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Galaxies d'aquarelle - Apprenez à peindre des cieux de nuit étoilés vibrants

teacher avatar Zaneena Nabeel, Top Teacher | Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Bienvenue au cours


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      Fournitures artistiques


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      Peindre le ciel vibrant


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      Ajouter les étoiles


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      Peindre des montagnes première couche


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      Peindre des montagnes Deuxième couche


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      Réflexions finales


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About This Class

Chacun aime regarder les étoiles, qu'en est-il de créer votre propre nuit étoilée imaginative rêvée en utilisant des aquarelles !

Dans ce cours, vous apprendrez mon processus pour peindre une nuit d'étoiles vibrante multicolore à l'aide de aquarelles. Chaque matériel sera spécifié pour que chacun suivre, le cours sera adapté pour les débutants et pour les professionnels.

Joignez-vous à moi pour créer votre propre AURORE !

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Top Teacher | Artist

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1. Welcome to the Class: - everyone myself. Study Not. Okay. I'm gonna strengthen to Couldn't care these drinks. And I am somebody Palau's pain Kalac sees allowed watching stars. And maybe that's the same reason by I totally love painting them today. Still painting on my dick alert Kalac's something like this. So by the end of the class, you all will be exports and creating a vibrant medical galaxy, so without any to let's get started. 2. Art Supplies: Okay, so in decision, I'm going to talk about off the supplies that I used to paint my vibrant, starry night. So it's absolutely fine if you don't have the exact thing we deal that I'm using. You can go with any of the brand to how? With similar. Now I'll take you through all the materials one by one. Okay, let's talk about the people first. So I used my troubled people. So this is an Indian friend, so you can go with any of the paper, but a minimum of 1 40 l b and 300 GSM Just 100% Corton cold press for the color people and this one particularly allow it because of the kind of actually does God. So you can see the greens of the people, which kind of gives so, buddy nice texture to the painting now onto the pain. So I kind of went and selected all the shades from my different brands. So the colors you see here is a mix of senator here and land block. So starting from the left, I used to black fresh in blue French alter Marine Open Carmike on Campbell Children, I'll put a bulb. Proper information on the pink at the end of the video. So it kind of make it easy for you. So this pressure as Princeton a light number 12 round sable hair. So this particular brush comes back to a very nice point, which makes it good for dictating Aspar. This will be the pressure which I'll be mainly using for my painting. You can go with any of the brand to have, but make sure you use a minimum off number 10 which makes the painting etc. To create the stars. I'll be using my white to quash mean by royal talents. If you don't have a glass pane to against him, use your white water color. I'll be taping down foresight of the people using a masking tape to get to clean edge and pulling the people from buckling. Andi, finally, how my people told So I keep a paper. It'll all these next dream. So this has multiple use. But you alone in my next videos and I have ah transparent glass jar to take my water. So yeah, that's it that summarize all the materials required to do this painting. Okay, so grab all the materials on to get ready. Has seen the next video 3. Color Study: Okay, so I hope you all have your MTI just ready. It's topped with the simple colors to these will foods. Try the spatters of this Lichter cheats. So during my entire painting, I'm using the wet on dry Take me. That means I'm not gonna with the people. I'm gonna apply the way to being directly onto tribe people. I'm starting with black. So as you see here on applying the red paint directly onto paper, which kind off, give me already brighter toward So I do the same with all the sheets. Now we'll go with Prussian Blue. The one time you think here is from the prints and earlier, a game that doesn't necessarily need to be the brand, which are music, actually. Put all the material which I'm using You. Can you have the total freedom to use the brand, which you have. We just need to make it kind of similar to what I'm using. No, it's French Ultra Marine again from the brand senate here. If you don't have to lose, you can't give one of them. It's still okay. But for me, I kind off like it. Riendeau French ultra Marine blends with and the oppression. Logan's blends with black. So that's why I chose to different blues in between. But then if you have only one, you can skip the other one now on to the pope. The Pope alarm. You think Here is a game from the Branton here, this is Dia cuisine Pope, now on to Carmine. So