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Video Marketing Strategies: Learn Video Marketing

teacher avatar Nader Nadernejad, Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Video Marketing Trailer


    • 2.

      What To Expect


    • 3.

      My Experience with Video Marketing


    • 4.

      Options for Creating Videos


    • 5.

      My Favourite Video Software


    • 6.

      Shooting Video on Your Phone


    • 7.

      Defining Your Strategy


    • 8.

      Video Script Components


    • 9.

      2-Column Video Script


    • 10.

      Video Marketing Stats


    • 11.

      Video Marketing Styles


    • 12.

      Event Videos


    • 13.

      Viral Videos


    • 14.

      Testimonial Videos


    • 15.

      Demonstration Videos


    • 16.

      The Classic Vlog


    • 17.

      YouTube SEO


    • 18.

      Measure Marketing Results


    • 19.

      Facebook Video Ads


    • 20.

      Types of Adword Video Ads


    • 21.

      Launching Your First $5 Ad


    • 22.



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About This Class

In this beginner course, you'll learn my top video marketing secrets and how you can market your videos.

This course is perfect for you if you want to use videos to: 

  • Reach a wider audience

  • Market products and services

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Increase engagement on social media platforms and websites

  • Use video marketing to convert viewers into customers

  • Learn how to reach relevant audiences with your videos

This course will NOT cover how to produce and edit videos from scratch. We'll briefly talk about creating videos and methods of obtaining marketing videos, but it will not walk you through the technical ins-and-outs of creating and editing videos. Instead, we're laser focused on what to do with the videos after you've produced or obtain them.

I'll still provide video editing recommendations as well as free resources that you can use to produce marketing videos, but this course assumes you have some knowledge about recording video or obtaining relevant video for marketing purposes.

We'll walk through video marketing on different social platforms and sites, such as: 

  • Facebook video marketing

  • YouTube video marketing

  • Instagram video marketing

  • Vimeo video marketing

Here are some additional topics we cover: 

  • Video marketing ads (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads)

  • Vimeo video marketing (Creating Hero Content that Makes an IMPRESSION)

  • Consistent video marketing to build an audience

  • Creating content that focuses on strong storytelling

If you want to learn video marketing, now's the time. Start today and get 24/7 access to me as your teacher FOR LIFE! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nader Nadernejad

