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Travel Art Journaling with Nikalola

teacher avatar Nikki Jouppe, artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Hello there!


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      My Sweden Trip


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      My Midwest Road Trip


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      Let's Get Started!


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      Class project


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About This Class

This class is for all you creative people out there who are wanting to get their art game out of the studio and into the wild (or maybe just the coffee shop!)

As I introduce myself, I start off by explaining all the benefits I have experienced since I started taking my art out and about. I share how it helps retain special memories and is a serious stress reliever while on a vacation.

Next, I'll tell you about my favorite supplies for on-the-go art journalling, and then I flip through two of my COMPLETED travel art journals from my recent trips! I hope to show you just how accessible it is to pack up a few materials and JUST GO FOR IT!

This class is for all skill levels but it would be great if you took my Intro to Art Journaling class, first. In that class I discuss the VERY BASICS of what art journaling is and how to get started with a daily practice.

I hope that through lots of demonstrations and examples you can see that there is no wrong way to do this and maybe you'll try it yourself!

I would love it if you followed me on Skillshare, and also on Etsy, Instagram and Pinterest, too!

I am always making things and posting as I add things to my Etsy shop!

Class Materials Shown:

Spiral Mixed Media Art Journal

Cloth-bound Travelogue

Prima Marketing Watercolor Set

Pentel Water Brush Pens

Tombow Permanent Brush Pens

White Ink Pen

Washi Tape




Meet Your Teacher

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Nikki Jouppe



Hey everyone! My name is Nikki Jouppe, also known as Nikalola and I live with my rowdy family in Montana! I have been teaching on here since May 2019 and I love encouraging others to make time for creativity! I feel like making time for art has helped me so much with my mental health and my mood!I was always an artistic kid but I put most of my creativity on the back burner when I first became a mom in 2004. Later on, I realized that I am a happier mom and a more relaxed human being when I make time for art every day! I have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my hand lettering pieces, and also am dipping my toe into the many ways I can sell my artwork on different sites online:

I have always enjoyed opportunities to teach: I try to do art projects with my kids' classes (th... See full profile