this one I'm using your wrist from the branch. Rembrandt now on to the last shade in the state. So this s Campbell. She alot by Bangkok. So the top of the shades You tried to get similar shades from in your brands possible. Okay, so that's the swatches. No, let's do a simple plenty off all the shades together, and after we do, the sample will move to the main. Okay, so I have a small piece ready to try the Lenten. So, as I mentioned earlier, I won't be applying a wet coat onto the paper. I'm gonna apply the wet paint directly onto the drive, people, because I kind of like the shade to stay as bright as possible. So I started the black. Now I'm moving to Prussian blue on with my 12 number brush on blending them and I haven't applied any water onto the paper. I'm directly planting the wet paint on a dry paper so you'll see the brightness of that they cleaned. So this is why I allow the wet on dry technique. So now I'll add in some purple. As you see the blending this so small the main reason as because I'm using a big brush. So that is why I always recommend using a minimum off number 10 1 painting. In that case, you don't required to apply over to hold on to the paper. A big freshman healthy one grunting next to scar mine. And after I apply Carmine, I'll go with my gamble Jello and then you. After you apply a bit off Campbell Channel, you use your plain water and blend it down to the lightest one of yellow. Okay, so that all those statues and blending the colors so we blend it down six trades from black to yellow, give it a try, and then very real comfortable being start with the main project. Okay, I'll see you in the next video 4. Painting the Vibrant Sky: Okay, So I hope you all try the sample blending, and I hope it came out of bed. Now it's to the same thing on a bigger scale. So as I mentioned in my previous video, I wouldn't be applying water onto the people. That means I'm not applying over to hold on to the people. I'm applying the vet pain directly onto the paper. I applied masking tape on four sides. So this will give me a clean line on this Bruins. My people from buckling. Okay, Now let's start painting our multi color starry night. I'm starting with black, and I haven't diluted the pain too much. I'm applying the paint and it's Dr Stools, so you need to kind of have an understanding. Make how much each read you need, because we will be applying six unique sheets. I'm applying Prussian blue now, so both of these colors black and Prussian blue there on the darker side. So it's kind off easy to blend them together. So you need to have the optimum Amado pained on your brush. Andi, blend them together. There is no any particular brush movement that you need to follow. You can go in an ankle emotions. You can go with the streets. Patches. It's totally up to you. Now. I'm applying French Ultra Marine. So you would have noticed I'm not applying the pain in the same tone. Um, sometimes I'm blending it down. Sometimes I'm using the darker don't. Sometimes I'm diluting and getting a white patch in between. So this better give you give your sky national look, brother and applying them flat because on the sample sheet we did that was, like totally flat. It was just a blending links exercise button. Now you need to make it look like a sky How I'm applying my purpose on trying to blend that with the French drama. Right? If you don't have a poeple, you can mix and get some low. She ate imbue twilight or something like You can mix your crimson and Prussian blue and get a proper way Have a flight full sheets now black, Prussian, blue, French ultramarine right on a bit of purple. Now, before the pain tries, we're going to lift off a bit off paint from the paper to kind off create oh, real sky effect. So we need you. We need are people tell now and left pain from cure in there. I'm using my little bit brush on my people. So I'm lifting off my paint and then wiping off them on the tower and then doing the same thing. So this will give your sky a realistic ethic back to pupils from the blank poeple licking. And then I'm using my Carmine and blending them together. Yes, I go town. - We need to create a bit off dramatic sky, so don't just use the same shade. Try to Moodley two tones. You're darker tones, lighter tones, a mix off both of them. Otherwise your sky will look like flat, so we need to kind of avoid the flat. Look, now I'm going with the last shade and set are yellow. I'm blending the carmine and yellow together, and then once I come down, I'm using plain water to blend the low down. - Now I am again lifting off, pained from random areas before the paint dries. So this exercise is what gives your sky a realistic look. Okay, arm articular sky is really no. Let's add some stars 5. Adding the Stars: Okay. Now, on to the messy part. Let's grade some stars for this exercise. I always use my two world brushes. There are many ways how you can greet the stars. I'll show you the way I do them. So I used my white quash being to create the stars. If you don't have a glass bean, you can still go with your white toward a color. The only Penis. Because though goulash bandits 100 dozen a week, it doesn't feed after you apply, and with watercolor, because it's not 100% a peek. A