Multimedia Producer and Marketing Expert

Level: Beginner

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1. Video Marketing Trailer: Hey there, my name's not or not Jack, the founder and director of Not in a Jab Media out of the Toronto Eat Center. If you're looking to learn video marketing, that's taking any video and making it reached the widest audience possible, this course is for you and this course we're gonna talk about how to take a video and reach people on YouTube. Facebook on Vimeo. Basically, we're gonna take every single platform, and I'm gonna give you a broad overview of not only how to use that platform but how to leverage it to market your videos in 2019 and beyond. Video marketing is becoming one of the most effective methods for spreading awareness about your brand, but also it's an effective method to grow your business, build your personal brand and reach the maximum amount of people you could possibly reach through any form of content marketing. I'm gonna teach you how to leverage each platform in the best way possible. This is a beginner course ideal for digital marketers and people who really want to build their brands online, but also individuals who want to do some of their own marketing with video. We're not going to be talking about how to make a video, but I'm gonna teach you about some of my favorite editors. Some things you can check out, including resources, and you're gonna have 24 7 access to me at all times meeting if you have a question. If you're wondering how to make the perfect video, I'm here to help you hands on one on one to help you market your videos and gain exposure again. My name is not on, not on the jet. And I can't wait to see you in the course. 2. What To Expect : So what is this course? What makes it different from the other courses? I attribute most of my success today, including making passive income, finding clients online, sometimes being able to sit back and let work Just roll in. I wake up in the morning. I have requested my inbox not or help me more marketing daughter, I need your services. Not people are fighting you through video. And I said, I want to make a course that teaches people how to market a video. That is the main underlying philosophy. This course, How do you take a video and how do you make it reach the widest audience possible? So I have worked the video ever since I was 12 or 13 years old. For over a decade now, I have been making videos, and I also worked in a traditional newsroom. I worked at CTV News here in Canada as an intern, learning how news media makes videos and how individuals make videos in marketing outside of that. So I'm taking all of that experience a lot with my digital marketing skills and helping you market your video. So we're gonna cover something that twofold. In this course number one. How do you take a video on How do you simply market it for the widest exposure? Number two. How do you use videos? Not just one video, but many videos to build a brand that gains momentum. So we start with the intention. I want to build the marketing agency. That's one idea where I want to build my construction company or number three. I just want to be famous. It doesn't matter what it is. And how do we, over a long period of time, use those videos to continually build up traction over time to get us to our goal? So you're harnessing the power of video and you're getting what you want out of life and out of your business by using that video so we get to fold. How do you take a video market? It simple. Is that Number two? How do you take multiple videos or use of video strategy to get what you want in life and grow your business to your vision? So those are the two things that we're gonna be focusing on? Obviously, we're covering a lot of network, so it may be a little bit surface for you for a bit, but we're gonna work deeper. We're gonna go into Facebook targeting. We're gonna go into YouTube s CEO. We're gonna We're gonna do everything. OK, But if there's something missing that you wanted out of this course, let me know. There's a Q and A section on up still around. So I could make you a video personally explaining things so I can't wait to see the course . Let's get started. 3. My Experience with Video Marketing : So the last lecture. I talked a little bit about my experience with video marketing, but let's talk about some concrete. What have I done? Video marketing wise. That makes me qualified to teach this course. When I was only 18 years old, I was brought under what campaign From Trinidad and Tobago. A nine year old student wanted to take the S A. T s in the U. S. But they said he was too young. So I was given this video toe market to the widest audience possible to get people to support this nine year old kid who wanted to take the S A T math exam but wasn't allowed to and get a social campaign going. So basically, I took this video as that this nine year old kid was not allowed to take the S A. T s. But he's a prodigy. He deserves to do it. That video reached over a 1,000,000 views online. That video was shared thousands of times on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. There were news reports written about that video, and I'm gonna teach you how to publicize and market a video in the same way so you could implement this with your clients and you can implement this with your own brand. But I want you to remember one thing. Although I'm great video walking, I still have to try. I still have to work a lot sometimes after work every day. So you have to understand video marketing is what you pick up the skills. It's pretty easy, but you're still working in a saturated marketplace. There are people all over who were trying to do the same thing as you. So we have to beat the competition. We're gonna do that together, which is why I get lifetime access to this course. Any questions? Be sure to let me know. 4. Options for Creating Videos : in this lesson. I want to give you some concrete options for creating videos. I'm not even gonna do a big explanation. I'm gonna jump right into it. Number one, your phone. If you don't use a video editor, you don't want to do anything else. You could use your phone. If you think phone looks unprofessional, look, a tie. Lopez, who scaled an eight figure plus business just making one phone video in his garage where you need to get good at is speaking on camera your face. Even if you'll do, you think you have a face for radio and you don't have a pretty face. Trust me, your faces a number one asset for making videos. You can literally pick up a phone and talk like this and create content. That's your number one option. It's you go to. Everyone has a smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, get yourself a camera or use your computer webcam again with a computer webcam, you could speak right into the lance. Simple Number two. Number one. Phone number two. Computer camera Again. When we're looking at cameras, what you want to do is pick up a camera and I'd say the 400 to $1200 range is going to get you the most bang for your buck. Anything about that you're looking at semi professional or professional cameras. I love to shoot on a camcorder. That's what I'm shooting on right now. I can manual focus Number three, get a camera, choose between a camcorder or a DSLR camera. Those are my favorite. So you can always use your phone. You can use a camera, but those your different options for equipment. Now, we're gonna talk about editing software later on, but the number one thing you can do is simply within your phone. If you're creating videos, clip the end of the video. So if you have some silent part at the beginning of your video, all you're gonna do is go to edit video on your phone and you're gonna drag that video in different video Software's there are different. You know, editing software is out there, but what I'm gonna do is teach you in the next lesson some of my favorite resources. So won't we jump into this? You could start using some concrete free resources 5. My Favourite Video Software : So let's talk about my favorite video software. That's totally free. Number one DaVinci Resolve If he used eventually result, you're gonna be able to just down on the video editor and use it Simple is that it does everything any other video editor does, and it's totally free on your phone, I would say Download I movie I Movie is a favorite of people creating videos on their phone . I see people in the news business do this. I see the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation use a phone as their third camera, and they put this on television. They should four k on an iPhone 10. They put it on television and they'll edit on my movie. I see journalists do it all the time. I see movie people film with Gimbels using their iPhone. So I recommend Movie is a second. Software is the number one Divinci. Result number two I movie on this. Jumping with concrete is here to help you out. We're gonna jump on the computer. I'm going to show you more there. But other than that, I'm gonna throw out some paid ones. My favorite paid one for Windows computers has always been Sony Vegas and you can take any version of Sony Vegas that you want. It's quite expensive. I don't pay money for Sony Vegas, but if you're looking to buy one, I recommend Sony Vegas. If you want a good deal of video editing and sound editing a tons of editing software, you can literally pick up a sweet Theodore B Cloud suite, which you can purchase online is about 20 or $30. Maybe a little bit more. But if you're a student, you can get a discount also, if you call them and you ask for a first month free, you get a free trial so you could start using Premiere Pro, which is my favorite video editor in the Adobe. Sweet, I think, is the only one, but I see professionals make movies with that. I see people to news reports of that so you can use Premiere Pro. That's another paid resource. Other than that, I'd say you can just take videos like this. You can do marketing like this. You can record in your camera. Even they were stopping the camera. That's fine. People were gonna tolerate that as long as you're contents good, so that's my advice, though, there's some resources that some of their favorite video editing software. If I have left you without enough information, let me know I will give you more resources because they want you to shine and want you to excel. 