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1. Hello there!: My name is Nikki Jobe, also known as Nikola. I'm here in my studio in Mary in Montana, where I do all sorts of arty and crafty things. This is my second class on skill share about our journaling. My first class intro to our journaling, which you should totally check out. Showed how to start your own journal and make it a part of your daily practice to document everyday events of this class travel are journaling. We're gonna take our our journals out on the road. This class is great for all skill levels, anyone who has interest in combining part and journaling and especially great for anyone that lost traveling like I do in the last few years, I started getting in the habit of bringing a sketchbook and a Sharpie along my travels so that I could just jot down notes about memories we were making and things were going on. And surprisingly, it really helped me remember kind of how the trip went. And then it also helped me kind of chill out. If I'm getting stressed on a plane or driving in the van with my six kids, then the last few years I've been really into watercolor and EQ illustrations, and when I leave on my trips, I was leaving all my fun art supplies behind. And I started thinking, What if I packed a little pouch and brought it with, and at first I wasn't honestly even sure if I'd make time to do it on my vacation, but I ended up loving it. I would sit down and draw the scenery while I was waiting for a bus or a train. I would sit in doodle in the evenings while visiting with friends. Basically, I grabbed any chance I could get to squeeze are in while still enjoying my vacation. And then once I get home, I have this awesome book to look through with my family, and it just really brings those memories vividly to mind. I've done a couple trips now with my little set up, and I want to show you just how quick and easy these pages come together. And even if you have a different style than me, I think you're really gonna love taking your art supplies with you and starting in our journal practice on your trips and in your everyday life and the first lesson, I'm gonna walk you through the supplies I bring with me in my little pouch and the book that I use and everything I feel like the biggest obstacle is getting everything set up. Once you have a set up, you have no excuse to not take your supplies with you. And then you can get past the other of sickle, which is painting in public. I'll be honest. It's a little uncomfortable the first time that you pull out your stuff and just go for it . But I feel like you start the greatest conversations with people, and a lot of people really love seeing off her creative people out and about so much better than just looking at our phones. After that, I'll walk you through. Two of my completed travel are journals from two very different trips just to give you all kinds of ideas and inspiration for all the things you can include as you travel and you art Next, I'll get you started breaking in those new pages of your are journal so that when you get on your trip, you aren't just staring at blank. White page is kind of intimidated and not knowing where to begin. Lastly, we'll do a quick travel related class project. I think it will really get your creative juices flowing. And I might even give you some new ideas. Places you'd like to go if you're intrigued, help you join me in the next. 2. Supplies: Okay, guys, we're going to talk a little bit about supplies. This is my everyday art journal that I do all sorts of experimenting in when I have traveled. I've bought these special books that are cloth bound. They have elastic er on the outside. They have a little ribbon told your place, but these feel kind of special there, a little bit more spending. They have watercolor paper. And, um, if you have a special trip in mind, I would highly recommend having a special book just for the for that trip. I will go through them page by page in the next video. But for now, I will experiment and show you what's on. My supplies are in my everyday journal. So for starters, a pouch that's road close to the same size is my art journal, and I have all sorts of goodies in there. By far the thing that I'm asked about the most is my little watercolor set. I have three of these in three different color sets. This was called the classic Set. It's by prima marketing, and these watercolors are just very, very, very vibrant, very, very portable. This is a little mixing palette. This little card comes with you. Unwrap each other colors, and then you can give a little tests watch so you can picture what that color looks like. And how it works is you give each of them a little drip of water from your water pen. These are from Penn. Tell. I think most of mine are, and you are able to take up this really vibrant color onto your brush and just the same way you would doodle with a marker you're doodling with your watercolors. Absolutely love them. I've been using them for a couple of years now, and honestly, I used the same set up at home or on a trip, because I feel like it is such, uh, convenient way to get your ideas and colors out of your head and onto a paper. This is the mixing palette, like I mentioned, and I like to leave some of those old colors behind. Sometimes these muddy colors that happen when you things get blended in a weird way are actually more interesting than just this color. Straight out of the pan so encouraged you to just experiment, sometimes with whatever color is left on that pallet. I very rarely take it to the sink and rinse it off. Of course you can. But that's just