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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Building Effective Landing Pages

teacher avatar Yaswanth Nukasani, Founder & CEO

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Why You Need A Landing Page


    • 2.

      8 Ways To Use Landing Pages


    • 3.

      How to Build the Actual Landing Page


    • 4.

      How to Build Your Success Page


    • 5.

      Hosting Your Page URL & Previewing


    • 6.

      Setup Your Subscriber Group


    • 7.

      Landing Pages vs Websites


    • 8.

      What to Write on Your Landing Pages


    • 9.

      How to Add a Custom Domain


    • 10.

      Fix SEO & Facebook Share


    • 11.

      Explore Facebook Pixel


    • 12.

      Explore Google Analytics


    • 13.

      Color Theory


    • 14.

      Automate Your Workflow


    • 15.

      Thank You


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About This Class

Build Effective Landing Pages: High Converting, Free, No Code Required

Have you noticed that most personal brands, online businesses are now using landing pages? Do you know why? Why not just use your website, right?

You see the thing about websites are there is so many options for your visitors that there is no direct path or one thing you want them to actually do when they are on your site. So they end up just looking and leaving without doing anything which does not add value to your business.

When you use a landing page what happens is, you eliminate all the distractions. You build a seperate page with only one intention in mind, do you want to sell a product? do you want to capture an email address? do you want to get them to sign up for a webinar? 

You could do this with ClickFunnels but this is a free alternative.

Great! You can build a landing page for it. By the way, it is also free. You don't need to pay for it unless you want premium features.

In this course, I break down for you exactly why and how to use landing pages, and actually how to build them all by yourself quickly. 

No Coding Experience Required. 

  1. What are Landing Pages?
  2. How To Use Landing Pages & Ideal Uses
  3. Detailed Overview
  4. Landing Pages vs. Websites
  5. Why You Need A Landing Page
  6. What to Write on Your Landing Page
  7. Integrate Google Retargeting
  8. Integrate Google Analytics
  9. Integrate Facebook Pixel
  10. Using Search Engine Optimization Tools
  11. Adding Meta Image & Description
  12. How to Use Custom Domains
  13. Color Theory
  14. Using eBook Landing Pages
  15. Using eCourse Landing Pages
  16. Using Invite Landing Pages
  17. Using Pre-Launch Landing Pages
  18. Using Coming Soon Landing Pages
  19. Using Lead Generation Landing Pages
  20. Product Landing Pages
  21. Webinar Landing Pages
  22. Thank You

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Yaswanth Nukasani

Instagram: @yaswanthnukasani

YouTube: search "yaswanth nukasani"

