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Travel Photography for Beginners: Take EPIC Travel Photos

teacher avatar Jellis Vaes, Therapist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro Video - Specialization Course in Travel & Adventure Photography


    • 2.

      Welcome - Watch First


    • 3.

      How to Take Dramatic Travel and Adventure Photographs


    • 4.

      Why Are You Going There – Visualize your Shots


    • 5.

      The Importance of Doing Research


    • 6.

      Get out There & Get Lost


    • 7.

      How to Create a Unique and Dramatic Perspective


    • 8.

      Be An Observer


    • 9.

      Choose Better Adventures


    • 10.

      Using Colors Effectively


    • 11.

      Learn to Edit & Post Process your Photos


    • 12.

      Why Travel & Adventure Photography is so Rewarding


    • 13.

      You Will Learn About Patience and Flexibility


    • 14.

      The Importance of Knowing Your Camera


    • 15.



    • 16.



    • 17.

      How to Find a Quality Photography Backpack


    • 18.

      The Perfect Camera Gear Setup


    • 19.

      Essential Accessories for Travel and Adventure Photographers


    • 20.

      Essential Apps for Travel and Adventure Photographers


    • 21.

      Top Back-Up Solutions for Travel & Adventure Photographers


    • 22.

      My Bullet Proof Backup System


    • 23.

      You Will Feel Connected with The World and Yourself Again


    • 24.

      How to Earn Money as a Travel & Adventure Photographer


    • 25.

      Four Misconceptions About Earning Money with Photography


    • 26.

      Photography Courses


    • 27.



    • 28.

      How to Earn Money Editing and Retouching Photos


    • 29.

      Stock Photography


    • 30.

      Client Direct Sales


    • 31.

      Travel or Adventure Blogging


    • 32.

      YouTube Channel


    • 33.

      Final Words


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About This Class

Welcome to this specialization course!

I am Jellis Vaes, a professional travel and adventure photographer.

At the age of 18, I left school to travel the world. What was intended to be a two-month trip ended up becoming a three-year journey around the world.

During those three years, I fell in love with the world and the many beauties and adventures it held.

What was at first no more than a simple tool for me to express myself and show others what I was experiencing – the beauty and thrill of living in this world – slowly turned into a passion and love that I have turned into my profession.

As a travel and adventure photographer, I have visited more than 40 countries, worked with companies on various projects, and become a best-selling teacher. To date, I have taught a total of more than 10,000 students, and I am incredibly humbled to have shared my knowledge with them all.

In this course, I want to take you on a wild adventure and show you the art of travel and adventure photography.

The wonders and thrills of working in the field, various tricks and tips, how to take EPIC photographs that truly capture a feeling, handy accesories, the best camera equipment to travel with, photography backpacks, how to keep yourself, your photos, and your equipment safe, how to earn money through travel and adventure photography, and much, much more.

I cannot wait to embark on this most exciting photography journey with you.

I hope you are ready!



Connect with me

Facebook: Jellis.Vaes
Instagram: JellisVaes
Youtube: channel/UCSN058GSqdV5ndLbubY3AlQ


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jellis Vaes

Therapist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.


Hey! I am Jellis Vaes , a mental health coach , adventurer, and founder of The IPS Project , an educational platform on life.

The platform was formed out of my struggles with my own demons--loneliness and suicidal thoughts. In essence, I created a platform I wish had existed when I was struggling with my problems.

Through practical articles, online courses , events , and a regular podcast , the platform provides knowledge about life topics such as mental health, relationships, the workings of the mind, etc.--topics that many of us learn little to nothing about while growing up .