dense fade. A. But after you apply now, I'm gonna take a bit off the squash beans onto the leg, and I makes the pain directly on the lead. Add a few drops of water on, mixed him on, get the right consistency. It shouldn't be to lose on to take something in between a wide adding too much of water. If it's too watery, that will give you big splatters. We need the tiny stars to the consistency really matters. Let's try under sample sheet first, So once we assure the consistency is right and the size of the star so fine we'll move on to the main one. Okay, so I have my paint on one brush, which is a kind of medium size brush on, but the backside off the brush. I'm tapping on those hair of the brush I know. Meaning if you have trouble in getting the right side of the stars. So consistency is the key. Get the right consistency. Trial small paper and keep trying until you get the right consistency. One fuel. Get it, then you are good to go. Then you never feel it. The size of the stars looks pretty fine. Let's move on to the main one on doing the same thing now on a big scale. First, get the consistency right. Makes you color and try on the sample. People want to get a dry try on the weak one. I never get done with the stars, like every time I overdo it because this is my favorite thing to do. So then, where you are happy with the amount of stars who have stop it there? Because sometimes I also do a nice pile it Okay? I'm happy with the amount of stars I have got. So I decided to stop it here. Now let's to the biggest stars, the shining ones. So I'm using my detailing pressure. This is number one. So you see all this white factors we have identify those tried in places and everybody who you have those white spots go and do a bigger one. Like just get a spot so you'll be finding those little lighter areas in your painting. You can go and keep a white spot there, which will make the star appeal as it is shining. So this is already natural process. You can actually predict the way it is turning out. So you might get more off those kind of videos or maybe less so I didn't fight those 80 us on Just give a white But it is as simple as that. And you have your style shining. - See how easily you made a star shine. You all are a star. Let's have a look off the sample one and the main. When we painted together, the sample one really didn't take the paint out. So this has a flat look where as the main one being lifted off the pain from certain areas and you see the difference Yeah, that's it. Behind Lovers Sky and the stars, Sweetie. Now let's spend the mountain 6. Painting Mountains First Layer: Hey, everyone, Now that's being the mountain. We'll start with the lighter one in the background and then we'll through the dark one for ground So never feel all your light to space All these sleep a little lighter media and then start you moments I'm not taking me extra sheets mixing a bit off black general and a bit of crimson and get to know light brown kind of a sheet. And once I get the lighter tone, I'm gonna draw the mountain. But does she? So I got a sort of brown here. I turned it down by mixing a better water. If you have a brown being too, you can directly use it. I was bit off Lisi to go and get though brown paint, so I kind of mixed it with what I have. So the slight problem here is perfect for me. I'm gonna draw on outline on, then fill it with this color here. - No , you see how you got that white light behind the mountain? So this is a reason. Like I told you to leave a bit off light of space and then start your moments. Now you have that special feeling as there's a light behind the mountain, I'm just turning my brush around the edges and making but sharp on, but that we are done with the first wash of the mountain. 7. Painting Mountains Second Layer: now I'm gonna pain the second layer off the mountain. I'm gonna draw a darker one in front of the lighter When we already painted. I'm using black for this. I'll talk a no plane first and then fill up the speaks with black. - Don't entirely cover the lighter. Once we have, we need to give equal importance to put. Once you get the outline right, fill up the space with black. - Now you need to have your people toe a bit. Don't white toward the color. We're gonna add white highlight to the mountains before the black dries, so I've little by strokes on. Blend the color into the black. Don't have too much of water into the white or color. So this needs to be done when your black mountains are still a bit. So what is really you see? To blend even if it's a doesn't blend totally, it's fine. It's just you're adding some highlights to mountain, but that we had done now to the happiest part of the painting, peeling off the masking T who who and be a 10 Look at the shining star hours on this vibrant colors. I hope you all enjoyed painting with me 8. Final thoughts: Hey, guys, I hope you all enjoyed painting with me. If you have any doubts, you can bring me on Instagram at any time. All you doubt are most welcome. Do I give a try on upload your works on to skill Share class, Project gallery. I would love to see them If you like the class do give me a review and recommend us to your friends. Thank you for watching and happy painting. Uh