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TikTok Marketing: How To Run Tik Tok Ads Successfully For Your Brand or Business

teacher avatar Yoshi BearJ, Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      How To Set Up Your TikTok Ads Properly As Beginner


    • 3.

      How To Find Top TikTok Ads


    • 4.

      How To Target People Using Hashtags With TikTok Ads


    • 5.

      How To Target People By Household Income Using TikTok Ads


    • 6.

      How To Get More Followers and Profile Visits Using TikTok Ads


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      How To Use TikTok Ads To Get More Leads


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About This Class

Learn how to run TikTok Ads successfully 

In this course, you will learn everything that you need to know to run TikTok Marketing Campaigns successfully. I am Josh, also known as Yoshi BearJ and I have been running digital marketing campaigns for a number of large household brands such as Nike, Financial Times, and many more. In this course, I will be sharing with you the TikTok Ads tactics to help you get some quick wins with your marketing efforts. I have managed multiple TikTok accounts so I will be sharing with you what is working for my Clients. 

TikTok Ads is an AMAZING opportunity to get some cheap traffic to your brand, service, or business.

TikTok has surpassed other social media platforms in such a short space of time! And traffic is still very cheap on the platform and the quality of traffic is also very great on platform. Now is the time to take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities in social media. 

In This TikTok marketing course I will teach you the following:

This course will teach you everything there is about running TikTok Ads successfully:

  • How to set up your TikTok Ads properly

  • How to easily get more followers and TikTok profile visits
  • How to find top-performing TikTok Ads from your competitors so you can get inspiration for your own ads and TikTok Marketing campaigns

  • How to get more leads using TikTok Ads
  • How To Target People Using Hashtags With TikTok Ads

  • How to target people by how much they earn. This is great if you sell very expensive products or services

The course is the ultimate TikTok course that will teach all the tactics that are actually working right now.

This is a chance to set yourself apart and get ahead of your competition to grow your business, brand, or service. The opportunity to dominate this platform is awaiting you. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to take advantage of TikTok for marketing their business and gain a competitive advantage against their competitors.

  • Anyone who wants to use Tik Tok to grow their personal brand or sell a service.

  • Anyone who wants to add TikTok Ads as a skill that they can add to their resume.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yoshi BearJ

Digital Marketer


Hey I’m Josh also known as Yoshi BearJ. I'm a digital marketer and I have worked with some pretty cool brands!