6. Shooting Video on Your Phone: before we jump right into marketing strategy for videos and video marketing. Because this is a marketing course, I don't want to spend too much time on the creation process. I'm going to give you some tips for shooting video with your phone, so let's jump right into it. When you're shooting video on your phone, you want to make sure that you always use the back facing camera as much as you can and has higher quality resolution. That's better. Image stabilization. It's going to get you the best picture quality. But if you were speaking into the camera, don't worry about that. If you try to do this, you're gonna end up flipping your camera upside down. Just use the back facing camera. If you're talking in the phone, use the back facing camera. Now the number one microphone I recommend. If you are looking to record videos with your phone, the only thing that's going to suffer a little bit other than depth of field is your sound quality. So when I recommend you do is buy a microphone, you can get a boy that's a beat. Oh, spelled B o Y a boy, a microphone for 15 to 25 Canadian dollars. So in the US, you're looking about like $15. It's really not bad at all. The sound quality is great for Mike from that cheap. It sounds just like a Laval your microphone, and you can put that directly into your phone. Record videos like So other than that, I get a phone. Tripod Fone tripods cheaper than regular tripods again, 10 to $15 range. So for about 30 bucks, you could have pretty much an editing suite on your phone. And if you download I movie, you're ready to go. 7. Defining Your Strategy : in this video, we're gonna be talking about defining your strategy when making videos. So when you're making a video, it's not simply because everyone else is and you're decided. Hey, I have to just make one because I'm a business. Know what's your strategy? Do you want your video to convert MAWR viewers into clients? Do you want your video? You know, Are you just making a video for a hobby? Whatever it is you needed and goal. So you have to write that down, and that's the most important thing I would say right on your head, because it's so important. But it's gonna wash up. So grab a pen and paper or grab no pattern. What I want you to do is to define your strategy. What do you want to get out of video marketing? Okay, is that one video that you're looking to market? It shouldn't be. Generally, look at marketing many videos. Like I said in the beginning, this course, if you can, over a period of five years, make 200 videos or make 1000 videos, those videos live on the Internet forever and keep getting you and your business traction so That is incredible. Once you've made all those videos, what do you want them to do for you? You have to define that strategy, or you're gonna wake up in five years, and you're gonna say me 2000 videos. But what are they doing for me? So if you if you have a strategy right now, after I make my 500 to 1000 videos I know it sounds crazy. Don't write me off just yet. You could do it. Okay, Maybe you could get traction with 80 videos of your very talented, But by the end of the five years, by the end of the two or three years, or even by the end of the one video, what do you want? Write that down. Okay. Write that down. And once you have that, we're ready to move forward. 8. Video Script Components : So in this video we're going to be looking at video script components. So how are you going to set up your video script in order to get your desire results? So I told you to be clear about your goal of your video. So if your goal is to get more traffic or to get more conversions or to get somebody to sign up to an email list or two, get more phone calls. You need to put that here. So we're going to start this. This is just a plan for a video script, by the way, with the main goal. What is your goal? So let's say our goal is to get people to call me more or get people checking out my business to call me number. But I want to do next is put that call to action in the end of the video, remember, 1 to 3 calls to action, the is the most they found in research that will actually generate results. So calls to actions you have your goal. Get people to call me Mawr. So I'm actually going to write that in here, and you can fill this in yourself for my business Phone calls to action could be Visit our website, for example, because you have a call feature there, but the very 1st 1 should be. Call CLO. Let's see. Your phone number is 905 to 2 to 1122 That's your first. Call the action or visit our website. Visit our website on Sign Up for free e book. So here you have three calls to action. One. Call the number or visit our website to learn more and you can sign up for a free E book. I usually keep it to two, but you can keep it to three. So you want a load your script with all these pieces of information. First the goal. Remember that, and then the calls to action that will accomplish or achieve this goal. So these air components of the script and then you want a beginning, middle and end. So what is the problem? So what? What is the problem in the video that you're going to solve? So problem or pain point, There's something you should know. Solution to problem for pain points. So, for example, people need heating services. People need heating services if this is your video in the winter, Okay, um, some people have broken furnaces. That's a problem or a pain point solution. We fix furnaces, so that's more like an ad. But if you don't creating an ad you're creating YouTube video. This is how you fix your furnace. So the solution or the pain point the solution to the problem with the pain point is going to change depending on what you're trying to elicit from the video. So if you're getting people to call your business phone, all right, so you're going to say we fix furnaces? If you want to get people to subscribe to a YouTube channel about heating repair, then you might give them This is how you fix the furnace. So the problem with the pain point solutions are going to change, depending on how your goal changes. So I'm actually going to erase this. I'm gonna leave it as a template for you. So one recalls the action to three a maximum of free problem or a pain point, your solution of the problem with the pain points. So I'm actually gonna make this a little bit bigger for you. I'm gonna that's way too big. I'm gonna make this a downloadable resource for you on that. We could get into the script writing, so this doesn't cover the script writing, But you wanna have additional details? So that's just added things. At the end of you know, once you find all this out, you want additional details. What are some key features you should really mention? Also, what sets you apart? So, Mission statement? What's the mission statement? You often want this at the beginning of your video so high on my YouTube videos. Say hi, I'm not or not in a Jan and I help international students and people moving to Canada, get settled, get started and launch up like a rocket. That's my mission statement. So have my goal. My goal would be to get more YouTube subscribers. My mission statements right there. Calls actually tell people to subscribe. And by my courses on you, to me and my problem or pain point is I'm fixing. People were trying to move to Canada. I'm helping them find out how solution in each of my videos, I offer a different solution on how you could do that. How to make it easier and they get some additional details is back up. That's all it takes to make a video. It all it takes to make an ad all it takes to make any type of video. This is generally the formula that I create. So I'm gonna attach this. It's not very pretty, but it is basic, and it will help you thes air your video script components. We should have down with them. And if you have any questions, let me know. 9. 