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Yaswanth Nukasani

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1. Why You Need A Landing Page: So though I covered a little bit of this information in landing pages versus websites, I want to reiterate why it is so important again to have a landing page compared to a website. So for this example, I'm going to show you my T shirt company Merchant, which I've talked about earlier. So a big thing strategic thing that you can dio to use landing pages for is for example, So on my website, you know, um, we you can see right here that this is basically like a custom T shirt company website. Um and the thing is, we have many different types of customers, like we have people that have coffee shops and then we have people that on clothing brands and the thing that I used landing pages for along with like the added benefits of optimization and certain like benefits, is I use landing pages to like it makes it much easier for me to track. So when I'm driving traffic to these pages using paid ads, I can separate and you can do that if you have a website. But like I find it easier to just use like Aiken, have better analytics. I can have better retargeting tracking. And also the simple thing is like I can't put, um, the ultimate step by step guide to start your own clothing brand course on my website without it getting very confusing for people that just want to order shirks. So I segment my customers into different, um, like buckets. And, you know, like, for example, my customers that are clothing brands like I have a page for them and, for example, like I made a course on how to start your own clothing brand, So I'm giving away the course for free. And as you can see, it still has the merchant dot com branding. And if they want to go to my website, you know like they can. But again, it's captures that email. It keeps it very single and straight to the point, and it serves one purpose, and it lets me segment different customers, different purposes. So I Congar around and be like get T shirts made for your coffee shop and I could make a separate landing paid. So just being able to segment your customers using landing pages is another main reason, along with like, retargeting and like technical reasons, why having another landing pages useful 2. 8 Ways To Use Landing Pages: All right. So now that you know the difference between a landing page in a website, um, our next thing that we're gonna go after is understanding how to use landing pages and the ideal uses. So a big thing that, you know, you can use a landing page for pretty much anything. But there's eight main things that I've found that people use landing pages for. And before we hop on to, like, actually learning like I told you before, um, I want to show you one software which we use for all of our landing pages. And I have tried click funnels, um, Mailer light is free. So I use Mailer light. And I mean, like, we have a paid subscription with them, but I find their rates a little bit more reasonable. And also, I just kind of like their design. It doesn't seem kind of like like in your face and spammy, though, like people are crushing it with other Softwares. Like Clicquot knows, The first thing that you could use your, um, landing page for is if you have some kind of downloadable e book that can be something like this. You can put your logo here, and you're looking at a sample template right here so you can put, like, you know, whatever. If it's like, let's say that you sell like, you know, like digital downloads, which is another course that I made. You can be like Joe's federal downloads, right? And you can, you know, if your main goal is to capture emails, which I think is very, very important, because when you capture someone's email using your landing page, it really opens up the conversation. And if you deliver enough value upfront before you ask for anything, that has always been my strategy and right here you can see, like you know, you put in your email, whatever that is, and my email just popped up. But, um, you know, you can put in the copy whether it's like the ultimate guide to, um, lead generation or painting or whatever it is that you want. You can basically build this page and you have a link so you can use this for any book, um, and to basically give away things. You can use that to basically capture emails and names for sending people and email with a download of your e book. Another thing that you can use landing pages for is, you know, if you have a course. So, for example, the course that you're watching right now, So I have a landing page and actually let me Yeah, I'll show it later, But anyway, so you can use your, um you can use landing pages to give away, like, the first part of your course And, you know, or if you could do something like this, you could put, you know, an intro video to your course on a landing page. Like here. You could share what you're courses about, you know, like or if you're going to send them a course on different days like this person is doing, um, you can see you can put your video right here and again. It's all about main reason for landing pages that a lot of people use is to capture emails so you can use it to get people to enroll in your EQ wars. Um, and the nice, beautiful thing is, you know, Mailer light like they're not paying me, though that would be great. They have these little, um, like already broken down templates or the purpose of your landing page. So the next thing is invite and the car just went by here since I'm in the garage foot anyway, so you can use this to invite people. So let's say that you have a software company and for my digital marketing company, like, you know, we have like a client that we're talking to a client who's like, Well, I'm about to launch my software, Uh, you know, and it's like a software as a service company and they want to open up like the 1st 100 or 1st 500 users. They want to give away your software for free. So, you know, basically it's like Spotify saying okay for the 1st 500 people that use this, um, or subscribe to our list, we're gonna give you our software for free, and you don't have to pay monthly. You can basically capture email, and I'm gonna show you what happens. Once they put in their email, you can actually automate it to where they get an email immediately from you, and that's called a sequence. But the point of this lesson specifically is to cover the different uses off a landing page . So again, you can use this to invite people. Um, do your software to an event really? Like I mean, you don't have to limited known toe like stuff where you can use this. You invite people to even a local event, right? They can put in their name and you can customize all these fields. You can have it to say name, phone number, email. Um, and the next thing is prelaunch. Prelaunch basically is. If you already want to start, you already have interested customers, and they want to like yet early access or something like that. This is just a landing page or pre launch, which means that before your product or service become available, your aren't You already are capturing those emails from, you know, people that are visiting your page. And another thing which is very popular now is Webinars. So you can see right here. This is a webinar template, and you can see like when the webinar starts and you can just get people sign up for webinars using landing pages and kind of like the prelaunch thing that you saw earlier. You can even use this as a placeholder. So what that means is like if you are working on a website currently and you don't like you still have visitors every day and you don't want it to say, like or like error not bound. You can put in a landing page right while you start developing your full website and things like that. I've always found it easier to develop, like, you know, developed a landing page than it is to dio develop a website. So the next thing that you see right here while I pour my coffee is Lee generation solely generation is I love using landing pages for lead gen. So at Merchant are like the kind o tell you like a bunch of the stuff that I'm doing, but it's to