Watercolor sushi in Procreate - turn your digital illustration into animation - character design | Inga Yoon | Skillshare

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Watercolor sushi in Procreate - turn your digital illustration into animation - character design

teacher avatar Inga Yoon, Digital illustrator and teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Getting ready: creating textured paper


    • 3.

      Turning sushi into characters


    • 4.

      Coloring sushi


    • 5.

      Adding shades


    • 6.

      Creating wallpaper for your phone


    • 7.

      Creating animation


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About This Class

Let’s paint all together cool illustrations of Japanese sushi in watercolor style. At the end of my class you will learn more about Procreate, especially how to use layers, clipping mask, selection tool and how to add color variation to your picture. And most importantly- how to create animation!

You can use the illustrations you create for posting in Instagram, add it to your portfolio, or sell it on Etsy, Gumroad and so on. You also can use your artwork as a wallpaper for the phone and create gif stickers.

Today I want to show you that watercolor is so simple and it’s a real fun!

And in the end of my class you can see it.

Today I will teach you:

  • How to create texture paper,
  • how to turn your sushi into characters,
  • How to use reference option,
  • How to paint picture from the sketch (you can draw your own sketch or use mine),
  • How to use my and default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting,
  • (How to apply my new watercolor technique and new stamp brushes,)
  • What are the nuances you need to know if you want to create watercolor illustration,
  • How to use selection tool,
  • (I will explain what is clipping mask and we gonna use it a lot of times,)
  • How to crop your canvas,
  • How to create animation,
  • I will also show you different techniques of adding shades and highlights.

I will show you my whole process from the start till finish.

And as a bonus I will share with you my textured paper, custom brushes, color pallet, sketches that I created. I will also add files of my pictures that i drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects.

This class is great for intermediate level, also can be fine for beginners (if you watched my previous classes), and can be useful for experienced artist - probably here you can find an inspiration and new ways how to create  animated sushi.

My Instagram: https://instagram.com/artist_ingayoon

my YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/BooStudio

my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BooStudioArts

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Inga Yoon

Digital illustrator and teacher


Hello, guys!

I am Inga Yoon, artist, digital illustrator and tutor.

Throughout these years I took part in different exhibitions, TV shows on local Ukrainian channels, organized workshops, you name it.

Although I`ve been painting since 2005 and teaching art from 2016, my carrier as online art teacher is just taking off. Hope you will support me on this journey:)

I am major is gouache and oil painting, but I am obsessed with watercolor art. Especially in digital.