2-Column Video Script: in this lesson, I'm going to teach you the two column video script now. It might seem quite simple, but believe it or not, this is the industry standard of video script that we learn in video broadcast. That's for newscast. That's for, you know, learning and journalism. That's for video ads. This is the conventional industry standard script four clips as well that's been used for, you know, just years. That's even the past 100 100 years. I'd go that far. So you have your video. So your visuals in this column and then you have your audio in this column. So what I like to do is I like to do the audio first. Cut the audio is the message. So let's say we are doing a script about buying the best cheese. You want to start it with clever script writing, so you're not going to say by my cheese you're gonna say something like, um, you have the perfect wine, but you don't know what to pair it with dot, dot, dot and so visuals. What would visuals go like? What visuals would he used? You have the perfect wine. Okay. So clearly you're gonna have visuals of wine. Okay, And then maybe you want the shot in a specific way. People in the back ground chatting and smiling. You want something that makes your taste buds, Tingo? You know, that's just I wouldn't I wouldn't write that for a cheese ab. Clearly, I'm not thinking the script up very well. So there we go. We have maybe people people eating crackers, for example. You wouldn't want to confuse visuals. Like if we're gonna introduce cheese, that's a cheese. Add. Um, you want to get people caught up in crackers, But maybe you can have you can even have viz visits. A short term for visuals of the biz of people. Um, drinking out of cup, then visuals of taste. But so I don't know how you do that. Maybe you can get like the wine going into someone's mouth, and then you have maybe a P. O. V shot, and then you have their taste buds, so that's a really good way of generating that video on. Then we move on to the next line, so this is basically how you fill out your script until you get to the end. So once you export this. Once you're ready, you have the perfect video and audio script to do what you need to dio. It's a symbol of that video one column audio on the other column, and then you just fill it out until your script is done, so I'm gonna actually attach. This is, well as a document to the course lesson so you can download this if you can't make a two column chart. Or you can make your own two column chart by. If you're using word or Google Doc again, the Google suite is free. Go to in search, go to table and then you can choose something columns you want. You can have three if you want. Maybe the 3rd 1 for smell. I don't know how advanced video is going to get in the future, but that's a really good way to do it. I'm going down with this, and that's it for this lesson. 10. Video Marketing Stats: Here are some video marketing stats now The you right now is 2019. This course is going to be updated every few months. So the content that you're gonna be seeing towards the end of the course and even through the resources in the middle are gonna be updated every three months. That's generally how I look at my courses and also per student request. So if you see something that needs to be improved, I'm generally on that within 24 hours. But these air some video marketing stats for 2019 and they imagine for the next few years they're only going to become or towards this trend of video dominating online marketing. So here's some important statue they want to know. First of all, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year that 66% more leads per year that are easier to convert. These are people you could churn. It's the pain clients with video. Because video is great when it comes to targeting people's emotions, having them fill out a form is much easier if they watch a video explaining benefits before they just see the form. So you're gonna capture Morley's. If you have video, that's the bottom line, and 54% of video marketers achieve better brand awareness. So if you want more people to know about your brand toe, learn about your brand, then video is the best way to get them in the know how. So if you're just making articles, if you're just writing, you're not gonna be able to actually show people. Show video is a great medium for showing. Instead of telling with writing, you have to tell you have to tell photos air okay, because you can still show. But when it comes to videos, you get all those friends you get. I can speak to you right now. You're more aware of me. I had to write this whole thing. You wouldn't know who I am. You wouldn't think of me as a person as much as if I appeared on camera. So that's also a big one on almost half of Web users watch video before visiting the store , and that could mean online store a physical store, then watch video. They want to know what the consumer experiences like. They want to see reviews, which is why in the next section. When we look at video marketing styles, I'm gonna teach you how to get behind this and alter consumed with psychology. And even if you're not trying, Teoh, you know, drive people to your story. Your digital marketer, you just want to be a YouTube or you're just interested in this is gonna help you. 79% of consumers prefer watching a video to reading about a product so that most people want to watch a video instead of read about it that it's this medium. If you could retain people, which is retention time, get people. Just keep watching your videos, you're gonna win and people want toe watch videos. Now watch this. 97 97% of businesses use explainer videos, and it helps people understand about the business better. So 97% of businesses believe explainer videos or helpful. They're gonna show people, you know, bringing for value, and they're gonna get more clients. And over 50% of consumers believe that's my last, that they believe that when you doing explainer video keeping in tow one minute, keeping it concise is the most important part. So I want your take away to be from this lesson. What is your mission statement? Go back to that mission statement. Go back and ask yourself, What is that one thing that your business is about? And can you explain that in a minute? Okay, explain it in a minute. Get concise. Get it clear That will help you with the video making process. 11. Video Marketing Styles: So this is an intro to video marketing styles in this course section, we're gonna be breaking out different types of marketing videos. So from a vet marketing to marketing and corporate company to getting a video testimonial made the way each section in this part of the course is gonna work is I'm going to say, Okay, we're gonna do event marketing, So I'm gonna teach you how to make an event video, how to market that event video, what platforms you're going to use to bring people out your event and how to use that video at the center of your marketing strategy in order to get Mawr engage consumers in order to get more people coming out your event and we're gonna break down different sections. So we're not just gonna look at event videos. We're gonna look a demonstration videos. We're gonna look at that classic blocks down. You see on YouTube because you may think that doesn't lend itself to actual hard business and sales. But it really does, because people love to watch that video style. And it mentioned Tai Lopez at the beginning of this course. There's so many people who have used that style to start to jump start their businesses and also to run their businesses long term. So let's go over all the different styles and talk about how to intertwine them with marketing strategy. 12. Event Videos: Let's talk about event videos. How are you going to bring more people out to your event there? Few rules for event videos. First of all, you wanted to capture some of the tension immediately. Immediately. That's Rule number one. Capture the user's attention immediately. Big, flashy, bright colors or go home. It's an event here who is not an infographic. It's not a knowledgeable take away. The goal is to get people to come to an event. They're gonna buy a ticket or they're just gonna purely come to the event. It always always starts with the video. I brought thousands of people out to events, and I always start with a video. So how are you gonna make this video a higher somewhere to make you a video trailer on fiber dot com? That is the number one thing you can do number to record a video like this. If you really have to be big, be bold. Thrown some background music. Hey, my name's not and there's a big event happening downtown to night. Well, don't do tonight. Do like in the next next week or two. You want to market the event in advance. Do you want to make a video. If you have to pee on camera, you can use your phone. But again, here's another marketplace I'm gonna teach you about. If you can download Adobe Premiere or Adobe after effects or you get Sony Vegas, you can actually download film templates and film templates and also trailer videos online . I'm going to show you an example of a cool event Video that I made were gonna go over to my computer and I'm gonna walk you through how it marketed some of the events in the past. This event was called glow in the dark nonstop e g. M. And I put this one on at Dow House. The university Theo event was free admission. So that was one selling point. I mean it. Cover photo, nine PM, toe 1 a.m. At the university club. And what I did was they marketed the event using a video. As you can see, I had 516 interested people and 192 people went. There was actually more people at the event, so much so the venue got full and we had to hire security. People were asking, Are there more tickets available. Um, so as you can see, I did bring a lot of people out to the event. If you're wondering how I did that, I'm going to go through this and try to find the video for you. Um, it is 100% around here somewhere. Look at this big and flashy. How did I make a video this big and flashy? We're gonna go over it. But I want you to watch it and ask yourself, What are the elements you see in this video? So you may be asking, Hey, I don't have multi media experience like you not. Or how am I going to create a video like that? It's a simple is this If your marketing and event make the video on your phone, it doesn't have to be this flashy. But if you want to make it this flashy Exactly what I did I went to in vado dot com takes me onto the involved a marketplace, I make an account, and then I can just browse all of the video templates on this site. They have different, you know, templates for websites, video like, you know, templates for videos, for um, you know, audio. They have a whole bunch of different marketplace filled the templates. Andi. It's actually on video hive that a lot of these templates like these live. So it's a part of in Vado. If you make an accountant and Votto will look a video hive, you could do pretty much the exact same thing that I did. And that's what I recommend. I think you were going to achieve massive results doing that. You want to create a Facebook event page you want? Upload that video into the event page. We're gonna look at Facebook ads later on, which can help your event get