too much, father. So that is how that works. I also have a luxury. Next favorite tool is this pen by Tom Bow. They come with lots of Japanese lettering on them, and they I by multi packs were. Some of them are a little more flexible. Some are a little more hard tip, but this pan is absolutely amazing. It is kind of the best of like a felt tip pen and also a brush tip pen in one. You can do over your pains like this, or you can draw something first and then later come back because this is permanent ink. Do you come back with your paints and dab in color afterwards? And I really, really love how they don't bleed. And if they're just a really versatile Penn for drawing and also for your journaling, this one is getting a little bit dried out, and he has a little more texture to the line, and some people would hate that. But I think it's just kind of interesting, and I just keep using them until they absolutely die. Another fun pen is this. Japanese panics a little bit more like a has actual brush bristles kind of like my water pen over there, and I believe it is also permanent. But, you know, sometimes you got of experiment and find out. And this one. As you can see, there's lots of difference in line. Wait, you can do very, very thin, or you could do very, very thick and brushy and dry, and it's fun to just experiment and see what happens. It's another fun one for lettering because it's so irregular when you're on the trip to give it a give a page, a title with a place or something, it's really fun to have this along to experiment with. I have, ah, regular ballpoint pen in here for just notes and more journaling. I I'm not super fiqi. I usually like a dark gel pen. This is another thing. I use a lot of white pen by unit ball, and you're able to go back in over your watercolor illustrations and add more details and accents and absolutely loved these white pens again. I buy them in multiples on Amazon and my style does use a lot of watercolor, but then Inc and then white on top. I do have a rolling ruler in here. It's kind of funny with my loose style, but every known and you do wanna have lines of some sort that are very, very uniform. And when you draw a line with this rolling ruler, then you come back and all your lines are perfectly parallel as it rolls along the page. And this is just kind of fun to experiment with. If you ever wanted to do some lettering or have used it for drawing a brick wall, you wanted to be more exact. That is kind of fun thing to have, and I have some various markers here. This is just a brush pen. It is not permanent. So when you come back with your water pen, you will end up making that one bleed. And depending on what you're going for, that could look kind of cool. But markers typically your average brush pen marker is not waterproof. This is a fun. It's by Posca. It's a paint pan. It's very opaque. It's almost like you are painting with more like acrylic markers, where you cannot see through when I go across this completely covers up the watercolor. And that could be fun, too, to try. And I also have a few different kinds of blue or adhesive I have. This is liquid glue. I have three different rules of Washington, and I have some tape adhesive, and I'm going to find something to tape in here for you just to show you what I mean. Here's a fine a little picture that I found in a magazine. And if I wanted to put this on this page, I could either a little square to glue. I could just This is like has adhesive on a little roll thistles pretty good for when you're on the go and you don't make a mess. Four. I could use this washing tape, which have you've never used it before. It is like similar to masking tape. It's not super permanent, and it just adds a little pop of color on your page when you add it to a page and you could use it. I'll show you some ways that I used it in my art journal while I was traveling, but you can actually cover up parts of an illustration of something isn't turning out that we wanted. And this will also, you know, tape one page to the next if you if you wanted. But the last thing in my supply How which? I guess I have a couple more things in here. This is a binder clip which I don't ever really know what these were used for, but in our journaling, I use them to hold a page flat. You or toe hold your place in a book. This will hold many pages together. And then if you are working on a page and and the wind is blowing your pages away or if you get a page all water colored and it's getting all worked, you can use thes binder clips to hold it in place to take a picture command in these very tattered envelopes In here I have some various stickers and I kind of collect stickers, so this might not be your thing, but I kind of like to embellish some pages with words and with arrows and the stars. Harry, who knows what anything goes. But if you take a few minutes to put a kit together before you go, then when you're on the road, it feels like you're allowed to. You do the best you can with what you have on on the on your actual location. And usually I don't even think about what I could have done if I like. I have this pasta panic, maybe at home and some other colors. I kind of just like to be limited to what I have on that trip right there and just make the bus page. I can't write there. So we've talked about physical supplies. But don't forget to bring along your artist's eyes. Look at all the old buildings. Look at the horizon. Look at the landforms around you. Look at the light. Look at people. Look at things in a restaurant, paint your food, and if you can't quite paint it right, then take pictures so that when