My name is Josh also known as Yoshi BearJ. I have a Masters in Marketing & Management and I have been working in the Marketing and Advertising Industry for over 10 years. I love sharing my knowledge with people to help them grow their business or brand. I have also helped a number of brands with their campaigns and social media such as Nike, Financial Times and many more. The great thing with working with huge brands is that I get to be one of the first people to see what is working in the ever-changing world of digital marketing. I don't like to keep those secrets to myself so I love sharing those new learnings as I know it will help a business or brand grow ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Josh, also known as your seabed Jay, I'm a digital marketer. In this class. I'm going to be showing you how to run TikTok adds properly in this day and age when it comes to digital marketing is very important to diversify your traffic. You don't just want to rely on Facebook ads or organic or Google ads or email marketing. You also want to look up other channels to help you get more traffic to your website, to your brand, and to your service. That's why in this class, I'm going to be showing you guys step-by-step the different tactics, tricks, and hacks to help you get better results with your TikTok adds, even though TikTok is such a new platform, it has grown so quickly in such a short space of time. Guys, it's such a great opportunity to get some new traffic and some high-quality traffic and much cheaper traffic to your website. In this class, I've got so many cool TikTok hacks, tricks, and tips to help you get a competitive advantage in your business. So I look forward to see you in the class, take care. 2. How To Set Up Your TikTok Ads Properly As Beginner: Hi. In this video, I'm going to show you guys how to set up the TikTok adds properly. This is super important in terms of knowing how to structure your ad sets as well as your creatives. One thing to also remember is that when it comes to TikTok adds it's a process, right? Especially when your ad account is new. This video is basically going to focus a lot more on ad accounts that are completely new. The data under pixel, they don't have hardly any bigger on the pixel. In terms of how I'm going to show you how to structure it. This is the best way to do it. The best way to set up your account for success. So as you can see here, we are inside of the TikTok ads manager, right? So as you can see, this is a dummy account. Does that TikTok. Tiktok adds dummy account. So as you can see, there's nothing here. So it's a completely brand new, fresh account. I think this is great because a lot of you who are watching this video are going to have brand new fresh accounts. And this will be your first time doing Facebook ads. Well, you wanna do is you want to click Create right here. Right? Then when you get here, when you get, hey guys, you're going to see all of these options. And this is the advertising objective section. So this is where you basically select, okay? While you're doing these, TikTok adds what is, what do you aim to gain out of it? What's that into Gower. You want traffic, do you want leaves you on video views? You want more reach, you want conversions. This is where you make that choice, right? Another thing to bear in mind, guys, is that every TikTok as campaign is made up of three levels. The campaign level, which is made up of the advertising objective, the settings, the ad group level, and add the level. The ad group level is basically where you choose the audience and the targets and all that great stuff. The ad level is basically where you put the creative. This is where you put the videos, you write the captions, the link that goes to your website, et cetera, et cetera. Right? So as you can see, it's made up of three levels, campaign, ad group, Add Level, three levels. So if you're, if you're running a brand new account, right? Sometimes some of you guys will see this option right here. We'll say simplified mold right here, or custom mold. I tend to select costume mode. The reason why, because it gives me much more options and gives me a lot more control on how I build out my TikTok ads campaign. So let's say for this TikTok adds a marketing campaign. We want to run ads to our e-commerce store as an example. So what you wanna do is you want to select conversions. Once you've selected conversions, is going to bring you down here. The set to the sentence section where you name your campaign. Naming conventions are very, very important because when you name your campaign, you're able to remember, okay, this is what this campaign is four, this is what the target or the audiences I was, I was targeting. This is what the creative was four. So it gives you, it just helps you to track what is going on in your campaigns, right? So say for example, I run an online store that sells dresses. So I'm going to name this campaign dresses. Justice campaign. Done, right? Then. You get these different options right here. Now, when it comes to Facebook, right? During campaign budget, optimization is great. But when it comes to TikTok adds, I prefer to leave this off. I prefer to leave this off just so that each of the creatives that are getting the same equal amount of budget while the ads are running. Yeah. In terms of Facebook as this campaign budget optimization is great. But for TikTok adds, I found that it, turning this off works a lot better. Then. So really, for a lot of you that have new accounts, are you going to do is just named the campaign. And once you've done that, you just click continue right here. Now, once you've selected continue now you're going to get to that at the group level, guides the ad group level, and we're now on the second level. At group level. Now, in the ad group level, we're selecting the promotion type, the placements, the creative type, the target in the budget, and all that good stuff, the bidding and all that good stuff. Now, now we're at the ad group level that you want to do this. I'm going to select website because remember, I'm trying to push people to my e-commerce store that sells dresses. Then right here, you want to select your pixel. You want to make sure that your pixel has been installed on your website, your TikTok pixel has been installed on your website. This is very, very important. This is very important, especially if you're running conversion campaigns. You're trying to get people to add to cart to purchase from your store. This is very important. And when you get to, once you've selected the website, you come to this section right here where it says TikTok pixel. And you basically select your pixel as you can see, how guys, I've now selected my pixel off quoting a. Now for the optimum, my optimisation event, this is important guys, especially for brand new TikTok at accounts. What you wanna do, you wanna start off with the select, you want to select the event as add to cart. The reason why is because the tittle algorithm, nice to learn. It needs to learn, right? And you need to season that pixel at the same time. Because it's a brand new ad account, you're going to obviously have a brand new TikTok pixel. So you need, so you need to season at pixel of data. You want to fill up that, that pixel with people who are going to take the action that is closer to the action that you really want. For example, if we want people to buy our stuff, we want people to at least the people, we want people that see your ads to at least at a car, at the very least adds a car. The reason why is because we want to get at least a thousand, adds a cost or more onto our pixel. Because once we have at least a thousand at a cost onto our pixel, that means our pixel learn once is enough, then we can ascend the optimisation event to initiate checkout or complete, complete payment. As you can see here, Place Order or complete payment. Right? But because it's a new TikTok ad account, you want to take it through that process, guys is unnecessary evil. It really is, is completely necessary to take your, especially with new ad accounts, to take your ad account for this process. So once you've selected your app TikTok pixel, you want to select Add caught. Once you've gotten a lot more data, then you can select complete, complete payment or place order. But you need to season this pixel first. That's very important guys. This is what I mean in terms of setting up your ad account for success. Yeah. Then once you've done that, so let's allow pixel. We've selected our optimization of them. So automatic placement, you want to select, select placement. We don't want automatic placements class gonna go pretty much anywhere and everywhere. We're doing tiktok as we want us ads to be shown to the TikTok audience. So we want to untick this and untick this and leave this. That's what we want. In terms of creative type, automated, creative optimisation. I tend to leave this off. Me personally, I tend to leave this off. Especially in the early stages. I found this hasn't really performed well, especially with new ad accounts. I tend to leave this off with new ad accounts. So I'm advising you guys to do the same. Yeah. Especially if you want to see start to see some traction and so results in your account, especially if you're TikTok ad account is new. You're just starting out. Now once you get here, guys, now, this is the target. You got your demographics, your location, United. You want to select the location that you want to target hair as United Kingdom, I'm in London. So United Kingdom is already selected for me. Then in languages, you obviously want to leave it as all. Now. Because the algorithm learns pretty quickly and a smarter than you is smarter than me. We want to direct it in the best way possible that we think is going to give us the best results. So for example, I sell dresses. There's an example in my e-commerce store. I'm going to select female. And in terms of age, because the majority of people, our age 13 to 17 are on TikTok. Do you know what it's gonna do me spend when you spend your money on your ads. It's going to direct the majority of our budget to 1317 year olds. We don't want that. Because the people in this age demographic, they, they will go to your store. They will look around the world I stopped, but more often than not going to purchase, they're not going to buy, right? So when selecting the age, we wanna go from 18 to 2425234 all the way up here. Because these are the age ranges that tend to buy or even adds a car. But that tends to do the action that we wanted to do. That's going to improve the ROI of our ads. If you, if you said it fit into 17, TikTok is less. You've got to spend the majority of our budget. All it's all pretty