basically give you an example. So for Merchant, we sell custom T shirts and like apparel or businesses and like different trade shows and things like that. But when someone like you know, a business owners is like, OK, great, I need T shirts. They click. We have a page, you know, a landing pH can also be something on your website, but it's just that a landing pages designed to convert and be very simple, in my opinion. So you can use, um you can basically tell the benefits and points of your product. And if someone's interested, this is kind of like a form Phil. I'm sure you've been on a website where they're like, OK, um, if you like to order, fill out your information and we'll call you. That's kind of another thing you can use it for, to you capture leads. And yeah, and yeah, that was a terrible um, but another thing that you can also use it or is product so, like, this could be a very straightforward thing. So on your website, I'm gonna get so much hate for drink coffee while I'm doing this course, but it's OK. Um, so on your website, if you have an e commerce store, is probably a chance that you have, like, tons of different products. You might have like, 2030 products, but you probably have, like, 20% of those 20 products or, like, five products that do very, very well. And the rest you're just like the more options that you give someone who's visiting your website. You just take more chances of them like you know, getting confused, getting distracted. And basically it's like now getting into a dilemma. The another beautiful way to use landing pages and effective ways. If you have one product which just rushes it and put that product on the landing beach. So let's say that, Okay, so let's say I have a soap company, right? And so sells really well. I could build a whole landing page for just so, and the moment that I click purchase right. You can just take me to pay Pau, and you then use that in that way, and you can use it to, like, limit down the offering that you have to your customer. And though that might seem counterintuitive, um, or like whatever the counter productive or whatever you call it, it's actually pretty good because it's better cheek cell like one product, rather than not make a sale right, cause many people just want to like up. Sell everything up front, and you have to understand that like you have to start seeing business and like seeing your customers as like a lifetime relationship, and not just like okay by my stuff, by my stuff up front so you can use this to sell like a low ticket offer, and later I'm actually gonna show you, like also how you can link one page to the other. And that's it. We're back at the front. So eight basic uses E books, e courses invites pre lunches, lead generation product coming soon or Web in Iraq to look up like the last two. But anyway, so those were the eight main uses. And again, it's always about understanding, like what do I want my user to do? Like what is the ideal response or ideal action that I want my customers and these Air eight ideal uses that it can be useful. 3. How to Build the Actual Landing Page: Okay, So now, um, this is where it's going to get very practical. And what we're gonna do now is I am going to build a landing page or an e book that I have created, So I'm going to call it at C E Book landing page. Well, so the first thing you do, of course, is you goto forms you put in the landing page. Name that you want. And remember, this is internal. Um, and since I do not have a group made or, um, the e books, I'm just gonna maybe you book on load. Okay, great. So I made a group for that you book download saving continue. And the next thing that you want to do after you create your subscriber group is you choose your template and like we covered earlier, like which ever template that best suits you. And of course, you can go like blank. You can start with a blank thing, like a blank page without a template and all you need to do to do that. He's just click one of these pages and you delete all the blocks that I'm just going to select this one. So as it loads, I'm going to pour myself more, and I usually like I'm not really an extroverted person. So making these courses is kind of interesting. Um, so yeah, So there we go. So I have my landing page here, and I'm going to quickly walk you through the different parts of how you can design a landing page. So if you want to change your logo, you come to the top part right here, and I don't want that logo, so I'm just gonna delete it and I can look right here. So let me just select this for no. So how you what you do is, of course, you just delete it. You go to browse, and you upload your image. But when you do that, your image comes like, you know, you can put your logo there and this is the top part of your landing page. This is known as the header. And if you want to change what it says like appear the links, what you can do is you just click on this like this edit button, you go on the right and you type in like OK, visit or learn, or and then you go to about us, and then if you just want to options and you wanna limit use, delete it if you don't want it. Second thing. And the thing about Mailer Light is like it's you can completely customize it. I learned that most of these, like templates that are developed there, developed for a reason, and they do a lot of research into like which, like layouts convert better, so I usually don't mess with it. I just changed my message, and I just go with it cause or not you'll just be like voting forever and never focusing on , like getting more subscribers or whatever it is that you want to do. You can change the format like this you want you just click on the right or left buttons means the image, and there we go. So I'm gonna put free e book download free eBook download on next year. Well, that I can cook, but this e book is for those want passive online using at sea. This book is free or a limited. I'm dot, dot dot okay, and you're wondering like what happens once they click, get the e book. It goes to this thing called the Success Page, which is what we'll look into next. And if you want more or less information from your customers, I always recommend capturing like the email in the first name, because using like modern software like Male Chimp or like Miller Lite, Of course, you can customize So like, have you ever wondered when you got an email from, like McDonald's? I underneath it down with a big corporation? And it says your first name and it seems very personalized. The reason that they do that is number one. The email comes up more personalized, it extra against spam filters, and it's just like seems more personal, even though they're sending that same email to probably millions of That is why it's important to capture the name. And if you want to capture like their phone number, which ending on your purpose is go under like Sign up form on this under content. But you click on fields and you click own, and you can add that field I don't really need. But the more information the merrier, Um, and if you want to like yet images or backgrounds for your landing page. Ah, this necessarily isn't like I'm not going to use a landing page. I mean, I'm not going to use a background image for my landing page, but if you want to do that, I recommend going to Peck Sal's. It's free. P e x e l s to make sure that you're giving credit. Um, I can download, like, super high quality images like this, and I consider this is, like, so cool. Like how you can this fine. And you can use all these pictures too, Like depending on the purpose of your landing page. I can type in, for example, since I'm drinking coffee. As you know, I love cock so I can look, Look up coffee. And, you know, I'm giving away, like, e book on how to make copy. It could just download this right, And I can just, you know, I can upload it into here as the backer on image. So how you do that is you go under settings, right? And if you want to add things like a confirmation check box, this is also very important. Like it? Definitely. Oh, like, makes you lose out on some people because they don't like Click and click on that. But you do get a better quality subscriber list and making sure your your GDP are compliant If you're serving Europe and things like that. Yeah, I feel like pretty earlier. Not really. It's like 10. 