you go home later, you have all kinds of inspiration and ideas in your phone, ready to paint Whenever you have a minute, I promise, as long as you keep your eyes open, awesome moments are everywhere, so moving right along I will show you some pages for inspiration from my to travel journals I've completed so far, 3. My Sweden Trip: I thought this book started out blank and then added the lettering later for the name of the country Sweden. And then I put my contact information of the front cover. This first page I did while I was sitting at the airport in Calif. Spell my boarding pass some of the scenery out the window. I filled in some journaling around the edges and the date on this next page. I did just a random pattern in the airport, and I stopped the sticker in their for journaling. This is a card I got from a friend. I just taped enough packaging tape, thought it was kind of cute. I ended up doing some scenery out the plane window on this page and a little journaling about my feelings and the logo of the airline. I ended up drawing a lot of food and drinks on this trip, especially coffee. This is as we got into stock home, and then we were sitting outside a train station for a while and ended up drying this first in pencil, just in case I didn't have enough time. And then I added paint in black ink. Later, as we ended up staying there for quite some time. I want to make sure I got the details of that area while I was sitting there on my suitcase . Then we stopped in a town called Iniesta. I did the shape of the friend's house. We were at, uh, remember some details of her door, and then I kind of repeated the pattern of the sticker around the edge. This little card is from the electric car that we rented. Just fun to add little tidbits. Then we went to Stockholm that evening, and I just kind of these weren't exact buildings that I saw, but a lot of the details were things that I remembered a napkin from the restaurant worry it dinner. And then this page is just kind of ah, conglomeration of places. We went shops. We stopped in a things that we saw mostly words on this page, and I like the overall effect. Just any little tidbits air find to put in. Um, here I took the label of my smoothie and taped it on there and drew my breakfast. It's just fun to put details from the little drive, a little candy wrapper, a classic candy and Here's a real quick little doodle of my friend driving across the snowy landscape, and this page was actually out of a barf bag. I taped it in there, and then I just did observations Throughout the trip. I kept adding to that list. There's a boarding pass on there also. But anywhere along the way I could add in a random observation to share with my kids or my husband. Anything goes. I covered a little mistake there with a sticker on the bottom this page. I painted the background almost completely solid and just did again the food. We ate, a sweater that I bought just things that really bring that day to mind and a little joker on the edge. Even that was kind of funny On this page again, I drew kind of the snacks that were munching on late into the night. The clock is kind of echoed in these other little circles, where I did journaling. There's a label here from the soda that we drink that night. It's kind of fun to collect those again. Another page of visiting things that we were talking about. I filled the whole page. Then we moved to Sunday and again I did my breakfast sandwich, a little walking path that we went on and this shape and style of some of the houses we went to. This is not meant to be exact, but it helps me remember kindness and details of some of those houses and again, another label from the beverage that we drink this page. I started on the left doing a little walk that we went on the colorful houses, the grocery store sign, and I had no intention of making this a two page spread. But as the day went on, I realized that I kind of wanted to continue it on from day tonight. There's a little you know, take from the candy we got. I talked to my son that day, just a little houses. We visited some vehicles. I really like how those stars turned out at the top. But I don't always. It's moral cartoony style on this page, with random details added in that help me remember things about the place we were. This is one of my favorite pages. I get a lot of really positive feedback from this one. I did lots of different foods that she bad me at her house, and I just included little everyday things that we tried little desserts, little drinks, and I just each did like a crescent of the plate showing from the side. I didn't make sure to include the entire plate, but I really like how gives little snapshot of all the different things we tried. And this kind of solidified in my mind that I want to get better at drawing food. I really think the watercolor does well with the different colors and blends that are in food, and I letter this with a paint pen that I got at an art supplies shop there. This was a day on the tone. I got this little envelope for free and stuck a bunch of recedes in there. This gift tag was another thing from a little shop in town funded kind of journal. On there. I did little line drawings on this page of some of the buildings in town. A lot of times, I'll take a picture so that I remember it later. And then this is another clear envelope taped in here to put some candy wrappers a little postcard just some memorabilia from the art supply store. It all kind of keeps it contained, and this is also from the shopping day. I added some stickers and some little doodles, too kind of Remember what different places we