much going to go into 1317. And we don't want that. We don't want that for the sake of the performance of our adds. Another thing that TikTok has included, close guys can see, I see every day is that TikTok adds, is always adding new things to bring in more performance and good stuff like that, right? So sometimes now is added household income. So it's given us an option to target based on household income. But as you can see here, it just says US. So this is only for us. It's not going to really apply to me if I'm targeting people in the UK, because as you can see here, I'm targeting people in the UK. So this option isn't going to apply to me. So I will leave this here, especially if you're not targeting the US, you just want to leave this the way is. Now we get to audience. Right? Now. Right here, you've got audience, then you've got interests and behaviors. Now, there's two options, right? That we get. We get general interests or purchase intention, right? These people are the people based off of the, of the algorithm that TikTok believes that when it shows you as the people, they're more likely to purchase or adds a car, or basically take the action that you want them to do, which is to buy dresses. That's an example, right? So whereas general interests, these are people that have taken an interests, but maybe not in the past, have bought anything. But you don't want to rule this out. You don't want to rule this out because at the end of the day the algorithm rhythm is going to learn. And it's going to know that, oh, alright, cool. This, this audience was, I'm more likely to get more conversions here. Right. Now when you sign that your ads, right? Let's go forward. Let's, let's select the purchase intention now when you started on your Edge, want to go pretty broad in terms of interests. One thing that I love to do, I love to stack and stack and is essentially where you basically put together a bunch of interests together. What I like to do is I like to, when I start, I like to stack audiences that are in the same category. So for example, if I'm targeting women that lack of dresses, I am going to be targeting apparel and accessories. Right? But if I wanted to take it a step further, because you can see you've got you've got the different ones and they all come under apparel and accessories and it will tip. Right. But if I wanted to take it a status bar, I'm putting in another one, right? For example here. I could put in beauty and personal care because dread, apparel and fashion is very close in terms of beauty and looking good personal care. So that's very much in that same world. So I can select this as well. All right, guys, look, you can see here, look at the size of that audience right here. Guys, you can, you can pretty much make this as you can, pretty much a stack as much as you want, pretty much in here, right? It's totally up to you. But I tend to, I tend to go a bit border with this. I won't really go to nano, nice to nice really especially for new ad account, because we want to give the algorithm as much freedom as possible to find your audience, to find the people who are going to convert. So I don't tend to go to, to, to laser targeted, especially at this stage. Another thing you can do as well when it comes to target in is that you can target by video interaction. So you could sort of people who have watched videos so they end lacked commented shed. You can also include those, these people and you're targeting. You can add further target in here. Say for example, I take all of these and then I, and then I select other fashion, for example. But bear in mind that some people that are in this other fashion audience may also be in these as well, right? That's why you notice that the audience hasn't really changed that much hair? Yeah. Because guys look, if I delete this, but the audience hasn't changed at all. Because the people that are in this other fashion audience, some of them are in here as well. So that's one thing to look out for. But if you want to narrow down more by the behavior of people watching the videos, you could do it by just taking these and then put in one or more of the interests into here as well. That's another option. But again, you want your audiences to be as big as you possibly can. And go, bro, Don't overthink it. Just, just think I sold dresses. I'm going to target fashion, apparel, beauty, personal care. That's it. Don't overthink it at this stage, especially when you have a new ad account. And then you can select any of the time periods. So you can do like 15 days or something like that. See, if you noticed. I did 15 days and look at the audience won't win. Massive. You see that? Seven days, the audience has gone small. D 15 Dolan's has gotten bigger. One thing I have to say guys is that as you are building out your interests and your stuck in interests and you put in these little settings and hair, make sure I found that when it says balanced hair, when it says balanced, those audiences tend to do better because it's a lot bigger audience. So it gives the algorithm even more freedom to find your customers for you. So you want to look out for this? We want to make sure it says balanced. Yeah. Then obviously there's other other choices. Hair has tags, like there's so many ways to target. But for me, I tend to use these two up here. These are the two that I tend to do. Now, once you've done that, you want to, you want to click this, right. If you feel like you're targeting is too narrow, you've put in and says, I was too narrow or too small, then you could turn this on. But don't do it by gender, age. Because if you do it by age, is going to move your budgets of 13 to 17 year olds. Is going to spend the majority of budgets that are fitting in 17 year-olds and you don't want that. You don't want that. Also agenda is going to show your ads to agenda that is that that is not going to be interested in your products at all because you have to remember it as an example, was selling women's dresses, right? What we do want to take care to expand it further is interests and behaviors. Because what's going to happen? The algorithm is going to learn. It's going to say, it's going to think, oh, fashion, okay, cool. And then it's going to target other interests in the fashion in beauty that we may not have even put in hair. But the algorithm is going to target them for us. And as you can see, our audience has gotten even bigger. And it still says balanced. That is what you want to look out for guys. Want you turned on their target and expansion. Select this. Now for your daily budget, let's say we want to put in $50.50 pounds a day, £50 a day. The minimum guys you can spend is 20 a day. That's the minimum. You can spend your cost spending less than a day. But for example, let's do 50 a day for this one. Yeah. I'll leave the ads running all day. I'm going to choose a select a specific time when you feel like that. For newer accounts, you want to have as very little restrictions as possible. You want to give it a bit more leeway, give you adds a bit more leeway. So I'll leave it as all day. I've been in optimization and conversion. Optimization goal is conversion. I want to leave this as lowest cost. That's what want to do. Now, once you've done that, come all the way up here. And we'll name this, so we name it as female. So the out-group is female. 1855 plus we target in beauty and personal care and apparel and accessories. And interactions or interactions ticked and other fashion. So guys, just remember that you want to do in terms of naming it your ad group. You want to name it the parameters and a target in that you've put in here, so you guys don't lose track. So you know that o, for this campaign, I did this, this and this, it performed well. So that enables you to get that information, to put that into other campaigns. Because that's all it is. It's about running these campaigns, finding what works and you keep doing what was working. Now once you've named that, well, you got to do, you've done your target and you put in your budget. Let me even put the budget in here. £50. So we know how much you're spending a day, which you've done that you just click next right here. Now guys, we are at the add level. We've done the campaign level, we've done the ad group level, and now we're at the add level. Hair. We want to name it, so we name it as video one. Guys, you're going to understand why, why I'm writing it as video one. Because bear in mind, TikTok is mostly creative. Video creative, right? So we want to make sure that when we're running the ads, want to just doing one video. We'll do multiple videos because we need to find out which one of those videos is getting us the most results. Then the ones that aren't performing well, we'll get rid of those. The ones not performing well. We keep we keep doing, keep doing those same type of videos. The ad level, guys, you can use Spark ads, which is basically where you get, you basically get the current video that someone has on a TikTok and basically run ads for it. Pretty much, right? I tend to do, I don't really tend to do Spock ads, I tend to do, I just tend to upload my own videos onto here. So you've got the single video, you got collection ads. Well, you got to do if you want to upload your video, you just click Upload right here. Or you can, if you've got videos already on your library, you can select From Library and has a video right here. I can select this video. I'll select this video. I just clicked confirm. Boom, videos right there in the texts. Once you upload the video in the text, this is basically what a caption is. Get these dresses right here. As you can see, it's right here. And then you can pretty much put in for your custom identity, can put in your username in here. So we have pads here. One thing that's great, I love is that TikTok is going to offer you. We'll show you potential other types of texts that you could use. Get these dresses with 59% of get these new elegant justice from there. So this helps you in terms of your copywriting and just giving you ideas when it comes to your copyright. And I'm coming up with a good effective caption for your ads. Now once you've done that, you select the website and then in your URL and you basically put in the URL that goes to the website or the euro that goes to the landing page that you want people to go to. Alright. As you can see here, the tracking has my pixel that named it as a, right. That means when the ads are running, everything is going to be tracking and my pixel is going to be collecting data. So my ads can perform better over time. And I can start to ascend my new account from an actual car to initiate checkout, to complete payment will place an order with the more day. The idea. You want to make sure that in this tracking option right here, it shows the name of your pixel to make sure that everything's working and everything's connected right? Now. Thus, video one, that's video one. As mentioned before, this video one, when you're running different creatives, you want to make sure that one thing is different to the next. So for example, for example, in this video, I'm using the same video, but I'm going to use different texts. So here it says get these dresses. In your case, you could do different videos, but keep the texts the same. It's totally up to you. But you want to have. You want, you want each creative to have a different variant. So you can know which up performs the best. And that's the one you focus on. Now, this is video one. The text is get these dresses. We've got this video. Then if I want to add another add, what I've got to do is go ahead and click Add. And as you can see, you've got the first one here. And here's the second one. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to library again. Select the same video. Click Confirm. Instead of get these dresses, I'm going to say these are the best. Just as an example. Now, in this one campaign, we've got three, we've got two creatives. Same videos, but different captions, different texts. I always advise that when you're doing TikTok adds, you want to start off with at least you want to have at least three to five different pieces of creative or videos. Or it could be the same video but different rights. And we want to have three to five different variants. Especially if your ad account is new. Especially if your ad account is new, right? You don't want to have too many things that are different because you won't know which one is making the biggest difference in terms of your performance. You want to, you want to keep a constant, a constant tab of the different variants. Because guys, all market and really is, is experimentation. You have a control. You have something that you're testing. You want to, you want to make sure that the stuff that you're testing, if it's performing well and keep it, the stuff that doesn't perform well, you get rid of it. That's all, That's all this is. Now we're gonna do the third one. Again, same thing. Now we've got worried about two creatives and I'm going to add a third one. I'll go again. I'll select the same video. Confirm. But this time for this text, I'm going to write 50 per cent off PC guys. So we've got three of the same video, but each of them have different they all have different texts. You've got this one. It says these are the best. I've got the top one. Get these dresses. Now, you've got this one. I named it as video one. This one, I'm going to name it as video two. And this one, I'm going to name it as video three. Now you've got 123. We have new ad accounts guides. You want to have three to five different pieces of creative. On once you've done that, you put in your creative, you are happy with that. You're happy with the structure and everything. All you gotta do is click submit. And you leave that to run for a week, I would say five to seven days and see which ones performed out of them. You're going to be c out of these three, which one performs the best for you and gets you the results that you want. So guys, this is the way to set up a TikTok ads campaign properly, especially if you have a new TikTok Ads account when you're just starting out? You're just starting now. Yeah. It's very simple when it comes to TikTok adds simplicity is the WayForward guys. It's the way forward. No need to overthink it. At the end of the day, the algorithm knows, knows better than we do. All we're doing is creating the structure for the algorithm to do is think, that's all we're doing, right? So this is the way to do it, guys. So guys, I hope this helps you please sell pure counts like this and make sure that the ads that are performing well, you keep the ads that are doing badly. You turn off or delete. Thanks a lot guys. 3. How To Find Top TikTok Ads: So guys, I'm going to show you guys how to find the top performing ads on TikTok is very similar to the Facebook ads library. But with this one on TikTok, it shows you stuff like the watch time. So guys, I'm going to show you guys how to find the top performing ads on TikTok. Guys. It's exactly like the Facebook ad library where you can see the ads that are currently, you can see the Facebook ads and Instagram ads that are currently running now. You can see all that stuff on Facebook ads library. When TikTok as library, it's exactly the same. The only difference is just TikTok adds. Also the great thing about the TikTok. Tiktok adds a library, if you like, is that you can see which you can split them up by the objective of the ads. So you can see, okay, they did this type of video for this type of objective data, this type of video for this type of object, objective. And you can also click on the ads to really get a deeper, to get a deeper insight into the inner workings of why the ad is successful. It's an amazing tool. I use it all the time. And guys, let's get into it. So to get there, all you gotta do is go to Google and type in TikTok creative center. Tiktok create a center. Once you've done that, again, guys, make sure that you're logged into your TikTok as well. Yeah. Before you do this, so go into Google, type in create, creative center, and then right here, click on this option right here, cool. And then you're going to land on this page. Then scroll down. And you get to learn from top-performing Agilent pixel, right? And then once you get here, just click View more. And here we are. This is where you want to be, is called top ads. And this way you get to see the high performing ads that are on TikTok that as the Ashley really doing well so you can learn from them and take those learnings and put them into your own TikTok ads campaign. I just loved just on a slight tangent. I just love the fact that we're living in this time of technology and the Internet. And because you can, because at the end of the day, success leaves clues. Success leaves clues. And you can literally see what is working for other people and implemented in your own campaigns. But do it with your own legal style will do with your own approach. Yeah. You're not you're not completely blind or completely left out in the dark. Yeah. So I'm going to show you guys how it works and diet. Just like Facebook, ads, library. This is my best friend when it comes to doing things like that. I'm always on here. Always. Yeah. So guys, here, you can select the country that you want to target, for example, yeah, so many, you can. Again, please bear in mind that not every country has access to this. So, so please bear in mind, because as you can see here, this is 0. There's certain countries that, yeah, there's certain countries that don't have, that don't currently have any ticks of ads going. Maybe for four political reasons or the fact that it's just not a TikTok isn't available or TikTok adds isn't available there. Just yet. Right. So that's just something to keep in mind. So obviously I'm in the United Kingdom. So I want to see the ads are currently running in the United Kingdom. Yeah, again, you can see that as I've seen, ads are running in other countries that you want to target. That's, that's also good as well. Yeah, I think it's also good from a cultural point of view because sometimes what may be seen as really funny in the United Kingdom may not be funny in another country. So you really want to understand the cultural nuances when it comes to doing ads. United Kingdom. Let's pretend I'm into fashion. I sell fashion, right? So we'll do apparel or something like that. Cool guys, just let that yeah. These are the top as dark currently running right now. Right now. Yeah. Like You can literally see, as soon as you hover your mouse over them, they start playing. So you can already see which ones are doing, doing well. And you can pretty much see the how the video and the pacing of the video and the story of the video goals. So you can basically take those learnings and put them into your own, into your own TikTok ad. And also you can put it into your own organic content. Because bear in mind that some of these ads may also be spark ads as well. Some of these ads may have already been on their profile, but they use the video as an act. Basically. Yeah. So try not to look at it as just Oh, it's just for, just for TikTok, I'd look at it as four ideas for creating good TikTok content, organic content as well. Yeah. So guys, you can see here, these are all the ones that I have, right? And then you can either split them up by campaign objective. So conversions, Let's look at the ones that have been optimized because they want to get sales. So if you run an e-commerce business, right? And you're trying to make cells. You want to look at the ads that had been created with the sole purpose of getting cells. Nothing more. Nothing less to get sales. If you're trying to get leads, you want to look for ads that are trying to get leads. If you're trying to get reached, what to look for ads that are successfully achieving reach. If you want, traffic, will look for ads that are successfully achieving a lot of traffic. If you want video views, you want to look for ads, top ads that I've successfully getting video views. But for most of you, I'm assuming, I'm assuming because obviously everyone's objective, campaign objective is gonna be different. But I'm assuming you want sales, you want conversions, right? So we're going to select conversions. Here we go. Now, remember, when we didn't put these filters in, there was a whole, there's a whole lot of other ads going, right. There's a whole lot of ads here. But when we put these filters in, you literally just pretty much focuses the amount. So here, all these ones right here are essentially optimized for purchase, right? So for example, if I wanted to know which ones have a high CTR, because you have to remember in this day and age with so much video, you've got TikTok, you got rules, you've got this so many, there's so many instructions. Ctr, click-through-rate is more important. Because once you, once you have the attention of someone, right, and you get them to take action, and that action is a click. You're well on your way to creating a very successful campaign. But if you'll create an ad, you're not even getting him to click at all. Then we need to go back to the drawing board when it comes to our ads. So I'm going to select, I'm going to sort by CTR. As we've got this one. Will the t-shirts have the highest CTR? Says has sought by CTR. Now what I'm gonna do is select it. And then Lauren mu. Then let's see. Let's have a quick look at it. Amazing. So