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Winter Watercolor Botanicals - Create Holiday designs

teacher avatar Subhashini Narayanan, Artist, Painting the Natural World

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Supplies Needed


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      Christmas Cactus


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    • 10.

      Silver Dollar Eucalyptus


    • 11.

      Needle Nose Pine


    • 12.

      Blue Spruce


    • 13.

      Botanical Christmas Tree


    • 14.

      Creating Design Collection


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      Final Thoughts


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      Bonus Lesson 1 Christmas cards


    • 17.

      Bonus Lesson 2 Gift tags


    • 18.

      Bonus Lesson 3 Wrapping paper


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About This Class

In this class, you will learn about how to paint Winter Watercolor botanicals using simple and easy techniques.

I have divided the lessons into three categories

  • Florals 
  • Berries
  • WinterGreeneries

    You can watch the lessons at your own pace. I encourage you all to paint without the fear of perfection and enjoy the process. I’m gonna share the best tips and advice to do a great job with your botanicals. If you are keen to learn some new exciting approaches to painting botanicals in an enjoyable and relaxing way, this class is for you!! Our project in this class is to create an individual botanical illustration or a finished design for which I have shown a few ideas and examples in the class. You can even create handmade Christmas cards/gifts using the botanicals. So get ready to paint. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Subhashini Narayanan