Hop along for the ride.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone, welcome back to my class. During this tutorial, I'll teach you how to paint watercolor sushi. How to turn your sushi into beautiful animation. How do you simple texts for doing said? And also, I'm going to tell you how to turn your live illustration in the wallpaper for your own phone. So hope you are ready, loss of release and waiting for you. And let's go. Hi guys, I'm in a freelance illustrator. Welcome back to my class. Now let's paint altogether cool illustrations of Japanese sushi in vertical style. The andro, my class, you will learn more about Procreate, especially how to use layers, clipping, mask, selection tool, and how to add color variations to your picture. And most importantly, how to create animation. You can use the illustrations you create for Poston and Instagram, edit to a portfolio or sell it on Etsy, gamma road and so on. You also can use your artwork as a wallpaper for the phone and create gifts stickers, or just share it with someone whom you read alike. I am sure they will be so happy to get an illustration zed is created by you. Today, I want to show you, is that watercolor. It's so simple and it's a real fun. And in the end of my class, you can see it. Today. I will teach you how to create texture paper. How to use reference option. How to paint a picture froms a sketch. You can draw your own sketch or use mine. How to use my default Procreate brushes for watercolor painting. What are the nuances you need to know? If you want to create watercolor illustration, how to use selection tool, how to crop your canvas to create an animation. I will also show you different techniques of edge and shades and highlights. I will show you my whole process from start to finish. And as a bonus, I will share with you my texture paper, custom brushes, color palette, sketches that I created. I will also add files of my pictures that I drew. Feel free to use them for your own art projects. This class is great for intermediate level. Also can define for beginners. If you watched my previous classes and can be useful for experienced artists. Probably here, you can find an inspiration in new ways, how to create a new matrix sushi, your class project. We'll be next. Pains arrow paper for your phone or create an animation using the tips and brushes that I gave you today. I will use Procreate for this class is iPad and Apple Pencil. So if you have it or some other drawing pets, please join our class and good luck. 2. Getting ready: creating textured paper: Well guys, I think we're ready to start painting. And first of all, I'm going to explain it one more time. What you're going to do today. And we're going to be as low as sushi. And I'm going to turn them into cute characters. And during our second part, obstacles that will create a lovely animation without sushi. So hope you are ready and let's go. And first of all, let's create texture paper away. Those pictures are used as a reference pictures and I will leave some area. All my freebies, all my brushes, all my sketches, my reference pictures, my color palette. I will leave in the project and sources section in the right corner here by the guys, keep in mind that you need to open my class in a browser, not in the Skillshare app in case if you want to see all the previous, because if you're opens it from our app, it might be not visible. And this is textured papers that you're going to use today. It's pretty smooth and it's what we actually need for our today's class. So you have a texture papers at one case, once again, we're, how can you download this extra paper, insert into procreate? So first of all, you go to Source System Project section for enzyme and my texture paper downloads it enough to say that you go to Action button, press, Add, Insert a file it after, say I'd go to folder Downloads 500 paper and just tap it. And after that it will be opened automatically inappropriate. So after their teeth to duplicate our texture paper and one layer you move to Linear Burn. And second one to color burn. After it duplicates it one more time, Linear Burn, and merge it together. And replicate Color Burn also one more time and merge it together as it moves up positive linear burn mode till 40, 50 percent. And groups at, if you like, you can rename it. Okay, We have our extra paper here. After zed. Guess once again, we need this reference picture, BOD, and you're going to use our special reference option if you need to choose the colors and so on. And we need to do and also created color palette for use as one sushi. So it's stacked. So how to open this reference option? You go to Canvas. Here we have reference option, we need to turn it on. And now it's empty because we have nothing on our screen, on our Canvas, just our texture paper. And I need to press Image. And after press Import. And now here we have our sushi. We can move our, Wait a second. Yeah, we can move our reference layer here. And after that you can zoom or do whatever you like. Why I like this option because you can paint onto our paper pen guys, the last things that we need to talk about is brushed sad. And I created for you a few new brushes versus book AND watercolors is one. This brush is great because it has arrived graph edges. You see here. It might be cool if you want to add some details, some shades, really great after that. But marshmallow watercolor brush gets pretty similar. Buses brushes, light. So there is a tiny details. So this brush is actually very good for add in some colors. And we'll cat one bras it might help us to create, to add tiny details to our painting. This press Clear and parallel brush. This is original procreate brush and mercury brush. This brush I used to pray and our sushi for sketches. So guys, you might use my sketches, you might find your own pictures. For example, you can go to unsplash.com and I will show you what can you do in order to create sketch. Simple way is to use tracing. So I need this picture in our layer panel because I want to show you what I did in order to get sauce. I'll show you after that. You need to oversell, create a new layer. And for example, I need this sushi, very lovely one. I will move to black color. And I guess I like this brush because if you press harder, you will