40. But anyway, so you click on the Recapture if you want to again avoid robots, and this is where you can kind of get advanced like you go under content field settings. And if you want to add background, you can just click on background, change the colors. But right now I like how it looks. Probably shouldn't mess with. And you want to get rid of the box, you just click on standard form. I like how the box look, so I'm gonna keep it and you want to add, like the background image you under back our own click background image and four demonstration purposes. I'll see if this gift loads that's super cool. You can actually include a GIF behind your, um, you know, like as a background that was super cool. Um, and the next part is, of course, like adding, um, different functionality so or my etc Digital e book download what I would put basically, you know, I would limit the amount of information, but of course you can, like, get the sign up form on the top of the page. Then I can add a countdown. All I need to do is drag it from here, and you can have multiple options. - Okay , so I just wanted to make sure that I was still recording. So anyway, you can add your countdown here. And the cool thing about Mailer light is that it lets it's a very simple software, like there isn't much to say about it. Um, but you just click on the countdown under content or design. And if you want to change like the labels or you want to delete some labels, that's how you would do it. And you can just say limited. I'm offer, I would say, like, orthe or it's since today's the pip. I'll just put eight and it says that, you know, the deal ends in. This is very ugly, like the gift and stuff. But, you know, this is again just for demonstration purposes, um, and I and I'll actually show you right now how my landing page looks. Okay, so this is one of my landing pages. And this is basically I'm giveaway six of my classes in exchange for email, you know, for the email. So right here. Clearly, I took the same template, and all I did was I just changed the background image. And, um, if you want to get these little emoji is, all you need to do is you type in computer emoji. OK, so it's called emoji, ppd A dot or G and you can click on like smileys. And what that allows you to do is you can copy that. And if you want to just add it, all you need to do is east, right? You can do that. So that is how I got those emo Jeez. And next, right here. If you want to, like, be able to have rows of content like I have here you go under all right, here but in content Boom. And then you just add an image. Look on brows and again I'm going to use this. So right here you can start adding these little images and subtitles kind of like what I have here. And these are all thumbnails to my courses. In another part of building the landing pages, having making it, sure, making sure that your landing page has social proof right here. You can see that. Like I have my social proof right under what it is that I'm offering. And right here, as you can see, even in the template it Selves, it has, like a temp, like a testimonial section. So after you have your social proof, um, again, I like to have multiple. Um, you know, I like to have I have I like to have a good amount of copy on my pages because if people are scrolling, there is something that the arch there is a signal of interest. Don't because since the page is pretty long, I like to have, like, these little buttons and they all lead to the same thing. So how you can do that is it's called a pop up form. So because most people, I think it's pretty unlikely for you to expect them to scroll all the way up and like, put in there and email again. I like to make it easy, but when they click, send me the course, takes them to the top of the page and it pops up like an email and name list. And all of this basically is just this. But it just pops up, and at any point during their thing, when they click on that button, it does the same thing. And again, you want to add big titles like this, All you do you go No, bragged the title block, like on this. You want to change the design and things like that. I'm just OK, My audio's going. That's good. So you click on title like bold if you wanted to, and you can see it changing right here. And I couldn't injured 2 46 whatever size I want, whatever color I want. But for I can change the background color, we arrange it. You know, that is how you add a title like how I have right here. And if you just want to add this, it's the same thing except you just click text, but it under that. And if you want to reduce the space between each item, you go under top spacing, bottom spacing and you can see it and you can do this on both items and it'll bring it very close to you. Boom. Here you go. So that is how you get that text toe look like that. And then, you know how I like to lay them out Is a lot of pictures and text to accompany the pictures right again. Social proof right here. I'm or images. Right? But if you notice I also like to integrate like a chat box, which I'll show you guys how to do pretty X. A lot of people don't put chat functions on their landing pages. I like to do that. It looks live, and it looks like actually an active business in an active website. So let's see what else you need to know. And literally that is how you build a landing page. There is really not much to it. Like, people are thing like, okay, making more actionable. But, I mean, you just click on it, but in the information and whatever look that you want, if you want, add more testimonials, right? That's how you do it, uh, at a divider button title, text video. Um, and the cool thing is also, if you want a video, you can just click on this and and they have three options for you to host your videos if you don't want to pay for Vimeo or Westie A. You can use to use YouTube and you can make your YouTube videos private links. So only people with the links and embedded videos can watch them. So all you do is you put in your link. Eso Let's find a okay. This is our commercial for merchant. Running a business is like chefs eager. I only do it. I just copy that over to form him. Yeah, the form builders and I just copy the link and I clicked the screen button. There you go. And so now you have videos also on your landing page. Well, there's that and you just keep adding whatever it is that you want And for the pop A button , which I love using, you can just like you click on Click here to read it, pop up and click on this, and you can make changes to what it actually says. Say hello. Say whatever it is that you want. And again, this just adds people to your subscriber list. So this is actually how you build out your page, and if you guys have any more specific questions like, um, you know, like, how do I change colors or things like that? The like, I know it wasn't super specific on how you can do it, but again, like these are things that, like they've designed the software to be very self explanatory. And I don't feel like stating the obvious. Like it just says. Subtitles Hello. Um, so that is how you build a landing. 