. What's that? Weeks Has dog videos change the background? Preview the site and right here. Look at the dogs seem nice. That is, it's very easy to just change the template of a site. Now we have dogs and ice cream so we could make a dog ice cream parlor. But you can see it's that simple. When you're making a site. That's how you add videos. So I hope that even if you're not learning, you know every single thing new from scratch, you're getting some ideas about what you can import. Use online video. It is dominating right now, the future of sales and marketing. So just definitely use video, if you can. Those are my tips for importing photos and video. Let's get on to the next lesson. 11. Lightbox Popups: weeks. Lightbox pop ups. What do they do? Well, the second you go to a site, you have a pop up, come up instantly and it tells you what to do. The most important action. Download an e book by my newest product. Get this 90% off. Sign up for my newsletter calming today. It's excellent because it's something your user will see before they enter a site. When someone comes to your site, they're seeing a whole bunch of things. And by using a pop up, you allow people to enter the site and actually see something the second they get there. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna go to add in the left hand corner and you're going to go toe lightbox. I chose this yellow light box because I find it works well with the theme of our website. So you click that and this is going to be the first thing people see. So you're gonna say Welcome to my site and you can edit the text here like give us a call today and then you could put the number down. I don't know whether that's like, uh to to to I don't know whatever you never is, so that's gonna allow someone to give you the call or they can just go to the site so lets navigate and see how it works. Welcome to my site, and as you can see, there's a video of the background go to site and then they can enter. So that's whole light boxes. So I recommend doing that and placing the most important call to action in your lightbox. That's going to ensure that your conversion rate, whether you're trying to make sales or get downloads, it's gonna be much better. So that's what I recommend you do. Good luck. 12. Contact Form: let's talk about adding contact forms to our site. So as simple as it seems, especially if you have a template, they'll generally be a contact form at the bottom of your page. But as you see, there's only a mailing list here. There is no contact form, which, if you have run a service based industry, it's a great way to capture leads to have those contact forms. So we're gonna do is we are going to open up a space here if we're gonna manually drag it on or we can add a strip. I believe some strips have contact forms. So we're gonna do is we're gonna hit ad, and we're gonna browse to different You know, those contacts. So if you want, you can actually open up this space here and dragging your contract form. Another option is to go directly to strips and look for strips that read contact and these ones are is what I recommend doing, actually, because you can customize the strips drag on. This is one of my preferred forms, and also this one is a preferred form. Drag it on here, so make sure it's right above your footer and as you can see right here you have the contact Us Very nice. You probably don't want it to be a couch if you're doing ice cream with the dog thing. Change your column Background. We've been over this so many times now, so it should be very simple for you. I usually navigate to free from Wickes and I look for dogs. And since I'm doing dogs, what's a nice contact? Form one? Ah, see, Let's do that. One looks pretty good. Contact us. There we go. And now we can even change the color of this text to make it stand out mawr against the background, changing the color toe white, maybe, or even adding one of those shapes. We can even change it toe white. We can Then you know, at this we're just going to make it stand out even more so just editing that, doing those minor tweaks, we're gonna help you in the long run. Make sure that your website looks great. As you can see, it's a little more visible. I do a little bit more than that. I don't like the look of this, but again, this lesson isn't on editing those things. It's on getting that contract for morning. So once you've dragged your strip and dragged in your contact form on the background of your site, you're gonna hit, change called. First of all, I like to change the layout, so pick the layout that you like. You want to live like that? Do you want to look on the right? Those look silly, so we're gonna keep it in the middle. Um, managing your columns is going to allow you to add columns. Whether you want a subject line, maybe you want something where they put in. If you're doing loans, maybe you want their annual income. You know, it really depends what your sites about so manage columns eyes a great way to do that, To add columns to pick different columns. What is The main thing you want to do is you want to hit this form, you want to go over toe layouts and make sure that is that is the biggest thing at the beginning to do that. But then you want to set your email, say your email by, you know, putting what info you need. First of all, so that's gonna also be edited here. Message subject, address, phone number. Hit that box. They'll have to add their phone number. It's a great way to get phone leads. I want them to have their address. You do a home service at that. Not they'll have to put their phone and address to fill out the form, so that makes it mandatory. Um, so this is optional and mandatory info. You click here, and then it becomes mandatory so they can't submit the form without putting the subject line or the message line. Um, and you could change what the button says and also what the message says when they hit Send . So we'll say Success message received the second and gets sent. You can change that. All that's edit Herbal Biggest thing. Make sure email addresses plugged in or you won't get the message to your