have three Care Alliance. So this is a good way, or how can you get picture? And once again, you might go to different websites like Pexels or unsplash.com where you can get those pictures for three and you can use them for personal and commercial purposes like that. And we've done with our associate. So this is a good way. How can you create some sketches? We will know dosage because I already created some sketches for use at one in order to save time. And you can go and download them or once again, use your own sketches. And I have also one mosquitoes is like kind of grandpa. I also paint eyes here and no's. So our next step is we're going to create, we're going to turn our sushi into some lovely characters. And after that, we will color set. 3. Turning sushi into characters: Now they're at him. Yes. I need to create a new layer because I'm going to add some. I loved their mouth and so on. And I need to grab mercury brush. And I think we are ready to start. And I like to buy and eyes like sad. So as associated with the very, very shy, I can't ready my authentic in terms of sushi into girl. Okay, is this social looks like very beacon, lovely child. And here you my pain. Some hint. If you want to have same hand, sometimes it might be difficult. Coal grab three hand. Select our area and press Copy and Paste. After said, press Flip Horizontal and more to dissuade. Okay, let's think about this sushi. Here. We can pay in hands like safe as it can be something like a hairstyle. And I didn't nice. We can feign some sleep associate. Just can be like a mouth. If you like, you can change it a little bit. And I just need to return to our layer was a sushi and turns his mouth and just take it off like this. Okay, Let's move back to sushi. I came down with a swan under Hikida children, same level. Okay. It's going to be like this sushi is eating and this is a mouth. And so she's eating lots of hot here. And we can remove this k-mer. I think we didn't meet it like this. And just sushi, no, be sad. And you see here vein hence, since his way down muses. So let's move to one more swishes Now we can watch the kids are causal links away how it looks. Can have you have a nozzle want, and this is Grandpa. So we have eyes. We can paint some. I approach 0 to 1 to show that he show old and wise. So this is a knowledge and technical good one hand. Cramp and his small kids. Wow guys. Now you can turn TO painting part. 4. Coloring sushi : I need to create a new layer. And Denise promos cage. And I will go and grab your marshmallow would other brush. And I'm going to go and start this associate in case we can't use an actual white color was arise because it's not wide. So I created for you a differentiates like this is like glide light blue, light beach like purple, and this slight light gray color, I will start with light beige color. Controls up our city. And if you need to blend some part, go to blending tool and grab terrible and brash. After said crabs the slide, pink colored. Thank you, Danny. And second one is almost black. Another cause for you have lots of colorful sushi and I want to change it a little bit, add some color variations. And we're gonna go and grab another light light blue color. Yeah. Inside, I will put some Halo one because I think it will be so beautiful. And this is kMer. So I could read blending tool and we blend colors one in each other and don't get about mouth. So she's already moved next one. And to sleep in lovely long the time this picture. Yes, is this one. I just turn it like that. So as you might see, is pretty simple two-color all exam. Two is the main thing that you need to do any define an idea, create characters, and up to edge. Hours later we'll add some shades and color variations to Sam. And after I create a poster, like a background picture for a wallpaper for your phone. And you're also going to add some color variations and said, Okay bit blended. Now inside, Let's go and grab a light green color. Dark green color, even a little bit darker. Now I want to paint, does this craps, teak and sad by admitting they have light pink color. After you see I like how this water land. So color blend on each other. Like you down. Now Mao often forget about that light pink color. Now see sushi. Let's find a yellow color. Now we need to find a Selma, Selma colors at one whole side. We're going to go and grab a dark green color. And orange and red colors for key there. After he had this one. So Salomon, I'm going to mix a few colors. So I also pretty red color. Have to set switch to another color. And yellow. Next theme, the red color. And as you might see, it's not even grad pink color. Some crab meat. And don't forget to show blush. And the red color for mouth. Then we forgot about this part. In tone. My key. Then it is fine as well. Some yellow lines into swayed here all around. Hello. And breaking bonds arise. I think I want to have it to type in cramps dx. So the Associate, aka very colorful. Like Madonna is, is when guys know I want to make it more saturated and in this way I go to Adjustments, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, press layer increases size and increase situation. You're makes more saturated. I will turn my situation to a 65, a key. Now let's turn it off and turn off our sketch layer. And we have our granddad here, This one hand he's here. So this is shrink. Kind of Shadow. Have to say to have k-mer here too in reddish knows. Now flight four-inch. This make like sad to rest. I'm going to make our pot plant until it can just change the tab if you want to blend it. Not entirely. Okay, I do like it. A k. And our next step is, guys, I want to start adding some shades. 5. Adding shades: And we don't need our reference picture anymore. So if you go to Canvas and turn off our reference, so I guess I have a few options. How can you add some sheets? First option is we're gonna get rid of transparency. And in this way, you go to lower layer, go to Adjustments, Hue Saturation and Brightness, press layer, and turn our brightness to maximum. Duplicated a few times merged together. We can replicate our sushi one more time, move our a passage of 50% and mortar together. And in this way, you see is a very colorful and an octet. I will merge it together and now also ship and not transparent anymore than it will help us to add more shades. And same idle told his grandpa, this one, replicate. 