4. How to Build Your Success Page: Okay, So now, since we already covered how to build the landing page, we're gonna talk about your success page. So this is the page that you see, um, once your user subscribes or once your visitors subscribe, So once they click yet the e book, it takes them to this page. And on this page, it depends on, like what it is that you want to see. So another cool thing that you could do is like, you can, um ah, an image. You can put an image or you can put a thank you video, which is to use saying thank you. Um, and that's super powerful like you have. If you have a video of you that's just walking on the screen that says, Hey, thank you so much for subscribing you my email list. I just sent you six courses through email. You can literally just take your phone like what I have here, like for yourself posted on YouTube, is a private link. And use a video. Thank you. Or you can just even use like, an image. And you can add, like if you want to take them to another page, which like that can even like a funnel. Um, that could be pretty cool. And you can just say click here if you want another bonus course and no like up cell, Of course, whatever it is that you want, Um, and the concept is the same. Like it's the same as building a landing page. All you need to do is just click on this little thing called the Success Page on the top part of your screen. And it allows you to, you know, don't like eight or whatever it is that you want to put depending cause. And the hard thing for me to do is, like, specifically show you exactly how to build a page. Um, mainly because, like, there's so many different uses, so many different types of businesses. And you have to understand that, like when I'm trying to make these instructional courses like, nobody can give you all the answers and a certain level of work and research you have to do by yourself. Um and this is just kind of meant to guide you along because, you know, some people like I'm try, make these courses and then they go, Can you make it more actionable. Well, how do I make it more actionable? I have, like, thousands of students. I don't make it like personalized for each and every single one. So anyway, um, the success page, that is how you do it. Um And then, of course, if you want change the design, it has the same concept of how to build, like, how to change your colors. And if you haven't watched the section and how to build your landing page, go back and watch that. And it shows how to change all these little things. And they're very simply simple, like, literally just click on what it is that you want and that is how you build for a success Beach. 5. Hosting Your Page URL & Previewing: Okay, so now that we have built both the landing page and success page, I'm going to show you how to basically find, like, your landing page. URL Um and all you need to do is basically, like how I just did you need to go on the landing page that you know what? I'll just show you again. Okay, Um, so you click on this at it and what you want to do once you have all and the thing is like , I would recommend doing this once in a while. Like as you're building your page, like every so often. Because the reason is when you actually publish, which is what you're doing when you click next, um, it saves all of it like it saves all of the work that you've been doing that sometimes your computer might freeze up or just something randomly happens. You know, you just need to click on the next button and you will end up right here. And if you don't have a paid membership with Baylor Light, um, I have a mailer light like paid membership. I think like they have stuff starting at, like, 10 bucks a month. Think It's totally fair. Um, so I You have to use this thing they have called subscribe page dot com. So let's give this a shot. Gonna type in subscribe page. And that is basically the girl that you're given, Um, and you can see, like, right here. This would be your page that you can put in your instagram bio, um or whatever. But you can also change it up. You can be like, etc digital book or whatever. Ah, but I would really recommend if you're doing all right and you know you can afford to spend $10 a month. I would highly recommend you get a like the starter plan for Mailer light, because what it does for you is that lets you put your own sub domains. So, as you can see, my main website would be like merchant dot com for the Custom T shirt company. But for the landing page, I can make it say, join dot merchant dot com and that I think it's pretty powerful, but I have those and you can make is many of those sub domains you want. Um, so that is pretty much how you find your landing page, you are ill, you modify it. And if you want to learn how to add custom domains, how do you actually get it to say joined out? Yes, one new Cassani dot com or join dot merchant dot com that will be in like, a few lessons after this on, that's gonna be about adding a custom domain, so yeah. 6. Setup Your Subscriber Group: Okay, so the next thing on our agenda is setting up a subscriber group, and this is very, very simple. So basically, how you do this is you go under, so go to your dashboard right here and you go under subscribers and groups and you create, click, create new group and already have one. So I'm just going to use this, um and I'll just click on this once you create your group. Basically, all that asks, he is just to name your group and you have the group. So think about thes is like So when you're creating your landing pages, which we're gonna show you next, which I'm gonna show you next, it will tell you to select where you want these email subscribers of this specific page to go to. So what this does is that this allows you to segment your email subscribers and when you're starting, you know, you probably aren't. It's gonna be very simple. I'm assuming you might make a few different subscriber groups. But as you continue to progress and grow, what happens is like you can even, like, filter people by like their sign up source. So for examples which means like where, um, where they found you from, right? Sign up date stats groups. And there's so many different ways that you can filter uhm, people who you know, like how they came into your list. Where did they sign up from? Cause, like, I know have people from, like if in as you your list grows, this will all be very, very important. And, for example, like if I click United States, I can choose save a segment. And most of the people that are subscribing to my list are like international, so they might not because I haven't started driving traffic yet, so I can save the segment as, like, U s A subscriber's That's super cool and fields and you can go right here and you can look at lake the different types of fields that you have. Um, and of course, you can look at stats like this is pretty dope. 100% off. Um, and basically this. This is how you set up that groups and segments for your mailing list 7. Landing Pages vs Websites: guys, welcome to the course. And if you've noticed, I'm recording in a little bit of a different that up or area recording in my garage today. And mainly it's because it's summertime and I honestly love being outside. It's a lot of time to make course of Sinai said, Why not make courses and just do them outside? So today what we're gonna be talking about our landing pages. So first, before we dive into how you're actually gonna build landing pages what software? Auto like track, you know, like do retargeting when you're driving traffic to your landing pages. I want to show the difference between ah, landing page and a website. So to begin with, I'm gonna pull up an example of one of my favorite podcast people or podcasts and that that's the mic Dillard podcast. And I'm also going to show you, um, the difference. So if you look at Okay, so this is Mike Dillard and he runs a podcast, and he has, like, a kind of like, you know, he built his own e learning platform where it's, you know, um, like courses and stuff are entrepreneurs. So, as you can see, right here. This is Mike's website. It has a lot about his copy story. Just has a lot of information and you squirrel through the website. You know, there's a ton of call to Action's a lot of videos, and right here that's where you sign up for classes. So as you can see right here like testimonials and all things like that and the one thing you have to notice about websites is there's so many different pages, and it's usually have a ton of content. So the difference between a website and a landing page is a landing page has very specific intentions, and usually people use landing pages, Um or, you know, capturing emails or getting like people to sign up or sell something, Um, and keeping like your focus. Because usually when visitors visit your website like if I visited mike Diller dot com, I would check out his block, check out his reviews, check out his podcast classes, and usually by then I would run out of time and I would skip or go to another website or pull out my phone one of the landing pages to retain people's attention. So as you