Artist, Painting the Natural World

Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro: Hey guys, this is symbol CNI and I'm so happy to see me went second stint Chuck glass and this glass, they learn about how to paint window article Danny quotes using simple and easy to dates will think more nosy and expressive. Gorgias, pedantic little striations. I have creative fights, ISIL Islam fought each phase. So look, it would be easy for you to watch in practice, we would buy into, into granaries, varies and flawless. You can use the botanical art works to create our doctrines are added to your portfolio because botanical set always in trend in the design world are again pain just for the fun of it. By the end of this class, you will become more confident in using watercolor and will enjoy the process. I have included three bonus Hominidae lessons, where you will learn how to paint Christmas cards, give tags, and painting on wrapping people. And really excited to see you in class. And I can't wait to see what to creating the class projects. 2. Supplies Needed: the supplies were going to use in this class. Upper simple. I have a size 10 round brush here, which are useful for painting leaves and petals. Also, I have a size one brush, which are useful in painting. Fine details. Here is my favorite brush rigger brush. This is so helpful in painting Sprague's branches. Thin veins, basically all delicate lines you can paint with the rigger brush. If you don't have a size 10 dress, you can use any largest brush. The to help because largest pressure is so great for painting simplified subjects. And we need vertical a pains and using Winsor and Newton said, the first thing you have to do when you buy your paintings, that is to create a swatch card that fits inside the vertical. A set. Um, here I have 24 colors. I'm scratching all the colors because of the color on. The paper is different from colors on the set, so it will be very useful if you scratch the colors and keep it next to you when you paint . Also write the names off the pain so that you will get the familiar with the names. On another reason for creating the scratch card is to study the characteristics off the paint. Some are Morgana waiting on Duh. Some are more big, big mentor. You can just for the side off the pan toe, See the name off the paint. Also, they're gonna use color pencils for adding details, or are vertical a painting? You can use any brand off color pencils. I'm gonna use mostly reds and greens in this class. We need a route blood for wiping our brushes. And we need vertical papers, which is at least born £40. Paper is the most important factory in particular paintings. Why I say this as the high energy is, um, off the paper. The more water it can hold are the paper might buckle up. And it's so frustrating. I advise and investing good quality paper and good quality brushes. When I say good quality, it doesn't have to be the expensive one. Just make sure your paper is at least 1 £40 on. Your brushes can hold a lot of water. Then we need to containers off water, one for washing your brushes and one for mixing colors. And that's it. 3. Poinsettia: In this first lesson, we're gonna paint poinsettias, the most popular holiday flowers. So here is our more board for points that, er we have several images here. We're not gonna take inspiration from single image. What we're gonna do is study the characters, takes on the colors. The point of the US comes in different varieties of red creams and banks, and it has a beautiful pictures on them, like speckled marble. So those are the characteristics that we're going to keep in mind. Onda create our illustration Today, I'm gonna paint red ones in this class, but I'm not gonna use. Just read. I'm gonna mix it with some accent. Colors are like a yellow orange pink to show some variation in the shed. I'm using all the red sheets like a bomb. Rose Eliza in crimson. I know basically all the Ritz from my palate. And also I'm gonna mix the bomb colors like orange and yellow. You can keep a scrap paper next to you toe swatch your color to check the shade off your word. I find it a bit dark, so I'm adding more water to diluted. Make it lighter. Yeah, I like it no much better. Let's draw first Iraq using the light. Wash that home weeks. This is a nice PCI shape, but you'll get by mixing crimson and orange. I'm going to refer these betters as Brad because these are not actually petals. These are modified leaves the actual flavor in points. Eight years are the yellow green blooms found at the center off the brax. If you notice I'm changing the dorms, I'm touching the other colors. I mean other shades of red not using the same light wash just to add interest on the character to their motive. I'm taking more pigmented makes from my parlor, and I'm writing the red to the Algeria's and I'm letting the color blend, but each other a mixing bowl and number with my red. This gives up flower, a nice contrast marrying orange to this Brad. This gives nice variation to the flower. Instead of using same red every time, mining more the burgundy tones knighting more breaths. I'm just layering by adding more breath. I'm using my issue and lifting off something. See, this gives a nice dimension to your book. I love this technique. I love how the flower looks now I'm gonna paint one more flour facing upwards direction, joining with the light version, adding a yellow Oh, I love how the color bleeds. Just add more brides and change your collars If you try all these things that I see like changing colors and burying the tones off the same color are you painting with? Start looking to me. Are you Painting will look even more dimensional. It'll give it more character to the painting On writing the dark snow I am marrying the dark sheets to the victory areas and leading the color bleeds. Think next I'm gonna make some year lows Dragged the center but sorry, A load of this flower there lies bleeding into the rare but that's fine. Its people have the leaves just like reds. I'm gonna mix