went mostly words on this page, So this is a continuous line drawing page. This is just for practice. In my artwork, I took item by item. I did that the each object with just one line, and this might not be the exact Leo of things in that house, but I really enjoyed just how loose it is. And then later I brushed in some color in different areas, and it's really popular. A lot of people really like this style, even though it's pretty loose and messy and ah, it was good practice. And then I did continuous line drawings, also of my friends here. These are the most flattering pictures, but they're just very loose. As we were sitting there, talking took the time to just kind of do a real quick sketch of us sitting there talking, and then I put their names on there. Also, this pattern in the background is a tile that my friend had in her basement. I It was limestone, and she was pretty excited about it. And so I thought, I'm gonna try to paint that. And then I just did some little details of other things. We ended up talking about our jokes that were never kind of on each tile, and this is another example of how I incorporated houses. While these are not exact houses that I saw, it's the feeling of all the little would details and the lights in the windows. I wanted to remember that, and I journal around the edges in the dark. This is another pattern, one where I just was doodling as we were talking. And then you can write over it, whatever you want to write and then a candy wrapper again and some more stickers off of some bakery. And you could just really collage anything together. However, you like it. So this was interesting Page. I did characters in this story, and I included little tiny stick figures of some of the families that we met and hung out with, and you know, me and my friend. And it's just fun to show my kids, even some of the families in some of the names and not very detailed at all, as you Comptel, but just fun to look back on. This is a little illustration one of my friends daughters made me. So I take that in there, another pattern similar to this one that I did just while we were chatting. And then I added Black line work later on my flight. Sometimes I just flip to the back of Mayor Journal and just while a trip is going on and I just I do some painting, just toe, get just to relax and then it's not so much a journal, but it's something to be done. So for this last weekend, we were there. I There was some special church services, and I did my outfit of each day. That was really fun to kind of remember the clothes I wore. I also did like lots about the food and then mostly words. But I titled each page with the day, and I was actually doing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all on the plane to kind of catch up from that last weekend. There's a little picture of the church were at and just little details as I thought of anything you can usually squeeze things in anywhere you want, and it kind of still all goes together. Somehow. This is the last day we were there, just some quick lines for journaling that I filled in. Later, I get my outfit, the plane. As we got onto the plane, it was most beautiful sunset. I really wanted to capture that and again, my luggage tag said that it was heavy, like a pregnant elephant, and that we had overpaid for overweight luggage. And then this page. I did lots of stripes in advance, and then I filled it in with words as I purchase things. So I started the list earlier on things I bought, and then I could fill it in as I went kind of in any random order and the whole list looked completed. Even if I hadn't filled the whole thing in. It's a two page spread. This was kind of unique, that I went side to side rather than up and down, but it's kind of fun. So this was the travel day going through Iceland. There's a little napkin from that airline. This little piece of paper behind was in the flight magazine. I just thought it captured the energy of the airport. And again, those stickers again for journaling. They're just kind of a blink sticker. That kind of gives a spot for you journaling on this side. I asked for a sticker from the smoothie shop and stuck that in there. I kind of mimic those stickers with my watercolor over here for some more journaling and then just drew kind of what I ate and drank on the plane and just kind of fun. Now, this is I actually did a drawing of my water bottle on the flight from Iceland to the States, and I was doing my background that also my pen exploded and I just figured, Hey, what are you gonna dio Just go with that? And it actually ended up looking kind of cool. Then this page, I was going to save the Customs Declaration page, But then and I was like, Why don't I just painted So I kind of data re creation of that form on that page. I kind of like how that turned. No, this is a very rare that there was a airport map, little things sticking there. But then I drew some people at the airport. It's just some kind of crazy sketches. And then these pages I did. Once I got home, just what I got home, I got situated and I kind of recap some things. My suitcase on the floor, some stamps from the letter that I sent to my kids. All these little details air fun. We we all enjoyed the candy. I stuck the bag from the candy I got and drew some of the fun ones in my book, and I even put like songs that were in my head from Sweden on this side. I I put my reservations with the price information. I thought that would be interesting someday to remember how much I paid for my tickets. These are just some designs I did again while I was, you know, uptight or stressed or or even just