it's clear from this video that they have these t-shirts. And they clearly showing people get our t-shirts because you compare it with different. If you have black shorts, it can easily go with basically it's easy to match with black shorts. That's basically what this video is basically showing to us. And guides, as you can see here. The most valuable frame. It shows here the parts where people are, are essentially, it's basically this graph compares the relative CTR for each seconds. So it's pretty much measuring how people are engaging with the ad, as you can see from this graph right here. Again, another thing, look at the amount of shares that has gone. That's great. That's great. For me. I always look at the amount of shares. His wife. His wife, right? If it's got no shares, that means the video itself, the video itself isn't compelling enough to make people to share. Alright, if, if I can get people to share my TikTok out, what does that mean? That means I'm getting free eyeballs. The person who's watching my ad is essentially doing the mock, doing the marketing for me and given me free eyeballs and giving me even more reach. And I'm not having to pay any extra for it. So it's really important when it comes to looking at our content is really important to look at the amount of shares that the video has. Because that's going to give you an indicator of cool. What style of ado I want to create? What style of content do I want to create? That's going to make people to share, That's going to make people to be like, Oh my gosh, this so amazing. I've got show my friends this amazing. I've got a shelf with my parents. Yeah. So this is the metric that always look up. Always. Yeah. Because I'm trying to get free eyeballs. The cost of advertising or land is steadily increasing. So I'm going to do anything that I can to leverage in order to ensure that I'm paying the same amount for ads, but still getting a little bit more reach. And here's our indicator right here, the amount of shares. Now let's even look at another one. So again, down here. Then we do BC. We do Hecker. Cool, Awesome. Then what I wanted to do, we'll choose the campaign objective, will find the one that got us convergence again. Then select her. Okay. This one didn't get any shares. Okay, This one got two shares. I want to find one that's got that's gone and lotions. Okay. This one's got one share. Guys. As you're doing this, you just make sure that you're looking for ones that have quite a lot of shares. Yeah. Because that's going to let you know what the style of ad that gets people to. I guess we were excited. Also, another thing as well I wanted to show is that you can do by uploaded, you can do by the uploaded right here. So these are the ones that have been uploaded onto the TikTok on these are basically basically organic that have basically been on their TikTok page, that they've basically been used as ads. Again, in terms of the app to find the top edge. It's not just CTR you can do by the view rape. Because viewer it is very important. View rate is important because it lets us know that the person that, the longer that they obviously watch our video, the more interested they are. Alright? So we're gonna be looking at videos that are able to get that good view it because most people, they stick, they see it and see it and they're like, No. It's very rapid decisions. Is very rapid decisions. Yeah. Because at the end of the day, everyone wants to essentially make the most of their time. They don't want their time to be wasted or something that they're interested in. Now these days, if they're just half interested in something, it's not enough. They need to be really interested. They need to be like, wow, what is this? That's why things like the hook, the view ray of your video of very important. Because that is how you get the customer to stay through the rest of the video. Having a very strong hook, GET helps them with considering whether they should leave or stay and watch the video. And obviously you want them to stay. The hook is very important and the viewer is very, very important. So you want to make sure that they're able to Dow these in your ads pretty well. I would even go as far as always, testing different hooks, different hooks of the same video, and seeing which one sticks more, which one? When you start running those ads, which one of those videos people tend to gravitate towards, towards. Another thing as well. You can go by reach. You can sort by two reach. Again, this helps you get better idea of what types of ads to create for your TikTok bats. So guys, make sure that you use this tool. This tool is a lifesaver. There's a lifesaver because, because obviously TikTok is to a lot of people is still a new platform. So a lot of people are still trying to find that fee of what is good on TikTok or should I do this? I'm not sure. I think some people still think that TikTok is still a dancing. Believe it or not, some people still think is a dot is just for dancing. Whereas the app has evolved so quickly over time. So this is going to really help you in terms of understanding what people are interacting with on the platform, right? And give you some direction in terms of how to create your organic traffic, as well as your organic ads, as well as the ads that you've got, as well as the content that you're going to create for your guys. Give this a goal is definitely going to help you guys. So guys, I see you guys on the next video with yet again, more marketing tips to help you guys Take care guys. 4. How To Target People Using Hashtags With TikTok Ads: Hi guys. In this class, I'm going to be showing you how to use hashtags to target people using TikTok adds. And I'll show you guys, guys, I love this feature. Because when it comes to TikTok and people post or even search for stuff on TikTok, they use hashtags. Hashtags are used widely on TikTok. Most of the time, those hashtags may be associated with your potential customer. So say for example, you sell a hair care products, then you target hair care. Then someone on the TikTok platform that is looking for hair care products is going to type in haircare into TikTok. And what's going to happen is that fruit TikTok, as you'll be able to target that person that's inside of that hashtag because they've basically used it as part of this searching, was part of adding it onto their videos, onto their organic videos, An effective tool. So guys, I'm going to show you guys how to use it so you can use it as part of your TikTok marketing campaigns. So as we all know, every TikTok campaign is made up of three levels. You have the Campaign level, you have the ad group level, and you have the Ad level. The campaign level is made up of the advertising objective and settings. So here is basically where you want to choose what you want your ad to do. So basically the objective that you're trying to get. So say for example, I saw a hair care products and I'm trying to sell, sell that. I'm going to choose convergence as an advertising objective, right? So guys, it really depends on what you want to get out of the campaign. That's going to determine what, you're going to determined the resource that you're going to get. Conversions. So I'm going to choose conversions right here. Now when conversions has been chosen, now, you're going to come down to the citizens apart. So this is the way you name it, the campaign name. So let's pretend that I'm sitting in the hair care products. I'm going to name it hair care. Right? Guys. You want to leave this? You want to leave this, right? When it comes to as these days, especially TikTok adds, is all about simplicity, is all about simplicity. Once you've done that, you just click continue right here. After clicking Continue, we are now at the ad group level, right? Where now the ad group level, which is the second stage of our TikTok campaign building process. So here, select your website. And as usual, you're gonna be asked to select a pixel and the optimisation event. Okay? Guys, bear in mind that as you're building this, you don't always have to choose conversion. You want to make sure that you choose an objective that suits the objective that you're trying to gather campaign. I'm just showing you this structure because I'm pretty much leading up to the point where I'm going to show you how to target people using hashtags. So you select your pixel right here. Once you have selected your pixel, you're going to see the optimisation event. And the hair. You can choose, the action that you want people to take once they have seen the ad. So for example, if this is a brand new account and I've got no data, I'm going to choose Add to Cart. If this is an account that has has some data and I've managed to get some purchases that you want to choose complete payment, where all depends on the amount of data that your TikTok account has accrued or built up, right? So say for example, I'm going to leave this as complete payment. Then I'm going to come down to placements. And then you want to choose select placement. And then you want to untick these two right here and just want to leave TikTok as well. That's the only one you want to have ticked. Guys, I'm now at a target and section in the ad group level. And then you come down and then you can choose the location that you want to target. And then you've got the gender. I'll leave this as all languages, all the gender. It could be male or female. Again, if it's a gender, if it's a product that is skewed towards a particular gender, then choose the agenda. If it's, if it's, if there's no there's no restrictions on if it's a male or female that uses the product that you want to leave it as. All right. Because remember as an example, I'm trying to sell haircut hair care products. So both men and women can use it. And here for the H, you can choose the age as normal, right? Again, you always want to do from 18 upwards the household income. That's another option if you're targeting the US. Now guy's hair is the, hair is the main bit. To target people that are in hashtags. This is how you do it. This is how you do it. A platform is you can't do, do, do it like this. It's usually interests or keywords. But with TikTok, it gives you so many options, so many target options, you can go by interests. Video interactions creates a interactions, hashtags interactions. But for the sake of this class, we're going to go buy hashtag interactions. Then hit right here. And then we'll select hashtag interactions. Right here, guys, right here. And then cause I saw hair care as an example. I'm going to type in here we go. Hair care tips. Look. I'll just put that into here and look at that available audience, 66 thousand to 81 thousand potential people that can