through. But it's a simple is starting a Facebook event page? Google it if you don't know how to do it. It's very simple. Upload that flashy video again. Flashy capture attention the 1st 3 seconds uploaded to the event page, and then you can use the volatile marketplace or your phone, set the address and then connect eventbrite to it. So you go to eventbrite dot com eventbrite dot com. It's a simple is that And then you go to create an event. You fill out all your event details and then you go back to Facebook and all you do is you edit the event so you go under, there will be an edit button. This is an old event, but you can go to edit event, and then what you do is you add the link. You add the link to get tickets. There's always going to be a ticket link admission. Get tickets on a website, you can add it, and you can add the eventbrite ticket to there so people will get email reminders to go to the event. But get Facebook reminders to go to the event. But it all starts with one thing. Video and video marketing. We'll get more into this later on. I don't want this lesson to be three hours, so let's keep going. If you have questions, be sure to ask me. I will help you one on one, and we will fill in the gaps 13. Viral Videos: What I want to know is when it comes to viral video marketing, it's the same. Was bringing people out your events. You gotta go big or you got to go home. But there are more resources you can use to your disposal and you have more of a choice when it comes to networks. You could really do viral on Instagram canoe viral on YouTube, but he could do violence. Facebook. So before I show you one tool to make a viral video because the biggest thing is your title , your thumbnail, those are the two. Biggest thing is to get the click through and then you're retention time. Okay, so you have to make it flashy. Entitled Thumbnail. You will actually get to the video. You need sustained attention. Those are the three things you need to make a viral video. That is it. But the bigger flashing more controversial it is, the more people you gonna bring out. So what platform do you use? YouTube is a great one because you can easily upload a thumbnail. You can easily, you know, there's a big organic reach there on YouTube and the biggest thing that's going to determine whether you're going to make a viral video on YouTube is is the watch time gonna hold through? So people click on your video and you don't deliver on your promise of YouTube Will promote your video You to promotes by watch time the longer people watch. If they watch 98% of your video, you're going okay, That is the biggest thing. Because when you get promoted and then you're your title, so click, baby, everyone clicks on to it. You're gonna keep rising in those rankings and make a viral video. That's what it is. So that's its advantage. The organic market place Facebook. How do we use that? Facebook is generally paid to play if you drop it on your personal profile that you're gonna have to hope your friends share okay or people following you share it. If you don't have the network, don't do that. You will not make a viral video. If you need to know the difference between a public Facebook page like your own page and a Facebook fan page or Facebook Business page, which is separate from your personal page on that page, you can actually target an audience which makes it extremely powerful. I'm not gonna cover that in this lesson because it's too much to digest right now. We're going to get into Facebook marketing and you tube marketing Sue, which is gonna break those aspects down. But we're making a viral video you want include those elements. If you're going for Facebook as a network, you need to tell yourself, Okay, posting on my personal page, I have to have friends that are going to share. If they're not, it's gotta go up on the business page so I can put at money into it. If you put like 10 or $20 at budget into it and you get the initial shares, you could stop the ads and it will go viral. That's another way to do that. So Instagram Instagram began organic following. If people are following you and they're going to see it and you're gonna hash tag it and it's just a really, really funny video, it could go viral there, too. And the same thing with Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, or quite similar in that way hashtag it if they get the shares. If it gets an organic momentum in the 1st 24 hours, you're gonna take off. My favorite is a you tube and be Facebook, usually my favorite, and then Facebook is my second. And then the other ones. That's generally I don't have as many videos go viral there, but some people do, so it depends on how big your networks are. So it's got on my computer. I'm gonna show you one tool on how you could make the best thumbnails and also how you can make the very best titles to video tools to make viral content. Number one is the Buzz Sumo Content Analyzer. So Buzz sumo is be used at that S u M O. It's a tool that allows you to plug in any keywords, and we'll show you what the most viral content is for that keyword. Now it's a pay tool, but you're going to get a few free searches on this every single day so you don't have to pay for it. So had onto ba sumo dot com. And if you're making a video type in the topic, so if you're making a video about eating a burger that you want to go viral because maybe this burger video's funny again. Make sure the video has the potential to go viral before you try to market it. It can't be a regular video of eating a burger, and then you're going to see what goes, what ranked the best. So diners eating impossible burgers doused with beet juice by pro testing meet rights Activist. It's actually saw this article. It was it was by Thea Knee, and it was funny, But we're looking for video content primarily. So if we're gonna be going on, you know, like Facebook, we're going to use the Facebook analyzer. Um, we can keep going. We can see what burger titles work the best. And we also have other filters that we can use, like the past two years, the past six months, the past week, 24 hours to see what's performing the best on what's trending. This will help you find a title, so just scroll through these find the best elements of all of them, like suddenly being watched, see like like those keywords are going to help you boycott. Um, the in and out burger boycott shows that under socialism, those who don't obey won't eat. So just like really click baby. Stuff like this is gonna help. You have been eating burgers wrong your entire life. These things are really gonna help you s Oh, that's how you find a viral title. Find common themes here and then create your title. Canada is how I make my thumbnails So you can just go to YouTube thumb now or any other thumbnail for that matter. And you things like, let's say this. You can change the title. You can change the background. I can put eating the best burger. Okay, so you want big, bold letters You type in your name. My name's daughter, but you might want to put something else like big surprise or or let's take Let's take a keyword from here. Um, you have been doing it wrong eating the best burger, and then we could change the background to a burger. But I think you get the idea. Basically, that's how you make a viral video, and it's not going to go viral every time. If anyone can snap their fingers and make a viral video in a second, there would be a massive, massive asset to this industry, and not everybody can do that. Even the best of the best tend to only be able to do that for big networks with a following in the beginning. Or if they're extremely talented, then they're just using controversial content. So it really depends. But these are the principles and the concept of a viral video. They will get you more traffic on. This is how I tend to break it down and do it. 14. Testimonial Videos: so the video testimonial is its own type of video. Five were used to do, and five or again as a marketplace where you can buy services for $5 you can hire somebody to talk about your brand for $5. The testimonial video is a video that a client can make so you can reach out to a client has had a good experience of you or friend who really likes the content that you make and have them make a one minute video about how awesome you are. What you're gonna do is post that generally on your website, and you're gonna post that in areas that already get traffic. You don't want to post that as an organic video because no one's gonna find a testimonial. Video will watch the whole thing through its people who already interested in your brand that are gonna watch the video. So this is an option if you don't have a real person to make the video for you, your head onto fiver and used to be able to type testimonial video. But you can anymore. You actually have to look for the words spokesperson. And when you find a spokesperson. You're gonna click the most looking, the most natural looking ones. So this guy in his apartment, he looks like a real genuine person. If you choose someone on a white screen, then they're gonna look like you paid them. This guy. Let's see. Welcome to my fiber gig. I would like to produce a spokesperson or testimonial video for you. See that? Look at this. Hi, guys. Michael here. This just for my friends and family on Facebook who may be going through a similar situation that I did. So that's probably credit card or loan company. And it's that simple. And on the fiver, this is 14 Canadian dollars, so it's gonna cost you nothing. If you're in the US on and you can find cheaper than this, you confined gigs for pretty much $5 because it's fibers so head on the fiver. You can buy testimonial video or reach out to a friend of do one and again. Either post that on your website or posted pennant to the top of your Facebook page For your business of