When I am not holding therapy sessions or working on The IPS Project, you'll likely find me out in the mountains or traveling somewhere with a camera in hand. I am an avid adventurer... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro Video - Specialization Course in Travel & Adventure Photography: Hi there. Welcome to the specialization course in travel and adventure for therapy. I hope you are as excited as I am to become a true specialist and master in his most drilling field. My name is Yellow Spots, and I'm a self taught professional travel and adventure photographer. For seven years now, I've been honing and mastering my skills in this field, having traveled to over 40 countries taking voters off different cultures in all kinds of better conditions and environments. I've come to learn a full set of skills over the years that I want to share with you from how to take dramatic travel and adventure photographs that captured the feeling of a single moment and draw your steam through the scene to learning various pro tips and advice to help you on your journey into travel and adventure Kadar. We will also learn the best camera equipment for travel and adventure photographers, portable back up solutions, essential accessories, Big Tex safety tips, how to earn money with travel and adventure authority and even lessons where I will share my philosophy and the impact that travel and adventure of Narvik ahead on someone's life on your life. all this is just the tip of the iceberg For what the specialization course covers. I am thrilled to have you. You already watching this intro video, and I hope I've gotten fired up to set out on the most thrilling adventure with me. So pick up your camera and I'll see you soon at the start of our adventure, you know, first list. 2. Welcome - Watch First: before anything. I like to thank you for him rolling in this course I honestly and honored to have you here as a students and trust me as a teacher to provide you useful and insightful information with each course. I try my best to live up to their standards before setting off on this adventure. There are treat things I want to mention briefly so you can get the most out of this course . Throughout this course, we will be discussing various photography equipment such as cameras, lenses and accessories, Epps, backpacks and so on. Naturally, over two years, new equipments will come out the best way that I figured I will be able to keep you up to date with the latest end. The best travel and adventure for therapy equipments is by creating a PdF file that will be updated each year. So no matter when you decide to follow this course, you will always have access to the latest and best equipments in the fields, off travel and adventure therapy. You could find a PdF file attached to discourse. How will be off? Get used to you next If you have any questions related to the topic off travel and adventure therapy. Don't hesitate to ask me. I try to answer every question and do my absolute best to provide the most helpful and sir possible. Leslie, if you have any suggestions or you think of something you would like to see in a future update off the scores, police let me know if you spy any mistakes in the course. I would greatly appreciate it if you could also let me know so I can fix them and provide a better experience for you and our future students. Having said those letters now starts on this journey into the world of travel and adventure therapy. Have much fun with the course, and I'll see you soon for first listen. 3. How to Take Dramatic Travel and Adventure Photographs: welcome to the first lesson where we will learn how to take dramatic photos. To be a great travel and adventure photographer, you will need to bring a certain look, character and ambiance through your photos. A photo should tell a story that awakens a feeling off wonder list or the drill off adventure in the viewer. If we want good and lasting photographs of our travels and adventures, we should learn how to get your all these qualities, and our photos should say much more about a place than just the physical aspect of it. However, this is easier said than done. I'm sure this happened to you. You were in a gorgeous place with a beautiful view, and you just had the date of photo. But the photo came out looking rather dull and boring compared through the feeling you experienced being. There are photographs need to bring back sensations we felt trigger our memories, often events so that we can communicate $2. How we felt to our photos. To do this, we need to think fuel as much as Luke when setting out to think photographs. In this lesson, we will explore and learn more about how they dramatic travel and adventure photographs that capture a feeling and let the viewer experience how it feels to be there. It's a skill work mystery to be got gets travel and adventure photographer. 4. Why Are You Going There – Visualize your Shots: first and foremost think about what made you decide out of all the places in the world to choose a particular destination. This is mainly about visualisation. This is a proven technique that has been found to be extremely powerful. It's something that many professionals at Leeds and actors, for example, do before they start their activity, such as run or a scene. Visualization is incredibly powerful for gold setting. Visualize first steps you need to take to get to your goals will make the way clear for you end. It also works for dating great photos almost every time I set out on an adventure to any country, I already heavy my mind a few shots I want to take. I visualized the different aspects off the shot, composition, feeling and want to convey the quality of delight. The subjects position everything about how, exactly I want to take that photo. And every time I end up taking those shots that I had imprinted and visualize in my mind's try doing this when you set off on your next journey. Think about why you are going to that place, is it for the beautiful beaches, the mountains, foods, the temples. What is drawing you there? What feeling are you looking to capture in your shots? What? Or who are the subjects? You want your photo, visualize the whole scene. You will be surprised by how powerful and how close your photos turned out to be what you visualized in your minds. 5. The Importance of Doing Research: it never hurts to do some research before setting off to a new country Dream research will help you find out what the place is about and what subjects you can cover. The easiest way to do research is with a quick Google search about the highlights in your choice in down tree. Mostly you will find the main touristy locations. True this. And while those can still be great and interesting to visit, it's often the gems and destinations that can be a bit more challenging to find form. Or in that searches for hidden attractions. I have found using Instagram and the website Trover to be very effective. Simply search for the place you're going in Instagram or Drover, and you will find hundreds off thousands of voters off that country with names off places, people at visited and photographed. You could also use Google maps and merely scan from above to see which parts off that country would potentially have a few interesting elements to make a good photo. Maybe there is a river or a lake or a national park. You can easily spot them using Google maps. Another way is to search for specific Facebook groups for travelers. For example, look for a group or beach about a country or particular place and ask for recommendations. You could even be specific. And as for number touristy places, if you're looking to capture more unique photos like I mostly tried to do, of course the Internet isn't the only way to find fantastic places. Maybe you know someone who has already traveled to that country. Why not ask them for recommendations? You never know what kinds of beautiful places they had discovered on their trip. While everyone has different views about the amount of research they would like to do before hands, some will be more serious and intense about this than others. I would recommend doing research at least sound degree for two simple reasons. One. It helps to give you some rough idea off the photographic possibilities, including what you can shoot and where before you set out on the trip. This will help you plan your trip to doing research and looking at the photos off dollars else help give you some feeling about a place, and this can help enormously in the process of visualizing the shots in your minds that you want to capture once you're there in general, I never over planned every step off my trip, but I certainly do Plan, if you face there is value in doing research before venturing off to take good photos. Now, having learned more about three research and planning to some degree before embarking on that travel or adventure, let us continue with the next listen and learn why you should also allow yourself to get lost now and then. 6. Get out There & Get Lost: some off. The best shots I've ever taken came from wandering around, not knowing where I was going. When you go with the intention off getting lost, your ice will wonder around as you become more aware of your surroundings, picking up on things you would never have if you had a straightforward bet and a set objective off something you want to shoot. Wonder down alleys, sit in cafes and watch life Best buy. I don't eat where the tourists do but go where you Seymour locals. The only way to discover the rhythm off life in a place and thus figure out what the shoot is to experience it. Many places, particularly those tropical countries, come alive very early in the morning and late in the afternoon, but are ready, dull around mid day. Get up early, stay out late, set off down unfamiliar streets and seabird leads. Get away from the crowds. This is something I frequently do when I see a whole group of tourists at a touristy location going Wright's alma venture lift the dull process behind that is. Everyone over there is already seeing something most people have already seen and captures . Let me be a real travel and adventure for Darfur here and go where others do not go. For example, this photo was taken in Bali, where I end a girl in the picture. We're traveling along the bets literally. One way was going rides with lots and lots of tourists, and another way was going to the left. I said, Let's go lift and let's check out what no one else is C. And lo and behold, this stunning shots came out of it. I've ended up with so many unique photographs because I paid attention to places no one else was exploring. Many tourists are so blinded by what is already known and laid out for them that they forget there is more to see if they were only really there and truck also as a travel and adventure for Tora. For you should always have your camera near you. You never know what you're going to run into, and you have to be ready many times. You may see the makings off a good photograph, but may decide that the light is not rights or that there are no people around or too many off them anything. That means you will have to come back later for the photo, but sometimes you get lucky and you happen to stumble upon a scene at just the right moments. If you aren't prepared for you, forget your camera or your as D Card is full. You will miss out on potentially great photos, while mountains, trees, monuments and other aesthetic subjects are, of course, not going anywhere. That ray of sunshine, that soaring eagle or that embracing couple that adds the needed element. Do your photograph. It's unlikely to hang around. Think of it as hunting. Whenever you leave the confines off your again, you should be ready and able to capture whatever bumps up that is what it means to be a true travel and adventure for Darfur. 7. How to Create a Unique and Dramatic Perspective: here are two great ways to create a more unique and dramatic perspective in your photos. First, if you merrily take a photo of a landscape, no matter how stunning the landscape, it can sometimes still come out. It's not as exciting as it abuse. When you were there, right, I'm sure you remember a photo YouTube that came out less than expected, a way to increase interest and captured the drama as well as the feeling off that moment is by adding a person or an object to show still this technique. Thus, to face first, it shows perspective, such as how big those mountains are s can be seen in the shops. Secondly, when you put another person in the shots, you help the viewer connect with something they recognise in that photo, another human being. This allows the viewer to relate more easily to the photo, to put themselves in the shoes off that person in the photo to get it. Taste what it's like to stand in science. See, now, what if you can't find anyone to boast for you? Well, simply put yourself in the photo. This is something I do a lot and honestly many photographers do it, too. When I'm outside the mountains or off on a high for a few days, I'm often by myself. Naturally, I don't have a model to help me out. Therefore, having a remote control trigger your shutter is, without a doubt, the good investments. Many modern cameras, especially mineral ist amorous, have a blue dude function that allows you to connect your phone to your camera so that you could use it as remote. If you want to increase the drama in a photo and at death, you have to put yourself in a shut if you have got no one else around you. Otherwise you may miss out on creating dunce off incredible photographs. In the beginning, it may feel a bit strange, but as photographers we do a lot more than simply press the shutter. Sometimes we even have to be models in our own shots. Another way to create unique perspectives and a dramatic size. Your photographs is to shoot from a different angle. I'm sure you've seen the same photos over and over on Instagram or elsewhere on the Internet. Photos of a specific spot, the same Temple Mountain Monument bridge, etcetera taken from the same angle. If you want your photographs to stand out, it's important for them to look unique. Therefore, try shooting from different angles. Photographed your subjects from higher or lower angles or from closer or farther away. For example, this photo off this beautiful person in the ocean was shot from an angle most people won't have seen before. Be creative and experiment. Try something difference. You could also put something from the scene in front off your subject to make your picture more unique. For example, this photo I could have just taken a photo off the night sky, but instead I tried to think differently and find a way to capture the night sky. Uniquely so. I used this artwork that was standing there, shut it from a different angle from up close and low on the grounds, and created quiets a unique photograph. Now to run up this lesson. The ultimate way to create a unique and dramatic photograph is, as you may have seen from some of the examples. By combining boat, he steps off, creating stale and shooting from a different angle. This photo of a beautiful getting help in someone's arm is all about creating scale and perspective to show how small the given ISS. Also, you feel more drawn to the photo as you can relate and make that connection with person holding Gidon. Lastly, the unique, or at least different angle that is close up provides a fresher loot and feeling to the whole photo. I hope this lesson was useful and you learned something from it. Next time you're out shooting experiments and be creative, try to be more adventurous not just with your trips, but also when shooting your photos. 8. Be An Observer: off course, you can ask people to post for your pictures. However, the effects, unless you have a professional model with you or someone who feels comfortable posing in front of a camera, is that the boats would not look natural, as it's not something that comes easily to many people. In 90% of the photos that have taken off people I didn't ask them to post. I simply watched. I became almost invisible like a ninja, observing, waiting for the right moment to strike, to capture a feeling. For example, this photo taken in Thailand's on the island off South happened merely because I paid attention to what was happening in front of me on both sides. Off the frame, hundreds off people were sitting, walking and blame. I moved away from the crowds, found a spot where no one else were. See, that's and simply allowed events to happen. While I watched and observed everything and everyone. After some time, I noticed this couple walking on the beach. I freaked my shots as best as I cute and captured this stunning moment. This is just one example off the many other photos I've taken, where I detached myself from the crowds from the group to create a space where I could observe and pay attention to everything around me. To get a real feeling you need to let a real moment happen. S a travel and adventure photographer. It's your job to notice those moments by careful observation. Many times, the shots you're looking to capture will present themselves to you. You must be willing to watch to let it happen and to capture that feeling at the right moments. It's a skill you will get better at as you spend more time in this fields off photography. Next time you're out taking photos, think about this lesson and pay attention to everything, every detail being observer. Be a ninja. 9. Choose Better Adventures: it's often said that a good photographer can take good photos anywhere in truths. If we are talking about taking truly dramatic photo reps, the subject and the setting matter a great deal with portrait photography, for example, your model does, in the end determined big parts off the outcome. Same would let escape photography compared to a tiny you Studying Mountain Peaks presents a whole different kind of spectacle waiting to be captured. The same holds true for travel and adventure therapy. If you want to take better photos, choose to travel better and to have better adventures. What does that mean? The adventure makes the photo. If you choose the poor adventure, your photos won't be that spectacular. A good adventure holds opportunities for spectacular moments. For example, if you go to Ah, Husky Farm, you certainly will end up with some beautiful photos off Huskies. But if you go on a husky safari and venture out with a group of huskies into the wilds for a few days, your chances of capturing more spectacular photographs just increased tenfold. The same happens with travel. While each country has a lot to offer, you greatly increase the chins for spectacular photos by traveling to the right places in these countries. Also, certain countries have more activities going on than others. Countries in Asia, for example, have reached cultures with tons and tons of markets and street activities that are constantly happening. They nights in all the bends on what you're after, of course. But know that whatever you're looking to capture as travel and adventure for Darfur, whether they are dramatic mountains, wildlife or culture, the place you traveled to or where you have your adventure, the Germans, the kind of photos you'll end up taking, how can you choose better travels and adventures? First and foremost, as we have seen in the lesson, do research by researching the destination where your head's and searching for places there that offered the most and best chances for spectacular photos. Secondly, by putting yourself in situations that give you the greatest opportunities for a spectacular moments, let's take the example off the Huskies we mentioned in the beginning. If you're looking to take shots off Huskies, don't go to, ah, Husky Farm redder. Emerge yourself in their active daily lives for a few days, such as going on a husky safaris be parts off the experience. Another example. If you're trying to take stunning photos of mountains or landscapes, backyards end and go to a national bark, venture to it for a few days and explore great travel and adventure. Photographs come from being in the right moments. While you can certainly get thumbs of good photos by chance, you can increase those chances by choosing to go to places that whole more off those opportunities you are looking to photograph. Go on expeditions into the wild lift with local tribe in Africa. Climb mobile, go on camping tours through the Sahara Desert. Volunteer somewhere exotic. The possibilities are limitless. There are so many places you could go as a travel and adventure for Darfur to find better adventures and to emerge yourself more deeply in the gang of moments. You want to get your 10. Using Colors Effectively: Golar is essential in a photo. Correct. This isn't just about how different dollars work well together, but also about how colors changed a feeling and moods