be targeted because this is an awesome tool. Awesome. So the people that live in this audience, or the people who are interested in the hair care tips. So if I'm selling hair care products, the way I'm going to do my videos will be almost in a style of giving them tips by saying, Hey, if you want more lustrous hair, this is the products you should be using. The pupil looking for hair care tips, that luscious hair, they're more likely to purchase. Guys, marketing is all about meeting customers where they are. Meet them where they are, so they feel understood. And they are in a position where there can be like, oh wow, this product came just in time. Thinking of this product came just in time. So they're more likely to buy. Nothing, guys, you can add more hashtags in here. So we can do hair care. So haircuts, It's hair care routine, hair care products. Guys, as you can see as I'm adding more, more hashtags, look at the size of the audience is just getting bigger and bigger. Peck a routine, hair care products and hair hair care mistakes. I can add that in there. Let's go even broader. Let's go get my hair. Look it up. I literally just went hair. So that's obviously a very big hashtag, right? Guys, as you scroll down and look at the, look at it, different hashtags, but it will show you right here the amount, the audience sizes, right? So that's another thing to bear in mind. As you're building this out, make sure that the available audience is balanced. Because I've found that it performs a lot better when it says balanced, because that's a fairly big audience. That's a fairly big audience where the algorithm has enough leeway and has enough freedom to find people who are going to convert. All do the thing that we want our customer to do, whether it's traffic, get leads, or whichever advertising objective that you choose. Look at that guys, looking at over 5 million massive audience just by putting in hashtags that are related to our product, brand, or service. This is how you do it, guys. It's an amazing tool. And hashtags are so central to the TikTok app that when you put this into your campaigns, man, like it's almost going to feel that your customers will still like, oh, this product, this brand just came right on time. Because people are always tapping the hashtag to look into things session for things such as for new tips and stuff like that. This is great. This is a great opportunity to put your brand product or service right in front of their faces to increase the likelihood of them making the purchase. Right? So guys, this is how you do it. Can put in the hashtags, make sure that you're putting in hashtags that are in the same category. Because if you notice, I'm not putting in hair and then food, hashtag food or something like that. I'm not doing that. You want to make sure that when you're putting in hashtags, they're in the same category. Because what you're going to find, you're going to find that people who type in hair may not necessarily tap in hair care routine. But sometimes you'll find people that type in hair care products may also type in hair care routine. So they meet. There may be some overlap within the oils, but that's fine because look, you ultimately want to be looking at this area here where it says available audience and making sure that this is balanced and make sure that this audience is big enough. And that's how you do it. Now, come down here. Budget and schedule. You put in your budget. The conversion goal. The same. Conversion, the same. And then lowest cost. Then once you've done that and just click next right here. And I'm now in the ad level. And as you can see, it's the same thing that I've taught in our previous classes. With creative, you want to have multiple creative, whether it's two videos, three videos for video, you want to have multiple careers because TikTok is a video first platform is a creative burst. Platform. That is, that is how people interact with your brand, product or service. Interacts with the video. First, the creative too. First. Before anything else. You want to make sure that you have powerful creative that is going to compel people to take some type of action. He go ahead. You can set custom identity. So you could put in your display name here. Even notice I wrote in creative one, so this is the first creative. And then you could upload, upload a video, or choose a video from your library. Right? So what I'm gonna do, I'm going to upload, upload a video from the library. Go and confirm. There we go. And then what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna call it hair care one. Just as an example. Hair care one. Then you come down here. You've got your URL right here. You can put in the URL that directs them straight to your product page. We have to remember that when people click on links, they don't want to be looking for your product. You need to take them straight to that product page so that can make that decision quickly. Also guys, are no feature that I want to show you. This. I use a speech all the time. You can use this feature called Smart Text. So if you're finding it difficult to come up with a copy with the right ear nor caption. This tool is going to help you so much. Yeah. So I'm gonna show you how it works. So if you click on here, and then here, you could put in the language, just choose English. Then we choose the industry. So given the fact that we're selling hair care, Let's find the industry that is in line with what we are selling. Let's do e-commerce as an example. So guys, for the keywords, I typed in hair care in here. And I'm going to click Generate. By clicking generate, the machine is basically going to come up with a bunch of different options that I can use my ads, basically doing the copyright and for me without having to think basically, yeah, So guys check this out as a super cool tool so it could generate right here. We go. Look at this. All these different options, luxury hair care for the modern man, professional hair care at home. Get your hair care right, get your fifth today at 50 per cent of all this, literally, the machine is basically created for me. Choose the one that I want to go for. It's an amazing tool, guys. Amazing tool, especially if you're in a situation where you're creating ads pretty quickly or you hit a block in your mind of like, you're not sure which captions or what's a right. This is going to help you a lot. But one thing to bear in mind though, is that you want to make sure that the captions that you get are in line with the TikTok advertising policy. Because sometimes what happens is that you, they'll give you a, give me some captures, but it won't be in line with that TikTok advertising policy. And if it isn't allowing the TikTok advertising policy, use it in your ad. Tiktok will either reject your ad or Bandura accounts. So be really careful guys. So make sure that we are choosing the caption. Make sure it's in line with the TikTok advertising policies. So you saw your ads run smoothly without any issues. So as an example, so I'm going to choose I'm going to choose get your, get your hair care right. Get yours today at 50 per cent of right. Then I'll click Confirm. Right hand. Look guys. Look guys. It's right here. Get your hair care right. You'll study at 50% off right here. So that's the, that's the first caption. As discussed. You want to make sure that URL is going to the right product page. Make sure this is tracking your events, TikTok events tracking. So make sure that your pixel, the pixel is eight. So I can see here that is going to be tracking it. Now. As you can see here, I have one video, right? But I'm going to create another separate ad and use a, another caption. So what's gonna be happening is that you're going to have, I'm going to have two of the same videos go in, but different captions. So we'll see which one of those captions perform better. That's how you wanna do it, guys. Make sure that when you're testing different creatives, you test one element at a time. You can test the video. So you can try different videos, or you could try a different copy, or you could try a different hooks. But make sure you test one element at a time. So you know which element is making the most difference in bringing new results. So guys, I'm going to add, so as you can see, this is cool, creative one. Get your hair care right, getting close to the athletic percent off. Then I'm going to add another creative right here. So I'm just going to click Add, write hair, done now I'm going to name this creative too. Also another thing guys, you can use Spark ads, spot cards are essentially Tiktok videos that you've already posted on your account. But you can use those videos as ads, actual ads that you can put money behind to show to the wider platform, right? So that's an option. So you can just turn this on, or you can just do choose your identity. But I usually just upload the videos. That's why I usually do. It works. It works pretty well for me. As you can see here. This is creative to now. So that's creative one of two. Now we're gonna do the same for this one. I'm going to choose the same video again, same exact video. But this time it's gonna be different copy again. So again, I'm going to use smart texts that I'm going to choose. Wanna make sure there's perfect is the right option. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And now I'm going to choose another one. Let's go for my hair is very important. Let's go for that and then choose Confirm. And here we go. My head is very important. So in creative too, you got my hair is very important. And I'm going to click here, create a one. You've got to get your hair care, right, get yours today. So what's going to happen is that as the ad is running, you will see which one out of the two is going to be doing. Well. Guys, you can add more, you can add 345 depending on your budget. But makes sure that if you're adding laws of creatives, make sure that you are increasing the daily budget as well. Just so that your budget isn't spread too thin. So you want to make sure that each creative, adequate amount of budget to really see how it performs. So you can make a better decision on which creative to use to scale up. Then when you download that bias, again, URL, put the URL. Tracking is all good, Perfect. And then once you've done all that, you just click Submit and you're good to go. And that is how you run TikTok ads using hashtags. Also, another thing guys, I wanted to quickly show you is I'm going to quickly go back to the adequate level. Now. I'm back at the ad group level. I just wanted to show you something guys, when putting in hashtags, right? It doesn't always have to be hashtags that are in line with the industry. So for example, I just put a lot of hair care, have routine stuff. You can even put in brands, branded hashtags, branded hashtag. Other companies that I'm also in the space that may sell similar products to you. You can also put those hashtags in here, right? Because we have to remember that people that are looking for a particular product may go and type in products that they already know about. I want to type in those products that they already know about, then your ads are more likely to shop to those people and they're more likely to be responsive. So I just wanted just to let you guys know about that so you don't have to be tied down to doing drawer type of hashtags. You can do branded hashtags as well. So guys, that is how you use hashtags to target your potential customers. Using TikTok adds guys, use this as part of your marketing strategy, uses a part of your marketing campaigns. And once again, thank you so much for taking this class to give us. 5. How To Target People By Household Income Using TikTok Ads: So guys, In this video, I'm going to show you how to target people. So guys, in this class, I'm going to show you how to target people based on their income, based on their household income. This is great. If you're selling products that are slightly more expensive, or you're selling products that are more in the premium market. This wealth target is going to really help you guys a lot. One thing to bear in mind though, is that this targets in option is only available for customers in the US. For people in the US. If you're not targeting, if your main target audience isn't in the US, this isn't going to work yet. Tiktok hasn't made it available yet. But if your audience is primarily in the US or you're always targeting people in the US. This is going to work really well for you. So how to target people based on their house hold income. So at the campaign level, it, you can choose any of the objectives. Objectives here. You can choose conversions, traffic, app installs, video, or any of these will work. Any of these will work right? Now. What, once you've done and chosen one of the objective, in this case, I've chosen conversion. You want to leave these and then you want to click Continue. So guys, now I'm at the ad group level. As usual, you want to select IVR website or app. It depends what you're trying to drag drive that traffic to. And also another thing is that you want to select placement and you want to untick both of these and only leave TikTok available, right? If you're driving people to the website, it's going to ask you to select your pixel. And also he's going to ask you to select your optimisation event. Now less all the way. Now when we get all the way down here, once you've selected the US, you get down to here. You selected the age, gender, and all that great stuff. But this is the most important part, guys. Household income, right? So you can choose top five per cent of zipcode, us, top 25 to 50 per cent, top ten to twenty-five percent, top ten per cent. And there we go. You can pretty much select it like that. And once you've done that, you can always scroll down. Further interests in here, video interactions create a interactions, has tight interactions with the budget. And then you can click next. And then the rest is pretty straightforward. And when you click Next, you'll get to the ad level. We basically put in the video, the video ad, the more people to see. Another thing as well, guys, is that in the household incomes place, you don't even have to pick one. You can pick more than one. You can pick all of them if you want. It's totally up to you. Yeah. But what I would personally do is that I would do it one-by-one to see which ones performed better for my business. Right? And then once you're happy with that, you pretty much just come down and add interests if you want or you want to leave it fairly broad or balanced. Currently says fairly broad. So this is pretty, pretty big. You put in your daily budget. Then you simply put in the budget. Click Next, make sure it's conversion. And lowest cost. Then click Next. And once you get here, you basically put in the information, putting the video that you want people to see, the text, the website URL. They want people, once they click on the ad where they're going to go to, It's the same exact process. But the most important thing goes for targeting people that are making a specific income. We want to come down here to household income as select the ones that you want to target here. And that's it. I hope that helps you guys. Ticket guys. 6. How To Get More Followers and Profile Visits Using TikTok Ads: Hi guys. In this class, I'm going to show you guys how to use TikTok adds to grow your following. And also to get more profile visits, to get more visits to your TikTok page. And I'll show you. But now at the campaign level, as you can see how these are all the different objectives. Cool. Every campaign is made up of three levels. You've got the campaign at a group level and the ad level, right? So our advertising objective, what we want to choose in order to get more followers on TikTok, using TikTok adds is one to choose Community Interaction option. Choose the Community Interaction option. Once you've selected that will come down here. We can name this campaign getFollows on TikTok today or something like that. You can name it anything you want, but make sure you have, make sure you have a good naming convention so you know what the campaign is doing, what the aim of the campaign is for. Now with these, you don't need to touch these. Can just leave these the way they are. Then you just click Continue. Now we're at the ad group level. As you can see here, where the ad group level, we want to make sure your placements is just TikTok. Tiktok. Then select the location that you want to target. All gender. So if you want to get more male followers or more female followers, you want to get both male and female. We want to select two here. In terms of the demographic and their age. You can choose any of these. If you have a product or service that is for this particular age group than fair enough. But if you have a product or service that's more for an older demographic, for older age group. Then you want to choose, you want to choose the more older demographic. Then household income, you just leave it as all. Then down here, you want to select your interests so you can put in anything that you need. So if you're in the travel space, you want to select to travel tourist attractions and all that. And then what's going to happen is going to, a good thing as well is that sometimes TikTok will show you similar interests. So if you run out of ideas, you're not sure, like, I'm not sure about who to target and stuff like that. Then you want to choose these as well, right? This is a great tool because TikTok will show you similar interests as well. They are in line with what you've already put in here. But make sure you don't overthink this guy is. Then when you get to content exclusions, you can leave it a standard inventory can just leave it the way it is. Budget and schedule. Now, you're going to put in your budget, let's say 20. You want to spend £20 a day. You can't spend anything less than that, right? The least you could spend a day is 20 a day. That's the least you can spend on TikTok adds. Now, guys, so here is how you get. You're asked to show to people to get them to follow your TikTok page. When you get here to bid in an optimization, you'll see this optimisation gold part here. Then select, follow. So the optimization is basically this is the action that you want people to take when they see your ad. This is really important guys. Follow. And then you select lowest cost. And then click Next. Alternatively, if you just want people to visit your profile, your TikTok profile, make sure the optimization goal is profile. Visit. Make sure it's the right. And again, make sure it's lowest cost. And again, if you're happy with the optimization goal, just click next the acid. We get to the ad level. I want to quickly change this to follow. Seth. I want to, I'm running this adsorbed so I can get more followers to my TikTok page, so I can get more followers on my desktop page. Then guys, you just click Next and then click Next. Now we are at that ad level. This is where you put your videos and all that good stuff. Now, because this is a brand new TikTok account. As you can see here, it says, Use account owned by you. But some of you guys is going to already have your TikTok account connected here. If not, it's not the end of the world. Just click Link Account. And then it's going to take you through the steps in order to connect your ad account to your TikTok page. Alternatively, you can use either TikTok accounts or posts. That's another alternative. If you wanna get more followers or get more profile visits, right? But makes sure, especially if you want to get more followers or profile visits to your page. So your typical page makes you link the account, make sure you do. That's really important. Then you basically come here and you, you either create or add your image from the library, whichever, whichever you want. And then you, but you can also put in your text in here as well, right? Guys, once you've connected, everything, is there'll be a lot more seamless, right? Because alternative, because basically what you wanna do when you're trying to get more followers, you want to, you want to use posts that are already performing well on your, on your TikTok account, already. Basically money behind it in order to get more followers. And the best way to do that, you want to use post that, have shown to get you follow us. So if you're noticing that people are collecting a pulse and then following you straight after that post is very well primed to get you more followers, especially if you put money behind it, right? So guys, this part is super important. Make sure that you link your account, right? And then once you've put in all your creative and all that good stuff in here, then all you gotta do is click Submit, and that's it. Pretty straightforward. So I hope that helps you guys make sure that you use this as part of your marketing strategy. Because what you could be doing is that you can be running ads to generate purchases as well. On the background, you could be running ads to get profile visits or get followers as well, right? Because we have to remember that you want to run an ad that is essentially getting people familiar with your brand, product or service, as well as running an ad that's going straight for the conversion, right? You want to have these running side-by-side, because what's going to happen is that people don't come in with a follower campaign or profile visit campaign. We'll eventually see your ads for the conversions. And they may even convert further down the line, right? So you basically want to do it, basically want to do it that way. But guys, I hope this helps you guys, are cilia. 