people already visiting there, the testimonial video is a powerful tool that's going to increase conversions. If you have any questions again, let me know. I'm always here to help 15. Demonstration Videos: the demonstration or the Free Valley video. This is one of my favorite videos, and I recommend it to my clients. A lot of my clients asking, what sort of content should I produce? And I'm a condom for them in terms of videos. But I'm also I lied their marketing. So I do that all the digital marketing. I don't just specialize in video for them. So a lot of the time I'll call them up and say, Hey, I'm looking to get more clients and especially for, like, heating, ventilation, air conditioning companies. And I'll say, Make a video. How to install a furnace That's really gonna help people. Some people want to know. The clients will say, That's my job to install people's furnaces. I know, but some people like to do at home D I Y. Repairs. And even if you're not going to make money from that video by demonstrating how to do something on providing out how to people are gonna trust, use an expert, you're gonna get more traffic and people who are looking Hey, should I hire this guy? They can see that you're teaching people how to do this. So my clients when they see my unity courses. The Celica, your teaching people how to do these things. You're teaching people marketing and teaching people how to work the video. And then they hired me to do video for them. So it's the same effect if you have a business, or even if you don't, you're just trying to get traffic, demonstrate how to do things. I'm going to demonstrate in the next video how you could make a flog how you could do a vlog. You look at that and look at the principles behind how I show how I demonstrate how I do something. How I've been demonstrating things in this course most of these videos that I've been making in this course our demonstration videos. So look at those pick them apart and make your own demonstration videos for your business. And when you want to do is posters on the content schedule, how often at least one a week. Make one video a week, demonstrating how to do something about your business. And if you can't think of ideas every day, what you need to do is sit down for one single hour in the morning, Wake up one hour earlier. Sit down and make a big list of all things that you could demonstrate, and then you want to go on. Record those videos in one day slot of Sunday slot of Saturday. Let's say you work in the burger business, Show people how to make the tastiest burger and then show people how to pan fry patty. And then the next video can be vegan burgers. Like there's three video topics, right? They're making demonstration video, throw it up on a content schedule and you have a concrete answer from me once a week on a slot on Break up your time That way, so that you're not diverting your attention of multitasking. You will get a lot of content out that way and will really help you video marketing for your business. And you can take the advice that I'm giving you if you have clients. If you're a digital agency taking this course, give your client the same advice this is gonna help them. It's gonna take you far. It's gonna take them far 16. The Classic Vlog : the classic log. What is this video and what is it good for? It's actually a video form that I specialize in. Its what? You just hold the camera. You walk around like this. It's very really You can see what I'm doing. I'm moving around. What makes a video like this powerful? Well, it's immediate. And I'm also using one simple principle. Jump cuts. It's what I'm moving from frame to frame. So I stopped the camera on they started getting another place just like this. And now it's not gonna be that deliberated jarring. You're just going to keep you're gonna keep cutting and you're going to keep using energy. And when the energy dies down and stop the camera, stop it immediately. Think of what you're gonna say. Start the camera again and go to the next point. And then what you're gonna do is throw it up onto a video editor or a timeline. And so, if you're using DaVinci resolve like your recommended to you, you're gonna take each clip and you're going to stack them together or use my movie, stack them together, take a very brief, you know, editing course, and you will learn exactly how to do that. We just look on YouTube on how to edit video of what you're gonna do is keep cutting and keep slicing those clips together. So you're going to cut, cut, cut, cut People like these videos for a reason. The vlog video makes people feel like they're your friends. They're coming along on an adventure with you. So you what you want to think about is not just filling your face, but within that video, showing people your environment within that video, speaking to people like a friend, being compassionate, being a little bit warmer, slowing down, looking into the camera, not breaking eye contact with it. So there are a few things that are really important when it comes to doing the classic vlog , and I recommend it. If you can't think of video ideas instead of creating to give up, how do I script? You know, my videos and I show you how to script things. The classic vlog is powerful because it allows you to document instead of create. If you could walk around with a camera every day and just fill in your day morning waking up, you know, client calls what it's like to run your business. You're reading the newspaper film a sick today. Show people the raw ends announce of your life that you think you wouldn't show people in your business and you will attract so much traffic will generate so much content you can't even imagine So that's my advice for you, especially if you're looking at, you know, bringing more people into your business. But you don't really have time. Bring your camera along with your film your day. Like I just showed you the second ago, you wouldn't stay in this room like I am now. You would walk around. You would take people throughout the city. You maybe get a camera person to help you. At the end of the day, you would either edit it yourself or have someone edited. Throw it up. It's a powerful video, if not, if if you're not going to use any of the videos or the methods that I taught, you use this method because it will allow you to consistently great content and corporate it seamlessly into your lifestyle, mostly seamlessly and really dominate the marketplace. When it comes to video market 17. YouTube SEO : I'm gonna teach you exactly how I get found in YouTube search and how, after about a year and 1/2 of consistently making videos on my channel, I'm on my way to eventually reach 10,000 subscribers, probably by the end of the summer. It's just, you know, we're moving through the spring, but after next season, I anticipate I will hit 10,000 subscribers. I get approximately 100,000 watch minutes a month, which means people are consistently watching my channel and asking me for advice. So let's head on over to my channel. We're going to go through some of my popular videos. We just hit 7900 subscribers. Let's talk about how I ranked this video, and if you're wondering how much money and make off AdSense not very much, probably about $100 a month. But let's let's let's get into why this the powerful marketing strategy for my brand in my business here I am being a fool on YouTube. That's that's an embarrassing face. Okay, so what I do is a quantity. I upload a lot of content all the time, upload a minimum of three times a week difficult, but we have been through enough content, marketing strategies and enough advice about how to seamlessly integrate this with your life. So grab a no pattern. Write that down quantity. I need you to upload a lot a minimum of three times a week. If you can't hit that, you will still make progress. But if you want to make fast progress, that's what I recommend you do. If you're more talented than me, you will rack in subscribers faster than I will if you're more attractive. If you have more charisma, you may perform better than I do. So the second thing is consistency uploaded the same times all the time. If you can do that, that's going to be great. Upload when people are awake around 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Works. 123 PM Works Doesn't matter, just do it during the afternoon, when most people in your Dept. Target demographic or awake the second thing. We're gonna go over demographics and looking at data soon. But how to rank your videos for search engine optimization, otherwise known as S E. O. Is you want your titles, description and keywords or your tags to be the same. So I put moving the Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then I have moving the Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I have the word advice. And here I should have the word advice here, moving to Halifax advice, The word advices Here, Um And then over here we have the word advice in the description. I'm using it three times in the description, titles and tags. And what that's doing is telling YouTube that this is relevant content. I don't Oh, my God, What's that face anyway? So that's an extremely poor part of S E O. Again, the three things is title tags and descriptions. The longer descriptions the better, for the most part. But as you can see, you can break that rule. In fact, Casey Neistat and large YouTubers don't even use keywords. But in the beginning phases, keyword ranking is the best. Now I'm gonna let you in tow. One more tip. We talked about viral keywords, but sometimes what's more powerful than using viral keywords is using a long term keyword that nobody's ever searched for. For example, Um, let's think of something that, like someone, wouldn't have made a video on because it's too specific. So how to move to New York from