on the greens from my palate. I have olive green here and sap green and Lillian Green If you wanna make a nice for a screen, you can mix blue to your green indigo blue That will make it to give you a nice forest. Great. You just dark more indica Boom! We're gonna add some leaves with the loose trolls lose brushstrokes. I'm not making a perfecter Leave shaves just a using the side of my brush to Makesem shaves , noting his down on some more leaves. I'm always changing my colors on the concentration off my wash. Running more leaves. Yeah, earnings. DeMann leaves do it, changing between the bluish greens on duh yellow side of greens, The dark greens I love how the illustration pops up once you add the darkest dark to design , so always remember to add the darkest dark. And also make sure you have the lightest light. Just as the doctor tones wherever you need, you can always to back and have a look and adow filler motives. I'm mixing lemonade Lohan's AB green to get the lemon green. I'm adding into their Laborde off the flower. It's almost finished. Onda. For the final part, I'm gonna add a D dates to the brags. Using my color pencil was Michael up until you can use any color pencil, these details are gonna look really pretty once you finish the painting a little darker shade red, then the base layer. I'm going to the same thing to the level here, add vase. You can even drop with the Burgundy colored pencil. It doesn't have to be the red. Adding, these lines are made a whole lot difference to the painting. It has made it more beautiful. Now I'm going to use the green pencil and do the same thing to the leaves and learning Raines on the line. You can even do this with markers. Just keep on adding until you feel like it's finished and the ego, the pretty looking point serious. 4. Christmas Cactus : thanks. We're gonna pin Christmas cactus. It has pretty interesting shaves. It has this flat and leaf like structure which are actually stem. It has a strikingly beautiful flower which makes a great subject to paint. Always studied the characteristics under features off the subject that you're cramping here . The flower supping on layered and the leaf like structures are connected with each other. I'm gonna make so some red and things in my palette. I want to start with the light washing, so I'm diluting it more. Let's try the center part after flour with the light bush then dropping a surprise color, which is a low. And take the pains and paid days. Kobe pedals using side of my brush to drop broader strokes. If you are a little more pressure, it will give you nice broad straws. No audio dogs to the pedals. I feel mixed green with the red. You'll get a nice dot grade. Also, if you make a darker shade stuff read. You can mix purple, are grown timber, get a different doctor shades off. People will give you a nice wine shape and mixing. Bonta member give you nice Burgundy shared. I'm doing the second layer. Now just look at a reference image and at dogs to the shady parts. Just keep on adding the layers you don't have toe copy. The exacting Goldie does just do you have to capture the essence of the flood. I love how the first layer of flower looks. Now let's finish it by connecting the two flowers. I mean the two layers. If you feel like you have added more pigment, you can always use the damn fresh to live for. Lift off some pain from extending the center for adding more darker presidents to finish the second layer. This darker tone gives a nice contrast to the floor. Now I'm adding the final touches on moving on to the next room. So now let's job. But here, using the deep off the bread for the 10 part and sides of the brush product, burn it, but and doing cov pedal here just a just a just about this opening audio darkest dark. And don't forget to add your separates. Color gives a nice accent of motive, and I'm lifting off some paint to give it nine dimension. Let's paint one more, but in the job No. One on the doctor stock, which is a mix of red and burnt umber. Always remember the darkest, darkest but gonna make a rod to pop out. Just drop it there and let's more onto the leaves A mixing all a green from a palette. If you don't have all agree nick and mixing number with your sub green to get the other green shade and starting from the center and leaving a space for the ridge on just giggling my brush to make the really sides. This is our live green. I'm gonna change the green now. Bluish green, mixing some very in agreement to make this bluish green and adding second breath, Brax doesn't have to be perfect way. We just have to meet some abstract shapes. No, it's it's flattened on the top, not pointy around the sides. Now, at some dark greens while the first lady spread on, let it bleed. I'm gonna quickly drop more, really shade so so that it will believe yes, keep on adding the breaths on changing the greens. It is a very light Bosch quickly drops and red violet stone bed mining some dog. You know, we're done big technique gives you nice texture to the motive. Let's set backs to this flow. I'm using only green for those more guns. Just lightly touch I alone and there's gonna be forest green and add some ground. My lipstick met. You know, it gives a nice shadow fee. Using same green will look boring and monotonous. So in creed uto add surprise colors and see what's happening and just out fun with it. You wouldn't know the result off it, and I'm sure there will be a surprise when you add that different color dropping the different color. That's what's so beautiful about border color. That's how this bluish green here that on these packs so much fun to paint excess. You can flip the paper if you want in the comfortable direction. And don't forget the big earlier brush for the sites because it doesn't have this perfect sides. It has kind of regular side, not a smooth one. Yeah, and job darker tones before it dries. Let's come back and finish this leave and dropping the darker shades. I'm taking the lighter green now and just keep on adding the breaths. I just made some