50% merge together. We Katie can go to Adjustments, Hue Saturation and Brightness. Turn brightness to maximum, duplicated a few times, merge together and merge together. So now we can add some shades. Clipping mask mode. Now our next to these idle create a new layer. And I will press clipping mask. And after sad, I don't go and grab bookend, do watercolor brush. Why it's cool that we have Clipping Mask Mode. We can just paint on area where we already pay in to see here, and we don't go beyond the lines. This is very convenient. You can go a little bit darker. And after in areas guy. So what I want to tell you that inner areas where two objects are close to each other, we will have a shadow area of his mouth. This part we will be in the shadow. Like sad here also you're going to go and grab my dark pink color. And we'll add some shades and disbarred. Same here we have shadow in this way because it's hidden from us. Shade here. Same as green color. Go and grab a darker shade. And in place where two objects are close to each other, we have shadow. Makes it under the kMer. And here. Also same about yellow color, a little bit darker. And also, if you like, you can go to dark purple color and shows edges. Blend some are simple to, so these will lead to as away what else you can do? How can you add some shades? You can go to all their results, sushi and after we can actually merge together. So I'll shade services layer. So via on our layer with Sushi, after you go to the selection tool, press freehand. And I can show Shadow by selecting some parts like z squared example. And you don't phasor set, go to Adjustments, Hue Saturation and Brightness, press layer and increase saturation and brightness. So now I'm going to store, add some shades without using your model, your brush like this. So choose the options that you like most. I will stick to my bookend, do watercolor brush. Because for me it's more convenient and I will create a new layer that just on a top of our painting layer. And after I press clipping mask and go to our sushi page color, grab a little bit darker one. You can paint a shadow. I shade here. So let's check where you can add some shade. Act like a biotech drug. If you go and grab dark orange color, blue shade. You have blue shade here. Here we have shade from hand. This part. And just some fruits and vegetables here. Around cheeks. Came down. Now let's move to grandpa and hydraulic it. Guys. What you can do, it can duplicate a layer. Now you see the shades a more saturated and the after you can merge it together. And if you have some sharp lines, psi sharp edges, you also can blend them a little bit like I did here. Okay, so rest time like and after that, Let's just merge it together. So if you have oh, sushi here now let's move to our grandpa creating new layer, press clipping mask. Let's go and grab a dark purple color. And we have some red color here. Around nose on Denise nose here. Hey, did move up positive 80, 50% merge together, go to merge it together. And they've done guys, now, we can merge together our sketches layer, I'll sushi. And that's all associates are very lovely. But I also want to merge it together. We house kitchen layer like that. And our next step is I want to go and create some composition for wallpaper for our phone. So let's do it. 6. Creating wallpaper for your phone: Okay guys, Now we're ready to create a little paper for our phone. And it's, it would be so easy, so simple. First of all, I will duplicate our sushi. And I want to separate each of the sushi 1 from 1 from each other. Because I grew up freehand class, I'm going to create very low level of paper and I want to place them in different places so I will press, Copy and Paste. Keep in mind, you need to stay on our original layer wherever you have lots of social copy and paste. Does it move back? Grab Selection, Tool, copy and paste. So more fag. It can be bigger or smaller, you can rotate it. Because I want to lower society. So San Jose, if you like, if you have some particular sources that you like, you might just duplicated. So once again, you might replace it in different the directions. You might duplicate it. Rotate our social prone one side to another. You might be given a loan versus size. To think betray would be more suitable for you. So I want to play it in here this way and here from the side. You might use this to she can be here. And if Don Guys, I do likes away how it looks on the next step is we need to merge all of it together. Although Sam, to get grandpa, I came last detail, I will go to the layer that is underneath of our sketch out our painting layer. And I will grab go and grab who cat. And I can change the color of our background. It's all up to you. I will go and correct purple color. And I want to add some cat's eye if you like, you can Lower South Park City of that. Make it not visible, not bride. It's all up to you. I do like so play how it looks. As far as I know, the size of our screen is a bit longer. So in this way I go to the Actions, press canvas, Crop, and Resize. You might go and check any internet, reach size of your phone you have. And after that, just crop it like sad. There are other options. What else you can do? You can do, you can go to settings, press like the size of your phone, and you can switch between inches and pixels, centimeters, millimeters. Once again, go to internet, checks the size of your phone, several papers. It says a wallpapers that you need and after crop and resize your form, your canvas to your phone. While. And in the end we will have backgrounds, some select Set guys. If you want to have more sushi, you still can lose it. You need to select our sushi lovers. This I copy and paste and place one more sushi summary here. Once again play around. I choose a size options that you like most. So I do like the way how with folks and now you can save this wallpapers that as I will be your own phone. 