in a photo. In this lesson, let us explore powerful principles about dollar. You might have heard off complementary dollars. Maybe you are already familiar with them. But in any case, let me give you a brief explanation of what they are and how they work. First, let's talk about color in 74. In his study Off Optics, Isaac Newton and Name you might have heard before. A mathematician, astronomer, theologian, author and physicist who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists off all time device a circle showing a spectrum off seven colors in this work and earlier working 60 72. He observed that certain colors around the circle were opposed to each other and provided the greatest interests. He named reds and blue, yellow and violence and green and purple close to Scarlets. In the following decades, scientists refined Newton Scholar circle, eventually giving it $12. The tree primary colors yellow, blue and red, three secondary colors made by combining primary colors green, purple and orange and six additional nursery colors made by combining the primary and secondary colors. This created the color of you we have today. If you look at this illustration off the color wheel, you will find each color directly opposite to the compliment. Very color. Now, why did complementary colors work and why shouldn't use them in your photos when place next to each other? They create a strongest countries for his particular two colors. This results in a striking dollar clash. Yusof Complementary Colors is an essential aspect off aesthetically pleasing art and graphic design. As you can see in the following photo, the red tent pops out beautifully between the greens off the forests, creating this strong countries in the image drove out the subject dramatically. This colors don't need to be evenly balanced in the shelf, as you can see here. Often images work best with a small percentage off one and a greater percentage of another by your equipment as a back bag jacket dens, helmets I six rope, etcetera in one off the tree, primary colors yellow, blue or red for use in your photographs. If you are intending on shooting a photo with a model. Keep this in mind. You can create gorgeous and dramatic photos by providing the right clothing or equipment in one off the tree primary colors and finding or creating a matching background with the compliment. Very color. When you are on your travels and adventures, keep an eye out for contrasting and complementary colors that you can incorporate into your shots. Besides, the color you colors in general affect our moods and the whole feeling Off the photo use color tones and temperature has sparked off the framework for your photo story. Here are seven colors and some of their associated meanings and emotions Reds, energy, excitement, special in anger, orange worms, happiness and enthusiasm. Yellow cheerfulness, friendliness, creativity. Green goal, natural balance growth Blue Serena, the Gold CET nous trust burble, spirituality, mystery luxury, magenta innovation, transformation, non conformity Changing the temperature and color tones in travel and adventure. Photography will mainly be done when anything, our photos, as we work more with natural lighting than artificial lighting does having less control over the moods. When shooting by using programs such as lighter or photo shop, we can take control and just four doors. The story you want to tell, including the feeling we want to bring to our viewer, as you can see with the $7. If you adjust your temperature more to a blue color, you will create a photo that no fuel colder while on orange temperature will turn the whole moods too warm. Talking about post processing and anything. Let us transition to that subject in the next lesson to learn more about it. And White is the other sites that makes up Tora fee as a whole. I hope this lesson about colors has given you some new ways of looking at the world. Make use off this knowledge, and I'll see you soon in our next lesson. 11. Learn to Edit & Post Process your Photos: Have you ever looked at the photos of another Darfur and thought, Gosh, that is just gorgeous. The photo is probably so dramatic, full of color and life. Have you then in turn, took a glance at your photos thinking how opposite your photo loose compared to there's great and dull and anything but dramatic. Well, I certainly did. In the beginning, let me tell you something you might not realize all professional photographers will bus process and edit their photos. What they shut didn't come out off their cameras like that. Generally, the photos off those photographers when imported onto their computer, also looked less dramatic. There is the reason why pass processing and editing your photos East importance. In this lesson, we will come to explore those reasons. If you are serious about your star fee, post processing and editing is not something you should miss. As it is, the other health off powerful. You never truly will achieve the full potential off your photos without any anything applied to them. Your images, no matter what will always get bus process. It is simply a question of whether you do it or you leave it up to your camera to file your photo days isn't technically a photo yet. Here is what happens when setting your camera J back for months Delight that hits the sensor. When you press down, the shutter button produces a role file and post perros. Is it in the camera? Eddie White Balance separation sharpening at Sitra. Afterwards, your camera will compress the file. True in a way, alter information stored in it and delivers it as a J pick to your memory cards. The main problem with leaving your camera to do the post processing is that your camera can never judge as good as the human eye. How much separation shadows highlights etcetera should be applied on the image. When you sit your file format raw. The sensor picks in the light, creating the role file, and it leaves it completely untouched, not throwing away any information that was captured on the sensor, delivering it straight to your memory cards. Now you might, I think, But I can always ended the J P file. Correct. Yes, you can. You can't at the same time. You certainly can still pull the shadows. Highlights exposure, etcetera to some degree. But as I said A. J P file is a compressed file and your camera when compressing it, truce away. Valuable information, which allows you to adjust the shadows, highlights Blakes whites, etcetera Much better. This is the reason why everyone who takes their faith or a fee seriously will shoot in raw and nuts in J even allows you to more closely get a photo towards reality because you simply have more information toe work with many casual Darfur's I talked to about photo anything. Think it is cheating. This isn't true for a few reasons. Mostly, the idea that anything is cheating comes from news reports off fashion magazines who added photos to make models look thinner. However, most off the edits, which travel and adventure photos require are issues of sharpening, cropping, color, correction and exposure. They are the same things which were done in the dark room by Qatar, first in the days off film. The only difference is that instead of dark rooms, today, we have computers and use programs such as light room. The purpose off. Anything should be made to photo look more like what you originally saw your eyes, not less true, plus processing, you can achieve a closer reality by find shooting the shadows highlights blanks. Wife's exposure collars etcetera s needed. Either way, remember, you will always need to edit your photos to some extent to get the full potential out of them. While we should always strive to get our composition and exposure correct. When we are taking the picture, no matter how good you are, there will be times where you will mess up your photo slightly. Travel and adventure photos, by their very nature, are shut outside of a studio. You have no control over lighting. You might under exposed a photo a little too much, have view arising, not completely streets. Or there might be a distracting item in the background off your photo, etcetera. When anything with the right tools, we can correct this mistakes and a lot are photo to show the feeling and story. Really, ones are fewer to experience with that, the notes that I do not mean that you could do whatever when you are taking a photo and fix it in post while we can make certain corrections, there are some changes you simply can't fix, such as bringing back focus on your subject. therefore always strive to take s perfect a photo as you can went out in the fields and into riff you your pictures on your LCD screen to check that they are indeed in focus. If something does go slightly wrong, the possibility to correct it in a program like Light room is always there to bring a feeling and story in a photo is hard. There are but a few ways to tell a story in a photo troop, US processing and editing. You can enchants and moves or a general feeling in processing that you will never really be able to fully capture in a camera alone. For example, let's examine it this following photo that I took at the dead and whose huts, when climbing, move along. This photo was taken during sunset. The golden hour this year is the after photo, and this year is the before. Let us place boat this photos next to each other. The before photo didn't quite reflect what was happening in view life and the feeling I was experiencing. By increasing the orange in the image, I was able to tell the story of how it felt like being there in that moment much better. I was also able to correct any distractions in the photo as the snow steps, which made the photo redder, messy. Removing them allowed me to tell a deeper story. This result in less distractions away from the subject. The men standing there on the rocks through anything techniques. You can bring out a servant aspect off image to bring the viewers attention to. Or you may wish to emphasize the moodiness off portrait or a feeling off nostalgia to use off different colors, although this can be down to some degree when shooting. A lot of this comes from how the image is edited. If you doing edit your photos, you limit yourself from telling that story that feeling you were experiencing at the moments as you are not taking each off opportunities there are to tell that story when you do not edit your photos. Leslie Anything is also another way. You can put your stamp on an image s a photographer. You are a light painter. I think it's important that we see ourselves as artists as you are. You are an artist off life. As an artist, you have the right to make your art into the style you feel you can express yourself the most threw off course. It's not just anything that allows you to do that, but it is another way to bring a certain feeling to the image that makes it feel like you. Don't worry in the beginning, if you haven't found your style yet, it is normal when you first start out to be all over the place. When it comes to editing your images, I would even encourage you to experiment with anything. In the end, it is a way to find out what you like and what you don't like and a great way to learn to edits. As you get more familiar with editing and see what you find yourself doing the most your images, it will become apparent. Generally speaking, with all artists, your style finds you, I hope this lesson to clarify a few things around the topping off pass processing and editing and showed you the value off why anything is important when you want to take Dorothy seriously. Re are story tellers. Don't restrict yourself from telling your story better by nuts. Anything your photos with that I'll see you in the next listen 12. Why Travel & Adventure Photography is so Rewarding: let us take a short break here and talk about one of my favorite subjects, the further thoughts behind something. If you have followed any off my other courses or know me in person, you might have realized I love talking about these things. All that breeds can be seen, hurts and Dutch team alive has a lot more depth to it than what appears at the surface. This example off an iceberg often illustrates this council. Most of us look no further missing, in my opinion, the most interesting, fascinating and even magical parts this world's and life has to offer this race true for travel and adventure therapy. In this lessons on the philosophy off travel and adventure star that are spread across this course, I'd like to share with you a few personal thoughts and life listens. Travel adventure photography has stopped me throughout this year's Hopefully on his journey off yours as a triple and adventure for Darfur. You will come to experience some off them as well. Now let us continue, and it starts with the 1st 1 Soon you will come to see how rewarding in the fields off travel and adventure for the RV can be and what it can potentially bring in your life. 13. You Will Learn About Patience and Flexibility: as travel and adventure photographers. It s keep for us to become masters at patients, ends flexibility. You will be changed many times to practice them. For many things in life, perseveres and patience is the key to achieving great face. The same goes for travel and adventure photography. Many off my most magnificent photo stoops severe patients. I can't tell you how many times have we waited upwards of an hour for a single shots or even multiple days at one location where I was at a gorgeous location, but do it to rain, snow or adverse winter? What I wanted to capture didn't present itself quickly. Earlier on in my career, I would have specht up and left if the conditions were perfect right off the beds. Now I wait. I watch, I observed. Give this lesson in mind when you're out shooting, but also keeping in mind for your life. While certainly not always many times, patience will pay off, resulting in extraordinary shots in and rewarding moments in life. Another lesson you learn is about flexibility. You will have many setbacks being travel and adventure for Darfur, often being on the move. Flights that are delayed or cancelled a bus or train you missed. You will have car, separate them or get a flat fire. And the entire time you are at your location, the better conditions are playing off the chutes. Life is a wild ride off many events beyond our control, getting better at accepting and moving with the currents instead of against it. He's without about a valuable lesson, not alone in but even for life. To be a great travel and adventure Darfur, you need to be flexible, never hold onto a schedule or itinerary and play the cards you are dealt by doing so, you will come to see that some of the best shots will come from the moon's, where you are implemented winter or after unfortunate mishap. This will challenge you to learn how to shoot quickly and creatively ends really weed out any doubt, make you a better travel and adventure power for at the same time. It will show you that life is a force that require spacious and flexibility to experience some of its more stunning and worthwhile moments. 14. The Importance of Knowing Your Camera: as obvious s this might sounds. It is key to know your camera and each button fully as a travel and adventure. Thor, for moments will present themselves to you, but you need to be fast to capture them before they Bess. If you see a dramatic scene appearing, but you need to first look down at your camera for a few minutes to find the right setting , you'll be taken away from the moment happening before you know each button on your camera, its function and where each button is located. Being a good travel and adventure of Darfur, you need Teoh blindly and without thinking, be able to sit the right citizens without thinking you ice too long from the scene. Off course. In the beginning, when you're new to therapy or if you have recently bought a brand new camera model, this takes a few tries. But do make sure to be conscious off the importance off mastering your camera. So to time you can automatically switch on and off certain functions and dial the right capture settings without hesitation. Another important note, besides not missing your shots as you look down, is safety. Don't become injured in dangerous places because you were looking at your camera instead off the mountain you're climbing. Yes, I am speaking from experience I have almost doubled down because I was trying to figure out is setting on a new camera. If you're not yet used to your camera, practice using your camera. Understand each button and location and know each function before heading on the trip or adventure. Your camera will be one less reason for you not to capture that perfect shots, and your safety and those of others will be much more secure. Don't be like me and tumble off the cliff. It's not fun. 15. Respect: whilst reveling in another country. Remember that you are a visitor. Understanding the customs and traditions off the place is vital. For one thing, you won't be sure. You act in a way that is not route or offensive while you're there, and it's hard to know what's acceptable and what isn't without knowledge. Inform yourself, which is easily done these days through the Internet, about what is seen as roots and what is seen as respectful and blights do not become one of those troubles. Some traveling photographers. Research could go a long way. If you understand the people you are planning to photograph, you will have more respect for them by knowing their customs. You can connect with them much more easily, with the result off capturing better photographs. It can also help you understand things people do, which upon first encounter you might consider incomprehensible or even horrifying. Your subjects are giving up their time and showing you themselves don't abuse their gift off. Sharing their lives have respect as well. If you love taking portrait's off strangers or photos off groups off people, a very cool thing you could do is to buy a portable mini printer, which is, as the name suggests, a pocket sized printer. You can directly connect your camera or phone with two blue toots and Prince on the spots. In certain countries, such as stirred world countries, people are less connected with the Internet, and this is a beautiful way to share and give banking feeling you have captured thanks to them if you can. It isn't just a beautiful thing for them to receive, because many people tremendously appreciate a good photo off them. It ISS as a star for two, very rewarding to see someone light up, thanks to a moment you captured off them. These pocket sized printers Duke US money. But of course, they are not the only way to share your photos. If you take some good photos off someone, and they do have the access to Internet, share it with them. It's a small extra effort, but one. Many people appreciate a lots. Remember in the pdf file. Off the scores, with all the equipment listed, you can find a few good pocket sized renders. Respect isn't alone about respecting other people and their culture. This also goes for respecting nature and wildlife. If you don't treat the things you photograph when basic decency, everyone loses, including you and your therapy 16. Safety: Let's talk about safety in this. Listen, this is a most important topic to receive knowledge about in the world off travel and adventure therapy. Well, in general, I've always been good at keeping my equipment's end myself safe in certain countries and more rural environments such as in the mountains. Naturally, I didn't make a mistake or two through the years. These are mystics that I wanted to prevent from happening to you. By talking about safety in this. Listen, we will talk about do things regarding safety. Let us start by talking about how to keep your equipment as C s possible when traveling abroad. Here is another reason why I am such a big fan off on Lee traveling with the essential Qatar figure needed for the job. Naturally, the less equipment you have with you, the less can get stolen. Sure, in any country you need to be careful and be on your guard. But there are countries and places you need to be more careful for thieves and big pocketing before you set out your next travel destination. Do research how high level off, big pocketing and Devery is to get a general idea how cautious you will need to be. Don't leave your equipment until Danes, even if it is for a short moment on Lee. Always keep your gear with you in your sight and preferably attached you if possible. Also, don't leave your equipment sitting in an untamed vehicle. Countless Darfur's have left their camera bag sitting on the back seats. Onley too quickly. Run into a convenience store or bank. However quick you might be. There may be a thief who is quicker. Do not gamble with your equipment regarding getting around in a country, either by bus or other public