threats longer and some shorter and some broader and some narrow ones. You don't have to be precise. And let's finish this adding this tiny bird gonna some Poland at the center of the flower. Just add some deadlines coming hold office and dropped the flower. Excited those final dogs. If you see the illustration looks more dramatic with all those greens and shades off bread , it has more character to it, so that sent. 5. Amaryllis: next, we're gonna paint Ammar unless they also come in variety of colors and patterns. You're gonna paint red ones in this class and mixing moderates of red in my palette and testing it out. I'm using my round rested. All the petal shapes making a light bush always begin with the light push because you can keep on are in the dark ones one. But once you go dark but you cannot light in the tone because you can use the lifting method. But I always suggest you to go from light to dark. You know, does I've are red orange to the red and then keep on marrying the shades. Oops, I made it. So Watari So I'm gonna use my damn brush. Are my paper tell to live some color? Uh, it is out of nice texture to the little no Americans has six petals facing opposite each other. And I'm gonna job one more better behind this top layer and one more pinkish peril here. I love how worried the hue off this flower look. Now it has pains, yellows, oranges, rare and at some darker don't to the later wash, marrying some speckles and brains just dab some color on top. Marrying Dr Speckles. Now I'm not thinking much just having fun that just experimented the damn dog. Don's not some purple with your red makes to make a docker are burnt umber arson green to give you a radio breads. Let's make some lemonade low to add it to the center. Don't believe the color bleeds to the rear. Add more darker tones to the Jews and I love the picture of this flower. Now I love how it's turning out. It's that little bit of green to the sender. No, we're gonna want this time. But Magnus Damn, It's like a big stock. Just drop some doctor doing off greens and brown. You know, Brown gives it more organic look using burnt umber for this mixed more crimson to draw another. But here you know, a cluster of flower comes off doctors dog in the list. So I'm gonna draw about here and my dad a flower are another body marrying tiny but here, muddying a long, narrow leaves motoring down. Let's draw another leave you, uh, it was an accident, but that's OK. It's a darker greens and adept. Oh, the leave all the leaves are coming from the bottom off the stock, adding one more. But here I'm taking the damp brush and lifting off some paint off the bar. Madding, the surprise color marrying stem to that bar. Gonna paint one more darker. Leave behind the flower to have more depth to the composition. This is a really dark forest green. You can get it by mixing indigo blue to your sap green. Let's drop one more. Leave here and make it a bit dark on the top of it. And the idea doctors dark does a just Russia shadow. Now you can take out the red and Burgundies off your color, Pencil said, and add more details to the flower speckled saw some lines. I'm starting without Indy dudes to this better just of this. Amaryllis asked this beautiful thing. Line patterns on the bottles. It's so easy to outplay this with the pencils I love. How starts looking now without those D days. Now let's add some. Bolan's using are low. You can even use markers. Are post opens for this? It's a dark agreed at the center to give it more depth. I'm lifting. They exist. Paint with my damn fresh. So that's how you paint unrealistic a Marylise flower. It doesn't have all the details from my reference and wage, but adding the pencil lines ties up the illustration. Onda makes it look more detailed. 6. Hollyberry: and this. Listen, we're gonna paint holly Berries delivery so usually has this spiky leaves on red Berries. Andre mixing all treats up red again, marrying a loss to my read and then mixing crimson red and adding a little bit of purple to my read. Also some green on one side of my palette, so remixing these colors will give you a nice head start. So let's start painting Berries. Just a circular shapes on. Keep on adding clusters off Berries. I'm picking door and just read now doesn't have to be perfect so fleshy. I had more clusters here and there. No one to the green. It makes some greens in not ballot and a live mixing olive green, south green and darker forest green by adding some pain to go toe my green. So keep your greens ready and start painting, Believes believes has a spiky scallop e sides. So we're going to leave some space in the middle on draw the sites of the league amusing side of my brush to make the broader stroke and and using a very dark green for the other side of this leave and dropping some dark. Agree on the later board after leaves just some abstract bikes. Keep it lose. You don't have to be precise. You know you're not making the scallop e ages exactly. Just things fun. Lose strolls if the let's do one more leave with the sap green. Yeah, I'm gonna make some browns and mixing bond number and black for the bull riding stems just extends with your rigger brush. I recommend you to buy and use the rigger brush. It's totally cooled at the branches and fine lines. It has long row stools, which just useful in making on predictable lines, which is also so organic looking lines. I feel the composition is little off. I'm gonna add one more tiny leave here using sap green, and I'm gonna add a few more Berries. Brothers, I feel there's more empty space, just blasted off Berries and also painting these little twigs to our interest, and we are down 7. Snowberry : next, we're gonna pain to snow Berries. Are these coming up? You? Brady's off color like a white light, green and being. But most species produce the white ist green fruit. So that's what we're gonna paint in this class. I'm taking a very diluted wash off light green on a little bit darker green for the shadowy bots. Yeah, drawing this very translucent. Very. Just