Lakefield, Ontario? There's no video on that. There's no video on how to move to New York from Lakefield, Ontario, so there's only everything to know before moving in New York City is our most relevant title. So here is the really powerful video marketing strategy. Make three videos a week for as many months as you can, and I want you to hit long form keywords. So instead of thinking just viral in using bus Sumo, the opposite strategies, these long form keywords that you know, maybe only 100 people in the world are going to search for. But if you can make all 100 people into your subscribers, you are going to be so successful. Okay, so you can replicate this you do from Lakefield, Ontario. You can do from like some really tiny town in the US no one has heard of before, and you can make like 500 how to move to New York videos. If you're New York travel agency and then after a period like after appeared three months, you won't even get much traction. But after a period of three years, you could be getting hundreds subscribers. You're gonna be growing that channel cause you're so specific and you're the only person in the whole of YouTube was making that content. So it's not true that all the videos have been made, and you have to understand that That's one of the most powerful marketing tips that I want you to write down. Now that's what's going to make the difference. So think about video marketing in that respect, and one more tip before we end this video, say the word subscribe. At the beginning of each video, you will convert more people in the subscribers because most people don't think about subscribing. So say subscribe at the beginning of each video. 18. Measure Marketing Results : In order to improve what you're doing, you're going to need to spend some time sitting down with your content and analyzing and to see where it's performing well and where you can improve. So I'm going to go right into my dashboard and click on creator studio. You're going to see exactly everything to do with my channel. So I got to get my watch time back up again, A Z You can see I I took a bit of a hiatus. I was working at CTV News, which is a news channel here in Halifax, and I wasn't uploading frequently. So now that I'm starting to upload again, I'm actually gonna go through 70 videos and I'm gonna go through some of the later ones because there's gonna be more data for them, and I'm going to see where people drop off. So I have a video about how to make 2000 U. S. Dollars in monthly passive income, and it's specific. Like I said in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and what I'm actually going to do is go into my analytics here. This is the old studio, but you can do this with a new studio as Well, I'm still using the old one. I'm very old fashioned, but I want you to look for the same things. These tabs are gonna be mostly the same audience retention. Look for the audience retention tab, and I want you to find out where people are dropping off. So the average view duration for my video is two minutes and 30 seconds. Take out a pen and paper and you to write down when people drop off. And I want you to watch your video and find out why. So these are just the dates. So the average percentage viewed is 50% of my video. So 50% of my video people are watching. What I also want to find out is some other information. So I could click around here. I could find the average you duration between countries. So ah, in Russia, people are watching Maurin Canada and the U. S. Pretty much the same. With the United States watching a tiny bit more. And Peru, they're watching a lot more and chilly there, watching even more so there could be different reasons for this and you can extrapolate this data. You can find out why um, but what's really important in the new Creator studio? What you're going to be able to do is watch your video. It's actually going to show you where people drop off and you can watch your video live at the same time is looking at the at the graph, so audience retention is the most important part. So two minutes 14 seconds. So find out what in the in the second half of your video is boring. Are you repeating yourself? What are some things you can change? Because, like I said, the biggest part of YouTube marketing is making sure that you have that watch time that people are watching all the way through. You know, 41% 48% isn't very good. It's It's OK, it's fine. But if people are watching 70% of your video, Wow, that video is getting promoted, and that's what you want to aim for. It's what you want to strive for us. We'll find the best parts of your videos, find your demographics. That's also gonna help Look at your demographics, so I have to market mostly the males. If I make videos about female cosmetic products, is probably not gonna perform as well. Remember that. Okay, so So within this period of time between the last year, we almost have I won't say a 1,000,000 watch minutes, but where we're not too far right, so that's that's decent. So a lot of people are watching my stuff and a lot of people will be watching your things as well, and I appeal to a very niche market. I appeal to people who want to move to Halifax, so I do marketing content as well. But this is a hobby. I do. So this is this is doing fairly well for that. People recognize me on the streets of Halifax for doing these videos, which is it's hyper local. But at the same time I'm providing value, so look and see how you can provide your own. It's more value how you can retain your audience, but also how you can appeal to the demographic. For me, it's males between 25 to 35 years old, for the most part, So I got to think of that and you have to find out what content they like. 19. Facebook Video Ads: in this last enough excited cause I'm gonna show you how to create your first video ad. I submitted a video in a competition to go to Thailand's over defining my goal here. I wanted to win this video competition to get a free trip to Thailand. Actually won the competition. I won the competition with this video because it got a lot of the actions. I got a lot of shares and I used to video ad. How did I do this? I'm gonna teach you how I generated a ton of excitement and engagement on my video. Let's go over to my computer. I'll show you the results and I'm gonna show you how I achieved that. I have chosen this video because it's very general. I wasn't trying to do anything super complex with this video. I don't think I spent more than 10 or $20. I reached 31,000 people. I got 1808 engagements and that's divided between these comments between CDs likes over here and these views. So I got quite a bit of engagement. It was about, um, again. It was a good video. I'd say it's kind of hero content. So it's the 10 reasons or the five reasons why I wanted to go abroad. It was immediate kids academy contest, And what I did was I made the video. Ah, I used big sound, big action. I used my best clips from traveling a lot of the action and architecture. So what did I do? I uploaded my video in a Facebook. I have a Facebook page here. You can create one just by, you know, opening the sidebar and going to manage pages. You will be able to create one. But I created a page. I had this page for a while and verified on Facebook. Um and what I did was I uploaded my video here after the video is live. I simply boosted the post and you could do this along with me too. I had boost post. This will probably tell you how much I spent actually, um or not. But what I did to get the most engagement ever is similar to what I did with dings. Viral video here is I target Bangladesh and appalled. They have the cheapest ad rates in the entire world. And if you're looking for a list of the cheapest Facebook like places to advertise Facebook ads in the world. You can just Google that and they'll be lists. So Bangladesh, Nepal, India thes India is getting more expensive now, But generally areas like that are going to be very inexpensive. Expensive areas to target for advertising is like California or expensive, affluent areas in the U. S. So what you're gonna do is you're going to set an ad budget here. I like to pick seven days, so you pick seven days and your total budget here, uh, for Bangladesh. If I put 25 bucks, I'm going to reach 2900 to 18,000 people per day with a seven day advertisement. Okay, and that's total budget is not $25 a day for $25 in total, I will reach a up to 18,000 people a day for seven days. That is incredible. That's more than a potential audience of 100,000. So for this type of video, I've just let you into one of the biggest secrets on how to spend $3.57 per day to reach up to 100,000 people in seven days. So that's huge. That's a huge take away. That's how you launch your first video ad ago in a boost post. You adjust your targeting here, I've given you basic targeting information Target where you need to target for your goal. OK, but if you're just looking for a lot of clicks, a lot of likes and to show off for a reason. If it delivers on your defined goal, then you want to target places like Bangladesh in appalled. Yeah, people can tell that the engagement is coming from those places, but what matters the most is that it's still getting shared. It's still getting comments, and this is gonna boost you on. The organic algorithm like the algorithm will actually favor your video because it's getting real shares and likes. And then you could turn off the added. It may continue to performing get comments. So that's my advice for you. That's how you create your first video ad. That's the first piece of basic information you need to know about ad targeting, and this is really how to drive a cost low. So now you understand what makes video advertising costs expensive and what makes it cheaper. And now we're gonna go into more complex Facebook as when it comes to video marketing. And