transportation, including texi gaps. Similar advice applies if you are traveling by bus, do not put your camera gear in the luggage area. That's excess on the outside off the bus. It's just not smart as this is the easiest point off access for thieves. Simply keep your camera gear and other highly valuable items with you on the bus. Well, these does not happen a lot. I have met some travelers who got their luggage stolen in the luggage area. A pro tip. If you do a store owner equipment, such as a bank, bank or other luggage, try sitting by the window at the site where the luggage area is located. Whenever letter is a stop, be aware and keep your eyes open that no one is vaulting away with your bag. While this is not meant to scare you, ask in general, the bus driver will be on their guard. For thieves, it never hurts to be extra careful, especially uncertain down trees. In the end, if you can keep the most expensive and essential equipment next to you, you'll save yourself most off the damage s will. If possible. Don't put anything valuable in the overhead storage bins eater. If you fall asleep during a long bus or train rides, you may wake up to find that your gear is no longer there. Even in a texi gap. It's a good idea to keep your camera bag on your lab redder than putting it in their truck . However you plan on getting around while you're traveling. A simple rule off dumb to keep in mind, used to never let anything out of your sight and control that you wouldn't be able to live without stone beat foolish and widely display your star figure to the public If you have other lenses or camera bodies with you swept them discreetly. I would also suggest not running around with an enormous, shiny zoom Lins. It eventually draws more attention as it looks more professional and more expensive. Therefore, it is easier for people to notice, especially wrong kind of people. It's better that you simply don't swap lenses in public and shoot with a prime lens that doesn't turn your camera in a massive monster off dollar signs. Don't take anyone's offered to carry your camera back for you. Maybe that person intends to carry your back safely somewhere. But then again, maybe nuts, preferably never give your bag to anyone at all. But if you are giving your bag to someone for a storage, know who the person is and have a look where they are storing it. If you are in a hotel and you do want to leave your camera gear or parts of it behind, keep it in the safe in your room. How cautious you must be about your equipment will in the end greatly bend which country you are in S. I said, Do your research on how high risk off pickpocketing and Devery is. If you are not confident about hotel or apartment security, you don't have a safe and are in a country that has a high risk off thievery. The outer best option is to simply keep your big big at your sight at all times. You should also be careful in hostels if you are sleeping in a dorm room with multiple people. While generally most or simple travellers having a good time there have been occasions were expensive gear, such as laptops or cameras have been stolen. Don't be foolish taking care of your equipment as much as you would take care off your safety. The more you can blend in, the better off you will be when traveling overseas. The less thing you want is to look like a lost clues. Tourists don't be that guy or girl with a camera in one hand and a member or a guidebook in the armor. Chances are you already stand out from the local crowd. Try not to make it more obvious in the way you dress or behave. Dress like the locals wherever possible and try navigating in public on your phone instead of those tourist maps Otherwise, it's simply a big indicator that you are a tourist and you might attract the wrong kind of people. Also, when navigating on your phone, tried to make it look smooth. A good tape is always to save the place where your staying on Google maps so you can easily navigate back instead of wandering around, all lost and confused. I used the heart label on Google Maps to indicate my place where I am currently staying off course. Use what makes the most sense to you and any navigation you find easiest. The more you blend in with the environment, the better it is for your equipments, but as well for your safety. Even if you don't look like a local, do it to your skin color or your overall looks. The way you dress and behave is going to matter. Try to look like someone who knows where they're going and what they're doing. Now let us look at personal safety in travel and adventure therapy. This seems like a no brainer, but often is easily overlooked when setting out on adventure or to a country that might involve some degree off personal risk. Let someone know where you are going and what you are doing. This includes camping for a few days in the wilds, climbing a mountain, going to a certain country, etcetera. Often when I'm heading out for multiple days with my friends all by myself, I let at least two people know what I'm about to do and approximately how long I intend to head out. If you're seriously going off on a risky adventure, don't be stupid and know what you're doing. I'm especially talking about going off in the wilds for multiple days. Were climbing a mountain all by yourself. I often do this, but never without researching versus the area the route. I will take the equipment I will need how many days it will be calculating how much food and water I need to bring with me and keeping track off updates about the redder. Most accidents you see happening in the mountains are accidents that could have been prevented by having those things in check. Knowing what you are doing also means knowing how to take care off yourself. If you want to adventure in a more rural wild environment, I would recommend you toe learn the necessary skills in order to keep yourself safe. True years I've professionally trained in survival first aid, rescue diving, open ism and rock climbing. Of course, I'm not asking you to do the same. I only want to highlight that have been able to come back intact from many adventures because I had a plan. I knew what I was doing and what I was getting myself into. The main purpose off going on this adventure sees off course to have an awesome time, but most importantly, to go back alive that is always number one priority. And then after that, to take great photos. Let's face it, this life, it is not scripted. Thank your safety seriously and minimize the risk off something happening to you by being smart, doing proper research and having the right skills for the adventure you are going on. Otherwise, go with someone who does. Before most, this will simply mean having a fully recharged phone on them. However, I don't know you, and I do not know how extremely you might want to G O. Therefore, I would like to mention this if you will be heading out much to some location all by yourself that potentially might not have phone reception to invest in an outdoor GPS that has built in satellite text messaging. It will be a ward, while investment that can determine life or death in crisis situations. A GPS device sent text messages 100% seamless from anywhere in the world. But like I said, for most, a smartphone will do. However, if you are venturing off for a few days, make sure you have a way to recharge your phone. A power bank is a great investment for travel and adventure for Darfur's. Not only is it a hand the item to have with you for your daily life, but it is an emergency item that literally safe life's. If something happens and your phone is flat, be smart and have the right. I will you to call someone in the case off emergencies. Don't assume accidents cannot happen because they can. To anyone having learned a great deal more about personal safety and how to keep our equipment safer. Lettuce ago food or on with next lesson 17. How to Find a Quality Photography Backpack: a quality photography bed is an essential item for any Darfur, but maybe even more for travel and adventure photographers like you and me, because not only does the bag need spaces that can easily be used to store your gear, it also needs to be made to extend harsh winter conditions and be durable and reliable enough to travel with you to a lot of different climbs. Now the tricky board when we talk about equipment in a course like this is that equipment will change or evolved through the years. Even if you buy the best today, better photography bags will soon appear in the market. Therefore, when talking about bags in this lesson, al foods less on which are the best photography bags as these could change. Even as I'm recording this and you're watching it redder, I have created a pdf released for discourse where you can find the best up to date photography bags for this year. Now what I will focus on here in this lesson is something that will never change. And this are four important features that equality photography bag should have to be considered a reliable, truly useful bag. First, you want your gear to be easily accessible from the bank in various situations. Biggest reason for this is that you can easily take out your camera when a moment presents itself. If you miss, take at least five minutes to get your camera out of your bag. You likely missed that moment and several others. Also, during more adventurous trips, such as when you are in a kayak on a husky safari on a mountain trail, etcetera, you need to be able to easily take your camera out without too much hassle. Those are challenging activities, and having a bank where you need to take a few minutes to get your camera out will make it difficult for you to capture those shots smoothly Now, easy to access and secure conflict somewhat with each other. It is challenging to design boat accessibility and security into a bag because if it's that easy to get into the bed, then it won't be to secure right. However, there certainly are good authority bay picks that managed to achieve both in the lesson on safety. We have already learned how you could take better care off your authority equipment and ensure its safety another layer to that is using a photography bed. We don't well thought out design that includes a safety mechanism built in so that thieves will have a harder time when they attempted to steal your gear. A security system can be as simple as having the equipment stored at the backside off your bag. So when you have the back on your shoulders, the excess point through your equipment is securely close to your bank. Or there may be other security systems where the zippers are attached to a kind of lock so they can be easily unzip When buying a photography bag. Make sure the bank has a well designed built in security system. Most well designed for Thora feedbacks will have some kind of security system to keep your equipment secure. A good for Darfur bed should allow you to customize the inside compartments. The reason why this is such an important point is that every journey you embark on may require different kinds of equipment. If your bag does not allow you to customize the inside space, it will limit what you can carry with you and the kind off travels and adventures you could use it for also heavy good side buckets to store your water bottle or a strep to it. That's your tripod, for example, and build in pockets through store accessories. Such s cables is the guards. Berries, etcetera is something to look into when buying a photography bag. Another important thing to not overlook is to have a good laptops leaf in the back. Leslie Fodor Fee Equipments isn't cheap. You have spent a small fortune on your equipment. The last thing you should do is cut corners on what protects is a good camera bag should have nicely better inserts in sites. The bedding will provide greater protection and help prevent your equipments from crashing into each other. End, of course, from getting damaged when you accidentally drop your bag or bumping into something. Also be sure the bank has good zippers. Generally, the first thing to fail in a camera bag is zippers, so be sure they feel good and strong and are at the same time easy to use. A poor quality zipper could unexpectedly failed and potentially got your equipment to fall out and break. Next. Make sure the exterior fabric or material off the bag is tough and resistant to wear, and they're a good photography. Baby should also be water resistance, or at least have a rain cover that you can pull over the back to protected. The less thing I like to add here is a very good before you buy any major item. Maybe you already do this, but then again, maybe you don't before you buy something especially pricier items like 1/5 or a few bits. Dude shake reviews. You could get information from articles, Amazon product reviews or even better video reviews on YouTube. Why video reviews? Because then you can see the bag being used and demonstrated you. You can get far more information out of a video of you that just photos in an article, I would suggest checking out more than one review. Watch about Treated five. So you have opinions from different people. If everyone has negative views about the bag, it will likely not be a good bed. If everyone or the majority is very bust of about it, it will likely be a good bye. This is a world wild that will help you save money and buy a bag. That's right for your needs. If you combine this with those previous four qualities we discussed, I am more than confident you will end up a buying a solid bag that will last you a long time and keep your equipment's all safe and sound. 18. The Perfect Camera Gear Setup: in this lesson, let's talk about camera gear and what will be a good set up to bring with you on your adventures. Over the years I've tried and experimented with various combinations off equipments here. I like to share with you my experiences and conclusion. I had arrived that with many outer travel and adventure of Darfur's in our talks about equipments, in truth, the camera gear you should bring with you will always differ depending on the kind of trip you're taking. In general, however, two key elements are always important for you as a travel and adventure star for versatility and waits. Let's break them down one by one. You probably want equipment that offers versatility. As a travel and adventure of Darfur, you will likely end up in all sorts of environments and situations with versatility. Your equipment should first give you the possibility to take photos under any conditions. At any circumstances. End your camera equipment has to allow you to get your interesting shots from various angles. At the same time, you want to have you with you. That doesn't slow you down gear that isn't too heavy or too big to carry around s a travel and adventure Darfur. You want to be quick on your feet and move with East. Therefore, weight is an essential part off your considerations. Now, maybe you've already figured out that if you consider boat versatility and wait, it could be a problem. You want to have options to shoot from different angles, so you really have to carry a multitude off different lenses, drastically increasing the weight. But you need to balance it out at the same time, to not carry too much weight as that will slow you down. And in certain situations it may even be unsafe. So how do we balance thes outs? How do we carry a great versatile set up off travel and adventure equipment that is, at the same time, lights and easy to carry. The following equipments I'm about to share with you is the equipment set up that I use perfected over the years after lots off experimentation and discussions with our professional travel and adventure for our furs. I have had tremendous amounts off success with its capturing everything I wanted in any weather condition, through whatever circumstances and from every possible angle. This is the equipment set up for travel and adventure for therapy and hates that sweet spot between versatility and wait. Let's have a look at it. A mirror lists camera, plus a prime Linse. Now the lens itself can be different for you, depending on where you are. Heads. If you are going on a safari or intending to capture lots off sports activities, a prevalence might not be the best lens to take with you. Indeed, you will be better off switching to a zoom lens. However, when we touch upon other equipments, you will come to see why. Most of the time I only travel with a prime Linse. Also, I would recommend you only carry a single lens. In the beginning, I used to travel with a multitude off different lenses zoom lens, a wide angle lens, a prevalence, etcetera, the whole arsenal. However, what I noticed for myself and it's something you may notice with your photos to if you pay attention to them, was that 80% of the photos I took were taken using only one lens. A look through all your photos and you will come to see that this is true. Therefore, try to limit your arsenal off lenses down to just one or maximum off to in a stent off four or five that you see many Darfur scary with them before most off your trips, you won't even be using most of them. Yes, why a prize and which one I would recommend. A 35 millimeter or 50 millimeter prime lis. Those are very popular vocal lengths for a multitude of reasons. Even more specifically, I would go for the 35 millimeter, as it's the more versatile one. Because of its ability to compose at a wider focal length. A 35 millimeter prime Lindsay is a great lens overall. Technically, a 35 millimeter lens is considered a white angle lens, although in six at the very edge off that definition, it is the closest you can get to using a wide angle lens. Without that distortion, the choice between the two vocal links 35 millimeter and 50 millimeter is a matter off your authority style boat. This lenses are great for getting close to the action and still getting a lot off the scene in the frame. One off. The biggest limitation stood at 35 millimeter lens is the effect that you must be pretty close to your subject. In most situations, Since the 50 millimeter has a longer vocal length, you can be a bit far from your subject. In the end, however, boat are universal and known to be doing all lenses, which is a great kind of lens for us travel and adventure of Darfur's Let's Go over a few reasons why prime lenses are great and, more specifically, the 35 millimeter and 50 millimeter prime lenses. While the viewpoints off a camera system and our human I armed the same, it's hard to determine which vocal links are exactly equivalent, generally speaking so as not to make things too complicated. Most for Thor offers will agree that the 35 millimeter and 50 millimeter prevalence come closest to the vocal Late off the human eye. Prime lenses give you the possibility as a travel and adventure for Darfur to be a jek off all traits, as both are great for many types, off photography from landscapes and portrait's to nature, travel, food and street photography. They also perform much better, a low light situations compared to zoom lenses as they tend to have a much wider aperture because off the wider aptitude off this lenses, the case will come out a lot more dramatic and gorgeous in your images. Prime ministers are also great lenses to help bring you as its revel and adventure of Darfur mawr into the moments as you are required to move around and engage with your subject and the moments itself. They are much cheaper than zoom lenses as they have fewer moving compartments and are therefore easier to build. Besides being cheaper, they also capture higher quality images because they can zoom in and they have a simpler design. This leads to fewer visual, the fix and abrasions. You get more technically correct images when you shoot with a prime lis. Finally, something you and I s travel and adventure Thor offers real appreciate. Prime lenses are tiny and extremely lightweight. Zoom lenses on the other heads are big, bulky and heavy. Now what if you truly need a zoom lens with you? 24 to 70 millimeter lens is superbly. It allows you versatility to capture landscapes, Portrait's and has that extra zooming capability so you can get closer action sports or white life shots you otherwise can't or don't want to get closer to. If you need even more, zoom in power than the 72 200 millimeter lens is another great less for travel and adventure. Photography notes off course that you will trade weight to carry a lens like this. However, if the cancer of photos you are after require you to have a zoom lens with you, these two options are great. Single mirror less cameras are much smaller and lighter than the as Lars, while performing with the same quality. Are there no downsides to mirror less cameras? There are, but those are time based, not permanent. Let me explain. The first complaint about mirror less cameras is that the battery drinks a bit faster as you are