visiting in the evenings. I would just go ahead and draw. This has nothing to do with my trip, but just kind of fun and just printed just a few photos and added them. This is a names page of cute names I saw again some more photos and some more drawings. The end is really just kind of mash up concluding my trip. It just kind of is everything. Anything goes back here and in the back. As I mentioned earlier, I have my little packing list in a couple postcards, and this little clear envelope comes with the book. So I hope that was fun to flip through my trip to Sweden, and next up we'll do a travel journal from my road trip to miss it. 4. My Midwest Road Trip: So this book I actually got in the portrait mode rather than landscape, and I felt it in my contact information, of course. And then I added just some blobs on the first page just to kind of break in those first pages. And then when I went to fill in the background, a bunch of brown pain came out, and I was actually kind of freaking out how to really like Brown. But then I ended up turning it into a floral pattern, and I kind of liked it. This page I just set up like our reasons for going on the trip and this one I had printed off packing slips for my kids. And so I thought it was kinda cute to just re create that as a drawing. This is just the big skies of the Midwest. The big clouds got a lot more journaling on this page, so this say, did the stripes on this side for just But what's going on in the van? I kind of just anything goes things that kids were saying, things we're seeing in scenery, and on this page I did, uh, a decision. Astri and I have a green tree as the landscape kind of changed out my window. This was our first stop. I did a quick sketch of the kids in the pool, some quick little food sketches. Pretty much anything I becomes to mind. I squeeze in around the edges. This was the next place where my husband is from. We did a quick doodle of the bridge. I really made food to focus in this spoken. So as you can see, there's a lot of food. Um, on all these pages, this was another fund spread. I did a lot of different outfits that I wore, just quick little sketches. Some days it was on a walk. So amazing was out shopping, but it was really fun to see them all together on one page. This was a continuous line drawing similar to the ones I didn't Sweden. I started in one spot and when all around the perimeter, drawing everything in my in laws, living room, just lots of familiar furniture and then added memories are on edge. So in this one, I did lots of things in the garden that I had been seeing around her yard, and I left a little blank space here for doing some birds that I saw in her yard. This one. I copied the pattern of, Ah, coffee cup around the edge that I've been drinking out of and then just filled it in with things we were talking about on her trip. I like the style of that. That illustrator, whoever did that design was kind of fun to imitate it. So I used Tuesday as the heading of this, and I did some things that I bought that day. When you're walking around at thrift shops, I did. My food is really fun to try to draw things that wouldn't you wouldn't normally draw up here on the corner. My toddler actually stepped on the corner of my book and I just labeled it and went with it . There's even a little sand left behind on this page. This was a fun one. I did all my supplies. I was sitting on the son of my mother in law's deck, and I just drew all the things that are in my kit, and I really enjoyed that. This was kind of an unusual day. We ended up at some funerals, so there's a great Stone again, some food. Most of the words on there are the memories of the day. And then, um, there's actually I wrote something wrong right there and ended up covering it up with washi tape, and it just kind of blends in with everything else on this page. I spent some time at a friend's house, and I didn't draw these things exactly, but I drew some decor in her house. I drew some little snacks we were having. It just really helps me remember exactly how that day went. So this is, ah, view of the lake. I didn't put some sand in a little clear bag, and you can see the lighthouse behind there. Generally, I just start with the sky, the water and then some sand around the edge, and it's a real quick weight illustrate. Here's a piece of birch bark that I added on the edge again. You just tape that in a little plastic bag and you have that souvenir that lays pretty flats kind of fun. So that same day were at the beach, I wanted to illustrate the food, so not very glamorous food, but kind of fun toe. Take the time to paint them. And I tried a little bit different handwriting self For this page, you can always experiment with whatever In your travel journal. This page was a big family outing all over the place. I started with doing this road signs as we were passing them. Then I added, you know, just a little bit here and there of the food we ate, the same rocks we collected, and then down here in the corner, I did a little picture of my husband biking. I mean, it's just you can cram a lot in one page to kind of illustrative, very, very busy day. We were back at the lake on this day I bought that postcard ended up just taping it in. But again, those are the kids out on the pier there, just the tiniest little smudges. Um, this was not an exact sons that from that day, but I wanted to put it on that page, and then you can actually put more journaling on the back. And that's also our park past. You can kind of layer it all in there. So this was actually the night that my book got splattered with paint, and I eventually