there are several other factors thousands of other factors that influenced this. We're going to delve into the main ones. 20. Types of Adword Video Ads: So we're gonna talk about the type of Google ads you can launch for your videos. And again, this is a free corps. So you're just supposed to take the knowledge from these ad campaigns to see what you can do in the future. This is valuable knowledge you can use to market videos, and it's going to make you an asset to the industry, and that's important whether you want to work in it or not. So what you want to do is go TOE adds dot google dot com, and I'm using an dummy. Adds accounting. This is not a riel. Adds account. Um, this is just a nolde account that I don't use anymore. So once you do that, you want to launch campaign had the little plus sign, I go to new campaign, and as you can see, we're gonna talk about the different AdWords that you can drive so you can do sales. You can display ads, video ads. Each one of these has the capability for video, and I'm not going to go into all of them because the targeting is going to be the same. But I want to describe in this lesson what each one of them is gonna dio. So sales is going to drive cold heart sales to your website. You want a video that's going to make that obvious, that it's a shopping experience and that the viewer who's seeing the video is going to go to your website to shop leads. If you want a service based industry and you want to capture people's information to follow up with them and make a sale, leads are for you Website traffic. This is great for brand awareness, but also if you want people clicking around browsing and interacting with your content. Website traffic is perfect for that, so make sure you make a video that showcases the coolest aspects of your website before launching this ad product or brand consideration. Now, this is a unique type of video ad that encourages people to explore your products and services and consider buying them. But what this does it's kind of like brand awareness, but it actually makes conversion in the future easier. It makes it easier to make that sale, and retargeting is possible with this type of ad brand awareness and reach again. If you want more people to know about your brand, especially if you're working within a particular demographic area. This is the add for you if you're in a small city. Brand awareness is huge. If your target market is a small market and clearly defined brand awareness again is huge, So use brand awareness. If you're targeting a very specific audience within a specific demographic or interest at promotion, this one self explanatory. If you have a nap like I'm working with a couple of APP companies right now, you want a quick add that showcases the coolest parts of that app. A demo of that app. So you want to download or by a template that allows you to showcase an app, and then you want to make that video. This is one of the best campaigns for promoting APS. We're going to do a very simple campaign, and that's gonna be for website traffic, and that's in our next lesson. Instead of me delving into each and every one of these type of ads now that you understand what each of them does, asked me a question if you need clarification. If you want to learn more about at promotion, I could make a video for you. But I can also answer your question directly, one on one with in the course. So let me know what I can do to help you and let's move on. 21. Launching Your First $5 Ad : So let's talk about product and brand consideration. That's the ad that I'm going to use it as an example for creating your first video ad for $5. I was gonna do website traffic, but come to think about it every time you do. Website traffic Google ads has you install a pixel on your website, and many of you may not have websites. You may just want your videos considered. So let's actually go and launch a product and brand consideration at, So I want you to, Goto adds. Dark google dot com. Click this one and then click on video. After that, you want to click on influence consideration. We're not gonna use an ad sequence. Those air basically skip herbal ads and then we can make some up and show them in a certain order to viewers, which is great. You've probably been hit that before by certain people were just doing a general influence consideration. It's easier we're going to continue. We're gonna name our campaign video, um, consideration and then our daily budget is going to be $5. A delivery method is gonna be standard. We're not going. Teoh use accelerated. That means you could just speed it up. We're gonna do a standard delivery. What's really in the golden Nuggets I want you to take away from this is the targeting. So we're going to get into that student, leave the bidding strategy the same, the networks the same because we're gonna be targeting on YouTube, primarily Google and usually were affiliated. And that's where you're going to be showing your video ads. Um, yeah, let's keep going. So So, in order to target people, it's right here. People who you want to reach and in the demographics, let's say we're doing that cheese ad. We ready in your age range for the cheese ad. So we're gonna target male or female. We are going to an unknown. It looks like we're going to look for ages. I said millennials and up and parental status. I don't know. I feel like parents might, but it doesn't really matter. So let's just keep going. So with keywords, what you would do here is the same way as we We've done it on on Facebook. You would just type in over here. Um, cheese cheese is a key word, and then you're going to get your impressions here. So you want to keep narrowing that, um, you have topics as well, So let's go into here. Let's go into food and drink. Now we have 1.8 million impressions instead of three million, so we're starting to target a little bit more. But I want you to do is the same way that I've showed you. Facebook ads keep targeting and narrowing using these Google ads. If you have any questions, let me know. It's all pretty intuitive and within the system itself, Um, but in terms of placements, people tend to switch this up a little bit. What I recommend you do is just leave it the same for your very first add. Let's not change anything. Let's just leave it all the same. Um, And for your video ad over here, you can use a YouTube video that you've already created, or you can upload a new video and, um, the an unlisted mode and then use that. But what I recommend you do is upload a video to your channel that isn't important on a video. That's just for the ad, because if you use a video that's performing very well for an ad, and people skip the ad. It's going to kill your attention right on the video, and it will drop in search. So you want a video for the sole purpose of an ad you need to create it as an ad beforehand . Don't launch a random video into this campaign, so once you do that, it will be able to search for your YouTube video. I'm in a dummy account, so I won't be able to do that without a u R L. So you find the you are all of your video, you plug it in and you save and continue. That's a simple as it is. I've just really walked you through what was intuitive and you could have figured out for yourself. But I want to give you a big take away that's gonna help you that you wouldn't have learned if you hadn't taken this course. And that's the targeting. If you could start with Facebook ads before you belong to Google ads, and you target as much as you can and you find those ads or converting and doing what you want, you need to take that and transfer it to Google ads. OK, but always start with Facebook. People don't think of it. They try toe launched Google ads and Facebook ads at the same time, and they don't get the targeting, and they waste a lot of money. Start with one platform and master it. Start with the easy one, which is Facebook. Moved to Google Ads the CPC The cost per click is more expensive. Uncle ads. That's fine. Target this down until you get within a range of 200 to 300,000. Or even if you could get into a range of 30,000 to you know, 80,000 people. You're doing great, bringing as low as you can. You want targeted even if it's more expensive. That's what you want. So you can also get keyword ideas from related websites or different products and services . And you can target lookalike subscribers. If you go to YouTube channels, you can actually type in someone's channel and target their subscribers. So this is a really powerful tool. You need to know what you're doing first. Before you hit, save and continue and launched a campaign. Any questions, let me know 22. Congratulations : we're about to wrap up this course, I want you to know that I don't go away. It's not, of course, that I just make videos in and leave. This is a course that I want to update as the industry progresses. So if I'm missing something or this content out outdated in this course, let me know. Drop me a comment. Within the course, there's a Q and A section. There's a discussion section. Browse around, you'll find it. And I wanted to let me know if there's something updated. If there's something confusing or of this course is lacking something that is not the end of the road, I'm here to help you. I've worked very hard and try and give you all the concrete information. I cannot work hard to do this. If there's something you don't like, please let me know. And if this course helped you please leave me a positive review. So thank you for taking the courts to get my name is not on, not on a jihad. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope you've taken something from this healthy assignments of helped and and the random lessons have actually, even though they may have been time consuming. I hope that helps you grow as a person. Thanks again for taking my course.