working with an E v F an electric viewfinder. Instead, off the normal viewfinder found India's Lars. That's why mirror less cameras are also so much smaller as the mirror that allows you to see true limbs in de Aza. Lars has bean removed, hence the name mirror lists. Secondly, because muralists cameras are kind of new, the number off available lenses Fordham compared to DSLR sees fewer now. As I said. These are considered time based problems. Enough permanent batteries are significantly improving every year. And so with new lenses. There are also a simple solution, such as scaring a few extra batteries with you ends if you like to use those old lenses off yours. Buying Elin's adapter. If you have not yet invested in a camera body or are thinking off investing in a anyone mirror less cameras are, without a doubt, the weight todo. This isn't merely my opinion, but that of many professional photographers and the direction off the future in Darfur. Better and better drones are coming out in the market each year. In particular, the well known company D. J. I was producing some outstanding droves with current models such as the Medic Pro and a Magic Air. Traveling with a drone has never been so easy. These drums allow you to fold up the Lex, reducing their size so that you can fit them with East in any bag. All a serious droves thes days allow you to get your the energy files, the G stands for digital negatives and our raw files. Now, the wonderful thing about using a drone to take photos is that suddenly you no longer have any limits. With a drone, you could take photos from every possible angle and capture things you otherwise could never reach with your camera or any lens you attached to it. If you are looking to capture unique and creative travel and adventure photographs, a drone is, without a doubt, a necessity. A hole in the world suddenly opens up the moment your drone takes off from the ground on any adventure or travel. My drone is one of the first things I place inside my bag. It's no trouble to travel with Rose anymore, and the quality of photos and videos they liver has become more outstanding and acceptable for professional use. While I mainly use my go pro for filming, these little action cameras are incredible toe have with you for capturing those adventurous moments when you can take your hands away literally. The awesome thing is that all the recent GoPro models from the Hero five to Hero six and above can shoot raw photos. And with their built in voice command, you can focus on what you are doing while still a shooting. Photos and videos using your voice in the case of underwater photography, GoPro's or a great and inexpensive way compared to a real underwater photography set up to take quite decent underwater photos, especially if you correct the color and do a few edits in post. You can end up with some great results whenever I'm off on a trip or adventure. I never failed to have my GoPro in my bag. It opens a whole race off different and unique photo opportunities, especially when you use one of the many GoPro accessories to place it on location, such as your body that aren't possible with a normal camera. A smartphone has turned into a Swiss Army knife off many uses these days, and one off these uses is a camera. The smartphone has become a deep point and shoot camera off our time. Many off the latest phones have an incredible sensor, high resolution pixels and the option to shoot in the G through programs such as Light Room C C, which is a cloud based editing software that lets you edit your photos directly on your phone or straight from your leapt up. You can smoothly edit your shots and turned them into gorgeous, professionally quality photographs In general, Having a second camera with you is handy for purposes, such as when your main cameras as D card is full when the camera batteries flits or in the unlucky event that you camera gets broken. Possibly you might already have brought a good second camera with you without even realizing it. That alternative camera is your smartphone. I would honestly even recommend investing in a smartphone that delivers great quality photos and videos over any other real cameras. For the simple reason that phones are so much smaller and more portable, there are very few real cameras out there that you can comfortably fit in your pockets because it is so portable. My smartphone has come in handy in many situations where, for example, I had to leave my bag behind and couldn't take my big camera Whitney, or because I wanted to go on a short hike without carrying all my camera gear. Since I have a good smartphone that delivers quality photos, I don't feel too stressed about leaving my main camera behind, as I always have my second camera Whitney, my smartphone and you are allowed to take it with you almost everywhere. Even in your daily life, you won't always have your main camera with you. I'm sure there have been moments in your daily life when you wished you had a camera with you. If you have a smartphone that takes quality photos, you can capture those moments as our phones are for the most part, always within reach. And, of course, when you take a good photo with your phone is super easy to upload them directly onto any social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram s photographers, we should not only be looking at our smartphone as a communication device, but as a second camera that you have with you all design when investing in a new smartphone . Give this in mind s technology involves and brace more possibilities. This gear set up real changed through time. However, four D moments and looking at the future, this is you set up, is up to date and will remain so for a while. Do have a look at the BDF file where all the state of the art gear in cameras, prime lenses, drones, action cameras and phones can be fans. Having learned more about camera equipment and how to create a versatile yet the light weight set up. Let's continue on to the next listen. 19. Essential Accessories for Travel and Adventure Photographers: there are hundreds off accessories in photography. In this lesson, I want the touch upon the more essential accessories that aren't just fun to use once in a while, but useful in the long term. Let's start with some off my favorites. This accessory by big design is one of my all time favorites. It seriously makes life as travel and adventure for Darfur so much easier. How it works is quite simple. You've attached to capture sleep on your back back strip, and this allows you to clip your camera onto it when you're out hiding, climbing or doing some other physical, demanding activity. It is so handy to be able to just clip your camera on your back back instead of having to take your backpack off, open it but your camera insight and close it again. There are great advantages in using your camera strep. I don't know about you, but a lot of photographers merely leave it hanging there and don't use it at all. Some even take it off. Let me briefly go to the reasons why a camera strip is useful. While the capture clean allows shoot at that, your camera, your bag and leave your hands free. The strip off your camera is an alternative that works just as well because it allows you to safely take your hands off your camera. If you do not have the capture clip on your backpack or if you simply don't have your back big with you with a good camera strip, you could easily adjust a late so that you can carry your camera over your shoulder. This is a technique many videographers used to create more stability. When they're out shooting hand held videos, you put the strap around your neck, hold your arms close to your sites and straighten them to side in the strap around your neck. This simple but effective stabilisation technique, worse, incredibly, will when shooting videos. The camera strap is mainly designed to keep the camera safe and to help prevent accidents from happening to it, you can obviously put the strap around your neck or rapid around your wrist. This is what I do. It also provides an extra degree off stability when holding your camera. If the unfortunate happens and you accidentally let go off your camera, you will still have a fighting chance off holding onto its as the strip is wrapped around your wrist or neck. These are the tree main points. Why having a camera on strip is good now. The standard stripped that comes with your camera is okay to use. However, compared to especially made quality strip, they are way less practical. For example, the standard strips are not easy to adjust and or less durable. Higher quality camera strips, on the other hand, result this problem and are much more comfortable to use in the field. If you are annoyed by the standards, strip that came with your camera invests in a higher quality one, and your camera strip all of a sudden will become quite a useful accessory. I used to travel all the time with a standard tripods on every journey and adventure. Once I stumbled upon the gorilla parts. All the time has been reduced to only 10% off the time. Here's why. The gorilla part is such an awesome tribal toe have with you. It's Zainy light weights and allows the white race off possibilities you don't have with the standard tripods. You can attach it to everything. I have taken the gorilla part with me to hundreds off photo adventures and countries. And I can tell you there hasn't bean that many times that I regretted not bringing a standard tripods. Sure, at times I had to be a bit creative in how to set up the gorilla part to capture a sunset, but that has never stopped me from capturing anything I had in minds. Also, I feel there are generally more plus sites to having a gorilla pots than a standard tripods first, because it allows for different angles, resulting in more unique shots. Seconds it reduced the weight on your shoulders enormously. Third, it doesn't give away defect that you are a star for, And she don't have a tripod sticking out off your backpack, which generally it could be a big plus for you as any thieves looking for a worthwhile target will not see you as one. Since Thea's Lars and muralists cameras aren't exactly waterproof, at least not currently as we speak. A rain cover for your camera is an essential accessory to have with you as a travel and adventure Thora. For now. A rain cover doesn't have to be expensive. You can make one yourself very easily and affordably simply by some quality. Transparent plastic bags make a neat little hole in it for your lens to fit through and wila, This is something I use for a long time, and it has proven quite effective over the years through all kinds of weather conditions. If you go for this option, do have a few extra plastic bags with you in case one of them feels and breaks. Now, of course, there are rain covers. $4 1st and these naturally provide greater protection than a plastic bag. Now, if you like to go even further and take your camera underwater, I recommend you to check out Kotex. This is an underwater housing for your camera that is affordable trust, warty and portable. An effective cleaning kit doesn't have to have a lots off components. I've seen some thar furs bring all sorts off tools to clean their gear. Over the years, I've found most useful to have the following items in your cleaning kids. A sensor gel stick allows you to safely clean your sensor if there is dust on its one notes off warning. Don't buy this from just any company on Amazon. Get them from the website called Tora Fee a life in the Bt F file. Off the course, I will provide a link to it. Apparently, there have been some horror stories. Were people bought the sense of gel sticks from some Chinese company on Amazon, all of which ended up doing some serious damage? This best feature a dust removal brush on one end and a special non liquid cleaning elements on the other, which is designed to never dry out. This is perfect for cleaning delicate lenses and camera elements. Ends off course, a micro Viber cleaning clothes to clean your lens or filters. That's all I have Whitney on each photo adventure. It's not a whole lot, but these are the essentials from keeping your gear clean and well maintains. If you're like me and you like the venture off gruesome, brutal locations where not even phone reception can be found, having a G. P s with you is seriously a smart tool to head a GPS is not only good for navigation, so you won't get lost. It's also a great tool for checking your environment and skinny for possible good spots to shoot photos. And, of course, as we have come to learn in the safety lesson with certain outdoor GPS devices, you can send text messages thanks to the built in satellites. If your camera doesn't have a blue dude function that can connect it to your phone and let you use it as a remote control, buy yourself a remote shutter when you don't have someone to model for you in your photos. This could be a great investments, because then you get to be your own model. You can easily break a memory card into without too much efforts, but unfortunately something like this has happened to me. A piece off my his D card actually broke off because I drop my bag a little too forcefully , making it impossible for me to slight that s D card into my camera, computer or card reader. As a result, I lost quite you get photos this could have easily being prevented by a memory card case. Losing photos sucks in a major way. Therefore, invest in a case so this won't happen to you. This one is pretty obvious. Have more than one as the guards with you. While you most likely already notice, I like to add an extractive. It's smarter to buy a couple or more 64 gigabyte as D cards than just one or 2 256 gigabyte cars. Here is why you can store more photos and videos on the 256 gigabytes as D card rights. So how is that a bad thing? Because if you use that as D card until it's full and then you lose it or in breaks, a tongue off material will be gun. Where s if you use several 64 gigabyte as D cards, your material will be spread out across multiple storage devices. If you happen to lose or break one, it will still suck. But you at least will have your other material, sief and sounds on your honor as D cards. Buying a few spare batteries is a smart thing to do. You don't want to be off somewhere shooting when suddenly your battery goes flat and that's the only one. You have an extractive I like to add. Don't buy those cheap TER party batteries. They simply don't perform with same durability and capacity as batteries from the original men. Effectual er Yes, they'll be cheaper, way cheaper. But like many things, there is the reason why they are cheaper in the long term. Life off 1/3 party battery is much force than an original battery. Also in cold, better conditions, they drained much faster. You might end up being more as you'd need to buy more dirt party batteries that if you simply bought original ones, therefore by brand name batteries, a small power bank isn't only a great tool toe have with you for recharging your phone. You can, in effect George certain cameras with it as well, or you'll go prove anything that is USB chargeable. You can recharge with a power bank. A card reader is always something. Do that with you during your travels as a star. For sure. Many cameras allow you to connect straight to your left up and upload your pictures that way, or some left ups might happen as the guards slough. But it is possible that you might travel with a sort of gear, like a GoPro or a drone that uses micro as the cars. Or you might use a comeback flesh instead of having toe upload all those files separately because you need to put each device in and out. Using a card reader allows you to upload everything at the same time. Finally, I recommend by some kind of field pouch a pouch that lets you store your as the guards cleaning kit card reader batteries. Fielder's etcetera in one place. It's the nice thing to have as it keeps everything together. Ideally, the few parts would be water proof, or at least one of resistance, so that it creates an extra layer off protection for your accessories and URAS D cards. These concludes a few handy and work while accessories you get invested. Do check out the pdf file where you can find more recommendations on the accessories we cover. 20. Essential Apps for Travel and Adventure Photographers: Just as with the accessories, there are thousands off therapy eps out there. Here, I want to present you with the ones that in general are considered the most useful among professional photographers. Now there may be cases where a better at off a certain at will come out in the future. For the most part, this ABS will do the same things, but maybe slightly better. That's possible and very likely. However, the point off this lesson is to familiarize you with existing abs like this. Whether if you use the ones I talk about here in this lesson or a different EB that does the same things, that's all fine. I can't honestly see or else I would not be recommending them to you that the following abs have proved over the years to be off great help in my photography career. If they aren't already on your phone, give them a try on your next photo adventure. Now let us start with the first photo bills. Is the Swiss Army knife for Darfur's The is a great help when planning a photo trip, as you can easily use it to calculate the exact date and time that a senior envision will happen and off course during your trip. The APP helps to answer some essential questions, such as a when and where precisely the golden hour starts and ends. There are just too many features on this step to summarize them all. However, here are a few off the key features. A good weather app is without a doubt, a necessity to have or your phone. I've tried many weather app seen my time, but the one that I used one that I found the beauty most reliable is the way our weather at from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and R K six there are thousands off forecast eps out there. Try out if you and see which one suits you the best. Altogether, I would highly recommend Yea. Our winter F for its excellent predictability is one of the most popular weather service EPS around the world. Here are just a few off the features off the hunting for the auroral lights that can be a challenge and at such as my Aurora forecast is quite a handy tool toe have on your phone. The F tells you precisely how likely you are to see the aurora borealis or details about the solar winds and high resolution son imagery. Here are a few of its features, if you should, Anywhere near to see this is a vital download, not just so that your shoots go according to plan, but also to keep you safe. My night times will tell you the heights and times off the types for any location you need . The EP supports over 9000 title stations in over 40 countries, so your location will most probably be governed. If you are a star for who regularly needs model or property release forms, it's get the have a mole release at on your phone. If you are shooting voters off well recognized models and you intend to sell them, for example, on stop websites, you will always need a model release where the model gives you permission to use the photo . The handed thing about using an app over the traditional paper alternative is that the things are less likely to get lost and an additional copy it can be easily produced. In addition to this, there may be times where you may find yourself in a spontaneous situation with your camera and having a release form handy will be highly beneficial. As long as you have your phone with a suitable, then a release form is only a few clicks away. Here are a few features that easy mall release has you Ranger is quite an excellent ever to head for US travel and adventure. Darfur's discovered thousands of inspiring trail guides, ballot offline maps and navigate with confidence on your next hike by quite big backing trip or outdoor adventure. You Ranger also works offline. So for this foreign travel or adventures you might be going on this AB in entirely works without mobile and data signals. Here are a few other features this Hess. After learning about some handy abs to have on your phone, let's continue to the next lesson. Have a look at the BDF Resource file off this course for any new updates and other and EPS available 21. Top Back-Up Solutions for Travel & Adventure Photographers: If you are specializing in travel and adventure photography, you'll be on the move a lots so over in a remote place on top, off a mountain or an exotic lens. Don't forget to make bank ups and story or folders summer safe not just on your left up, but in another place as well. Because if you let them get stolen or breaks, those photos are all lost and gum forever. Creating a good backup plan might be an investment, but trust me, it will be bored. Every Benny