just went with it and put a bunch more pain on their just toe. Given a universe uniform effect, this was more drawing practice. As I went just at my mother in law's house, I drew a bunch of things. She's a smoker. I drew those. That's kind of funny, but, like just practice, drawing everyday objects is kind of fun to have make time for on your vacation. This was a little receipt from a souvenir shop. She just did such a precise job of, of, of writing down everything we bought. And then this was my brother in law's house. This was the day at the zoo. I'm not forget a drawing animals, so that was kind of scary to include those. But, hey, you can get more practice. There's a postcard, the little I D tag ice cream on the way home. Any little thing that catches your eye This page has nothing to do with my trip, but it was a doodle as we were driving, so it's kind of fun on this day again. Lots more food illustrations. It is fun to get those details. This was the Fourth of July real simple fireworks picture. Don't be scared to just put in some flowers. You know, it all kicked kind of overlaps and looks good together. Then we moved on to Minnesota. This was just every day evening at my sister's house, cheesecake and popcorn. They all made it in the book, but as soon as I see those pictures, I remember what the trip was like. This was a day at the park. There were a few things that came to mind when I remember the day, and I just tried to give him a quick little doodle. We're winding down, running out of pages in the book again, More food. I think I'm actually improving a little bit. So this technique was to cram in an entire week in the last two pages. I just went Monday through Saturday and blocks and I just did words, words, words, words, words. It's fine to look back and see what happened on each day. And these were some songs that were playing in the car while we were driving along, and then the drive home. It's a very loose map of, you know, Montana, Minnesota. The time we laughed, the time we got in where we had lunch. Very, very quick sketch. Not too worried about accuracy, as you can see. And then the last page again, I did another less things I bought, so I hope that gave you piles of inspiration. Let's get your travel journal starting. 5. Let's Get Started!: so I don't know about you. But when I first get a brand new journal or sketchbook, it's like so stark and sterile that it's actually kind of intimidating for me, so I usually need to personalize it a bit. I need to put some stickers on the cover. I need to mess up some of the pages a little bit. Otherwise it just feels like it's just too perfect. And the white pages just kind of stare at me inside the front cover. I always make sure I have my I d in there and my contact information because heaven forbid it ever goes missing. And in the back cover, I take a chunk of ribbon and use some double sided tape, too. I fixed that in there, and then you have the little placeholder ribbon and I take some old envelope and use some double sided tape to hold that in there, too. That way, if you find things along the way, you can shove it in there. I'm starting off here with some stickers in case I want to use them on my pages. I really like doing that. Gonna put a little binder clip here toe hold a few pages together. And when I am out thrift ing, I find these funny old papers and there you never know when you're gonna need a minute. I thought maybe you'd be cute to add this to my our journal on this page, I'm just gonna add kind of a fool proof method of making a page look a little more intentional. Just gonna do some stripes if you notice I'm going alternating directions just so that all the stripes don't look exactly the same. And I'm kind of moving from the warm orange down to the grayish greenish blue colors at the bottom. And then once the paint dries, I can start a list on this page. I'm choosing places to go, and I'm gonna make, like, a list of places I'd like to go on this page. I don't really have a plan, but I'm just gonna mess up a page a little bit with some of these blues and just see how they kind of bleed together. As the paint dries, you get some interesting effects I like I said, I'm not planning this. I'm just experimenting right in the middle of the book. I never started the first page. If I'm going on a specific trip, I will start on the first page. But this is just gonna be a journal for all my travels. And I decided to make these two pages kind of coordinate as like, a match set here. And then after the paint dried here, we're gonna put a little travel related quote. The mountains are calling and I must go. I like that one. Although I live right by Maman's and then kind of as I'm thinking about it, I'm like, Well, why not draw some moments again? This was not premeditated. I'm just kind of going with the flow and adding a little greenish grey down at the bottom. Here, just kind of seeing CNL looks adding a little darker on some sides of the mountains Here. Your original is a safe place for you to do whatever absolutely whatever you want. So sometimes you are going to go on a trip and you know that there's a certain amount of days in a certain amount of pages and it works kind of good to make sure you have enough pages for the days till you label a few of them, and you kind of plan them ahead of time. I'm using little post its here, but yet another technique is to take some colors and just kind of block in some areas. I don't know at this point what I'm going to use this page for. Am I going to use it to write memories from the trip? Am I going to use it to talk about some food I ate? I don't