7. How To Use TikTok Ads To Get More Leads: Hi guys. So in this class, I'm going to show you how to use TikTok as to generate leads for your business. So guys, as you can see here, we are in the campaign level. Every campaign is made up of three levels. The campaign level, the ad group level, and the ad level. So when the campaign level at the moment. So if you want to generate leads for your business, you want to choose lead generation. We're going to choose this option right here. Once you've chosen this option, come down here. Again, you want to have a good naming convention. So let's name this lead generation one. The campaign name as lead generation one will leave all of these. Then, once you've done that, you just click Continue. So guys, we are now at the ad group level. The placements right here. For lead generation. You want to keep it as TikTok. User comments. Video download. If you, basically when you're, sometimes, when you're running, TikTok has sometimes you're going to get negative comments. And the thing is that sometimes negative comments can, can destroy or have a negative impact on the performance of your ads, right? So you want to be very mindful of this. I tend to keep user comments on, right? And I'll have someone just go in there and just any troll comments or comments that are not are not savory for the business, that are good for the business. You can remove them or hide them, especially if there are comments that are highly offensive, right? Because TikTok, TikTok can easily be that, that place where you can get a lot of really negative comments coming through. You don't want to turn off. You don't want to turn this option off because I feel it doesn't work well in terms of people's trust in your brand will trust in what they're seeing in their ad. Because if there's no comments, people are gonna think, I'm not sure if I trust this. I'm not too sure about this suit. With this, you want to really strike a balance, right? This is something to manage. But I tend to leave the comments on. And I basically have someone go in there to basically check the comments, make sure that nothing is highly offensive. Offensive. Because if this comments in there that are highly offensive, that can put other people off. And that isn't, isn't good for your ads, right? So just be careful with this, but I tend to leave it on until the video instead of giving people the opportunity to download the video. Yeah, I tend to leave it on y naught. Y naught. Another thing as well, guys, I wanted to mention is that the good thing about comments when you get in comments to your ad is very good for engagement. So we can actually boost up the engagement and the performance of your ads, right? Because when it comes to digital advertising, every little helps, every share, every comment, every lag. Even though you're doing paid advertising, all those little actions that people are taken on your ads actually have a combined effort of improving the performance of your ads, right? So that's, that's another thing to bear in mind. Not just scroll down, create a type. I just leave this off and guides the location. Could choose a location here. Languages, I always leave it as all gender. I usually leave the genders all, unless it is a service or company that's agenda for specific. If it's a gender specific company or service, then I would choose the agenda that is that is in line with what you're selling. Pretty much the age, age and using live in 1818 to 24, all the way to 55. So I'll just leave this the same. Then. Write hair and your interests. You can put in. Say for example, you are in health, right? Even belt financial services. Financial services, right? You just basically put that in here. Make sure that it's abroad, especially when you're doing any interests, make sure it's broad. Alternatively, you can target by video interactions. You can target by creates a interactions or hashtag interactions. This is very, very powerful as well, where you can basically make your ads short to your competitors customers, right? But you wanna make sure that you use a branded hashtags or using the hashtags that your competitors customers would use. So that's an option. But for the sake of this video, let's just stick with. This the first option, we'll leave it brought. Make sure that this is always says balanced. If it says Narrow, make sure that you add on more interests onto Alice's balance. So balanced means that, Oh, this is a good size audience. And I tend to find I get a lot better performance when it says balanced like this. So this is a good size, Good, good amount of people to reach. So say, I'm selling financial services, I'm trying to capture leads for my financial services company, for example. So I'll put that into here. This brooch, don't want to overthink this guys. Then. And then what you can do also, you can also increase this. You want to turn this on target expansion. And then you want to choose by interests and behaviors, right? Because what's going to happen is that the algorithm is going to go off of what people are reacting to and basically show your ads to other interests that thinks will also perform well. Yeah. So given a fat, as you can see when I turn this on and I sit and I click this, it said fairly broad, right? You can do fairly broad. But if it's, but because it's a balanced already, I'll leave it here. You only, you can turn this on if it's too narrow, right? So you can at least get to the balanced, get this to balanced. But there's a very, very good setting, very, very good sand. It works really well. Now at the budget and schedule a bit, you just basically just put in your budget right here until the day part and it won't be this as all day building up optimization. The optimization goal is leads because that's what we want. We want leads. And in terms of bisher as you want to keep it as lowest cost. Right? Now. Once that's done, you go click Next. Now guys, we are now at the add level to add levels made up of identity at details in stumped form and tracking. Now because there's a lead generation campaign and we're trying to capture leads. Hair. It was the same as if you're a conversion campaign or any type of campaign where you upload a video, where you can get a video from your library, right? You put in the text action dynamic or even standard. It's totally up to you. So if you wanted a standard, you want to add the button will say learn more. Or you could, if it's, if it's to get leads, you can do sign up. Right. But you want to make sure that you choose a call to action that is aligned with the campaign objective that you're running. But Gaius, here's something that is super cool. Now when you get here, you get to this incident form in scope form section right here. This is basically where you create the form that people are going to fill in to give you the details when in order for you to get there. Lead, right? Guys is super extensive. You can create your own form. You can put in your own company, Brandon and all that cool stuff. And I'll show you when she gets here. Once you've put in your video and all that good stuff in here, then you get to here in some form, create. And this page is going to show up, right? And you're gonna get two options, advanced form and classic form. You can choose between the two, whichever one works for you. Right? Now the classic form. Go for that. Once we select that. Well, we've got to do is click Confirm. Once you've clicked confirm, it basically shows you how you want your form to be. So that question so the form type, you can do more volumes if they're trying to get more volume of leads coming in and you just want to get the information, then the form will look like will pretty much be optimized in order to get the email and the name. If you want a higher intent where you're getting a better quality of leads coming in. There's going to be a review of reviewing page where they can at least screen the lead or less than lead themselves screen the information that I've just given you to make sure it's correct. Because if they had the mindset, check that it's correct before they send it to you. That means they are really interested in your services or your products, right? So for example, we'll do this as more volume. And then in the introduction, right, you've got, you can put into your brand logo in here, the display name of your brand, the headline that you want people to see with before they fill the form. So you can say something like sign up for a free this or sign up if you'd like, if you'd like to get a free quote on this or something like Right. Also here in the questions bit. This is basically what you put in your questions. So you can put an e-mail name when an ad at another one. You can definitely do that. Privacy. You want to make sure your company name and link to your privacy policy on your website. That's super important, especially if you're capturing people's information. That's super important, right? You can also add a custom disclaimer if you want. And then you've got your thank-you screen, right? As you're building it through, it's going to show you the preview on this side right here. And then you can pretty much put in a button text. So you can say sign up, sign up, and it's going to appear like that. Can you see guys? And then you could put in the URL as well, right? So even from the need lead form, you can still direct people to your website if you want, or to another page or your TikTok page or Instagram. So you can pretty much take that lead through, through your funnel, essentially, right? And then once you've done that, you just basically click. Another thing to also bear in mind is that once you've clicked complete, it will enable you to choose the form right here. And we've sold the mobile preview as well. Guys, make sure that you check your tracking as well. So the tracking, just in case if they go to your website, you want to make sure you select your pixel right here. Because guys, there is no point of running ads. If there is no tracking, because we've tracking, you're able to capture data and this enables your ads to perform better over time. And guys, once you've done that, you just basically click Submit. One other thing as well is that you can always, you can add other creative as well as shown before in previous classes. In this course. Once you've done that, you just basically click submit and you're good to go. And that is your lead generation campaign. Using TikTok adds hope that helps you guys Take care guys.