drop these berry shapes and leave some highlights If you want. I'm keeping it as light as possible. I don't believe the very statue each other We can go in and axioms shadows using the darker green that be mixed. Yeah, I'm gonna talk a green to all the Berries. If you think you have added more pigment, you can always the use your damp brush to live some color. Let's try a couple more year. I'm leading the darker green, you know, on the painting dries the color gonna lighten up a bit. So don't worry if it's a big talk Now, once you're at the darker green Now let's make some browns and bang these stem using our rigger brush just connected with each other. This lets so delicate and beautiful once you finish this branch, you can add these tiny daughter Danes of the Berries facing different directions, you know, some dogs on top and some on the site and some facing down so that it looks organic. Now it's time to add some leaves to the snobbery branch. They wanna mix, all agree. And a few leaves and this dark read just are few leaves. And between these very clusters just dog this dog agree, and then we are done. 8. Winterberry : and this. Listen, they're gonna paint winter Berries, which very easy people have painted in abstract stay. So I'm mixing a few sheets off red, orange and beans to give a nice variation to the Berries. Let's start dropping some circle shapes. It doesn't have to be perfectly round shape. You cannot small and bigger Berries. I can always change the size of the Berries, and we can also leave. Highlight if you want, are added later. Using a white pen, you can a darker ones and some lighter ones and some medium toned ones just to add more drama. Toe the illustration. Maren Green to the mix to make a darker having some docker Berries at the bottom. Okay, a couple more here. No, you don't have to plan. I think too much about it. Just keep on making it up as you go and keep on changing the colors and marrying some yellow on the painting. An orangish one. It's gonna look awesome. Attend off the painting. If you keep on changing the color, the Don's off to color, explained one of the top end, and you can add a baby. You feel the compulsion will look gate one British one here and one more behind us. A couple more of the tall marking the Dhaka stock. Now the Marines gonna mix a Bollinger number and pains agree, make a blackish brown and some to eggs. For this I'm using my rigger brush Rika brushes so apt for this kind of technique, it's so helpful and adding this thing clicks like strokes. You cannot most times coming on off the branch to make the compulsion look complete. Just step back and have a look on. You know, murder is most peace and where you can add more Berries, muddying couple more teeny tiny ones, and that's it. Pretty simple. 9. Magnolia : next we're gonna being Magnolia. But when he has a very interesting colors, it has, agreed Brown's Auker. So let's start with mixing some greens on broad, mixing the future itself. Green here and Brown and I'm picking our number burnt umber rosiana on guns in L. A walker, basically all the other Don's from my palate on also mixing somewhere to get that accent. Magnolia leaves a little bit. Not so get bolder. Video stroke. I laid the first drop with Brown, and now I'm mixing a locker plus yellow golden leaves. I'm taking a little bit off green and painting that baby stroke on top to suggest it's facing sideways. Let's paint another brown leaves here and this doctor don't and I'm going them to bleed. Let's put this island green and leave slowly building the composition. Now let's make some purple green and we'll debate dark and I live on the top. You can make your leave overlapping each other, Somebody going under me on some above Let's try one will leave coming on here. Yeah, and then mixing the indigo blue to bring to down dog and very decides off the leaves. You have to keep them on the same size to give them a nice organic look more national. It's drawn the doctor one. Here, you can add the middle stone, the stands off. The leaves are shocked. Er, just connect them with the shot on stem. And let's make that main stem nice and take. I'm quickly mixing Bunty and not in a bit of bread and making this leave coming off the stem. It's kind of burgundy. I'm gonna lift some paint off using my damn clean brush touching a beat off brown here. No, that looks good. Just believe your greens and browns. You will discover some cool effects and took shoes. And now is the time to add some things. Do it. I'm taking my decompression and lines in the middle. Now that's looking beautiful. It's out of the picture. You don't want it. Don't look too straight. I've been something missing in the competitions. I'm adding a one more live here. You can always assess your composition. At the end of the painting, I'm gonna makes yellow to my brown, which I already had in to get a nice golden color makes. And let's set this one last leaf here. That's on this doctor. Don't on dog and I think we are done. Magnolia, for example, and beautiful 10. Silver Dollar Eucalyptus : all right. Next, we're gonna paint us and bottle you collect us. These are so beautiful. This is one of my favorite subject to paint. When you're looking at your subject, all visa, study the colors and shapes and you here. If you see the silver dollar, eucalyptus has lighter tones to darker. Don't self green and it's shapers. Circular and rounded shape. Let's make some color striped from lime green and all the green sack green and even some blue dolls. I'm mixing these blues for the doctor, but after leaves and also a deep for a screen, let's start with the light Bosch. I'm applying more pressure and making this round shape. It's not a perfect alone for this kind of few collectors. The color varies from blue green to green green. Go smoothed your brush on, make the cheap. There's a deeper descended like a rounder party Una believes randomly on. Then later connect the stem. I'm dropping dark greens. I should have done this a bit earlier when the leaves are