know. But sometimes for some reason, if the pages are ready a litle bit painted on. I'm just using very pale pastels here. It's so much easier once you're out and about to say, You know what? I want to write about this or that, and it doesn't feel quite so intimidating to start fresh, and I'm just going to take my black pen here and just block in some more areas. E think it kind of makes it look all cohesive now and then This red paint has dried so I can add some lines, and I'm not sure what to do with this little space. And then I realize, well, I can use a sticker and make a little tab here, So let's move on to drawing and lettering our bucket list 6. Class project: So for the class project, we are going to some how show our some of our bucket list items. And there's a certain route here that there's a lot of different national parks and cool things I would love to go see with my kids, preferably in an RV someday, and I am going to show you first was just kind of a permanent marker here. I'm just going to start really loosely. There's organ. There's California anyway. I'm going to draw some of these places in here. Show how thanks they are to do. Thats is very loose, and as I said, I don't use pencil very much. So you get to see exactly how I want to see some of these states coming home. But we're not going for exactness here. You're just going before feel halfway across Korean. And then there's California law, this new Mexico. So now that I have some of those loose shapes, are watercolors just kind of walking? Some of these serious I'm not really sure what my color scheme is, but I just want to keep it a little bit. Map looking and one print thing that I think of is that When you pick a color, you should also pick it for a few other places on the map. So once I use your oh, I'm gonna use yellow, usually about three times. Use yellow your for home state of Montana. As you can see, I'm just squirting as I go. It's cool. I'm gonna make a little but a lot of your green here between the two. A little bit blown out Good for my pain tree I need to do for the ocean. We're here. And now for that law s a little bit more. Go with bluish brown grey horror for these last few states car yet So now that I got some colors in, we got away for paint to dry. Now that the paint has dried I come back in with my lettering pens to give the project a title and I little details That might be fun to read later. First I put home, then stop. One is Yellowstone. Step two is Grand Teton National Park. Stop three is Rocky Mountain National Park. Stop four or stop five, depending on the orders. Arches National Park and May severa stop six Grand Canyon Stop seven in San Diego Stop is Big Sur Stop nine is the Koya National Forest, 10 is Sierra National Park, and 11 puts is that Crater Lake National Park and 12 Mt. Rainier National Park. It's now will give all the states a little label with my big, brushy pin. As you can see him kind of mixing up the lettering. Anything goes. If this is just for you, usually this ink dries right away, but I kind of bebop all over the place when I'm lettering. I didn't start with a plan, so I'm just going as I as I consider things. Now I'm doing a dotted line between all the steps. This is a good time to use a ruler or even a straight edge of paper couple arrows. We'll label the oceans, the neighboring countries and one more little title in signing data. So this is how my turn note. I actually liked it enough that I made a little mock up of how look as a piece of art works . So please post yours to the Project gallery next up, I'll give you an opportunity for bonus points 7. Bonus points : now that you've gotten your supplies all rounded up and you've broken in your new book and you've made a commitment to take your stuff on the road, even if you don't have time to do the bucket list for the Project Gallery, could you please pretty please post a picture of yourself out in the while doing art? I think it's so inspiring for all of us artist to see each other, taking our work outside of the studio and having fun. If you posted in the project gallery, I'll see it there. Otherwise you could post it on Instagram and take me at Nikola. I would just love, love, love to see the community of travel art journal Er's whether your home or away from home. So be brave. Let us know where you brought your travel journal. I can't wait to see 8. Thx & Good Luck: Okay, There you have it. Travel art Journaling with me. Nichola I've had so much fun making this class for you. I hope you are fired up and inspired to start creating art out in the wild. Please post your products to the gallery and contact me if you have any questions at all about my technique or about my materials. Ah, lot of the stuff is linked in the class description and on that no, If you're having any trouble at all uploading projects or questions to the gallery, not everything is available on the mobile site. You might want to log in on a desktop or laptop computer. I have gotten some questions about that. I plan to do many more classes on skill share in the future. Deep dives into the landscape technique that I use tips on doing buildings, doing people, drawing all the food. If you're intrigued, please follow me on skill share and also on Instagram, where you'll be updated every time these classes go alive and maybe even get some little mini tutorials and bonus content as well. I'm also on Pinterest. I'm on etc. All with the name Nikola. I'm pretty easy to find again. My goal is that you feel inspired and ready to start your own travel journal. And I just hope you love the process as much as I do Happy trails.