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Weekly Watercolor Journal 1

teacher avatar Wendi Horvat, What will I learn today?

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the Class


    • 2.

      What will we draw today?


    • 3.

      Drawing the Lines


    • 4.

      Adding Color


    • 5.

      Finishing Touches


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About This Class

In this weekly art journal class, you will learn how to sketch and paint in your journal, which will make you a more creative and more skilled artist. We will learn to use prompts because art journaling is a great way to loosen up and let go of the stress and rules that we can impose on ourselves. Forget the rules and have fun, and this class will benefit you in so many ways! 

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Wendi Horvat

What will I learn today?

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to the Class: Hey, guys, My name is Wendy, and today I'm going to teach you how to make a very simple line drawing and fill it in with watercolor and wash to make a really cute journal page, we will be using wash water color at some paintbrushes and then any journal, It can be just a cheap journal you have or your favorite journal. But we're gonna find an item from around the house and draw in several different ways so that you can practice drawing shapes and really adding that character with the color. So follow along with me in the next video and find out how to choose an object. 2. What will we draw today?: So I just filled up this jar with words that will that air all the things that I like to draw that I really enjoy drawing. You could do this for anything. If you love drawing kitchen appliances, you could put a bunch of names of kitchen appliances in there. If you like drawing parts of cars, you could put those in here. But the whole point is to be able to get to that creative space faster and more efficiently so that you are ready to draw. In fact, let's get served. Shake it up. Today we are going to be drying teapots. You are going to need a journal. Okay, the pages this need to be thick enough so that your watercolors won't soak through completely. I just use this super cheap journal on The pages are pretty thick. They work. I just don't use a ton of water when I'm painting. You also need some kind of pen that won't bleed when water gets on it quiet. Could be. I use a micron thin. I love them. They come in all different sizes. This one is a nice and thin points, but you can use whatever you like whatever style you prefer, and then you'll just need watercolor. I just have a pan of some old water color here. If you want, you can get a set like this super easy. You can use tubes, but there is no requirement on what pain to use, how expensive they are, how inexpensive they are. The whole point is to get something down in your in your journal, And the reason I like to use a journal is because you can have fun with it. If there is no pressure here, it's just to practice and to have fun see in the next lesson. 3. Drawing the Lines: Here's my desk set up. I have my journal and I held it open with a couple clips. I have an old pan old dried, a pan of water colors, and I just like to use whatever I have, Um, especially in my journal. That's a good time to use these extra colors. You can wash it, of course, but there's quite a bit of this really nice color here. And I also like this green and so I'm just gonna use those today. You can use whatever color you want, but sometimes for the journal, it's nice toe. Limit yourself to a few key colors. I also have a couple of micron pant pens, different sizes got my prompt so that I keep coming back to that. So I remember to stay on track and what I'm doing, and we're only gonna take about 10 minutes to do this. You can take longer, but the whole point is sitting down and doing something creative for 10 straight minutes and so we'll get started here. So, teapots, I I'm gonna go pretty basic with this first teapot. Just gonna you know, kind has a round bottom and then has a spout. Right? But what the song says also has a lid. And then last times they have little feet and then probably needs a handle. Okay, so here's a teapot. It's nothing. Perfect. But it's there. It's a teapot. Now I'm gonna make another one. This is gonna be a little bit quicker for this can go. Gonna put a little detail on it, Because that's cute. There's another teapot. Now, at this point, you might think, Oh, man, a little cup is cute, but I can't do that because not on the prompt. Well, you know what part of this exercise is to stop thinking too much? So through a little cup in there, if you want, it's gonna have matching details. So the whole point of this is just not to think too much about what you're doing and to get something down on paper, - okay ? And I am gonna encourage you on this site even to be a little more loose with your shape. - I want to add a little detail to the top of this one. Look around what kind of detail you can use. You can add with a pen on yours. Um, this one there we go and notice how they have personality already. They're just lying drawings. But they really have a lot of interest and make you think about other things you could draw or other things you could create. In this way. Go ahead at a couple lines here. These may be a little cute feed. The whole point is not to stop. Just keep going. Even if you're like Oh, man, I don't like these. I don't like the pots I made. Just keep going. A really important thing is to work through what you don't like about your own art. 4. Adding Color: So next we need some water and I'm just going to use this brush. It's it's a six. Um, if the numbers mean nothing to just go ahead and just find a brush that you're comfortable with, it doesn't matter what tools you're using today. It's just about enhancing that creativity and coming up with ideas. Just getting some pen and some ink and some paint down on the paper. I'm just going Teoh, get a little bit of this mustardy Oakar color. Mix it with whatever is in this pan and I'm just gonna be start adding a little detail and I watered it down quite a bit. I'm just gonna fill this in notice how I hesitated. Don't hesitate. Just go for it. Just go for it. Keep up paper towel on hand in case you get a little bit too much water. So now we have all our pots. I've put down a little bit of color, have a paper towel on hand in case you get a little bit too much water on your paper or on your brush and just find a color that you like it. I would encourage you to stick with that color for now. I'm gonna I'm going to stick with this color. I don't think I'm gonna add more color until until I use this quite a bit. Because I really love this color. I think it will look nice with these pots. Don't hesitate. Just go for it. You don't have to fill the whole thing in. Just put down some paint if you want again. This is a style. This is your personal style. So if you do like to fill it perfectly and go for it um, but I would start off with a little bit less paint and build from there. Okay, so I got quite a bit of that color down, and I like it. I want to add a little bit a little bit of a different color. This bright blue bright blue is what I want to find another color that you can have keep in mind where you leave white space where the white papers showing through is what's going toe look the brightest, like the part that has the light on it. 5. Finishing Touches: Now look at your journal and think about any changes you can make that will make it, um, more what you want. I'm gonna add a little bit of a shadow to these bottom left sides just to add that depth. So send me pictures or post pictures of your teapots because I would love to see them. Some of the most exciting things is to see how different people take this different ways, which can also help us feel more creative and kind of look outside what we think is right. So send your pictures. Thank you so much. Have a great day.