if the unfortunate situation happens and your computer breaks or against stolen , you just get and shouldn't rely on one place to store your photos. If you even slightly take your authority seriously, you can't ignore not having a backup system in place. Over the years, I've heard too many horror stories off other for RVers and videographers, and you seriously never want this to happen to you. Whether you shoot as an amateur or a professional. Now, having a good backup system can sound quite complicated in the beginning. It's certainly something I struggled to figure out at the start. There are indeed many options these days. Luckily over the years I have experimented and tried out many different options, and here in this lesson, I would like to introduce you to the best ones. Now. Throughout the lesson, I will touch upon a few good products and services. Remember to have a look at the BDF file where you can find the best up today. Products, services, etcetera. Now let's start by introducing you to the different backup options. External SS. The hard drives are such an incredible invention. The Onley art a tiny an old draw light to travel with compared to an HDD hard drive. But they are extremely fast transfer over files since they don't have any moving apartments in sight like HDD hard drives do. They are war, bust and re, lest forever. The main downside with SSD drives is that they are a big price here as they are new technology. However, they are a great investment. When you travel a lot, I use a one terabyte external s is the hard drive to temporarily back up my files when travelling. So far, one terabyte has proven to be enough storage for backing up boat videos and photos for multiple weeks and months off being on the move in general, I would less recommend external HDD hard drives. This is for the simple reason that they aren't the safest device to store your file, son. Seems they have a disk in them that this can break upon dropping your hard drive, moving it too much or at a certain point, mostly between 3 to 5 years. That disk will simply stop working. It's a ticking time bomb that contains your most beloved photos. Now why do I like to mention external HDD hard drives? Because I'm aware that it's possible you currently don't have the budget to invest in an SS the hearts rife, for example, as they are more expensive, use what you have the budget for external HDD hard drives to back up your files do work, but just be aware to use them carefully and with caution. If you do go with this option, I would suggest you buy to external HDD hard drives and back up your photos on both. If one feels you still have the other one, I would also suggest riding on the external hard drive the date when you bought it, and the day when it's warranty expires, which is three years from the day you buy it. This is the time most hard drives start to fail. It is best to invest in two new hard drives Once those three years have best. To ensure the life span off HDD, external hard drives store them somewhere safe, not in a car or your bag bag as movement in damage to this. Therefore, they aren't the ideal backup option to travel with. They are, however, a good option to simply leave at home and store and back up your photos on. Once you're back from your trip, there are a certain hard drive that allow you to plug in your SD card or connect your camera and upload your files directly without needing a leapt up. This is an ideal option when you're out on an adventure for multiple days and you can't or don't want to take your left up with you. I use this often when out on a multi day height or out climbing a mountain for a few days. It's important, however toe. Always keep two copies off your photos. You can never trust simply one place to keep those files safe. Everything can fail. Using this option is handy. But don't remove your photos from your SD cards. Once they are backed up on the drive, keep them on your SD cards. The purpose of making big ups is that they serve as this. Secondly, off protection. When the first from your fails, remember not to remove the first layer as you will set yourself up for trouble. Now, you also have HD the portable drives and the SSD version. Since this is a backup device to carry with you, I would highly recommend you go for the S s. The version you likely have heard of a cloud service before as Google Drive Dropbox one drive etcetera. Maybe you already use one yourself. If not, I would highly recommend you do. These are fantastic services to store all my documents and file some when you buy a new computer or left up. It's the smoothest thing ever to move your files over to that device. You simply followed the cloud service on your computer. It well on your files stored on the cloud become available on your new device. Now besides cloud services being simple, awesomely handy and secure to keep your files on your computer back up. They are also great for Darfur's to store photos on all my finished photos and videos are stored on the cloud service. I use Google Drive for as little as 20 euros per year. You'll have 100 year bite off storage, and for 100 euros a year you'll have to terabytes. In my opinion, that's quite cheap for a decent amount of storage. Note that I said I store all my finished photos and videos on Google Drive. I indeed don't use it to store my role files that are a few reasons for death. Cloud services are made to easily upload and download smaller files. They aren't made for a larger amount of storage for big files. If I have to upload all my role files on Google Drive, do terabyte will not be enough. Shooter is the option to go for 10 terabyte for 100 euros per month, or 20 terabytes for 200 heroes for months and even Mawr. But as you might realize, this quickly will become quite an expensive backup solution to store your role files as well. Cloud services such as Google drive Dropbox one drive and so on certainly allow you to restore any lost files. But they don't, however, have the same amount of options a cloud storage offers. Yes, that's right. These are two different things. A cloud service at a cloud storage cloud storage such as Bag place, for example, offer unlimited storage for as cheap as 50 euros per year. Now the purpose off a cloud storage is to store those files and leave them there as a backup. It's not made as a cloud service to upload, download and use your file stunt dearly. That's may lead the difference between cloud service and cloud storage. Don't worry. In a minute we'll come to cover and learn more about cloud storage. With that, I'm not saying you can't use a cloud. Service the store and back up your raw files. It could be a good option for if you it entirely depends on how much you shoot and how much for therapy is part of your life. If you don't shoot a lot of photos, using a cloud service could be an option toe. Also, bake up your role files. One terabyte and two terabyte will last you a long time. However, if you do shoot a dump of photos, I would recommend you use a cloud storage for backing up your raw files and store your finished photos on a cloud service. It's important to think one term with anything in life and also with photography. Maybe at the current moment, one terabyte off cloud serves will be enough. But in a year or two, it won't be enough anymore. The result is that you will have to change your entire backup system. Therefore a think a long term and create a backup system that can serve you will for multiple years to come. At the current moment, from all the cloud storage services, Ben, please appears to be the best 14 s cheap s 50 euros through year. Ben Place will bake up your entire computer or leapt up. Additionally, you can also slate multiple external hard drives. It should bake up a swell. Now what if you lose your left up or it gets stolen or you accidentally come to delete your photo files? No stress here are to restore options. Beg place Hess. First, you could easily download a zip file that contains your files. You select which map and files you want. The downloads and beg please will send you an email once the ZIP file is ready to download their. There is also the option to restore your files by requesting a USB flash drive from Big Place. The cost price off this is $99 and it contains up to 256 gigabyte max. You have the option to either keep to restore drive or sending back to them within 30 days for a refund. Finally, if your files are more than 256 gigabytes, you can request a USB hard drive gusting 100 and $89 which allows you to restore files up to eight, thereby max Here as well. You could either decide to give the restored drive or sending back within 30 days for a refund. A mess system, which stands for network attached storage, allows users to store their files on a centralized appliance. Were storage array, many nest systems support rate? This is noticeable if a nest system has multiple base to insert internal hard drives rate, which stands for redundant array off independent discs allows you to back up your photos using different rate levels. There are several levels off rates, all of which offer a certain level off old Florence and also have different levels of performance and functionality. Whilst I'm not going over, all of the levels, the most common for US photographers would be rate one rate. One is also called this mirroring, and it writes and reads identical data to Paris off drives. Its primary function is to provide redundancy. If any off the disks in the array fails, the system can still access data from the remaining disks. Once you replace the faulty disc with a anyone, the data is sculpted from the functioning disks to rebuild the array rate. One is the easiest way to create fail over storage. While a nest system that supports rate is an investment with prices ranging from $300 to 8000 or more, they are highly secure ways to safely back up your role. Files, videos or any other larger files ends the best off all you can access and store your files remotely true, the Internet. When you are traveling, you confined nest systems with Do Base for based 12 based 16 Base Ends MAWR. How many base you need A greatly depends again on how much you shoot and how much photography is a parts off your life. It also depends on what you will be. Story. If it's just photo files alone, you need fewer base that if you also store videos, video files are simply larger Now. I know this might be a bit complicated if you have never heard of a nest system or rate levels before. Therefore, to clarify things a bit more, let me show you which nest system I currently have and how I use it. I have a nest system offs technology with four base, all force loss. Have four terabytes internal hard drives, all this nest system. I store both my photos and videos in the city's I said the next system to use rate one. The first internal hard drive is linked with the 2nd 1 which mirrors the 1st 1 The same for my videos. Hard drive four makes an exact copy off hard drive tree off my videos, although you can do many complicated and invest things with his nest systems. What I just showed is the very easy. Investing in business system has honestly been an incredible investment for me when I'm traveling and I want to excess or store and back up my role files or any videos. True, a link I can do so Once they are uploaded automatically, they are stored on the dedicated hard drive in the ness's directly being backed up on the property. Hard Drive Using Raid one mirroring The last thing I would like to say is when deciding which nest system to buy. Know that you can always insert different internal hard drives when the current one is full . Or you can also upgrade to an expansion unit to which your storm or internal hard drives you don't per se, have to invest in the most expensive one with 16 base or so. You can always upgrade in the future by inserting new internal hard drives or adding an expansion unit. Now we complete this lesson off back up options to manage and store your photos when traveling. I know this lesson was a chunk off information. However, it is all quite essential information to take into guns 22. My Bullet Proof Backup System: In our previous lesson, we have learned about various back up options. But in this lesson, I would like to share with you my current bulletproof a backup system. The main reason why I am sharing this is to give you an idea. How am bulletproof backup system would look so you can create your own with the back up options we learn in our previous listen First, I have a desktop with two internal hard drives. One is simply for programs on that computer, while the other one is dedicated to storing all my photos. My desktop is the deep place where my original photos are all stored. Demand on my desk stuff where all my photos are located is directly linked to my nest system. Every time I had photos to that map on my desktop, those photo files will instantly be backed up online s system, which contains two dedicated external hard drives mirroring each other. This means that boat off those two external hard drives contained a copy off all my photos . This also works vice versa. If I upload photos from my leaped up onto my nest system, they will be double backed up on the mess system. Ideally, one copy off all your photos should be stored silver entirely else in a different building or room. Therefore, my nest system is indeed located somewhere entirely different to my desktop. Why, yes, I notice my son far fished. But if someone breaks in and but your original photos and your backups are stored in the same place and that person steals them all is gum or if a fire occurs, the same issue happens. On the other hand, even at least one full copy off your photos is somewhere entirely else. There is no problem next on my desktop. That internal hard drive with all my original role files is linked to beg. Place automatically when you photos are edits, beg place uploads them and stores them safe in their data storage center. If I ever going to lose all my hard drives, I can request a full copy off my photos and Don Lowton or have it shipped over on a hard drive to me. Finally, I upload the feast JP eight photos to Google drive here. I can easily access them from any device. My phone that lets leapt up at cetera while they are also stored safely in the glass. When I'm traveling, I usually bake up my photos using the wireless SS, the external portable drive. This is used when I'm out in the wild for several days and have no left off or Internet. I make it back up all the portable drive while keeping the originals on the SD cards. When I do have left up but no direct Internet. I used my external SSD drive to keep back ups and as well on my computer in the ends. When I'm traveling, I always see that after a few days or immediately, I could upload my original role files onto my nest system through the Internet. As soon as I have Internet, I go through the shots I've taken, remove all the bad ones and upload the good ones onto my nest system was they are uploaded . They are backed up automatically on the internal hard drives in the nest system, using a program such esteem viewer. I couldn't remotely control my desktop at home through my laptop, so the role files on the nest system also get downloaded onto internal hard drives on my desktop. This then automatically backs up those files onto bed plays. Sure, when traveling there might not directly be Internet, especially somewhere more remotely. However, these days having good Internet access, he's in such a rare thing anymore and can be found in most off the countries you will travel to. A good Internet connection worldwide will only improve and will become less often issue. That is my complete bulletproof backup system to keep my photo files receive and sounds from getting stolen or lost. I can imagine this sounds very overwhelming. It sure waas for me in the beginning as well. It took me a fair amount of research before I figured out a good bulletproof backup system myself. Hopefully, this lesson give you some clarity and ideas. How to assemble your own bulletproof backup system that works for you, of course, feel free to use the exact same one unused either way, while it takes some effort and money once a good backup system is in place, it's a relief and a good feeling to know that those precious shots won't get lost easily. 23. You Will Feel Connected with The World and Yourself Again: today. It is easier than ever before to connect with the entire world via an online connection. We can travel without leaving our chair with a click of a mouse button. While there is much value to this physically, we aren't there physically. We are disconnected, redder than connected. The real world is happening out there and not in front of a screen. Travel and adventure photography pushes us for hours, seek experiences, activities and look for connection with world's ends ourselves once again when scaling a mountain, being in the wilds for several base or doing some other wild, adventurous activities suggest flying in a helicopter, writing with a slip off husky strolla Prinz. A feeling off. Serenity, happiness and purpose. Walkers. Often it makes sense when you think about it's in those moments, you are fully engaged with the present, the here and now. During a such activities, such as scaling a mountain, we are back in an environment, a situation most of us never have to be in again, a situation that asks us to survive again s travel and adventure photographers. We are more likely to put ourselves in such environments and situations and something lost and forgotten Giggs back alive your survival instincts. You need to work with yourself. Trust yourself, conquer your fears. Work together closely with others as mistakes could be fatal. Well, this might sound intense. Life often makes a lot more sense. During such moments, everything comes down to simply surviving this feeling off being so deeply engaged in the present. Equally happens, been venturing out into a strange new country. This unknown countries often ask us to become more. We must learn to navigate and survive in a strange new place that is unfamiliar to us. We must face uncertainties fierce and learn to understand and make sense of a different culture. Truffle is often set to be one of the highest forms off medication, one that many people miss album. Luckily, new ends. I will not have to worry about missing out on that medication as being a travel and a major . Harper naturally put you in such places, teaching and showing us more about ourselves. Others the world's and life 24. How to Earn Money as a Travel & Adventure Photographer: in this lesson, we will learn more about the various ways you can earn money with photography. If you're not sure yet, which area is the most suitable for you, right down as we go to less is each option that you would consider as something you would enjoy. Give them a fair chance and experiment with each one for a few months to see if it's something you'd like to do or nuts. It's only by experiencing and trying things out that we can honestly say in the end, if it's something for us or not, as you soon will come to realize, there are hundreds off ways to earn money and make a living as a travel and adventure photographer. Because there are so many ways to earn a living, you need to find your niche and focus your efforts on growing it. This is not to say that you can't expend and focus on more than one niche in the future. I would honestly encourage you to do this from a career perspective, diversification or having your money come from more than one source. He's smart and wise decision because if one source isn't doing well or gets cuts, you still have income coming from another source. Now, let us continue with our next lesson where I'd like to clear up four misconceptions that I've heard over the years to reduce some confusion around earning money with travel and adventure therapy. 