can see right here on before I show you my landing pages for like what I'm trying to do. You can see that even within landing pages, there are two types of, um, types of, like a few different types of landing pages. But the one main differences, some landing pages, air long like this. But the one thing you have to notice is that all of these landing pages have one called action, and years does not have to. There's no riel. Um, like rule that says landing. We just must only have one called action. But you see, most effective landing pages. That's what they dio and you can click Reserve my seat. And I guess my took it known. But anyway, um, you know, and then you have landing pages that are like this. It's simple, It's literally you can't scroll. And another thing is, your navigation is limited, so you can't go to different pages when you're on a landing page. That is the only page and be one thing that you can expect your customers to do if they're interested, is take that one, See ta. Whether that means you, um, you know, sign up for like a webinar yet, you know, putting their email address to get on your newsletter, Whatever that means. That's the difference. Basically, you're limiting down, Um, what a user can do on your website. And by doing this, you get more focus, and you just optimize better and you get better results. So that is the basic difference between websites and land. 8. What to Write on Your Landing Pages: So I found this really cool. Um, sample of what I wanted to share when? No, When it comes down to what do I write on my landing page? Well, I think a really good place to start is understanding the structure of the landing. And I found a really great example here by UN bounce from unbalanced dot com. And, you know, it gives us like a really cool visual example of what to write on our landing page. So start with I would say, you know, like as Boucher and is like, cheesy as it sounds, it's very important to you. Have a good headline. And the headline I would say, Make it very bold or at least very clear like that is the thing off focus here? So you know a headline, you know, and another thing that a lot of people miss out on him. Some of the best advice I got when it came to like landing pages is making sure that your ad copy that you're using to drive traffic from your like, you know, from Facebook ads or Google AdWords or YouTube videos or whatever that make sure that whatever the clicked on exactly matches what your headline says, because that is like the first thing that they're checking is when you're going to landing page. You don't really know what's coming up. So making sure that it matches gives, like confirmation to your viewers. That or visitors that there's that And the third thing, Um, after your headline and a sub header is your photo photo or video? Um, I think it's very, very important to have a photo or video, you know, Um, and after that video, you could use video for many different things. I love using video. I think you can use video to move like that's literally gonna be the next big thing for, like, sales, um, and things like things like that. Because you can share much more in a much more engaging way using a photo or a video. Then right next to that, um, wanna have social proof because you're, like, great. Like your visitors were like, Great. Yeah, that sounds really cool. But what makes you like legit? How do you know I'm legit? Right? So that is what you want to have social proof or and you want to have social proof like what is mentioned right here on the as's close to the top of the page is possible where the most people will see it. And then, of course, after that to the side, or depending on how you structure it. That's where you ask for the sale, um, or not the sale, but like the c t a. Right. And you can see right here the form header and also like again like how the structured it here is really cool. They keep adding, like many hence or many tips of like or benefit statements of what? That what you get when you sign up and, you know, in concise also like helps, of course not to state the obvious, but then having more social group, you know, because every time that you add more details, your customers like, Oh, that's super cool. But you also wanna have social proof to back it up. And another thing that you want to do for having this is you want to add, like, six More like you just want to have more reinforcement, um, to with, like, you know, with new pictures with new benefit statements and then, like your final line which is right here would be a closing argument statement. Um, so I think like they're mowing the lawn over there, So it's kind of loud, but definitely I'll put a link to this, um, like thing right here, but just follow the structure and what to write. You know, best recommendation is to take a class on copy rating, So this is a good place to start when determining what to actually write on your page. 9. How to Add a Custom Domain: All right. So now I'm gonna show you how to add that custom domain for your landing pages. So, for example, you have, like, um, let's say that, you know, if you want to do like, joe Schmo dot com, if you own that domain, are you can basically at a sub doing this is like going dot joe Schmo dot com. So the first thing you do, of course, is you go into your paid settings, you can get there by opening up your form and clicking next. It's covered in the other videos, but it's pretty simple to find. So then you just click here if you want to add it. When you just click, add new domain and you have to have a paid account to do this. So well you want to do is add your custom domain. You just put in like OK, yes. Want new Cassani dot com? I already have that. So I'm just going to click like I put that domain in. And, um, you have to have have a sub domain. So let's just put uh, okay, so joined. Ah, yes, I already have that. How about, um, courses dot Yes, one nuke Sony dot com. Okay, so now I have bat And what do you want to do is you want to basically go into wherever you own your domain and you want to add a C name, so you go under DNS settings and I can't show like how to actually do that, because you might have your domain on like Go Daddy on Google. So it really Matt Berry's. But all you need to do is type in how to add a C name or go, Daddy, if you're part of that and on Google and you'll find it and well, you need to do is you need to add a C name courses under, like the record type name value, and that is pretty much it. And you will have. Um, you can have that and make sure that it's active because the last thing you want to do is have a landing page which is not active, and make sure that your SSL certificate is turned on, and once you validate your page, you can actually have the SSL turned on. So there is that 10. Fix SEO & Facebook Share: Okay, so now we're gonna be talking about simple ways for you. You basically ramp up your s CEO and how your link is seen. Unlike search And how, um, like, even when you share it on Facebook or instagram or whatever or, you know, you text a friend a link how it's gonna look if you don't do the S CEO and fix the Facebook share settings. Number one, what happens it send a link. Have you ever noticed? Unlike my message or XT, like sometimes you copy a link and you paste it and it's just the link alone. But sometimes you copy another link and it has a picture picture. And it has, like, a clear description and not just like a random you are. Oh, um, if you want to make it look really nice, the first thing we're gonna start with is S e o setting. So to give you guys an understanding for those who don't know S e o. Um, let me just type in other company. Uh, no, not my competitors. Er let's just see. Okay, Andy. Chris. Okay. Cool. So, Andy for cellos. Another favorite. A lake. One of my favorite podcasts, billard and guys Definitely check them out. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and are interested personal development. So right here when you will Something what happens is you can see right here. This is a page on Andy Purcell a dot com. It's a website, and you can see that about Andy for Sela. I'm Andy. And this little description is also known as meta description. And this is no one is like your title. Kind of, though, right here for you, for this one page. What do you want to do is you want to have a page title, so it can be something like, um, be download digital or whatever you wanted to say in this line right here. Are you see it? Or right here? You need to put that in your page title. Right. Um, and then meta keywords. So basically another big thing that factors into S CEO on a very basic level is the key words that are associated with that. So when someone searches something, if you want to be found with the Google search engine, you want to make sure that you have related, like, medic you and how you can do that. You go to keyword tool that i o which is another free tool. And, um, I've been, like, didn't see if you want to find people that are searching that you can see right here Is that all the little bags when it comes at? And if you want to do, like, how to no one really example that I would do is make money online niche and I would target the key words that are in that niche. All right, here. So these are all the things that people search and you can see the trend even like, how to make money as a kid. How to make read it. You can see, um, pretty powerful, like metrics, right? And all you need to do is click on this and click on the copy and export. Oh, but if you were jeweler dot io, I've been words that might be related to what you do. And then you select the keywords that are generated happy to board, and you guessed it. And right here, and you can e open just as a bunch of keywords and make sure that it should related to what you're doing. cause Don't just sit there copying and pasting thousands upon thousands of words. Unless they're very targeted, Just for example, I will. And then meta description is Okay, so let's just look at keyword i o. We just searched that. Okay, so do you. So you got the first part right here? This is the page title, and then right here, this the part that you're reading here is the meta description. So I'm just gonna copy and paste that, for example, But you just want to and then a big button that you want to make sure you click is allows search engines to excess. But what that means is that this page can start populating and coming up on Google. So what this does is number one. It's just, like three traffic. I mean, if you gets like, CEO, reached traffic, and you don't have to, like paper traffic, so and also the page like, I just But unless you have, like, a very particular reason not to, uh, three fields that you need to fill out and it's under your page settings. Right under where I showed you how to get to your landing. We're out. Okay, So I am gonna come back to this. Could No, I can't. Like I take some time to get things done. So, um and then another sick and tired of the okay, deal with that later. And then, um when Facebook share title is basically like Wednesday when you post this link on, um, unlike, oh, unlike Facebook, this is a title that you see, like, under because, you know, usually a picture. And then, like, uh, like instead of seeing the link, this is what you would see and then the share image if you want, you can put whatever it is that you want. But, for example, I'm just gonna put this okay, so when you share your link, it'll basically, um there. You see if I can find an example. Okay, Perfect. An old school. But you see right here, like the picture that you're viewing. That is what you're selecting and you your Facebook share image. This is kind of old school, like now it looks a lot nicer. Uh, like I think this. So you should you want to have a really nice picture because, you know, people are sharing your page or you're running an ad. You want it to look really nice. Um, and then you put your Facebook share descript. So think about this. As, like, I know, like the same thing as a search engine. Um, like meta description. But this is her Facebook. But when you share it on Facebook and in this picture, you can see, like how it says learn about changes to Facebook text updates and how X status updates will be affected in the newsfeed. This would be the dare description. So once you add stuff like this, your page starts looking a lot more legit. It's easier to find and, you know, you just get better results. So definitely fixed. The Facebook share settings don't leave it empty and even the S E o stuff. So there's that 11. Explore Facebook Pixel: Alright, guys. So now I'm gonna show you how to do something very exciting. Um, And that one thing is how to integrate Facebook pixel, um, into your landing pages. So, you know, like, I'm not going to show you exactly like what you need to do to get Facebook pixel set up, because that would be a long video. And, um, you know, if you just google how to install Facebook pixel, there are a 1,000,000 videos which will show you how to do that. So once you have your pixel installed, you want to just go on your install pixel thing, and this video is going to show you how to integrate that into mailer light. So you're male or light landing pages. So you want to go to your landing page where you're making these changes and you go under and you look for this thing, the code button, and you just put it right under, um, you know, like wherever, Like you put it wherever you want on the page, and you can just copy this code and yeah, There you go. You copy this code and you click. You add the you know, like the code, but an option and you copy and paste your pixel code right here. Um, you know, I currently don't do this, but I really should, um it's just I'm setting up like my Facebook ads account. This is pretty advanced, but I do know that having Facebook pixel on your landing page is incredibly useful for retargeting. And especially if you're advertising on Facebook, it helps you gather like more information and data on the people that are actually viewing your page. Who's clicking through who's not. So this is pretty advanced explorer Facebook pixel. It can definitely be very useful. 12. Explore Google Analytics: All right. So another cool option for retargeting and having a deeper understanding off your actual, um, landing page and the visitors that are coming to your landing page is having this cool, very powerful, proper thing called Google Analytics. So I'm gonna show you right here, like I have, um, you know, my Google analytics set up or, um, one of my pages, And right here you can basically go. And you can see how many people on this is a new page. Like I made this a few days ago and have not drove traffic to it. But what you can see is like the pages that your people are visiting. Um, you know how much time they're spending on it, where they're coming from? Ah ah, in sense of like, which medium. So is it like instagram? Is it like Facebook? Wherever it is, you can track it, and you can actually see how many times people are leaving your page without taking any action. Um, and how you do that, I believe, is you go to admin right here, and I'm not gonna like, you know, there's a 1,000,000 videos again, just like facebook pixel on how to integrate Google Analytics. Ah, but I will show you on Mailer light. What you need to do is, um you need to basically go to your settings right here. Click on tracking info tracking code, and you basically just copy your global site tag. Um, and when you do that, you go back to your mailer light page and just like facebook pixel, you grab a code button thingy right here, put it down there, and you copy that code and you save that. Um, but currently, I'm not looking to track this demo page, So yes. So that's what you dio, Um, and that is a quick and easy way for you to install Google analytics. And if you want to know how to test it, um, again, right where your code is, you just click. Send test traffic and you can see if it's integrated properly or not. And again, like, you know, you confined exactly how to set up your account. What are all these things? That's a whole another skill set. And I think I should leave that for another course. So there you go. That is how you get Google Analytics and Miller lite toe work together. And actually, there's also a simpler way that you can just