7. Creating animation: I've decided to go to gallery and let's return to our first canvas. And our next step is, I want to create an animation. So I will move our canvas in this way. I will rotate it, and after that, I will select switches that I like. And I choose this little chubby one and press copy and paste. Turn it off. Once again, I will move our sushi, rotate it. And I need to choose a color for my text. And I wanted to have it before. And after said I will go press add, add text, and I will write something like, I love sushi. Now, I need to change the font to someone that I like. Guys go ahead and change to choose a phones at most. Okay. I have a phone is called landmark. You can choose and grab any iPhone that you like. Thank you. Now we have our textile of sushi. What I am going to do, I will go and press three fingers down and press cut and paste. And now we have our text on a separate layer, and now it's just a layer just like a picture. So I'm gonna go and erase a part last three fingers down and press cut. I will create a new layer and I'm going to go and paint hot candy. And now Terrell airbrush, blend some sharp lines. Once again, we need to make it not transparent. He remembers it. And I will go and Mozart passage of 50% and after merger together create a new layer, go to lower layer adjustments, hue saturation and brightness to earn our brightness to maximum, duplicated a few times and merge together again. Now we are ready. Well guys, and now it's time to show you how to create beautiful animation. If you go to the action buttons, go to Canvas and breast animation assist. Now it's active. And if you press Play, if it turn play, you see all our slides. What does it mean? It means that we have layers and one layer. It's one slide on our animation panel and texture paper, as you might see, we have group of layers that we grew up in just one group. It, it's counted as just one slide here. Because this is in Group. And also guys, you see we have some layers. This one that in reasonable returns, the visibility of it means if you turn off the layer, you don't have it in our layer panel. So now if you have just sauce paintings here, and I'm going to separate out our texts like, I love sushi, all letters I haven't gone to paint on different layers. It will help us to create beautiful animation effect. Remember that we need to pay in from the bottom to the top. From the bottom to the top guys, if you go to seconds and if you press frames per second, and if you go to the lower number, it will be slower. So once again, say frames, frames per second. Now it's pretty slow. If you increase the size, it will be like craziness. So you don't have a lot of slides. It means that our bays shouldn't be steadfast. And guys, it might be a little bit tricky. And we need some time to understand how it works. So we'll start from our texture paper. We want to keep this texture paper in all slides because you see here we have our texture paper. We have a chess in the end. So I need to press on our layer and press foreground. It means that now we have our texture paper on all layers. It means it's like a background. So now we use it as a foreground. Make sure that you turn it on. And now we can start creating our animation composition. So I already separated out on a new layer. Now we have just our sushi located a few times. Go to first sushi and erase everything except S, three fingers down cut. Now you go to second layer and erase just this three letters and press Cut. Go to one more layer and erase H and I. And here we have sushi adult replicate, replicate. Our heart. Laughs. So it means that I will have our part. And next thing, idle, duplicate it again. And I will merge it together bys S after multiplicate it one more time. And that'll merge it together. It means that we will keep this duplicated, can replicate one more time, then replicate. Now I will show you what we have play. Okay, By hardest disappeared one more time play. Now we have our lovely animation, but I actually want to do something with our heart here. Actually, I can remove those hearts and I want to increase the size of our heart. That means that either grabs is hard. Like sad. Duplicate it one more time. Select o heart and increase it more. One more time. Heart. And increased x's. Now we can try to go to yellow color and we can add some lines. And we create a new layer. Switch it a little bit here like that, and duplicate our previous layer, place it on a top, duplicate one more layer and place it on a top. Guys, it's a little bit complicated. So please tell me in discussion if you want more tutorials about animation, and now let's try to play it. So once again, if you want to have it longer, so you just need to go. Not the last one's a previous problems. The last layer duplicated and place it as the last layer. Now grabs the previous last layer, also duplicated and place it as the last layer. So it means that now you see some beans Zai a little bit different on different locations. Now let's play it one more time. So what we've done is our social. Once again, in a setting, you can increase the size. It can be faster. Like this. Can be slower. I think I need something like 66 frames per second. Our next step is guys, how to export that and use it as your I don't know if you can turn it to sticker, do whatever you like. So in this way, you go to action buttons, press Share, and here you see it share a layer 2 point. Write it as an animated GIF, animated PNG animated MP4. So you can turn your picture into video. You need to write animated gif. And guys, this is a maximum resolution, so the qualities of a record you also can turn to web ready. And in this way is the size will be smaller. And you can use this GIF, you can add it to your y-bar telegram. I don't know what do you use? Whatsapp or whatever you like. You can use your sticker and use it as your own sticker, or you can download it as a max resolution is a quality little bit bigger, better, but the size also will be bigger. So it's all up to you. I'm gonna go and save it as a max resolution and press Export. So I'm gonna go and save image just to my, to my pictures. Now let's go and check it. And as you might see, this is our pictures that I saved. I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and now you learn more about animation assist about Sushi and Sushi how to turn them into cute characters. And this is the end of our class, but now you know how to create your own animation. How to turn your animation into wallpapers that you might use for your own phone. Guys, Let's see Jasmine and your video.