still. Bet Some leas are dry now, but that's OK and painting the leave behind this winter. Dark green, bluish green. Oh, I blotched that But let's give going, amounting more darker leaves or lapping the lighter ones. It's keep on marrying the greens and keep on adding these rounded leaves. I'm gonna add the stem later, I'm gonna connect all those leaves. When you pull your brush like that, it's gonna leave some puddle. I'm gonna leave it like that. Sometimes it gives you a nice texture to the painting. And let's try this little technique with use the back tip off brush and Georgia's rains. You know, even do this while the paint is still wet, it's gonna create a nice effect. All these funky shapes kind of look funny now, but once you add the stem and connect them all, it's gonna look beautiful. - No mixing. Brown's on with my rigger brush. I'm gonna connect all these leaves using very 10 lines. Now the illustration is starting to take shape. As you can see, we have finishing this industry ation with easy steps. First we laid all those shapes off leaves, and now we're connecting everything using the rigger brush. It's as simple s that once you start learning breaking down the process, you can dry anything without fear and doubts. Let's add a few more lease where you feel there's most base Go now. Let's add some lanes and finish this illustration. It started in delegate Onda. Very light Maine's Let's add those finishing touches on and get it done. There you go, the pretty silver dollar eucalyptus. 11. Needle Nose Pine : Now let's paint this needle no spine, which is super easy. You only need browns and greens for this. So let's start with Brown for the Stamen. Let's make it a little bit ticker, mixing a darker bro and adding a little texture. I'm just making some abstracts show to give that rough picture, and once we finish this, let's move on to the pie. Nader's I'm going to use my rigger brush for this. I'm gonna makes a few shades of green. I'm going to start with light one just our water and diluted. And now let's pull some fine needles coming out of the branch like that. Let's start with the late Wash and to the dark ones. Just long. Needle coming on off the stone and remember to change the shade of green every time you dip your brush in the pilots. - Yeah , Now let's get crazy and add these longer needles here very thing and long. Just do it without too much control in your hand. You can keep your hand in the air and painted because if you rest your hand, the lines will become more control. Let's do the pine cone Now I'm gonna try the done bag technique fathers and using the damn fresh and making the pine cone shape on. I'm quickly mixing from nighter Wash off brown. Let's do the later wash. First find it's more into the dog. A mixing red. Tow the mix to bury the tone and making a dark. Now seeing things great and a little bit off burn number, it's the medium. Don't just laying the abstract shapes in between the spaces. You have to paint all the details. All you have to do is a loose interpretation off your reference image. So I have lot of my brush with a darker shade of brown. Always lay the darkest dark so that your illustration will papa just people brushstrokes outside. Now let's add more needles in the main branch and complete devastation. Let's make it even more longer. I'm adding the dark one right? That's and that's it. As simple as that 12. Blue Spruce : next, we're gonna pain blues brews. This has dusty, bluish green color and round toe, so let's start with brown for the center. I'm doing a thick still on a few branches coming off a foot, joining with the light on. And then we want to the darker tones and ads and textures, anything the doctor brown with one C And now I'm adding these dot dot doctor, just if you are trapped there strokes, let's make that dusty, bluish green green. And let's job these pine needles coming off the step using very light pressure. These are super fun to play. Make sure you make the needles facing all directions. I didn't do the data. Say we're going to repeat the same process for this time, too, just adding some lines quickly. Using legal brush, I can use any fine brush if you don't have a big brush with you. This whole process is so much fun and easy. All we have to do is quick thing. Restaurants coming over system. You can go crazy and change the elections is what we're doing for all the branches. And just don't think to imagine just play and add these delicate strokes and says in Perfect and so much fun toe in that as this one just happens. Filling the space, I decided off the stem, and sometimes you can even know are darker blue store to give that congest. I want to see how it turns out. So that's all about the blues proves just a brown stem. Take brownstone, man, those delicate lines using bluish green. It's really simple, but so beautiful. 13. Botanical Christmas Tree: There are many ways that you can use all the botanical motives that we learned in this class today, and I'm gonna show you a few example. And I'm gonna show you how to do a botanical Christmas tree. I'm going to use this triangles pencil sketch as my guide. I am, uh I'm gonna start filling it with botanical motives that we learned starting with fines idea. And I'm painting it in the bottom off the triangle. And I'm going to create a beautiful composition. No, you can implement ideas in many different ways. I will show you in the next. Listen, just make sure you don't place the same colors next to each other. I'm gonna paint this red Christmas characters and get the top off the triangle. You can use the same method and creator illustration using a bobble shape, you can fill the botanical inside the bubble shaped, uh, and star shapes and even alphabet's are. You can also do that with the vintage animals. All you have to do is sketch the outlines and fitted with the botanical motives. I have placed a winterberry here, so I have not raised the red next to each other on Now I'm moving toe Mistletoe strawberries. This whole process is so relaxing