25. Four Misconceptions About Earning Money with Photography: before we start, I like to clarify four major misconceptions on earning money which revel and adventure photography or just photography in general that I have heard people say over the years. First and foremost, this is a question I often hear when I tell people I'm a professional Darfur. Oh, and you can earn money with that. I have learned not to get frustrated by this question s. I understand this is a different kind off profession that not many people know a lot about to answer the question. In truth, can you earn money with Thora Fee? And can you even make a living from its? Yes, you can s they follow up all of that? Here is the second misconception and something important to understand. Will you have tow work for it? Off course you will will be easy. No off course not is It's impossible, absolutely nuts because here is a truth not many people realize and they often become afraid to pursue a career in photography when others say it will not be easy. Everything you will ever do in life you will have to work for nothing comes easily a less beast off advice on this misconception. Listen and take advice from people who have done it. No, those who are simply talking about it without any real experience. It's mostly the letter who will say it's not possible or they'll say is very hard. If you understand that and fall in love with the journey off, building your the RV career, you can definitely make a career out of it and earn money and a living from its something important to clarify as well. There are more ways than one to earn money with therapy and create a living from its In the beginning. I always stop that If I wanted to be a real Tora for I had to shoot photos for someone else . Like other companies, for example, that's not true. However, being a professional photographer means that you can earn your living from it. While we will soon come to learn more about the various ways to earn money with photography , I do want to clarify this beforehand because even though I have shell photos for different companies, it was never truly my thing. I didn't feel the passion for that. I didn't like taking photos for someone else stuck photography and teaching on the other hands is where I found my calling. There are many different fields in photography, as there are many different fields in any profession. To be a writer, for example, you don't have the right books per se. You can also write for a magazine, do courses or workshops to earn a living from something that you love doing. So if you truly want to earn money with photography? No, the many ways that you could do so. The best direction in photography is the one where you feel you could express your passion and love for what are the most now. This leads me to the fourth and less misconception. I want to talk about that I've noticed over the years. There are far more people who are simply interested in how you could earn money, wit, photography, a few who like to make a few extra bucks win. It's and only a very small percentage. She would truly want to turn it into their career. Why did I want to clarify this misconception? Because many people are afraid to become a star, for as they think too many people are already doing it In truth, that isn't true. There are many people, indeed who take photos, but very few who have dedicated their life to becoming professional. Tarver's don't be easily put off by others who say it's impossible or hearts. I am telling you as a professional star for myself that it entirely depends on how much you truly want to go for it. Because if you do want it and you work hard for it, you dedicate time in a photography field that you feel passionate about. The chances off succeeding and being able to do the full time at some points are very likely. Having clarified those points, let us move on to the next listen where we will learn more about the various waste, earn money with Dr Feet. 26. Photography Courses: personally, this is where I have found my passion and where I earn most off my money with photography, creating courses and teaching them about 80% off. The time I spend with photography is focused on these courses, at least at the moments I think that there are more people who want to learn how to do for therapy. Then there are people who want to buy ready made images, and for that reason, photography courses and creating and teaching them as a whole has become a significant source off income for a large number off Darfur's. If you have patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, the ability to inspire love for learning and flexibility, you could be a great teacher yourself, as those are the trades you need when it comes to being a good teacher. Now let's get practical here first and foremost, a key piece of advice to increase your success rate in creating a course. Follow a top selling course on how to create a course why, for the simple reason that you need to learn the strategies, what to pay attention to, how to start the mistakes to avoid how to be a good teacher and all the ins and outs of creating courses. It's a small investment off time and money in exchange for the value it will bring you in the long run. So again, following a course on how to create a course will be the first smart step you can think before creating your own course. Now you could think heard there already enough courses on photography. That's a fair point to make, and there certainly are a good number off them. That's true. There are an awful lot off beginner courses in photography. When I decided to create the ultimate authority course for beginners, my beginner scores on photography. It was a risk. In many ways, however, is success impossible that it is not. If you decide to create a course in a field that is already widely covered, your course has to be extremely good and bring something unique and different to the table for it to stand out. And that's what my beginner's course in photography did. I made very easy to follow with great examples, illustrations and photos at its, um, creativity and humor in the lessons, and brought something refreshing by adding philosophical notes about photography that no other course offered. All of that resulted in a strong and unique Beckett that thousands and thousands off people enjoy. If you are planning to create a photography course in a field where there are already a tongue off similar courses, you need to do research and see what they do not offer and what you can do to make your so unique, fresh and stand out from the crowd. Luckily, photography s with any subject holds several possibilities that you Condell into, for example, speaking off therapy. In general, you could create a course on a specific camera model or about the different lenses or other specific aspects such as lighting or even the business side off photography. Also, you could create a course on how to run successful workshops or, of course, on a specific therapy fields, as I'm doing here with travel and adventure photography. And if we keep digging within those specific photography fields, you could cover so many other subjects that you could base a course on. For example, within the category of travel and adventure photography, you could create a course around drone or smartphone photography. We haven't even touched upon the other side off therapy, boss processing and anything. I've created another beginner course titled The Ultimate Bus Processing and Editing Course for beginners Again. Besides a beginner course, you could create so many courses around that one. You could focus on a specific anything program such as Light Room or Photoshopped. Or you could create an advanced course covering more difficult anything techniques or a course around HDR digital blending panoramas, etcetera. Do you start seeing the range of possible courses you could potentially create? If you take time to dig and think a bit more, you will eventually stumble upon an endless ocean off possibilities. Finally, which blood forms are great for creating and putting up your courses on this list might slightly changed fruit time, but at the moment, starting with number one as the best, these are the platforms where my courses have currently met the most success. Now, as everything here in the scores that may change in the future. Have a look at BF I'll I included in this course where you can find the best platforms that are out there creating courses, takes effort and work. It isn't something that can be finished in one day Each course that I have created so far has taken around tree to five months. That's to say that I also work on different projects at the same time. Most likely if courses are your only focus, you can create investor. Nonetheless, you need to put some work for your courses to succeed and be off good quality. If you have a passion for teaching, sharing your knowledge and bringing value to others, creating and teaching therapy courses is an incredible, exciting and satisfying way to earn money with photography. 27. Workshops: of course, is aren't the only way to make use off your teaching skills. If you take incredible photos, I can assure you people would want to learn how to do it more over In taking a course, people are often times more than willing to pay in exchange for knowledge and experience. If you are good at discovering hidden therapy spots and you'd like to share your love for the world, you can start doing it offline. With a small group redder than teaching online, You may want to take your teaching outdoors and organized therapy workshops or tours here. In this lesson, I like to provide you with a few initial insights about workshops. Let's start by covering the benefits off holding your own workshop so you'll know how interesting it could be to do this first, because it's simply extremely rewarding to have someone thank you for imparting your knowledge. Do them. That feeling of being able to help someone grow as a person is oh so satisfying, even dating. At the same time, sharing your knowledge with others about therapy or any other subject will challenge your own knowledge as you can't simply say whatever everything needs to be correct and accurate teaching you in this course, I had to confirm everything to be sure. I'm teaching you d correct information. Doing so challenges me to understand and expand my own knowledge. As the famous physicist Albert Einstein once said, If you can't explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough. Teaching others will take your understanding and knowledge about photography to the next level, making U S A Darfur even more skills in what you do. Of course, as you are taking people along with you, you have the opportunity to meet new Tarver's and many other interesting and fascinating people from all over the globe. Potentially, you may end up with a network off great friends internationally, locally or boats while you're out there conducting your own tours. Naturally, you'll also be taking photos. Those shots could be used for your own portfolio salt or offered on stock websites, set aside for a possible course in the future, or even used for an assignment or sold directly to a client. Leslie. Let's say people in your worship will be interested to learn even more from you if, for example, you have a YouTube gentle with additional tutorials were a possible course to help them develop their skills. Further s a photographer. Your workshops might end up promoting your other work. Or if you do direct sales to clients that people who join your workshops might also end up marking you and recommending you to other people or companies they know s you can see there are quite enough reasons for you. You can see there how workshops might be something interesting for you to get your hands into. The next big factor that comes into play in workshops is the location. Where should you hold your workshop? Location wise. You could do this later in your home country or in different destinations that you know quite well, because as travel and adventure photographers, we travel more frequently around the world. An interesting idea you could offer, for example, is wholly your workshops for tourists or other travelers on vacation. I mean, if you think about it, who does not want to return home with a vest collection off stunning photos. If at the same time you can take them on a cool adventure or provide valuable information about a culture sound or country while a showing gorgeous either locations and helping them to learn more about the Torah fee. Your work shows might be the answer to what tourists and other travelers are looking to experience something unique and new. Leslie To offer your workshops for tours, a great Tarpey website is essential. Share social media off responsibilities to display your photos and show off your portfolio . Allow people to find you. Explain what you do, etcetera, but a website is this one stop place that provides everything your portfolio who you are, your contact details and off course. The required information about the workshops or doors you conduct all together. A website looks way more professional in the pdf resource page. Off this scores I have at least a few off. The top resource is you contest to build your own websites, while an entire course could indeed be made on how to create a successful workshop, I hope this information, in this lesson at least provided you with some insights and ideas and potentially made it clear for you to determine if workshops are something you could see yourself doing. Certainly do some extra research on the Internet. I will also lead up in the BDF research page, a few extra websites with valuable information on creating a workshop. Hopefully, this can help you even more. There are definitely a lot of details to see two. In arranging a successful workshop, however, they can be an incredible way to share your love authority with others while possibly building up to a point you can make your living doing this. 28. How to Earn Money Editing and Retouching Photos: If you love the other side off Dar Phoebus processing and anything on platforms such as fibre or up work, you can set yourself up as a free lesser specializing in anything and reducing photos. Most silence You will get wound exactly have anything to do with travel and adventure of authority. And it will be more about reducing work, such as correcting blemishes, adding some extra light in a photo skin tone, correction, color correction, cropping teeth and I widening etcetera. None, the less. I do want to suggest this possibility to you, as it might be an excellent way to First of all, earn a few extra bucks on the site. And second, if you really love anything, you can even turn this into your main focus. Also, you can upgrade your editing and pass processing skills in photography skills that can continue to be offered abuse later on your travel and adventure. Darby rear, as we have learned in this course, bus processing and editing is the other side's off authority. Therefore, becoming better at this skills is, without any doubt, a valuable asset you can use to improve the drama and impact off your photos. Now you need to have a some level of skill in light room and Photoshopped before putting yourself on these platforms else, you likely won't be able to deliver what your clients of ones, resulting in poor reviews. If you already have some level of skill and want to improve them, even MAWR, while earning a few extra bucks along the way, this might be a great option and boards a shop if you're still little is not that great. There is an endless range off free tutorials on YouTube, about light room and Photoshopped. If you are interested. One of my other authority courses, entitled The Ultimate Editing and Plus Processing Course for Beginners, teaches and explains the very basics off how to work with Light Room and Photoshopped. You can check it out to learn how to edit your photos and turn them into gorgeous products while learning a variety of editing techniques and skills you can use later on the edit photos for others. Once you fully understand how to use light through and photo shop and their multitude off tools, the possibilities of what you can do your photos becomes limitless and extremely fun, and those reducing and editing is science may actually end up becoming your specialty or calling in the fields off therapy 29. Stock Photography: stock photography is one of those areas you need to invest a decent amount of time on before you gain any real money out of it. You won't earn much at all from having just ended photos uploaded. We are talking Maura about having hundreds or even thousands off high quality photos online . If, however, you are willing to invest time in building a stock portfolio, it certainly can provide a decent amount of income. I have portfolios on a dozen different sites. Well, some sites offer the possibility off adding your photos exclusively in return for a higher percentage off the sale profits. In my experience, I've made the most income from my photos that are on the multitudes off different websites . I hear a lot of people talking about how stock photography can be a fairly decent source of income Onley. If you're focusing 100% off your energy on its, however, I've found that I could earn a pretty steady income from various stock sites. The best part about stock therapy is that the income is reasonably residual and besser. Once your photos are uploaded, you need to spend very little time on it and the income keeps coming in month after month, even if you stop working at it. Even if you don't want to upload all your photos to stock sights upon returning from a trick or adventure, you'll likely end up with tons of photos that are good enough. But maybe not amongst your best. Instead of leaving them on your computer, why not use those photos to build up a stock portfolio? It's an excellent way to earn a stream off passive income. Now let discover a few extra tips to get the best results in stock therapy. If you want to get more serious with stock photos in travel and adventure for a fee, it will be getting to know what people are looking for. Holidays such as Christmas, Eastern and hell mean are events that are popular every year. They are therefore excellent subjects to capture. For example, in this photo I took off a red deer sells like crazy each year. I suppose you could guess around which time during Christmas and New Year that photo alone earns be around 500 to $600. Travel somewhere where hell in eastern etcetera is a huge thing. They as many shots as you again, and I can promise you if your photos are good, unique and of high quality, you'll see a spike in your income each year at around these times, the same goes for popular cities. This list here has 20 off the most visited cities around the world. If you can travel toe a few or all off those cities, spend a few days at each one to shoot as many photos as you can, then upload them. You will very likely see an increase in income through your stock portfolio. This photo taken in Barcelona is one off the many shots, too. When I lived there for a few months every year, it sells a ton off times. Barcelona in Europe is one of those cities currently high in popularity, with number off tourists getting larger every year. Because of this, companies and people are continually looking for good quality photos off this city for their websites blocks, social media, etcetera. Also, if you want to take it one step further and get ahead off the crowds, do some research and keep yourself up to date. What might potentially be the next popular city if Ugo and shoot a wide range of photos, often up and coming city before it gets the peak of its popularity. Your photos will already be online and available to buy by the time colorful Darfur sketch up to the Drenthe landscape photos certainly sell, but since there are so many, they tend to do the least good for your stock portfolio. In my opinion, what I know works quite well, though, are pictures that capture a feeling. For example, this photo cells quite well. Every month it captures that feeling off, being surrounded by wild in gambling thanks to its location, the gate, and delivers the right atmosphere thanks to the fire and the backpack. Or take this photo off a cocktail bar. It captures that feeling off, being somewhere exotic, warm, colorful and fun. Another reason, indeed, to be more attuned to capturing those special moments. Now that you have an idea of what to look for and what shops people and companies search for, I'll give you an idea of which are among the best stock websites to upload your photos to the following are the websites where my photos have earned me the most money again do, check out the pdf file off the scores. There are other good websites I've listed there that may potentially do well for you. Also, there may be new stock websites that are worth checking out. 30. Client Direct Sales: Let's pour some knowledge in the topic of how to earn money with client direct sales in travel and adventure. Harvey. Now the Tree G Pictures to achieve success in client direct sales are one experience to a portfolio and three relationships. In this lesson, I will focus on two off the best ways to get started that will help you gain experience, build up a portfolio and established relationships in the fields. Getting an inter ship for a few months with an already established professional photographer who does many assignments in kind direct sales is, without a doubt an incredible way to learn the many incident outs off this site off the business. Here is why this is the right step to take. First, you will learn a tongue off new things about Thora Fee. As you're working with a professional and therefore gaining a whole MAWR