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Video SEO: Adding Keywords to Your Videos and Youtube video SEO

teacher avatar Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Video SEO - add keywords to your video (incl Youtube)!


    • 2.

      Add keywords to your video


    • 3.

      Add keywords to Skillshare video page


    • 4.

      SEO for Youtube video's


    • 5.

      Check your page for video seo


    • 6.

      Project Video SEO


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About This Class

This class will be about optimizing your video for SEO. The most important is to be smart with adding relevant keywords to your video.

This seo class, SEO for your videos, will teach you to boost the viewers of your video's. And that you will end up above your competitors in the Google search results. Be smart and first start to do some keywords research before you upload your video's to your Skillshare class, this way you can get the most our of your video seo.

For Skillshare teachers this counts especially for adding keywords to their teaser video, because this video is publicly available, so also easier for search engines to be found or indexed.

If you use Youtube there is also an example of best practices for Youtube SEO.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marjet Wullink

Boost your business by ranking in Google


Marjet has 10 years of experience in SEO. First in a Dutch publishing house and after 3 years she started her own company Minimalist Marketing in Amsterdam. From there she already helped over 200 entrepreneurs to make their SEO strategy.

Her background is in business and coding, but Marjet's strong social skills and patience make her drawn to being a teacher. Her goal is to combine humorous elements with seemingly boring subject matter - learning should be fun!

Getting serious stuff to people in an amusing way is one of my top goals. She wants to make it more exciting and more tangible to reach your goals in small steps.