because so you don't have to think too much, and all you have to do is fill this triangle with your favorite motives. No, we're doing the pine cone using abstract strokes. Let's draw the new didn't know. Do you know once you start training your eyes to see the reference image and look at it as shapes are not, look at every tiny details. All you have to look at the shapes, the colors and the tones. That's it. You don't have toe. Look at the every tiny details. Just paint a simplified interpretation off the reference in age what's droid Juniper branch here? And remember to change the size of the motives because you don't want to keep all the motives the same size. I made some bigger and son smaller. No, let's paint a cedar here wriggle these drugs. Once I finish my main motors, I love fill the gaps with Philip motives. Let's paint holy Berries there and Rose Marie. I know I have been repeating this throughout this class, but please ah, change the value of your green will start noticing a huge difference in your illustration once you follow the simple technique. No, I'm just using a filler motives. Now let's add the details using our color pencils. - I hope you create the simple and beautiful illustration, and I'm gonna show you a few more examples in the next listen. 14. Creating Design Collection : Let's see a few more examples off how you can apply these botanical motives. You can create our individual illustrations. Onda can sell them on printer and the mind sides. Botanicals are so beautiful as art prints. Also, you can create a greeting cards. I have used the same method as the tree that we painted in the last listen and just filled the bubble with the motives. This is another example for Leo. It's a false idol, a out it can you and also do our lower repeating pattern are you can create the small group of cohesive looking pattern. You can add it to your portfolio by creating an all over pattern and individual illustrations which go together. The ideas are endless. 15. Final Thoughts: congratulations on finishing its last. I hope a lot from it. And I hope people are creating the Vera making streets and just play for fun off it. Like Russ is the home states of Onley Happening accidents. If you're on instagram, you can follow me at slash need out art factory. I share my creations and more off my process there. Also, if you want to learn more about a particular techniques, I have another class called painting More than Watercolors. Florence. You can check it out. I share a lot of cool techniques in creating Barnacle of florals, which are super cool and easy, and I'm sure you'll love it if you want alone more about Barnicle techniques. Follow me on skill shirt. I have a lot, of course, lined up for next year. Feel free to reach me if you have any questions and see you in the next class 16. Bonus Lesson 1 Christmas cards: In this bonus lesson, we're going to create beautiful Christmas cards in two different layouts that you will be so proud to give to a loud ones. We'll be using the same botanical set we painted in the class lessons. And starting with appoints idea, you're going to paint in a very free hand style. Since we practiced all the botanical elements in the class lessons, it's gonna be very easy for you just to put together everything in desired layout. So I'll be using all the reds and the yellow and green and some browns for the dark areas. So this binds idea is though central focus. And so after finishing this will start adding the greens to either side of it. Now that we have finished our pine said, yeah, we can start adding some christmas folly ages. Can add some leave shapes, some binds. Just vary the shades of green that will make a design more interesting. You can draw some benches to add some berries. Just put them all out on the branch. You can just play around the placement if you want. It doesn't have to be perfect. Outlet matters is you are creating something from your heart. Just connect the various with fine liner brush. You remember if you want to make a fluorescent green, you can just add Brown's DR. green makes. Just make sure you have IAD of foliage. And my idea of shapes. Some by needed some holly leaves, some variety in the sizes. Some could be small. So I'm going to be big. Picking just muddy the sizes of even the batteries. And you can add some fillers using brushstrokes. That looks like branches. Now adding some bluish green foliage is, you can just add blue to a green mix and it would make a nice accent color. I'm done with your botanical. You can start writing your vicious. Can write Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Season's greetings. It's completely okay to write it in your own handwriting as I believe it adds personal debt and it's super special. And that's it. Here is a beautiful Christmas card that you can send your loved ones. For the second layout, you need to stick a masking tape across your watercolor paper. And we're going to add winter botanical to top and bottom of the paper. I'm starting with silver dollar eucalyptus. Let's marry the greens. And now embedding one across the paper. Because we don't want a place to say motive next to each other. Scattering it randomly. We'll give you a nice moment to a design. Now let's connect these leaves using all fine liner brush. And using the same liner brush to paint a bind branch here. Just using some belongs strokes. Using lemon and no to the spine. Nice variation in the green. I'm just trying to balance both the sides and trying to create harmony. It's not complete without adding various night. Some resound. Adding branches connecting the Murray's. Now let's add some leaves as fillers. Adding the holly leaf here. You can stop and assess your painting. Just have a look, an ad motives to balance both the sides. Adding the darkest color before you finish the painting is very important because that's what will make the colors pop. And all your motives pop. So I'm adding a dark red to the berries. To add the contrast. You can finish by adding fuel, twigs