experience, and as you participate in carrying out assignments, you will have new photos to add to your own portfolio. Secondly, you will come to learn exactly how to make money with blind direct sales as you will be able to see firsthand the blueprint of how a professional dozens, you also have the benefit off, asking tons off questions and have them answered in person. And certainly you have the chance to build up relationships from other professionals that you meet and come in contact with during the course off your internship. This will expand your circle of friends and emerge you deeper in world's off professional photographers. All this things sound great, obviously. But in the pursuit off an internship, you can't merely sent an email to a professional photographer asking for internship without offering any value for them from your sites. You need to know that it will be a huge investment for them in terms off their time if they take you as an intern. Yes, even if you do already have a decent amount of experience in photography, they're four. Before sending a bunch of emails out, dig about and write down the added value you can give. If you were to be accepted as an intern, ask yourself, Why would they want to take you on as an intern? What can you give them that would benefit their own terrific rear? How you make their lives easier? Instead of being an added burden, for example, you could suggest shooting behind the scenes photos and taking care off their social media pages while you're on assignment. The main point is to be around a professional, to be able to observe how they work, ask questions and learn as much as you again without being a burden, but instead and added value to their professional life. Now, how do you go about finding the right internship? Google is your friends simply search for travel and adventure. Darfur's who offer internships in your country or some other countries you'd like to be in and reach out to them while in through ships and learning from a professional have tremendous plus points. What if internships and following the lead off someone else aren't your thing? Well, you and I have something in government. While I would honestly highly recommend going for an internship and many other professional photographers would agree it is not for everyone. Maybe you are like me in this regard, and you'd like to just throw yourself out there in the jungle all by yourself. Well, this isn't easy. It does have its benefits and lessons. A great thing you could do when starting out is to offer your photography services for free and shoot for companies or prints you feel passionate about again. This will not only help you get more experience, but also build your portfolio. And when a company or Brent to whom you've offered your services for free, is extremely happy with the results, this concern only and it has for me lead to further paid assignments, more clients and along lessening business relationships. Now, besides offering your services for free to gain potentially loyal clients, you can also offer your Dorothy skills to a hotel or to group at cetera when you're planning to travel or go on an adventure. Arranging betrayed your photography services, Studer products or services such as fairs or recommendations is a great way to make an exchange. Companies are always looking to promote their services and gain awareness in the markets. If you can use your photos to help them promote their products or services, that three night they offered you or letting you take along on their husky safari at no cost will be warded in exchange on your part. Saving money on recommendations or tourist and travel feast is equally to earning money. Now. How do you go about finding this Brents and companies again? The same answer applies Google. Is your friend searched for specific companies or brands that are in the niche off travel and adventure Thor Fee and reach out to them toe. Offer your services. There certainly are more ways to start and kick off your business in this field off client direct sales in travel and adventure authority, However, lending an internship or offering free services for our companies and doing this for a decent amount off time to build experience in portfolio and relationships are two ways that have proven successful for many people. 31. Travel or Adventure Blogging: Certainly you have heard about blogging before. However, how can you create a stream off revenue out off a block before we dig into that? Let me first mention a few important notes, first and foremost before you jump into blocking. Note that it takes a good amount off effort and time before you can get many visitors to your website and before your labor will start to pay off. Therefore, as with everything we have covered so far for each way off burning money big the one you really feel passionate about. As many people who have become successful in blogging. See, don't do it for the money. Do it instead for the love and passion you feel for the graft. Money will come if you keep doing something along enough and heat that certain level off expertise if you merely do it for the money. But like love and passion for what you are doing, you will burn out and be forced to stop. It's hard to put an exact measure on the time Mayday! Before you will see the fruits of your labor in blocking is the business on your writing skills. How much you know about s CEO if you know what you want to write about and altogether, how much time and effort you put in it. Either way, if you could jump into blogging without expecting anything good to happen for the next few years, you have the right mindset, as it will take not only weeks or months but years to build out a successful block. Again, blogging can be off like everything else, but only if you stick with its a second. If I would like to mention if I had started blogging with the same knowledge I have today about s CEO and destructing good articles, my audience would have been far greater. While we learn by doing and making mistakes, starting a block with at least some basic knowledge of how to write effective articles and how to set up a block that can generate revenue is never a bad idea. If you believe that blogging is something for you, I highly recommend that you follow a course on how to create a successful block. Like many things, blogging might sound simple. Just write some articles and pull out your famous, but it's not. The truth is that s with everything. It's far more complex than it appears on the surface, therefore learned instead outs. So you start off with a base, understanding off what you should do to turn your block into a success. Now, how do you make money from a block? There is, to be honest, a vast number of ways. In this lesson, However, I will narrow them down to focus on two ways that over time have led many to earn a lot of money to their block. I personally would suggest focusing on one or boat off the following waste. Nevertheless, I will provide a link in the BDF research speech to an up to date article that covers the full range of possibilities you can explore to earn money with blogging. One of the best ways to earn money to your block is by selling a product such as a course T shirts, e books, priests, your own travel guides, etcetera or selling the service you offer s Athar for for client direct sales workshops, stores and so on. Thanks to your awesomely reading block post and great s CEO, a good number of visitors will find your websites if somewhere, for example, on the site, which it off your block posts or on the main page off your websites. You show people this course you have had taken by or those workshops you offer. You would have created a bad way for hundreds off thousands off people to buy that product or to reach out to you for your service you offer. The wonderful thing is that once your block posts are written, they'll be permanently on your block, attracting people on a regular basis. If those block posts are of high quality, with great value and Good s CEO, a single block post can lead to hundreds off thousands off unique visitors every month. Once again, make sure you write articles that contain real value for your readers. Yes, they are free for visitors to read, but they will need to dump off sales because off the value they give to readers. Leslie you could offer premium content exclusively available for people who subscribe monthly. Do your website now. This is an interesting way to earn money through your block. In the long run, for example, you could offer subscribers a whole range off exclusively in depth guides for travel destinations or hiking trips. Subscribers only events. Audio versions off your block boasts a free wallpaper every month. Discounts on your workshops for courses at cetera. This fixed time, and you likely won't be able to pull off an attractive bait membership right away when you're just starting out. But after a while, when you have more than, say, one, members only in that drivel block boast about places, but instead about 30 plus off those that membership will start to become more attractive to people. The main thing is that exclusive accountant should also feel like premium content that is grafted. Would true love and value for your subscribers It should offer something your free content dust nuts at the same time, you shouldn't ignore your freak mountains and create BET block articles for nonsubscribers . It should hold the same kind of love and value as this will make or break it for you and determine if your readers would want to subscribe or nuts When offering a P membership on your website. Think about what you can truly offer. How can you possibly give the most unique and valuable subscription to your visitors in the BDF file? I link you to a few websites that offer subscribers continent so you can examine and gain ideas on how they do it again. To read up this lesson, let me mention one less time that there are a whole lot of waste to earn money with your block. Examples are ATS affiliates sponsorships, donations, etcetera. You can find more info about those in the article link I provided in the BDF Resource file . I wanted to show you two off the best ways that then, through time, earned bloggers a enormous amount off income when executed correctly. If you put in the hard work, have the patients a love for writing, storytelling and sharing your knowledge blocking might just be the thing that Wilmore than certainly pay off in the long run. 32. YouTube Channel: in this lesson. Let's talk about how you could earn money on YouTube s travel adventure for Darfur. Primarily, there are five ways you can earn an income to YouTube. Let's to cover them. Starting from my least favorite to my most favorites. My least favorite way off Earning money with YouTube is through S I am sure you have noticed them when you watch something on YouTube. Why is this the least favorite way? Because you need a fair amount of people watching your videos before you can start talking about any kind off really income. You make money from people's engagement with the S, meaning they have to clean or watch at for more than 30 seconds. When you are just starting out with a YouTube general, you naturally won't have thumbs off use. And along with that few engagements, this is something that has to be gradually built up through design. Once you are eligible for the YouTube partnership, which currently requires you to have 1000 subscribers and more than 4000 watched hours in the previous 12 months, you can apply to join the YouTube partner program and start to monetize your videos with ads on YouTube. What does he have applied and become a partner? It's a passive stream off income that gradually increases as your YouTube general gross. The next way to earn money with YouTube is true Affiliate marketing in affiliate marketing . You sign up for a program, say Amazon Associates, where you can get a customer's link to a product that Amazon sells. When you add that affiliate, link off a certain product in the description off your video and a viewer clicks on that link and buys that item. You get a smaller share off sale as a commission. Now, obviously, what incorporating affiliate links into the description off your YouTube video do make it relevant to what you are talking about in the video. The number one goal off creating a video should be to help your subscribers therefore linked to related products that make it easier for your viewers to directly change those products out. Now, besides Amazon, there are many affiliate networks you can join, such as click bank or recruiting marketing, for example, all these platforms you will find a whole selection off products to promote while watching a YouTube video you may have seen in the beginning, the middle or at the end, you do per se. Check out this amazing product or a service from art sponsor. With the link below, you get a free month off or a discount. Likely, it will be set in better words than does once you have nicely built up your channel. With a good number off subscribers and views on your videos, partnering with a sponsor would be a bet they do now. What do you need to be aware off to reach out to a sponsor or to attract a sponsor? Let's learn some more about that. Your subscriber numbers are going to be the main draw and a direction before Warren about sponsors, however, check first. If you can gain 1000 subscribers to your channel, it takes effort and work before reaching that number. This will show sponsors you are committed through your channel, but also with this number, you'll have a much clearer insight off what audience you are attracting to your channel. Using the analytics tool on YouTube, you can clearly see and show sponsors the interest off your audience. This will be a great help when a sponsor reaches out to you, so you can see if the product or a service they want you to sponsor would be or value to your audience. Or when you are reaching out to a sponsor to show them that your audience would be interested in their product or service. When you want to partner with a sponsor, the number off new subscribers you bring to your channel every month is going to matter. It's an investment for a sponsor to give you money to promote their product or service. Therefore, they'll likely want to know if this will be a ward while investment. Fordham. When a sponsor reaches out to you or you want to reach out to them, be sure to show them the growth value off your general if your channel is new, but you are attracting many new subscribers every month to your general, this could be a very interesting thing for a sponsor. If they can lock in early, it'll be a done off value Fordham. If you're general keeps on growing, they can grow with the general. Therefore, even if your channel is new, if you reach out to a sponsor and show that you are steadily building an audience. It'll be a awards. While investment Fordham now number off subscribers while being the main draw for sponsors arms. The only important consideration the number off abuse and engagement in the common section off your videos is equally important. In effect, it's even more important than having a thumb off subscribers. The engagement off your audience in your video shows that first you have interesting content that people like to engage with and a second and more importantly, you have an active onions. It's therefore important to create content that isn't only entertaining or educational, but engaging as well. You can make Accountant Mawr engaging by asking questions to your audience in the video, and also by dropping into the common section to make a comment yourself with a question. Be sure. Toe work on engaging countin. It's an important factor when you reach out to a sponsor to show that you have a high amount off engagements and number off use on your channel. Besides waiting for a sponsor to reach out to you or you reaching out to a brand or a company to sponsor you, you can also make use off sponsorship platforms such as Fame, bits or neo reach all this platforms, you can find a list off. Brent's willing to sponsor YouTubers, which can be a great help to find possible sponsors for your gentle. Instead of having to do the searching yourself on the Internet, I have a link down below in the BDF research file that will connect you with a few websites like Dose Now, before we move forward with the next way to earn money through YouTube, I simply must mention this Do partner with a sponsor that will add value to your audience. If the product or service you sponsor has nothing to do with the company off your videos, you'll have a low engagement from your audience for him. Or, if you're building an audience, respect them and show some care. Fordham by leading them to a product or service that would help them in their life in the first place. Don't get just any sponsor to monetize your general, but a sponsor that will provide value to your audience. Like crowdfunding, a project. You can also set up fen funding streets to source donations from your audience. If you have a channel that provides valuable content that gets positive governments and many thumbs up, you likely have gone tint that people would possibly want to support. Here are a few bubbler options There is, in effect, a feature on YouTube, which allows you to create a bait monthly membership for your general that users combined to excess exclusive dumped in to be eligible. Fordice. There are a few requirements, such as having more than 30,000 subscribers currently. If you do have this number off subscribers, this could be something worth looking into until you are eligible for the YouTube channel membership. A great alternative ISP atrium. This platform makes it easy for creators to get paid. No matter the number off subscribers. Fans can subscribe to their favorite creators for as little as a dollar a month and receive exclusive rewards. Another plus point for using platforms such as Patron is that it also offers creators another side for people to discover their accountants. Less, But not least, this is one off the best ways to earn money with YouTube selling your own products or services. Even without a big crowd off subscribers, you can earn a decent stream off income. True this, how would this work. For example, I have created a bunch off terrific tutorials on YouTube, where I mentioned in the description that if people want to learn even more about Tora fee , they should shake out my beginner scores in photography and another beginner course in prosperous E and editing. This has led to a bunch off sales. Just one thing. Those tutorials should be videos that can stand on their own. I suggest that you do not create health finished tutorials where the fewer will only find the full answer by taking your paid course. I don't like this gimmick, and I can assure you many people don't eater you honestly put more people off than attract people to enroll in your course. Always create value. First, is people really lost your accountant and find it helpful? They'll likely want to learn more from you now. Obviously, products could mean a whole bunch of things. Maybe you have a workshop and e book T shirts, your own photo prints or who knows your own faith. Our gear, which you made, such as a backpack at cetera. Placing this in the description off a related video conf final. Too many sales Of course, you could also drop in line in the description about the services you offer as a Darfur. So Brent's companies and our people will start noticing you and potentially reach out to you for a assignments to read up this lesson. The best way is to stack up and do a few off the above. Its the creation off multiple revenue streams that will help you make a decent amount of money. Therefore built not only one, but built out a few over time. If you do this and ALOF creating videos that offer value to your viewers, YouTube could be your platform to make a living as a travel and adventure photographer. 33. Final Words: and here we are at the end of this adventure. I am proud to congratulate you on finishing this course, and I truly hope it has brought you lots of knowledge, new insights and useful information for your next trip. As I have said in the beginning, any questions you may have? Don't hesitate to ask me. I am always ready to help you. If you have the time, it would mean a lot to me. If you could leave a rating and a short review, your honest thoughts about the course, it would help me to make this course better and to know whether I'm on the right, trick or nuts with that weak part waste. But who knows? Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere out there in the world while on some crazy adventure or at some beautiful travel destination. Either way, you have at this moment officially began your journey as a true travel and adventure photographer. Now g o out there and be one