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1. Video SEO - add keywords to your video (incl Youtube)!: This class will be about Video SEO and the smartest way to add your keywords to your video. For Skillshare teachers, it's the most important to optimize your teaser video, because this one is the one that's most publicly available, so also, the best indexed by Google. Video SEO is important because you want to end up high in the Google search results. Here you see first step 1 SEO class in the search results. What do you have do? You have to know what your keywords are, so do keyword research. This is actually SEO step 1, and you can use the Keyword Planner of Google AdWords to do this and more about how to use this tool in my first class. Second is, add the keywords to your videos. There's also a special class about YouTube Video SEO, which we will teach you in this class, and also add them on your page and then you can check it. So this is what I'm going to teach you in this class today. Don't wait, and boost your video with some SEO. 2. Add keywords to your video: First, I already mentioned that keyword research is very important because then you get to know your keywords and which ones to add to your video. We will add keywords to the metadata of our video. For this, you can download MetaZ for Mac or MetaX for Windows. Once you've downloaded it, you can open your file by drag and dropping or by go to file and open. It's good to already upload the movie with the filename, which includes keywords like here, you see that I included SEO_pagerank_linkbuilding for my movie. Another thing is the title, because then you can go and add your title to it. Add some keywords to your title. Try to also add some keywords to your artist. For example, I did that with SEO consultant. A date, it's a little bit hard to fill in keywords with dates, so we don't do that. Then rating, here you can add unrated because we are not yet rated by the MPAA. You can check it out, it's like a G stands for general audiences, all ages are admitted or PG for parental guidance. Well, there's a lot more, but most of us are not yet rated. So you can check here unrated. If you want to know more about this, you can Google for MPAA rating for movies, but it's not relevant for this video. Then the next one is genre and here I looked my genre. Here, I check my genre at Stanford film video genre by Googling it and there I found educational films. It should work with the drop-down that you can find one. But with my MetaZ program, it was not working. I put in my own genre. The next one is album and album artist and purchase date. Especially if you make movies with music like a music videos, you can add album and these kind of details with it. But as skill shall teach us we don't do that. It's not so relevant here but where it is relevant is in your descriptions. The short description, for example. You can add description and it will say when you have a maximum of characters that you can add. Here, put in some keywords. The short description will be seen by iTunes if you'd sell it on iTunes and a long description on Apple TV. Then the next step, you see video and there you see again the actors. You can add again that your name with maybe keyword. The next one is sorting. That's sorting for iTunes so they can sort you there. For me, it was not relevant, so I did not enter anything. Then advanced, you might see something. I did not see anything here, so I could not add any metadata and the next one is chapters. This is irrelevant if you would have a TV show with different episodes or a course with different episodes. But most of the times we have it as one whole course that we upload, so it's not divided in more things. Then you save it by "Right." Go to file and then click on "Right." It's good to check if it's saved well, so you can open it again and see if the details are still there. 3. Add keywords to Skillshare video page: The third thing that's important for video SEO is add the keywords to the page where your video is embedded. For example, on the Skillshare class page or on a normal page. In a normal page, it's just a page of your own website where you embedded your video. You can optimize this page again by doing the Skillshare class of step 1 of SEO and then follow the same details that count for a normal optimization for page. Today, we're going to only talk about the Skillshare class. In Skillshare, you have a class overview, and this class overview has a class title. There you can add some keywords to your title. Next is the class description, and an image to the class description, and add to the title of the image also keywords. The other one is here, the description text and make some text also again bold, and in this bold text there are some keywords. Here, I have even more text underneath. Here you see that I have some more texts. So it should actually be more than 300 words, again, because the same things count for a page of a video and a Skillshare class page as for a normal page. The second thing where you can add keywords is on your video lessons. In your video lessons, you can add your keywords to the unit title, and also to the title of the video, and to the file name of the video. So you have to do that before you upload the video. With all these tips, you can start boosting your Skillshare class. 4. SEO for Youtube video's: Doing SEO for YouTube, isn't it a bit of a different story? You have to think about keywords for YouTube. So first to this, what is my video about? So if your video is my video, my introduction to SEO in my new class, it would be SEO. It's about SEO, it's an online course, something like this. What is the genre? It's an online training or online course, or online class, you can mix with these words and then maybe more specific tags or refined. It is about PageRank or it is about link building. So you can go a little bit deeper into the subject of what your video is about. Well, then, you can also think about other keywords. So you write all these keywords down and then you're going to mix them all up. So you can also do research for keywords, for videos. YouTube has autoSuggest. So you can go to YouTube, and you can search there for like I started with SEO and then online and then there started to be online training, online marketing, SEO classes online, all these kind of words I can also add to my list of possible keywords. The other one is that you go and search and do research into the Adwords Display Planner. This is a tool of AdWords. You login to AdWords, you go to Tools, and then to Display Planner. There, again, like in my first class, add the words that you think that your customers are interested in. So for me, it's like SEO online training, online SEO training, SEO training, and I get ad group Ideas here on the bottom after I fill them all in. Then you see here that these are all my keywords and I want to individual targeting ideas, not ad group ideas, I only want this one. Then you see here, for example, the relevance and you see words that might be relevant for you also this one or here. So you can find again words and see which one work for you and where you want to go for because you shouldn't use them all, but just a few. That's the relevance, and then you upload again your video with a filename with keywords, and there you see that you can fill in a title, and for me, the title starts also with SEO training online because that's my keyword. Then how to get a PageRank and create a backlink ritual because this is 96 characters and the title should actually be maximum 70 characters, even though you can fill in more. Otherwise, Google will truncate your search results, so your title of your search results. So you should make it maximum 70 characters. That will be optimum. You should always start the sentence of your title with your keyword because that seems to be more important than the rest of your sentence, so always put it in front of the sentence. Then the description. Add also a description, and if you want to have people to go through your URL, start also with the URL of your website or where you have put your training on the top, and then use also your keywords into this description as you can see here. Then tags, they are very important and use also keywords in here. There's already some suggested tags, as you can see. So you can look at that, and after you enter a tag, you just press Enter for adding a new tag. Don't use too many tags, so maybe this is even already enough or too much. Maybe I could exclude business from this whole mix of keywords. But I should do some more research to find out which are the best keywords for me and also what my competitors do. So I have to look at what my competitors do and what I have to add to that. So that's also very important. The last thing that you can also do is that you can add your thumbnail. Then you can go to Advanced settings and fill in, for example, your video language and all the things that you want to have in settings, and maybe you can choose another category that will be better for you, and then you can publish your video. 5. Check your page for video seo: Now that you did your keyword SEO, you add it some keywords to your video and also on your page. But now you have to check if you did it good. I checked my first SEO class, and I did that again by inserting the URL of the Skillshare class to After I checked my URL of my first Skillshare class, I see that Skillshare is the most important and then SEO. If I would like SEO to be the first one, I might be able do something about it, to add it maybe one more time and try to see if I can add it in more important elements. But because Skillshare is already in very important elements, it is almost not possible to get higher than Skillshare. But let's see, I will go and try to do that. Here, you also see the keyword research, which is also very important for this class, is one of my best keywords. I could even repeat it a little bit more, so it gets more permanent. This is one of checks you can do, and after you checked it, you can change the words and try to optimize it a little bit better. 6. Project Video SEO: The project of this class is that you add a screenshot of the meta set tool where you put in your keywords to attach it to the metadata of your video. I want to see how smart you did this and what we can all learn from that. I hope to see you all in my next class of SEO, and that's about creating your own link building ritual. I hope to see you then.