email inbox so you want to actually write your email. And if you have a second email, let's say somebody else's helping manage your website or you have a business partner who also does work with you, or you have a virtual assistant at a second email here. It's a simple is that just dragging it onto your site doing the Strip. Like I said, everything is creditable. From the column backgrounds to the pictures to the text, it's a simple is dragging it on. And that contact form once you set your email, will become a huge path into email marketing and, you know, capturing those emails. It's not an email marketing course, but you can use those emails from marketing either individually or using a software like mail chimp in the future. Wicks also allows you to craft announcements, but I prefer, you know, to be honest, mail chimp. It's free for the first few users. Look in the email marketing. I may do a course on that later on, but in terms of, you know, managing direct enquiries and answering messages, this will cover all of your needs. I definitely recommend doing it. Once you finish, make sure to hit published and you're good to go for your contact form. 13. Blog: I consider this to be one of them or, you know, major lessons. But actually one of the simplest ones we're gonna talk about adding and blawg, but not only just adding the blogger. I'm gonna talk about how you can optimize the blawg, use it to leverage your business. And now you could bring in some new clients. See, blog's are extremely important if you want to bring in new clients or new visitors because they all have search engine optimization abilities. People confined your block posts and that leads them to your site so that at a block, all we're gonna do is we're gonna hit ad. The next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna go to Blawg, and then we're gonna hit at two site. As simple as that, it will start loading a blawg and integrating it with your site. And as you'll notice you're finished so you can create posts, manage posts, adblock elements. So there's so many different things that you can do. But hang on a minute. Let's look at the background. Remember when we edited that page? Background doesn't look so good on the blog's site. And look at this when we added the block. It's in lower case. All of our other pages aren't in lower case, so we're gonna hit the many. We're gonna fix that. First, we're gonna go to management you and then we're going to rename the block and upper case. Blawg. Done. Now we fixed our many just to go over that, we change the title so that Blawg is now in capitals. Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna change the background for this page alone. We're gonna hit anywhere on the background. We're gonna hit, change, page, background, and we're going to choose a color. We're gonna just choose the color, you know, white or yellow or pink or purple or the sort of greenish color. Um, I like the yellow. Does that go with the rest of our site? I think we had some yellow on the rest of our site. So there we go. It's much easier to read now. The next thing we do is we're gonna click the Blawg Strip or the manage post, but it's we're gonna hit where the block has been made, manage posts. And then now what we can dio is we can start editing these posts, These air just random Sam Post. So we're gonna actually start deleting them. Deletes delete. So they're just example posts were gonna delete all of them, and then we're going to go in and edit the 1st 1 or we're just going to create a new one. So what we're gonna do is, actually I would recommend, um, simply removing all of these example block posts or just templates and then just creating a post from scratch. So you go to create a post, and there you go. It's a simple is that Look how nice this is. You just add in your catchy title. How am I doing your title here? Uh, post about dogs or ice cream or dogs and ice cream If you have a dog ice cream parlor. And then what you going to do is, uh do you like ice cream? We do, too. In this post, we're going to be talking about the top 10. Weirdest. Weird. What am I doing? Weirdest ice cream flavors. Do you have an idea for a weird ice cream flavor? You know, send us a message and then you could dualistic a 123 and then send this out your email list and your email us, like I said, might subscribe in your footer. We're gonna talk about contact forms and how to add them and integrate them. But yeah, this is a simple is it is You hit, publish in your post is alive. Um, now, if you want, you can actually go into your settings over here and manage different aspects of your blog's like your display and your layout. Your layout is you can have a magazine style layout. You can do a postcard layout, a brick layout. You can do a title layout. One call on which looks I think these are pretty nice, too, so you can really choose and you can have different page categories. So just going into your settings and, you know, changing those as well. I recommend just being very basic with it, like just going ahead, doing what looks good to you and then just continuing whenever you make these changes hit publish so that it saved. Okay, once you're sure and you like it hit publish. Because if you lose the webpage and hasn't auto saved, it sometimes does see your changes have been safe. But if it hasn't auto saved, You will lose that progress. So just a reminder. Hit publish. Make sure that's there. It will save you in the long run. Good luck. 14. Wix Store : Let's talk about creating a wicks shop. It is pretty straightforward. I've already created a shop here. I already recorded this men this ah lesson. And my mike was off, so it wasn't very happy about that. So the shop has already been created, but I'm going to go and teach you exactly how to make a shot. What you're going to do is head into this ad but it on your left hand side and go down to store once you hit store. Um, you're actually it'll load similar to what we did when we created the weeks booking. And it will open a shop menu right over here so you can go ahead and, ah, you know, at products your