and branches, and even leaves. I notice there's too much space at the bottom, so I'm trying to balance it by adding a few more elements there. That has become too dark, so I'm lifting it off. Adding one more leaf here. Just keeping it loose and easy. Now let's remove the masking tape carefully. So you can use a brush pen, are a paintbrush or any marker to write your text. Writing happy holidays here. You can even do this with metallic bend or metallic paints If you have I Lohan banded greeting cards a gives a moment joyful feeling. I hope you enjoyed watching this and I can't wait to see the gods that you create. I hope it inspires you to come up with some new layouts. In the next lesson, we're going to make some beautiful Christmas gift tax. 17. Bonus Lesson 2 Gift tags: In this lesson, we're gonna make a few holiday gift tags. These gift tags are easy to make and you can make it in a variety of ways. For the first time, we're just going to add some dots. Using red. Besides just ships from leftover watercolor paper had just cut it in a gift tag shape. If you have guessed it already, these are berries. You always start with light red and then go darker. To add some dimension. It's very simple to make. You're just adding few dots and just connecting the mall together with lines. And voila, you have got to bury branch. Just like that. You can write your vicious using a brush pen. I'm using a brush pen and just writing Mary and bright. And you can attach it wine. I'm making a loop and bussing the other end to the loop. And that's it. The next one is going to be super pretty. You're going to Bain some holly leaves and add some varies. So I'm taking Green and painting the shape of holly leaves, leaving a tiny gap in the middle and adding baby margins. Holly leaves here, but using just brush stroke. Grabbing red and adding some berries. Just lifting the colored to make the leaf look later on one side. Adding another holly leaves to balance the composition. And I'm using the different green just to have a variation. Let's add a tiny Barry branch here. Some dogs to create contrast. Now we are done, and let's go ahead and add some Christmas wishes. And just writing Merry Christmas. Now let's paint on this cute little thing. I just want to make it super pretty and super simple. So I'm painting a mistletoe hanging upside down. I'm just glad tiny leaves coming off from a branch and making some leaves Dhaka and some leaves lighter. Go add some interest. Let's add a cute little bowl using red. Now let's add some berries, making a Kyoto. And yup, that's it. Now let's add the client. Tie them up. So these gift tax at suppose not touched gifts that will make the recipients feel so special. And I hope you have fun making these. You can also include your family, especially the little ones. And enjoy making these. It will be a great fun holiday activity. And it could be a best time and the best way to introduce them to enter botanical, you can have them to make some pretty ornaments like this. They'll have so much fun. In the next lesson, we're going to paint on wrapping paper. 18. Bonus Lesson 3 Wrapping paper: Okay, next we're gonna paint on a wrapping paper and make it really, really pretty. We're gonna paint a super-simple read. I love to use the brown craft paper to wrap my gifts. For this, I want to use the watercolour paint from the tube, since we are not using the watercolor paper, I want to keep the consistency a bit thicker, genuine test the colors that you are going to use using a scrap paper. So I'm starting with the Rosemarie Sprague. I'm using a brownish green here. You can add buoyancy are known to her green mix to get a deep forest green. I'm going to paint a few sprigs are on the edges of the box, forming a rate. Let's move on and add one more speaker, leaving some space. Because you can change your rings by adding lemon, yellow, or blue to a mix. You can easily vary your sheets. If we don't have a variety of greens in your palate. I'm gonna quickly show you the consistency of the mixing my palate. It's like commenting consistency. Since I don't want to add too much water. And you can even use Garage. Just make sure there's not too much water in your mix as you are not using watercolor paper. This is just craft paper. It is so much joy to receive a gift with hanbok interrupting paper. There's something so heart-warming about receiving a gift that has been wrapped creatively with extra love and care. I believe it adds more meaning to a gift. Let's add some abstract looking only leaves and making data say lighter. With that, then you can see the red coming together. So I'm grabbing red and adding some berries, leaving a tiny dot for highlight. Wow, I like how berries make everything looks so Christmas. I'm mindfully adding the motifs to make the rate unified. You can even paint all our button on the wrapping paper. Like scattered points, ideas, scattered Holly branches. I mean, possibilities are endless. If you notice I have various shades of red dots. Some are orangeish and some RD bread. It's starting to look pretty already. I'm grabbing green and adding some leaves shaped like seeded eucalyptus, our box, boxplot. All these colleges saw kind of pointing clockwise direction. This part look like it needs more berries. I'm grabbing my fine line num crash and connecting all these berries and leaves. Make it look connected. Make their rates look connected. And do you identified? Just tweaking a little bit, gabbing some red and adding more tiny buries, the more the merrier. So I'm using my brush Ben, and writing the microcosmos Misha's here and dissenter nanogram, a single letter in the center. You can use the first letter of the person's name, the DO gifting. It's more personalized when you add initials to your rapping. So I hope you enjoyed watching all these Holliday painting ideas. And I can't wait to see what you create and please post them in the class project section that will encourage your fellow creators to paint. And I wish you a very happy holidays.