go under integrations on Mailer lights. I believe, um and you can add that, but that is how I do it. So there you go. Google Analytics and Mailer late. 13. Color Theory: So another thing that sorry that often gets overlooked among people that are building websites and landing pages is this really important concept of, um, trying to fix my mic Here is color theory. So when that's why I really like, um, you know, like Can Va and Mailer light? So I just want to encourage you guys to, You know, this is like a super short lesson, but I wanted to I want to encourage you guys to look up like Can va holier palette and right here, boom. Cause color is very important to your brand and especially if you are, um, coming up with other, like more pages more content, which you will in the future. You want to be stay consistent with the color because also, color makes a big difference because, like if you like, it just brings your personality through. And also, as you probably know, using green as like really friendly. Green and light blue are like trust and friendly colors, so make sure you don't have any crazy colors that are like no good, but use some beautiful colors like what, um, is like shown right here and how you find this is basically right. Just type in Canada color palette, but definitely pay attention to the colors of your landing pages because you don't want it to be too boring, unless that's what you're going for. But you also want to use something which is really seeps your personality through and using color to your advantage. Um, because that's another thing that is overlooked because if your stuff looks like everybody else, like, there's merit to both arguments, but I would say give color a thought. 14. Automate Your Workflow: All right, So now that we have covered a good amount of things Oh, our stuff or content or whatever you call it, I want to show you. So once you have your landing page and success page and you've installed retargeting and it's looking good, you're ready to go. Ah, what is the one thing that you need to do to, actually, So once someone's joint when someone joins your, um, list right when they say okay, send me your email. Um, right. What happens? Because if you don't have that like, it's just gonna you're gonna be collecting a list of emails. And if you promising like e book, it won't get sent out to where it works Is you need to set up this thing called a workflow . Um, and how you want to do it is you go to right here you go under automation on the top part of Miller Lite, you click create a new workflow, and, um so Okay, so you can name this etc. So since we were building that s C digital page here, it is, etc. Digital workflow. And what that means, basically, is that like when when an event has taken place. So, like, you know, when subscriber clicks a link or when subscriber joins a group or all these little metrics which are tracked. So I'm just gonna go for what the trigger is. One subscriber joins a group, so a trigger is an action. So it's something that the people that view your emails or the people that, um, you know that open your emails and are doing something. It's an action. Um, and I don't know how to explain trigger, but it's kind of like the thing that sets things off. Eso won subscriber joins your group, you can select which group, so I'm gonna click e book downloads, use click save first and then says one subscriber joins a group e book download. What happens? So then you click on plus so you can have a wide variety of conditions and actions and emails and delays. But I'm just gonna click email, and what you want to do right here is So when someone joins your group, this is an email that they immediately get. And make sure you click that Google Analytics tracking link. You know, there's a saying like you can't improve what you can't measure. So definitely click on that Google Analytics link and put the email, which you would like the email to go out from. And for your subject, I can say hi. Here is your e book. So the coolest thing is depending on the name that they put in on the actual Um oh, the Micah's in the this video is trying to make sure that doesn't get in there. But depending on, like, the name that they put in on the form, you can actually customize it. So every customer or, you know, subscriber yet a, um, gets an email that says Hi, Joe. Hi, Tom or Kelly. Ah. And it says, here is your e book and put in an emoji if you're into emojis, um, and you can see right here and then you can design your emails. So that is one of me. Show you. Now, Um, I you know, there's multiple ways you can do it. You keep your coder. You can, you know, use the HTML option. I like using their dragon drop. It works just perfectly for me. Um, so just like you built your landing pages now you can build your emails. So let's wait for this thing. Toe load. Okay. So you can, you know, um, check, like, right here, all blocks, and you can pick many different templates, right? You can add a video. That's what you're into. Like you wanna added video in your email and just like how you built a landing page. Now you can build the email that people are gonna get when they sign up for your course and , you know, and you can send yourself a test email. Um, and again, like this is a great way for you to not be manually sending emails one by one. And this is how you automate and scale, even if you have, like, 100 subscribers or 100,000 using this software. Um, you know, and making sure that the content that you're sending is engaging is a great way for you to you know, this looks great. Like this email. This looks like most emails. You get from, like, giant $1,000,000 like $1,000,000,000 companies. So there you go and you can get us creative as a Z you want with it. There isn't really much to it, right? You finish designing and you click done uniquely done editing it saves and the last final step. I believe it's for you to actually turn on that trigger. So if you don't turn it on like you have designed it, but it's not active. So hopefully it loads up here pretty soon. There you go. You just click on on the right hand page and there you have it. Your workflow is live. That is how you automate sending emails and your workflow sequence. 15. Thank You: Alright guys. So that is pretty much it. Um You know, I wish you all the best in starting your Etsy shop. And I just wanted to leave you guys with a few ways for you to connect with me. If that's something you want to let me know what you thought This is my INSTAGRAM account. It is Yas want New Cassani. I know that it's hard to bell, but it's why a SW and th and then my last name. New Cassani. Um and you can find me on instagram shoot me a message and I do put out a lot of content on other platforms like YouTube at youtube dot com slash mindset of abundance. I know that you are all is different, but yeah, you can find me up at, um my instead of abundance or searching my name on YouTube. I share a bunch of different things like health and well for young people and whoever really wants to take charge of their life and, um, all different things I'm doing, Andi, Hopefully I'll continue to keep making skill share courses. I'm having a lot of fun doing it, Um, and also the last way is the podcast is were also on Spotify iTunes. You know, if you want to listen to podcast, give us a listen Let me know what you think you know The best way to connect with me is instagram or Twitter at why New Cassani my last name or, you know, feel free to leave a comment on this show notes. And hopefully I did a great job. I really hope this is useful. And I hope I wish you guys all the best. And I hope that you really take action on def. You have any questions at all? I'm more than happy to help. Um, you know, I'll leave my contact info in the course description. But one more ask from you guys is if you found this useful and, you know, coming from a place of abundance, if you guys want to leave a review, I'd really appreciate it. Um, I know a lot of people hopefully will find this useful, and hopefully this changes someone's life. So with that Ah, thank you for giving me the privilege to share with you what I know about the etc. Game. Um he's out