page, just click around on the page where it says that there's no products manager products. Now, you might already have products that are listed here. Sometimes their sample ones. All you have to do is a way for this deluded will show you. You just select all and delete. And then you add a new product so you can add digital files and physical digital files like e books, principles or digital albums like you see here and physical or things that you ship T shirt , shoes, skateboards, products from Ali Express. Not that there's integration with Ali Express, but what I'm saying is, if you have the physical products, you can send them collection. So once you have a bunch of products like, let's say you've added a bunch of digital files e books, You added. Any book you need actually upload the file. But let's say, Ah, you have three products, maybe five products, 10 products. After you have a lot of products, you want to start sorting them into collections, and I'm just gonna go back into this so you understand. In order to start your store going to add go into store, it will open a page here and your many you'll see shop, click on manage products and add your products. Whether they are digital or physical, you can add them all. So what I'm saying is, once you've actually got into 10 we're gonna go into collections and you can, you know, have e books and music. Let's say you do e books music's, uh and I don't know, self help DVDs so you can have e books, music, self help DVDs it save. All I'm doing is going two collections and new collections and then all of your products listed here. Let's say you have 10 20 products. You go into collections and you can sort e books. You can sword your music and your DVDs in the collection. So if you have, I don't know five different titles of e books. Bring them in here. Different music titles. Click here Go Teoh, Click on music itself and you can add products to your music. Maybe you're seven songs or your new album. Ah, self help DVDs Sort of like what we're making here, except we're making weeks tutorials. You know, self help DVD is go in there, add your DVDs. Once you've saved everything, you will have all of your products displaying here, and you will also have categories. Your DVD is your music that helps in S E. O. And that also helps, you know, manage and optimize your store visually, like people will see that you took the time to go ahead and individually. Ah, put those different categories there to help people navigate easier. It looks more professional, so that's how simple it is. You just goingto ahead at your store and then add your products, whether the digital or physical, and then make categories. And it's as simple as that. Again, we haven't added any real products here. So if you're having trouble adding real products or some, there's some issue plaguing you. Just let me know in the Q and A section and will be more than happy to help. 15. Mobile Optimization: we're gonna talk about Mobile optimizing your site. And you know, it's actually really simple. Think of this lesson. Maura's a reminder. But if you create your website, it may look nice like this and you may think you don't need to mobile optimize it, But you really need a mobile optimized that. Let's look at mobile view of this site. We're gonna skip all this cause I'm gonna explain it to you. We don't need wicks toe help. Here s so as you can see, Mobile optimized this. You have your background here. This looks hideous. Um, let's see, the rest is pretty okay, because we haven't made too many edits. If you look over here, there's a different between the contact page. It's kind of ah, showing the back on a bit. You want to pull it up more so minor edits like this They're gonna are gonna prove to be very helpful on people visit you and mobile a fetching place. You can't really see the background because of the color. So we're gonna change the color, the white, the background We just looked, you know, really bad here, so we can change the header scroll as Well, that's you know how the websites going to scroll. But, um, if you want to change the background, I'd move back and desktop mode and change the background. But I think this looks OK. So now you can see everything. What you're going to do is hit publish, and that's going to make things life. But it's as simple as that. You need toe in the right hand corner, switch from desktop to mobile view and optimize those things once you make more edits like Like I said, we're leaving the main strips in. But if we change a lot for hours on end brought new APs and optimizes site, we would really need to head in there and start making some big changes. I definitely recommend doing mobile optimization. It's gonna work better for Google search rankings. When you're sites mobile optimized, it's gonna look more professional, and you're you know, retention time on the site's gonna be longer. If you have a messy site, people aren't going to stay on it very long. Site retention is imperative when he won a rank on Google, so this is definitely going to help you on your business. Be sure to mobile optimize to make your site more accessible for everybody 16. Search Console : so if you have a running website through weeks, it'll be wicks dot com. Or, like you know, not weeks dot com, but your actual domain So www dot bob's ice cream parlor dot com or whatever the first few days or a few weeks, you have your site running. Google may not actually crawl and find the site, so it'll take a long time for you to get a list on Google. So a way to speed this up is to head over to Google and type in submit site to Google that simple. Get your content on Google. It's the search console, so you're gonna be looking for search console and then just click on search console. You're gonna need to log in with your Google account. I'm gonna try to do this. If I can remember one of my five million passwords change three months ago. Of course, I hope let's try this one. Really have a one more shot? I heard the 98th time is a charm. OK, there we go. We've logged in, So what you're gonna do is you're going to copy and paste your website into here. Generally, it's gonna have to have the http www dot my sights dot com and then you're gonna go. I'm not a robot, and then you're gonna hit submit requests. I'm not going to submit this, cause that's not my sight. But you go ahead and do that. And, um, Google will lister sight faster, you'll be able to rank faster and be your competition faster. So that's a great tip you should use at herself to the Google search console. 17. Wix SEO: s CEO otherwise known as search engine optimization. It's what helps to get found in search rankings on Google and other you know, search engines. So I'm gonna teach you a little bit about Wix s CEO. And the secret with Wix s CEO is that yeah, on page optimization is help list your keywords as much as you can hear. So think about what people are going to search. What you want to do is aim for keywords, meaning just words that are high search volume and low competition. Dog boarding is going to be high, you know, Search volume, extremely high competition. Dog boarding in Massachusetts is going to be high search volume. Ah, very high competition. Probably as well, cause, you know, dog kennels aren't very unpopular, especially ice cream parlors. If we were doing that, that would be incredibly. That would be incredibly popular. So what you want to do is put the best ice cream parlor. Okay, That still might be taken. So we're gonna We're gonna narrow this down a little bit more, so we go to type of paragraphs. Let's say we're doing God. Let's say we're doing dogs in this case. What are, we want to say, um, let's say dog boarding in, Let's say Toronto, Ontario, we can say we have the best. Okay, Will you provide dog boarding in Toronto? Ontario's and I have the key key phrase dog boarding in Toronto, Ontario. You can also put doggy day care in Toronto a little less common, but still pretty common. So you can put, um, all day doggie daycare and Toronto. I don't think there's going to be too much of that. So there you go. Hold a doggy daycare in Toronto. We also you want to make look natural. We also provide all day doggie daycare in Toronto. There we go. So So that's you're gonna keep riding and you're gonna write that a few times in the website. You don't want to overload it with the same keywords, but at least use it twice two or three times. But the main s CEO for how your page is going to rank. And the biggest affecting thing is right here, head into pages, go to your individual pages and they're going to Paige s CEO. You're gonna hit this little thing and hit Page s CEO. Your site is ranking on Google as example. Site. You don't want that you want your home page to be generally like this. So let's say you're doing um, let's see. During the ice cream parlor idea, you could do Bob's ice cream. You want to use this little line thing on your keyboard located to the right press shift and hit that key and then you're going to write, Ah, keyword. So a keyword or slogan or um, Let's see, let's say do vegan ice cream. I don't know vegan ice cream. This is something all rank well. And if you're in a very rural area that doesn't offer vegan ice cream and stuff you could put, um, I don't know in middle of nowhere, and then you'll probably rank vegan ice cream in middle of nowhere, and you want to do this to all your pages. You want to hit that button and you want to go to Page s CEO and you want to keep editing those pages individually until all of your pages are, you know, edited quite well and, you know, displaying well for search rankings. So that's basically what Weeks s CEO is. I'm gonna give you another bonus tip for excess CEO in the next lesson. And that's going to go over back linking, which is something you won't be taught in any other wicks course. I'm gonna teach you the cheapest way to do it and the way that I like to do it. So that's what I recommend you do. Good luck with your Weeks s CEO. Let's talk about something a little bit more complex to rank higher. 18. Backlinks: wicks back, linking what is it and how do we do it? So back linking basically is just other links that link to your website. There do follow links that links your website. So if somebody is writing a block about your company and they link to your site, that's a back link. The more those you have from high quality, what we call them is high domain authority or high page authority D A and P, A blog's and new sites. Those are going to get you hire search rankings on Google. So what I recommend you do to do this simply and don't do this on a massive scale on Lee. To supplement a bit of it, go to Fiverr dot com Now, once you go to Fiverr dot com, what you're gonna do is you're gonna type in back links is not free, but it's cheap. Once you typing back links, you can boost your rankings of powerful back links. You want to look for somebody who's offering 90 Do follow back. Okay, You want some something that's ah higher P. R. Ranking than seven or three. You want something above 50 so don't domain authority or page authority. I'll go domain authority. Always use domain authority and type. Ah, 50 back links d A 50 there. I'll give you back links. Generally, they'll give you less of them. They won't give you like five million, because when you do this, you'll get flagged by Google search engines. If they're providing me three or four or five. Chances are Google is not gonna flag back cause it's not many back links. There's no way to even prove that. Spam. Ah! Google Cloud Link 68 d A. Of 60 Positive 55 Star Review. 111 5 Star views Look for the reviews here on Fiverr. It's a safe place to go ahead and purchase high quality back links on, but you're going to do is your site will eventually rank higher on Google again. Simple fiber dot com. F i v e r r dot com Look for D A of 50 and above for back links and purchase them. They're generally $6. You won't see immediately search rankings, but over time you will get higher on search rankings and it will help you. So that's one of my best tips for you in terms of ranking or weeks, I hire and making it compete with some of those other more professional sites on a shoestring budget. Good luck.